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University Law chapters 1 and



University Law Chapter #1

The Court Room grew Quiet. Judge Linda Carlson made her way to the bench. She

stood for a moment looking at the spectators. She noticed the usual crowd of

eager co-eds filling most of the seats. As usual no male students were

present. In fact the only men present sat along the wall fidgeting and looking

nervously at each other-today's defendants.

She shook her head briefly feeling disappointment that the male students

seemed so disinterested in the workings of justice. She filed a mental note to

send another note to the Dean of Men, urging that attendance in court be made

mandatory, at least twice each term. She knew that this was only a University

Court-just traffic tickets and personal behavior code violations- yet it was a

court of law, and she could not fathom why at least the law students and

political science majors did not come to observe. She sighed and noticed that

every one was waiting on her. She sat and as everyone else was seated, she

picked up the pile of vanilla folders. She looked at the bailiff.

" Well, Who's first?"

" the bailiff allowed her crisp voice to project over the courtroom.

"The first case your honor, id # 23874-State University vs.student Lyle

Edmonds...charged with violation of University Code

3941-failure to yield right of way, and Behavior code 794-verbal abuse.

Have the young man brought before the bench. Is the arresting officer


"Yes your honor."

"Hello Mary , haven't seen you here recently. Let the record show that

Detective Mary Allen is present. And representing the

University... "

"That would be me, Your Honor."

" Ah yes... Amanda Rider as prosecutor... By the way Mandi, I like your new

hairstyle, it's very ... Professional."

Thank you Linda; that means something from a woman of your high standards."

" Then thank you as well... Now, young man, do you have a lawyer?"

" Yes, He is represented by me... "

Judge Carlson glanced with some irritation at the source of the loud, harsh

voice. she saw a skinny young man striding towards the bench..

" And who, young fellow, are you?"

"Charles Bernard Barrow, Your Honor, and I have a list of objections..."

" Hold on Mr. Darrow... Let's see... Charles Bernard, Is that what they call

you... Charles Bernard?"

" Uh, it's Barrow, not Darrow, and no, I'm usually called C.B...., "

" C.B. Uh, you a Navy man? C.B."

" What? No ma'am, I ...don't understand..."

"Never mind. Just have a seat Mr. C.B. I try to keep this court informal, and

I don't like things cluttered up with too many motions..."

"But Your Honor I must protest..."

" Now look, Sit Down and shut up. Everybody sit down so we can get on with

this... There's a very full caseload today... Now,


"Well Judge, the facts will show that that Mr. Edmonds quarreled in public

with his fiancé, Miss Jane Franklin, who is also a student at the University.

Miss Franklin's statement indicates that they argued about their plan to live

with the bride's family after the wedding. Miss Franklin left, and on the

sidewalk in front of the restaurant, she was accosted by Mr. Edmonds, who

refused to step off the sidewalk to let her pass. "

" At this point, Detective Allen arrived to investigate possible disorderly

conduct. She observed the defendant standing, arms crossed, in front of Miss

Franklin. He turned and sat on the curb, and was clearly heard to refer to

Miss Franklin as a " heartless bitch."

A wave of whispers spread through the gallery. The Judge reached for her


" I want quiet in this court room. If the gallery observers cannot maintain

decorum then I will have the court cleared for the evening.

I know that some of you came to offer your services in the administration of

justice, but I cannot allow these disruptions. "

Now, we are running behind, so let's cut to the quick. Mr. Edmonds are all of

these statements true?"

Mr. .Barrow became agitated and gestured wildly. " Lyle. Don't answer that.

I'm your lawyer and I insist..."

" Didn't I tell you to shut up. Sit down immediately or you are in contempt."

" Now young man, answer the question."

" Well, yes, your honor its true as far as it goes, but..."

" Very well then. Is Miss Franklin present? Please step up here."

A tall willowy young brunette lady shyly stepped in front of the Judge. She

was dressed like a student, in a sweater and faded jeans.

She also wore dark blue socks and a very worn pair of black leather flats. She

was smiling at the defendant.

" Now my dear , do you also agree that this story is correct?"

"Yes Ma'am, it sure is. But I did yell at him first, and I did kind of slap


" Now, young lady, that's very sweet to defend him like that. Do I take it

then,that you still plan on following through with the marriage."

" Oh yes, Ma'am. I'm certain he can be rehabilitated."

" Let's hope so. Now Mr. Edmonds please stand... This court finds you guilty

on both..."

" No! No!... You can't do this... I haven't had a chance to defend..."

"Mr. Barrow, Stop right now. You're disrupting the administration of justice.

This is your last warning!"

" Now... You are guilty on both counts. As is the custom in this court, as a

first offender, you will be shrunk and serve 10 days

community service ... on insole duty..."

" Judge, you can't do this... there's no crime here! This is an outrage!"

" That's it Barrow . You are right about the last part, at least... you are

now in contempt. Sergeant Smith!! Cindy, escort this young buck back to the

table and see that he stays there! I'll attend to him in a moment! Now Miss

Franklin, as the aggrieved party, do you wish to execute the sentence? Or do I

ask for a volunteer from the spectators ?"

"Yes I'll do it, your Honor, and I wore my favorite old shoes just in case..."

An audible groan of disappointment passed through the gallery.

" you're a fine young lady Miss Franklin. Bring out the shrinking machine"

A large metallic object looking much like an old-fashioned telephone booth,

was rolled in Mr. Edmonds, visibly shaking with fear, was quickly placed

inside and the door sealed shut.

" Miss Franklin..." Jane stepped forward and flipped the lever which was

pointed out to her by Sergeant Smith. A moment later and

the door was opened... a dazed, naked 6 inch Lyle stumbled out and was swept

up immediately into Jane's hand. He struggled frantically, and his shrill

little voice could barely be heard in the court room.

"Janie...Janie...Oh my god...You can't ...Please don't do this Please..."

" Lyle, don't whine... you make me feel bad... you should have thought about

this before..."

" It's easier if you do it quickly dear," the judge suggested.

"Thank you ma'am, I think you're right."

