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University Life






I am your typical student. I guess I could start by telling you my name. My name

is Roger Moore. I just graduated from high school this spring. I spent all

summer working and saving money for college this fall. I am a student at the

university of Notre Dame.  I have been wanting to get in here for the past

two years and I have finally done it.

    I had just moved in and it felt good to be away from home

for the first time. I loved the feeling of freedom that I now have.

        A couple of weeks had passed and I

was coming home from the football game in a drunken stupor.  I found myself

walking past one of the sorority houses when I began to feel really tipsy. I

shrugged it off as just being the beer but I was having trouble standing and I

had never felt this way after only 15 beers. I went down onto my knees and laid

my head in my lap. My head was pounding with pain and agony. It was like a rock

concert was going on in my head. I began to sweat like I was wearing a sweater

and snow pants in the desert. I kept trying to wipe the sweat off but more just

came. My eyes begin to feel so heavy. Like I had 200 pound weights

hanging on my eye lids. I just couldn't manage to keep them open any longer.

        I awoke sometime later feeling

allot better. I stood up immediately and saw that I was surrounded by a grassy

field. I was puzzled as I remember being in a yard last and the grass was so

high. It went up to my waist. I hadn't ever seen grass this high before. I did

the only thing I could do. I started walking. It was still dark the and the air

was cold. The cold air cut through you like a knife through butter.

           I shoved and

pushed the blades of grass to the side as I searched for a way out of the this

mess. I still felt sick and had a massive head ache. I could finally see the end

of my plight as there was a concrete basin just up ahead. As I stepped onto the

concrete I grew even more puzzled as too what is going on. Who puts a gigantic

slab of concrete in the middle of no where. I spun around and around looking for

anything but I could see nothing.

        I had begun to walk out onto the

concrete when I felt a rumbling begin. The ground shook like waves in the ocean.

My stomach lurched forward and backward. I could feel my stomach acids creep up

and into my throat. Above the rumbling and sea sickness of my stomach I could

hear a clack clack clack. I looked to the right to see a monolithic creature

moving towards me. My entire being froze. Time appeared to standstill. I all the

sudden could remember everything that ever happened to me but at the same time I

couldn't recall a single thought. The monolithic creation moved closer and

closer. Blonde ropes swung from side to side like vines coming off a

rainforest branch.


The closer and closer that the god like creature got the more and more nervous I

became. I soon realized that it was not an it at all but it was a woman on a

gargantuan scale. Her black dress was blowing in the slight breeze.  She

had on some black lacy panties.  I tried not to look but she was simply so

huge it was hard not to see. She was now what looked to be a hundred feet or so from

me. That is when she stopped. My mind was reeling with confusion and curiosity.

        I wanted to know where I was and

how I got to this strange world. Why were all the people so big. I was flooded

with so many thoughts and feelings I nearly went into sensory overload. That is

when she began to talk. I will never forget that moment. It was like the heavens

opened up and gods mighty voice was barrelling down drowning any and every sound

you can imagine. Your thoughts, your instincts, your voice, your senses,

everything is drown out and utterly useless. All you can hear is this voice. I

covered my ears and went down to my knees hoping the lower I got the less I

would hear but it didn't matter.  I could hear the tone of Wild Thing by

tone loc  play over her cell phone.

"Hey chica, yeah I juz got back from my date."

"He was such a cutie. So big and strong. It felt heavenly when he wrapped his

arms around me."

"Well hey its cold in here I am gonna go inside talk to you later"

        The loud godly voice stopped all

at once. I looked up hoping that she would be gone but she was digging around in

a small black bag. I heard the familiar jingle of keys rustling around and then

the glimmer from the keys caught my eyes and blinded me momentarily.


        All at once the voice returned and

left just as quickly as it came.  I could only watch helplessly, almost

mesmerized by the keys as they fell. Everything seemed to happen so slow. As they

crashed onto the pavement all around me. I was in the middle of a loop and key after key went

around the loop. Her keychain had Daddy's Girl written on it. I watched with

ease and agility that she bent down with, Thousands upon thousands of pounds so

easily and quickly moving. As she reached down for her keys our eyes locked.