Jane slipped off her right shoe, and dropped the still struggling Lyle inside.

She placed her foot in the shoe and slowly stepped down .

The high-pitched noise was muffled but was still audible. Jane began to


" Ma'am he tickles... and he's still wiggling around. "

" yes, Miss Franklin they do at first. Now step on him firmly and place all

your weight on him. Now hold that for a few seconds...

that helps to calm them down." The high-pitched noise grew softer and then


" Now Miss Franklin you will be sworn in by the bailiff. As an officer of the

court, he is under your custody. You may not inflict

permanent injuries, unless it cannot be avoided. The sentence is to be 10

days, but may be altered at your discretion, to allow his

release when you feel he is ready. "

"You mean I can let him go in less than 10 days?"

" Less or more. It's at your discretion. The sentence may be extended as long

as you fill out the appropriate forms every 30 days. The bailiff will show you

the paperwork. Good luck Jane, and thank you."

" Thank you Judge... there's so much I have to learn... He's feels so warm

down there, It's kind of neat...Hmmm."

"It will be an education for both of you I'm sure... Now bring Mr. Barrow up

here... Now don't talk... you are hereby found guilty

of contempt. You are to serve the same sentence as your client--!0 days as

insole. " The Judge turned to the prosecutor. " I usually

execute contempt sentences myself, but my shoes are full at the moment. How

about you Amanda?"

" Well my left is full, but I think I have room in the right. You'd have to

make him smaller, since he'd have to share the shoe... well

yes I'll take him, We lawyers do like to take care of our own. "

Mr. barrow started a much louder fit of screaming as he was seized and placed

in the machine. A few seconds later a new 3 inch

version ran across the floor and almost made it to he baseboard before he was

caught. He became quiet. As Amanda lowered him

towards the waiting high heel, he caught sight of two sweat covered little

figures who stared up at him with empty hopeless gazes They

appeared to be mashed into the soft insole and were making feeble attempts to

move. He began to scream once more...

Amanda quickly slid her stocking foot into the shoe, and stomped vigorously on

the floor for several minutes until the screaming

stopped. " Finally... Defense lawyers! they never stop yacking."

" Are you ready to continue Amanda. Good. Let's move on" She turned to one of

her staff "I'm already so far behind. Do I have any paperwork pending.

" Nothing that won't wait Judge Carlson, Just the usual big pile of extension


" Good, Let's try to wrap up quickly...Any of you other defendants bring a

lawyer... well I'm glad to hear that... Let's get done early, It's such a

pretty day... I feel like enjoying the nice weather ... I think I'll walk home


University Law #2

Jane and Lyle Day #1

After Jane Franklin left Judge Carlson's court, She wandered the halls of the

Administration Building. Finally, she left and walked across the street to her

Chemistry lecture. A thousand students crammed into the hall. Jane generally

went with her

friends to the balcony where it was less crowded. Today the balcony was nearly

empty. Lots of kids were exhausted from last week's mid-term and were taking a

few days off. Jane also had noticed that the class had been getting steadily

smaller as the

semester continued. She knew that this had to do with the recent epidemic of

male criminal behavior--at least that's what the school paper called it. She

knew that many of her friends in the dorm were eager to help bring the

situation under control, but

she really had not paid much attention until Lyle got into trouble. As she

thought, she sat back in her chair and plopped her legs over the back of the

seat in front . She had been sitting for several minutes now, and with the

reduced pressure in her

shoe, Lyle was moving around more. The sensation against her sole was still

strange to her. She had expected to feel very uncomfortable and

self-conscious. It wasn't uncomfortable; it felt kind of stimulating, in a way

that she could not quite

understand. Lots of her friends talked about how good they felt when they

helped execute the court's sentences. Most of her friends had taken on at

least one first offender, two or three had volunteered for second offender

duty. She found that more

troublesome. Supervising "insole duty" didn't make you change your daily

routine much, and the paperwork wasn't too bad. But those second offenders

usually got sentenced to "panty patrol." That sounded like a much bigger

hassle, especially since

the minimum sentence was much longer, twenty-eight days. She wondered how they

came up with that.

Jane started to giggle. Lyle was wiggling more and starting to get loud. She

could clearly hear his little squeaks. Her foot was very hot. Lyle took up a

lot of room in her flat, and all his struggling and yelling made the heat

worse. Lyle's body had

tickled at first, but it felt better now. She could feel almost every jerky

movement, and could even sense the air movement against her second toe, as it

accompanied each of Lyle's squeaks. She knew her soles would become more

sensitive but did not

expect it to happen so soon.

Her thoughts were interrupted by movement in front of her. She had crossed her

legs over the seat in front, and as she had become more preoccupied, she

started to swing her foot up and down. At the top of each swing her heel

became a little loose

and Lyle's noises became suddenly much louder, only to be muffled again as her

foot dropped. Just inches from her bobbing foot a boy sat nervously looking at

her shoe, paying no more attention to the lecture than was Jane. He swallowed


suddenly stood up and that movement startled Jane.

She looked sternly at the young man, and said "Is something bothering you


"No Ma'am,"he replied,"I, Uhh, am just moving closer to the front so I can

hear the lecture."

She watched as he gathered his books and quickly left. But, instead of going

to the front of the balcony, he turned to flee out the back of the room. Jane

was irritated. That seemed kind of rude to her. She thought for a moment about

reporting it, but

decided against it. She didn't want to get like some of her friends, who

seemed to see male rudeness everywhere.

She could hear Lyle squeaking again. Suddenly She felt angry. She pulled back

her right foot and tapped it hard against the metal back of the seat in front

of her.

"Darn it Lyle, You've got to quiet down. People are looking at me and it's

embarrassing. Please honey!"

Her taps seemed to not effect the noise. Finally in

exasperation she stood. As she rested her weight on Lyle, there was an audible

whoosh from inside the shoe. It grew quiet. She stood a full minute as the

wiggling gradually abated. She did feel self-conscious now, and was just glad

that she was near

the back of the room. She sat again at last. Her watch showed that the lecture

was nearly over, and there was not a line written on her notebook. There was

hardly any point in staying. She stood again carefully and gathered her

things. She exited the

lecture hall and strode across the hall into the rest room. After a moments

thought, she entered one of the stalls, and lowered the seat. Jane sat and

slipped her hot foot out of her flat. The cool air felt very nice on her wet

sock, and she took a second to

enjoy the feeling. She looked down to see Lyle. He was trying to sit up. He

seemed to be gasping for air. She decided to speak before Lyle got the energy

to start squawking again.

" OK Lyle, don't sit up. Honey, I just want you to know that you're off to a

bad start. If you cause me to mess up in chemistry, then I'm going to be very

cross with you. Is this the thanks I get for trying to help you? I have half a

mind to take back to

the nice judge, and tell her that I can't handle you. How would you like that?

Then She could give you to one of those bouncy phys-ed majors out in the

gallery. Would you like that?"

" Oh Gaaawd Janey, Please... I can't help it. I can't breathe. It's your

socks... Please Janey I think I'm gonna throw up!"

She sat for a moment regarding her fiance. He did look pretty pathetic in

there--all naked and shaky and short of breath. She felt her anger giving way

again to pity.

" All right Lyle, I'll do what I can. But you really have to try harder to

cooperate. This is no party for me either."

She quickly slipped off her other shoe, and removed her socks. She wrinkled

her nose at the strong smell, and dropped the socks into her purse. She

started to slip back into her shoes and then stopped. After a moment she

reached down into the shoe

and grabbed Lyle. She pressed his little body firmly against her sole,

grasping his head between her big and second toe. As she inserted her foot

back in her old shoe, she squeezed her toes together, mashing Lyle's face into

the gelatinous substance

between her toes. Jane stood and placed her weight on that foot, pushing her

foot toward the front of the shoe. The young lady could feel his head, like a

painful pebble, tightly wedged into position. She doubted that he could scream

now, even if he


" I'm sorry Baby, but we've got two more lectures this afternoon, and I won't

have you making all that noise. If you're good maybe I'll loosen up a little

after the next class. But I'm still not very happy with you. We need to have a

serious talk when we

get back to the dorm."

Amanda Rider and C.B., Day #1

Amanda walked into her apartment after dark. It had been another long day. C.B.

And the five other miscreants in her pumps were quiet. She sat at the kitchen

table and removed both shoes. She placed them on the table and watched as her


began to stir. The smell of stockings and warm leather drifted up to her nose.

The smell was not strong. Amanda kept her feet clean and changed her shoes at

least once a day. She noticed with irritation Mr. Kelso had vomited again and

may have lost

control of his bowels. There was a small stain under her left heel, which she

noted with distaste. Mr. Kelso had been with her longer than any of the

others. She could not figure out why he kept moving under her heel, when life

was definitely much

easier under the arch. She considered punishing him, but saw little point. For

that matter, if he'd simply apologize for the original offense, She was more

than ready to end his sentence. He was just very stubborn. She suspected that

he was one of

those submissive types that get addicted to life in the shoe and simply

wouldn't leave. She knew some women ignored that sort of thing, and let the

submissive have his wish die under a woman's sole. Amanda didn't feel that

way. She reminded herself

to go to the jailer tomorrow and insist that Kelso was ready to leave. He

could complain if he wanted to but she did not want his life on her


She got two saucers. As usual she filled one with water, and the other with

strained baby food. She watched as they washed in the water and stuck their

heads into their supper. C. B. And another of the younger prisoners helped Mr.

Kelso out of her

shoe and helped him clean up. They all looked quite solemn except Kelso who

seemed to have a smile on his face. Yes, he did need to go home before it was

too late. If he really wanted to die, then his wife could take over. It's fine

for a couple to

make that kind of personal decision, but Amanda thought that he should show

some backbone and go back to supporting his family. As a prosecutor, she was

not very sympathetic to her prisoners, and was somewhat offended at the idea

that they

might get sexually hooked on the punishment. After supper she brought out the

little shoebox where they stayed when not in her

shoes. She got two volunteers to give her a pedicure, and replace the pink

polish on her nails. It took a long time for even two prisoners to finish her

feet, but they did a good job with the special little tools that they used.

Mr. Kelso volunteered again,

but she scowled and shook her head no. She relaxed and did some research,

while her volunteers worked. She found their efforts relaxing, and drifted off

to sleep in her chair. Not wanting to bother her, the two men climbed into

their box to get some

rest. Her eyes came open for a second, as she said, "Good night fellas; see

you in the morning."

Her eyes closed. No other words were spoken, as they all lay down to sleep. It

would be another long day tomorrow.


University Law chapter 3 and

chapter 4


University Law Chapter #3

Jane & Lyle Evening of Day #1

Jane felt tired as she trudged up the stairs to her dorm room. She entered her

room and landed in her lounge chair. She was about to automatically kick off

her shoes when she remembered. Instead She slipped off only the left flat.

Slowly she raised the other foot and placed it on her bed. She relaxed back

into her chair and quietly gazed at her own worn shoe. Jane casually raised

her bare foot and rested it next to shod one. Her bare foot was soaked with

perspiration, and the strong smell from her shoe spread throughout the room.

“Well baby, looks like you were better off when I had those dirty socks on.

I'll bet it's like an oven in there.”

She closed her eyes and rested. She tried hard to imagine what it was like for

her fiance. His head remained crammed between her great and second toe. She

had meant to loosen her hold on him after her last class, but things had

gotten so busy with her friends and then dinner... Well, she had forgotten.

His little head was still like a hard marble, and her second toe was feeling

sore from the pressing on his skull. Lyle had not tried to move in a while.

Her eyes remained shut tight and she focused on the sensations inside that

shoe. With her foot propped up, Lyle was nearly in a standing position,

hanging from his tightly trapped head. She could feel his body spreading out

under her sole. She could hardly detect his knees under her arches, but there

were two minuscule hard spots. That must be where her heel pressed down on his

ankles. His arms had been wrapped around her toes most of the afternoon. Now

Jane could feel them slipping down to his side, in this new position. Jane

idly moved her foot to the edge of the bed and pressed lightly into the

mattress. She worked her foot back and forth in her shoe, moving him now

against the wet insole.