        Her jaw dropped and I just stared

blankly at her. Her dark eyes scanning my body up and down. Her eyes poking and

prodding me feeling all over my body, I took a few steps back but it does not

matter she is still big, still huge, still godly. Her body fills up my full

realm of vision.  I look backwards only to see nothing but an endless concrete


"Are you real? Don't be silly Jenna men aren't tiny. Your just having a crazy

night and now your talking to yourself. Well at least I am not answering


I saw her contemplating something. I only knew it had to do with me.  My

eyes were glued to her like a woman's eyes on a gap ad advertising 70% off.

Then it happened. There was no thought or doubt in her mind. Without

hesitation or delay she reached out towards me. She extended her finger out

towards me. She poked me in the stomach and I easily doubled over gasping for




That seemed to be all she needed her hands were around me like a kid getting

a piece of candy. Her hand was downy soft and warm as the air was cold.

Her fingers curled around my body and squeezed me a couple times almost to see if this

was all really happening. I was a prisoner to her, her girl power. The more I

fought the more I saw her eyes light up with joy.

"Don't worry, this is my date purse there's not much in here. You should have

plenty of room."

"Purse? what? I don't want to go in..."

        I was dropped into her purse

without her even considering me or my needs. I landed roughly in her small knit

black purse. It had small holes all over it so I could easily out. With a final

zip I knew my fate was sealed. She began to walk and as she walked I was

constantly banged up against her thigh with every step. I tried to find

something or anything to hold onto but everything is flung about every which way

you can imagine.  I breathed a sigh of relief as we stopped but it was only

for a moment as she opened the door.  As soon as she entered we were in a

massive foyer which lead to a living room type area with a sofa, television, dvd

player, movie shelf, and so on. I caught a glimpse of a couple of co-eds talking

and watching what looked to be You Got Mail. Before I could get any better of a look

I felt my capturess running up the stairs. This was worse then before as now I

was constantly being banged up against her. The door opened and then whizzed

shut. I watched her lock the door and spill me out onto her bed.

"Hi, little thing. Your so precious. Your the most adorable little thing I

have ever seen."

"Please, help me. Where am I?"

"Your in my room."

"No I meant"

"So what should we...aww shit who is at the door."

"Jenna! Why is the door locked?"



"Is anyone with you?"

"Umm no."

"Okay just a second"

         As she got up the bed

bounced a little. I looked around her room as she headed to the door. I knew

her keychain was right. She was daddies girl. I could tell this girl came from

money. As she opened the door I crawled back into her purse hoping to hide.

"KATIE! You lied! You didn't say anything about Nichole"

"I'm your best friend. If you cant let me see who can you?"

"So true well come in and close the door. Be prepared to see the most amazing

thing. Its on the bed."


I could hear the foot steps of the two new girls approaching. My heart rate sped

up as I could see there bare legs through one of the holes in purse. I kept

telling myself that this isn't happening. That there aren't a couple of girls

who are hundreds of feet tall out there. I was repeating that over and over

again but I couldn't help but check out the shorter one. I think Jenna called

her Katie. I could tell that that Katie and Jenna were the pretty ones in the

group and Nichole was the ugly one. Well not ugly per say but in comparison to

her friends she is.

"Jenna, umm I was with you when you bought this purse and I don't think its

anything to be so secretive about. I have one just like it."

"No, its not the purse. It's the little man Katie. You can be so dumb


"Little man? How much did you have to drink tonight? Come Nichole lets get

Jenna into bed."

"No there is a little man there."

        I could hear the powerful footsteps

of Jenna now walk over next to the bed. This made me even more scared. I

burrowed myself deeper into the purse hoping that they would put Jenna to bed

and then I could escape during the night. I felt her lift up the purse and then

Nichole began to pick up the make up, and gum, and all  the other junk she

had in this purse.