“He must be completely soaked in there,” she murmured to herself.

It all reminded her of a small bath toy that she had played with as a child.

She would find the little rubber clown with her foot and press it against the

bottom of the tub. As she remembered Jane found herself pushing down on dear

Lyle, and being surprised when he didn't honk like her clown used to do.

Silently laughing at herself, she moved her foot back on top of the bed. The

tired coed remained as still as possible. Gradually she became aware of his

chest moving, registering each breath that he took with pressure on her sole.

She listened intently. She opened her eyes and moved her head toward her shoe.

Yes, she could hear him breathe. He sounded like a person taking deep breaths

through a very runny nose. No wonder, considering where his face was resting.

She sat back and looked up at the ceiling. This was certainly not what she had

expected. A rock in your shoe made your foot sensitive with the pain. This was

a hundred times more intense, and complicated and delicious. She started

breathing in time with poor Lyle, and she felt bits of perspiration dripping

down her cheek. Her toes flexed down as Jane breathed out, and moved back up

as she drew air in. Lyle's whole body jerked in rhythm to her growing arousal.

Then she glanced at the clock. It was nearly midnight!

Jane sighed, stretched and then stood up. She picked up her purse and sat on

her bed. At last she removed her foot from the shoe. She looked at Lyle, who

lay shivering on the insole. When he showed no inclination to move, Jane

upended her flat, dropping him on the bed between her feet. He stirred and

slowly sat up and stared sadly at his fiance. He was pale and quite wet. His

face was covered with a white oily substance.

“ Hello Lyle, how are you feeling? Lyle, don't you want to talk to me. Look I

got a little cup of water, and a container of pasta sauce from the restaurant.

Aren't you hungry, baby?”

He continued his blank stare. Lyle looked rather dazed, and did not speak. His

left hand started wiping at the white material on his face, which seemed to

crusting rapidly as it dried. Lyle's eyes gradually had more focus and life.

At last he made an effort to speak.

“ Janey, I... I'm not hungry now... Just so tired... I need to rest.”

“ Lyle, you can't go to sleep yet. We need to spend some time together.”

“Wha... What?”

“ Well, I wanted to have this night with just the two of us. I wanted to talk.

You know my friends all wanted to come and cheer you up, and maybe play with

you a little.”


“But I told them that it would have to wait... That tonight was just for us

alone. I wanted it to be a special night. There will be lots and lots of days

for my friends to come and play.”

“ But it's just ten days... “

Yes, I know that's the basic sentence, but I learned today that it's almost

never really ten days.”

“I, I don't understand.”

“ Lyle, you know that part of my responsibility as your supervisor, is to

decide when you're ready to be released. Everybody tells me that ten days is

just not enough time to make a big impression... To make any real change in a

criminal attitude. You remember Marilyn from across the hall? Well, she has

had a first offender for almost a year, and he's still not ready to be

released! She says he's not even close to having the right attitude. I was

impressed with how seriously Marilyn takes her responsibilities. She says that

she may even have to stay at school for another year, so she can keep

supervising him.”

“A year!”

“ Oh, don't worry baby. I'm sure that I won't have to keep you anywhere near

that long. Lyle, I really wanted you to tell me all about how it feels in

there. Don't look at me like that. I'm not really mad at you now. I was just

upset this afternoon about all the noise. But you do have to try harder to

stay quiet. I know it's all so new. You will try harder, won't you? You do

still love me, don't you?”

“ What... Yes, Janey, I still love you.”

“That's nice. My little man looks so sleepy. You wouldn't believe how cute you

are down there. I'd pick you up and kiss you but you smell so bad. Right now I

have a real treat But you can't tell anyone. The nice police lady down at

court broke the rules a little, just for us. You see she knew that we are a

couple, so she let us have this kit. Usually it's just for married couples,

But she gave us one anyway.”

“kit? Married?”

“ My, aren't you just the chatterbox. She told me there's a real long official

name for the kit, but that everybody just calls it the conjugal condom!”


“ Oh, it's not like a regular condom. See! It has these little slits all over,

so you can breathe. Look very closely. See how easy it is... And there's this

great big hole on the top... That way we can either have your head stick out,

or close the hole and leave you completely inside... They say that if you're

real moist, then it's safer to close the hole on top. So, let's do that

tonight. There, that's it. Wouldn't want you to drown, sweetie. Later we can

open the top and see if I can get my clittie all the way in your mouth.

Doesn't that sound like fun! Lyle you said you were going to make less

noise... Just listen to you... And see these plastic ribs up and down the

thing. They tell me the ribs feel good, and they keep you from moving your

arms too much. See how well they work. And down at this end where your feet

are sticking out now, I can tie this string, that way I can't lose you. Cool

Huh! Oh you can yell now, if you want, it makes the air kind of vibrate. Oh,

Lyle, please keep yelling and wiggling. You're so sweet!”

Jane and Lyle, very early in the A.M. Of day#2

Lyle lay totally exhausted, his feet still protruding from his fiance's

vagina. A sliver of light had gotten in the passage. His head rested in a

sticky mass of mucus. He somehow recalled from one of his classes that the hot

red ring that he could dimly make out above him was her cervix. The smell was

beyond description. His head was now outside the latex sleeve. He recalled

that he had not been able to take her clitoris into his mouth, though Janey

had tried hard enough. The words deep throat, had a new meaning now. Jane was

asleep. Lyle was drifting off, when she started to stir. He felt the string

tightening, and he was yanked into the outside world once more. She held him,

dangling head down above her face. He looked down at her half-open eyes, and

smiling lips. Lazily, she lowered him into those lips. He made no sound. He

was all screamed out. She sucked on him and stroked him with her rough tongue.

The mucus was gone and replaced by her sour slick saliva. Finally she popped

him out and let him slowly swing above her eyes.

“Thank you honey. That was very nice. I have to sleep and I'm too tired to let

you out now. We can't have you getting away either. Let me see... “

She lowered him carefully down the side of her bed, and let his helpless form

fall into the very shoe, where he had spent the day. She dropped the string,

and it fell into the shoe as well. He heard another noise and looked up to see

that bare foot entering the shoe to join him. Her sole felt cold now, but

still was damp. As she finished pushing her heel into the flat, she moved her

foot onto the bed. He heard the covers fall over her feet. It started to get

much warmer. He felt her toes pressing down on him once again.

“ I'm sorry honey, but I'm supposed to know where you are all the time. Good

Night baby. Sleep tight. I'll try to remember where you are when I get up in

the morning. But don't worry. If I forget--- Just yell.”


Amanda Rider & C.B. morning of day#2

It had been a busy day, at least C.B. Thought so. Amanda had brought out a

pair of new shoes. They were shiny dark blue leather, and the heel was a bit

higher than yesterday's selection. She loaded her prisoners in and left for

work. He found himself in the right shoe, once more.

During the night he had met the other five men. All except Mr. Kelso were

eager to talk so long as they did not make enough noise to disturb Amanda.

Kelso seemed brain damaged to C.B., which was a shame since he and his wife

Ruth Ann carried a good reputation as litigators. C.B. recalled seeing Kelso

in action-aggressive and self assured. Now he looked like there was nobody was

home. Fred Diener beckoned C.B. Into the heavily padded area under Amanda's

arch. There was lots of room there, Amanda dropped Kelso in the same location,

but he managed to crawl up into the heel before her stocking came down on

them. She stood on them with full weight for a while, shifting every few

seconds from one foot to the other. Fred and C.B. Lay side by side and turned

their faces toward each other. Her sole pushed them into the flexible

arch-support. After a minute she added a grinding motion that embedded them

further. When she shifted her weight to the other foot, Fred and C.B. could

talk to each other.

“Well, C.B., I guess we've come a long way since law school. “

“You don't seem that upset about it, Fred.”

“Oh I'm still mad enough, but there is something about being down here, seems

to take all the fight out of you pretty quick. You don't know it yet but

you're very lucky. No need to look like that, you'll see what I mean. Oh she's

coming back to this. . .

For the next minute they felt the crush. No talking or moving or even

breathing was possible. Suddenly the pressure let up. After a couple of deep

breaths, Fred started in again.

”Amanda is all business. She doesn't play with us much unless she's been

drinking. She stays clean. She sweats, but not too bad. Lots of new shoes with

that new leather smell! Even her footsmell is nice, kind of musky and sweet.

She almost never takes us when she jogs, or when she plays softball. She's

never killed one of us, even by accident. Kelso may be the first, but I don't

think that's Amanda's fault. Look at him up under the heel, his legs sticking

out that way. If she didn't wear so much padding in her shoes, she would have

for sure, popped his daffy head by now. Hey, she's starting to walk.”

Walking was clearly the worst time. The prisoners learned to go with the


Bang! The high heel crashes, jarring them into silliness.

then the sudden crush as she steps on to the ball of her foot,

at last a brief respite-a moment to breathe as the shoe flies through the air,

then the earthquake strikes again.

C.B. noticed that it was a lot harder if you tensed your muscles. If you could

just be passive-let it happen and not react, then it was not so exhausting.

Easier said than done. When Amanda sat it was almost comfortable, though the

heat and moisture were more noticeable then.

Amanda went to the courthouse to get Kelso released. To C.B.'s surprise, Fred

was taken as well. C.B. Lay alone on the bottom of the shoe looking up at

Amanda as she listened to the probation officer speak.

“Let's see, that's Diener and Kelso from the right shoe and Skinner from the

left. That leaves you just three.”

“I know Mary, and the two lefties should be out soon, if they don't make me

mad. Then there'll be just Mr. Hot shot defense attorney here.”

As Amanda spoke, she pointed at C.B. With her toes, and while the conversation

continued she allowed her big toe to come to rest on his chest. He reflexively

drew up his body, and found himself wrapping his knees around the base of her

toe. She glanced down at C.B. and continued to look at him as she talked.

“I wonder if Judge Carlson would let us blow this little smudge up to six

inches, since He'll be all alone down there. I expect to keep him for quite

some time”

“That would make a lot of sense, since a three-incher alone under your high

arches might as well be living in a convention hall! But the law says that

they all have to be the same size. We'd need to enlarge the two in the left,

and that would be a crowd!

“ I'll think about it then. I've had two six-inchers in the same shoe before.

It was a little hot and crowded, but they got by. If that's all the paperwork,

Mary, I guess I'll see you later.”

Instead of stepping on top of C.B. She pushed him with her toe out of his

comfortable home in the arch, and all the way into the front of the shoe. Her

long toes came down on him, and she moved him about roughly for a second

before taking off down the hall. C.B.was shocked and then angry. There was to

be no rest here. She sat at her desk, but continued to tap and flex her toes

throughout the day. The air, and the heat, and the moisture were much more

intense at her toes, and there was no way to predict what would happen next.

He found himself Jammed sideways under her toes. She was tapping her foot to

the beat of some song on the radio. He was a little xylophone played by five

giant mallets each bashing into his body in time to the music. Her littlest

toe bruised his shins, while her great toe crashed down on his face. It was

pitch black in there, so he could not see the toe descending on him. He could

feel it well enough. As the song ended the toe came down and held him fast.

The separate nylon fibers on her stockings were palpable as her toe ground

into his face. It was like a giant window screen crushing into him, and as the

toe let up, air rushed into his teeny deflated lungs. His universe was the

damp pungent scent of her stocking and toe, which seemed to fill his ravaged

body and mind.

Then the light assaulted his eyes. She slipped her foot out of the pump. Her

toes wrapped around him, and easily carried him outside. She dropped him on

the carpet. The ball of her foot descended onto him, and she was rolling him

about on the rough carpet. She flipped around and he lay dazed, looking up at

those giant toes, playfully wriggling above him. The sole of her other shoe

landed on his legs, holding him firmly in place. The toes returned harshly

scraping over his head and shoulders again, and again, and again. Somewhere in

his terror, he realized that he was being used to calm an itch on the bottom

of her foot. He was a miniature scratching post. .

“ I thought She never played with us,”he thought, as the scraping continued,

on his raw little body. It occurred to C.B. That this was all intentional, and

that he should take this very personally. Strangely, He did not feel angry,

But something else perhaps . . . “

Jane and Lyle day#2

Jane overslept that morning and did forget where Lyle was until she was

halfway to the shower. Jane thought it funny. Lyle did not. She slipped her

foot out of her shoe and continued on to the shower. Lyle remained entirely

helpless in the well used “conjugal condom.” He lay face down, with his nose

resting in a mushy depression made by many hours contact with her third toe,

He tried to roll over, but succeeded only in digging his face deeper in the

toe depression. He could hear Jane's off key singing in the shower. Later the

toilet flushed, and Lyle was abruptly dangling in the morning light, as Jane

grabbed the end of the string and carried Lyle back into the Bedroom. She

dropped him head-first on the carpet, by her bed.

“Janey, please let me out of here.”

“Oh, is it uncomfortable down there? Are you cold, baby. Here, let me warm you


Her freshly washed and dried bare foot appeared, and the warm sole covered him

completely. She stroked him with her sole as she read the remaining pages of

the “conjugal condom” instruction booklet.

“ You know you are really sticky. We'll have to wash you sometime. I'm trying

to figure out how to get you out of there, but it doesn't say. I suppose I can

get some scissors and cut you out.”

“ What a shame. Then you couldn't use it again.” Lyle's voice was muffled

under her sole, but she could make out what he said.

“You naughty boy! But you don't have to worry, the condoms come fifty to a

kit. Still, I'm not sure I like that tone of voice. Maybe I should just punish

you. Yea, I think I can get my toe in the bottom of that thing. Yes, and then

right between your little legs... Now let's spread them apart... A bit

further... There! How does that feel? Lyle... Did my naughty fella pass out?”

Jane and Lyle, one hour later

Lyle was finally out of the condom. He lay on bed and watched as his fiance

hurried about the room. He was just finishing his stale pasta sauce. Jane was

tall, and her pale skin contrasted with her dark shiny hair. It was brushed

and pulled back into a bun. The funny, granny glasses looked out of place on

such a handsome young woman. Yet it always gave Lyle a little thrill, when she

tilted her head to look at him through the lenses. That's just how she looked

when he first saw her, working in the library. He remembered all the silly

questions that he made up for her, to get her to keep looking at him in that

funny way. This morning she wore little make up and moved, like always, in the

elegant way of a dancer. Lyle was entranced despite the terrible soreness in

his groin.

She slipped on her jeans, and a pair of bright yellow socks. She entered the

closet and emerged with a huge box piled high with old shoes. He dumped them

in the middle of the floor. Lyle Started to feel nervous.

“Janey, shouldn't we be going to class soon?”

“ Oh, is my little man in a hurry to get in my shoe. Just be patient, and I'll

take care of you.” She sat rummaging through her old shoes. “Honey, I decided

we'd play hooky today. Since you're going to be under my foot for a while, I

thought we'd try on all my old shoes together, to see which are the most

comfortable. That sounds like fun, doesn't it?” Lyle glanced down at his

purple, swollen balls, and kept his mouth shut tight.

“OK. Now, I'll put in one of them, and then I'll walk on you for just a minute

or two, or maybe a little longer. Then I put it all on this list. You know,

how we rate each pair and all... And don't worry. I included stuff for you...

See here... Wetness, how much room you have, how the insole feels on your

back, how well you can breathe... see.”

“Did you include smell?” Lyle immediately bit his tongue.

“ Yes, Smarty. Right here... Aroma. Gee Lyle, let's get to it. How about my

old tennis shoes to start?”

Jane and Lyle three hours later

Lyle could barely move. He ‘d always known that Jane liked all kinds shoes,

but he'd never imagined this many. The old sneakers were the worst. Didn't she

ever throw them out? He'd almost been relieved to get to her wooden Dutch

shoes. They did look cute on her. Then he noticed that the insole was wood


“ That's it, honey. The last pair. Let me total up the scores. I'm not sure

you were really honest I see you rated the aroma as wonderful on every single

one! I would have thought my soccer shoes at least would have been sort of

stale. Now according to the numbers, these sandals are in first place So, I

guess we can wear them now when we leave. You could fall out of them, so I'll

have to put you inside my sock. Won't that be warm and cozy?

“I thought we were not going to class today. “

“No, we're are going to see my dad. You know that he lives in town, since Mom

left him.”

“Yea, but I thought you always stayed with her.”

“ I do, silly. But when they split up, they divided everything, and for some

reason he got all my old shoes from high school. Dad keeps them all in his

apartment. He has a whole closet full of them right in his bedroom. Can you

imagine that? I have hundreds of them. So he's out of town at the moment, but

I have a key. We can go over there and spend the rest of the day checking them

out. You've never seen my prom shoes, or my track shoes, or the neat boots

that I wore when I was a drum major in the band. Oh we'll have lots of fun...

Now come to me while I get this sock off.”

Lyle glumly stumbled across the bed and let himself fall into her warm sock.

He watched silently as her sole approached, and covered him. He felt the

weight on his chest as she strapped on the sandal. The Judge had been right

about one thing; it was quite an education for both of them. It might even be

more than he wanted to know.



University Law Chapter 5


University Law #5

Amanda and C.B. Evening of day #2

C.B. Was worn out that night. He was stiff and bruised over much of his body.

Since Amanda had only three prisoners remaining, she asked the whole crew to

volunteer with her foot care. She slipped off her stockings and relaxed her

feet on the leather ottoman that sat by her overstuffed chair. Usually she

reviewed briefs or did other paper work during this time, but today she simply

stared at the television. She felt oddly restless, but was too tired to get

up. She couldn't concentrate. Then she watched her prisoners work. Two of them

had what looked like miniature garden shears, and were smoothing out the edges

of her toe nails. Mr.Barrow was stirring the nail polish with a long pole.

They were wearing mini-respirators. Amanda insisted they be used. She wanted

no lung damage from chemicals.

C. B. was limping, and appeared to be in pain. This made Amanda uncomfortable.

She knew it was wrong, as she tried never to abuse her prisoners more than the

law allowed. Still, she recalled rolling C.B. Around on the rug, and found

herself smiling. C. B. Was putting on the polish with what looked like a mop.

She knew she was drifting into sleep. She heard herself reminding the boys to

get in their box when they finished the chores. Her voice seemed distant, and

some of the words sounded slurred. Then, she was asleep.

Later, Joe and Ed talked to C.B. In their shoebox barracks.

“You know that Ed and I, are getting out tomorrow. She's sending us all home

C.B., So she can have you all to herself. It looks to me like you got a girl


“Joe, I sure don't think so. I've never hurt so much in my life. She worked me

over all afternoon. I thought she was going to rub all the skin and hair off

my head.”

“Yeah, We could hear you yelping outside. You know, I been here six months,

and never heard anything like that before. She damnwell never rubbed my head

like that. Yep, she's sweet on you . If you want to know the truth... I'm

kinda jealous.”

Later, C.B. Slowly climbed to the top of the box to get a good view. She was

still there, in her chair. He wondered if she ever used her bed. She was a

very handsome lady. She looked gentler and softer when she was asleep. He had

always admired Amanda, from a distance anyway. He sat and looked, and felt

this gut-wrenching feeling in his stomach. He thought about her smell, and how

overpowering it could be when every molecule that you took into your lungs

came into you by way of her fragrant foot and stocking. He thought about

feeling her sole on his body, and how overwhelming it was when every nerve

ending was flooded with signals from her: the crushing weight of her body, the

heat from her sole that rushed through him like microwaves, the rough nylon

feel of her stocking where he could count where each and every fiber pressed

into his flesh. He thought of the utter darkness, and how it difficult it was

to think . When he lay in her shoe his confused brain could register nothing

but her foot, and the stern beautiful face that occasionally looked at him

from the sky.

C.B. sat on top of that box, and he looked and he thought. He should feel

outrage. He should feel violated. But as he sat there tears crowded into his

eyes, and he felt the urge to rush to her and press himself into her sole.

Maybe if he pressed hard enough he could just dissolve into her arch, and be

part of her forever. He shook his head, amazed at how far his emotions had

gone in just a couple of days. Joe and Ed had lived under her for months. No

wonder they were in no rush to go. He slid back into the box. He lay down to

sleep, hoping he would dream about her no more that night.

Amanda and C.B. Day #3

“Well, Amanda you officially have just one prisoner. You still want to blow up

Mr. Barrow to six inches?”

As Amanda talked to Mary, the probation officer, she slipped her foot again

out of her shoe and was stroking C.B.'s tummy with her big toe. It seemed to

C.B. That she wanted him to see what was happening out there. She was looking

at the other woman, who C.B. Could not see. Every few seconds though, Amanda's

wandering eyes would fix on him for just an instant. Each time C.B. Saw those

penetrating brown eyes flashing in his direction, a crash went through his

mind, more intense than the one that ran through his body when her high heel

struck the side walk.

“Yes, I think so; can I get it done today?”

“Sure, Judge Carlson signed the order. I was wondering though. How long are

those big feet of yours?”

“I'm not sure... They're size ten though, and everybody tells me that my toes

are unusually long Why do you ask?” As if to demonstrate, she picked up C.B.

With her two largest toes grasping him about the waist. She waved him about in

the air as Mary looked down at him.

“ Yes, I think If we measure your feet, then we can surely justify making him

larger than six inches. You know, the bigger they are the more intense the

feeling can be for you.”

Abruptly Amanda's foot slammed back into her pump, nearly crushing the

surprised C.B. Under her toes. He guessed that this was something that Amanda

wished him not to see. Above Amanda watched as Officer Mary sat in a chair.

She began to untie one of her black leather shoes. They looked like stylish

versions of the plain oxfords that males wore, back when men were police


“Amanda, why don't you come over here and see what I have. This little scut is

my ex-husband. He keeps forgetting his support payments, so the judge keeps

giving him these short vacations under my foot. Let me pull him out and show

you. Come here, sweetie. You don't have to be scared. Now stop wiggling or

I'll pop you again. See how long he is... Almost two inches longer than my

whole foot.”

“ Yes I can see, but how does he fit in there.”

“That's the fun part. He can't lay flat so he has to curl up some way.

Sometimes I make him lay on his side. I push him forward in the shoe. So he's

all wrapped around the front of my foot. His face is mashed into the side of

my big toe, and on the other side I can wiggle my little toe right into his

balls. It's a riot!”

“Hmmm... But my pumps are way too tight and pointy in the front, he'd never


“ I imagine that's right. But let me show you the easiest way to stick a big

one in a shoe or boot. Come here hubby. Hey... “

Amanda watched as Mary's ex-husband struggled briefly. She grasped the foot

long man and thrust him on him into the shoe. His head disappeared into the

toe region and he was firmly placed on his back. His groin lay about under the

point where the laces would be tied. Officer Mary forced his legs apart and

pushed them to the outside of the insole, with the feet coming together at the

back of the shoe. His legs formed a rough circle, leaving most of the heel

area open. Mary placed the shoe on the floor and forced her foot in. She

worked her heel in and stood for a moment. Her foot settled into the shoe and

she quickly tied the laces.

“See. His legs wrap around my heel. I can have fun poking my toes into his

neck. There's a lot of weight on his middle, but he can still breathe.”

“ That looks interesting. Mr. Hot shot could certainly fit that way in my

shoe. But could I get my foot all the way in. I think more than six inches is

a good idea, but not that big... “

“All right. Let's measure your foot and then take him to the machine. Then

we'll see what works best”.

Amanda and C.B. Afternoon of day three

Amanda Rider walked into the offices of Kelso and Kelso. She was early for the

Bar Association meeting, but was hoping to talk to Ruth Ann Kelso. She found

her friend reading in the conference room. Amanda felt somewhat distracted by

the new eight-inch C.B. In her shoe. It was a fairly tight fit and Amanda

thought she would need to switch him to the other shoe soon.

She approached Ruth Ann, and sat in the chair next to hers. Mrs. Kelso was a

friendly woman. She was red haired and pink skinned, and usually wore brightly

colored dresses. She looked very girlish and nonthreatening, which had lured

many opposing lawyers into the mistake of not taking her seriously. She smiled

warmly at Amanda.

“Hi Ruthie.”

“Hello Amanda. I'm glad you came early. I really wanted to talk to you about

my husband.”

“And I wanted to speak to you. I was very worried about him. He was fine the

first couple of weeks. But then he kept crawling into places where it was hard

to breathe. I became very afraid that I would hurt him and I think maybe that

I did. I hope that you are not too angry with me.”

“Amanda, I wanted to thank you. John and I have never been this happy, and we

owe it to you.”

“I'm relieved. I thought He had a death wish. I hope he is coming to the

meeting. I'd like to see that he is OK.”

“ Amanda, He does have a death wish and he is already here for the meeting.


Ruth Ann leaned forward to undo the single strap on her red high heel, and

slipped it off. She raised her foot and waved her toes at Amanda. There in her

stocking, and embedded in the clefts under her toes was Her husband.

“John, say hello to Miss Rider.”He turned to look at Amanda and gave her a

little wave.”That's good. Now back in you go. See you later, sweetheart. We've

been working on this for years, since we purchased our own shrinking machine.

We had this fantasy of keeping him down there, but he could never tolerate

more than a few hours at a time, until Linda got him on that contempt charge.

He says that he had no choice but to work through the terror and

claustrophobia, and just surrender to the sensation of it. He tells me that he

can stay there as long as I want him to.”

“ How long will that be?”

“As long as he lives, silly. This was mainly my fantasy to begin with. John

started out doing it to please me. That's why he got so scared. Now he loves

it as much as I do. I plan on taking good care of him. I know he will get

gradually weaker, But I'm sure that we can go for many months, or maybe even

years. We have drawn up his will, and all the property is in my name already;

so we're ready when the time comes. Anyway I owe you a lot. We're both very


“ This should bother me some, Ruthie, but I'm glad to hear that you're both so

happy. Still, you've got to keep him where there's air or he won't last long.”

“ I know. He felt bad about taking advantage of you. He knew you would not be

able to reposition him very often since they're were other prisoners with

him.” The meeting starts in a few minutes. Why don't we get some coffee, and

we can talk until then.

When Ruth Ann and Amanda returned, they found Linda Carlson and Judge Darryl

Winter waiting. Judge Winter was the last male judge in the county. There were

three other men present and two women. Mrs. Kelso's office manager was also

there to act as secretary. When they were all seated, Judge Winter called the

meeting to order.

“ Ahem... A very small turnout. I do not see a quorum present, so perhaps...

We should reschedule.“

Judge Carlson quickly spoke up.”Now Darryl, you must know better than that.

Let's take the attendance.” Linda quickly removed both shoes and sat them on

the table. Eight little two inch figures peered out. Two other women placed

their shoes on the table as well. One pair contained four little men and the

other pair had only one fellow in the left shoe. Amanda removed only C.B.'s

shoe, and he slowly crawled out and sat in the heel area. He felt like a giant

as he looked at the two inch lawyers next to him and the three inch men in the

shoes across the table. He nodded up at Fred Diener, who looked rather


Ruth Ann placed her stocking foot on the table. “John is in here,” She said,

and we really don't want him to come out of my stocking. If you don't mind I

will slip my shoe back on since I can tell that john is cold out here. I'll

leave it on loosely so that he can hear plainly what's being said...Uh... I

also have Sam Grainger in my custody... But he is a second offender, and it

might be somewhat awkward for me to bring him forward now. While he is here,

he is not in a position, uh well let's say that it is the wrong time of the

month, for him to hear and to participate.“

Judge Winter coughed. Well, the secretary must read the role call... After

that... As far as I can determine, there is no rule prohibiting voting while

incarcerated... But further research... Now also, the minutes of the last

meeting... “

Linda moved in quickly. “ Now, Darryl, lets speed this up a little. Do any of

the incarcerated members mind if their supervisor votes for them? Good!...

Miss Nixon, you are the secretary I assume. Do you know the names of everyone

present? ... Good! I think we can give old Sam an excused absence, though I do

wish he would learn to control his temper in my court.”

Judge Winter sat fuming while Linda ran through a list of motions and carry

over business. She announced that each motion and vote was carried by

acclamation. She went through the agenda in four minutes and seven seconds, as

measured by Mrs. Kelso. At the end she remarked,”That's good Linda, but you're

a few seconds shy of the record.”

“ I know, but there were a lot of second votes to document. We can go more

quickly next quarter. Is there any more business?”

“ I have one piece of serious business.”

C.B. Noticed that the speaker was Ellen Brown. She was the woman who had

placed both her shoes on the table with only one occupied. Next to the empty

right shoe, her senior law partner, a stooped grey haired man who looked

somewhat ill, sat in the left.

“ I'm very sorry to say that I must introduce a motion to censure Judge Winter

for his behavior on the bench.”

“What! How dare you young lady. I may have to sit and watch helplessly as you

women take over the profession, but I will not have my professional behavior

or character questioned in this way.”

Judge Carlson jumped in again.“Now Darryl, you have been saying those

unflattering things about my court, and there is the matter of refusing to

employ any of the alternative rehabilitation techniques.”

“Judge Carlson I am not finished yet... “

“Of course you're not finished Darryl; I am certain that you have many good

years of service ahead. It seems to me that this is more of an educational

matter. I would hope it could be resolved short of censure.”

“I agree with that,” chimed in Ruth Ann. “ I know that a few of the men in our

organization have trouble with the new methods. May I suggest that we ask

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