"I'm telling you. There was a little man. I felt him, I saw him. He was right


"Come on Jenna why don't you lie down and we can talk about this in the


        Katie then pulled Jenna's black

dress off of her as Nichole pulled the covers back. This was all working out way

to perfect. I could hardly believe my luck. Here I was in the bowels of hell and

I just might escape the maker. As Katie pulled the covers up Nichole shut the

lights off. I was just waiting for Nichole to set the purse down on the ground.

As they both headed towards the door I knew that luck couldn't be any more on my

side. They were going to drop it by the door. In one motion Nichole lifted the

purse up and Katie dropped in all of Jenna's stuff. I was bombarded with object

after object.  As some lipstick crashed into my skull knocking me over and

a compact fall roughly onto my legs I had to bite my lip so I wouldn't scream

out in pain. Even with this I kept telling myself that they will set it down on

the floor and then leave. With my luck they will probably drop it. That was when

they zipped the purse up. My heart cried out out in pain and agony. It was like

I was in jail and when you hear the slamming of the bars sealing you shut you

know you are a prisoner. I felt much of the same way.  To make matters even

worse they hung the purse up on on the back of the door. Damn girls and there

neatness. Damn them to hell.  I managed to find a balled up tissue paper

with just some lipstick on it that I curled up in. I knew there was nothing I

could do tonight but sleep.

        Morning came much to early. I had

my classes all arranged so I didn't have to get up before noon but Jenna well

she was up six fucking thirty AM. Her alarm clock barreled through my world. I

had forgotten where I was at first but as I reached to turn off the alarm clock

and all I could feel was a cell phone it all came back to me. I saw her rise out

of bed just wearing her bra and panties. It was a sight to behold. I knew that I

should look away but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was locked on like

radar. I felt dirty and perverted inside but my dick was giving me the atta boy award. She disappeared into the bathroom and I then returned to the

reality of my situation. I was still trapped in this purse. I tried climbing to

the top but it was zipped up tightly without a single gap for me to try to push

the zipper open. I had then climbed around the the purse looking for a loose seam or

anything that i could use to maybe make a hole big enough to get out of but Carrefour Sortea 2 Máquinas De Coser Alfa Next 10

there was none and I had spent the better part of 90 minutes looking for

anything that can get me freedom..

        When she walked out into her room

my jaw hit the ground and my tongue was rolled out like a red carpet for her to

walk on. Her short plaid skirt, her white top tied at the bottom. Her frilly

socks and open toed shoes. If I had to die I would want it to be right now so I

could die in bliss. I no longer cared about escape or survival for that small

moment in time everything was okay. I had never been more content in my life.

However, the reality of the situation began to soak back in when she made a

beeline straight towards me.  I could hear her muttering about her cell

phone and then the un escapable prison which I was held in she opened  

with relative ease that I could hardly fathom. Her hand reached in and I plastered

myself against the wall hoping that she wouldn't feel me but her hand brushed up

against me and then flew around my body before I could hope to react. As she

pulled me up and out the purse she dangled me in front of her face. Her lips

curved upwards and she had nothing but glee in her eyes.

"So there you are! You made me look like a fool last night in front of my

friends. I can't wait to show you to them and prove that I wasn't crazy. I

almost had the whole situation rationalized down to I did have one too many

drinks while I was out with my boyfriend Jared but now, now I have no doubt. You

are real, as real as me and your all mine. Now where should Jenna Marts put her

new little man.  Oh I know!"

        I fought, squirmed and squeezed in

her grip but I was nothing but a mouse and she was the cat no matter how much

the mouse tries it can never over power the cat. Her dresser that at one time

loomed in the distance was now mere inches from me. She pulled the top drawer

open and dropped me in. I expected a hard fall but the landing was soft and

comfortable. I looked at the ground and saw that I was on one of her panties. It

was cotton with balloons on it. I looked up at her and she only smiled back

down at me.

"That should hold you until I get home tonight. If you get cold there are

plenty of socks or panties for you too crawl into."

"You CAN'T do this! It just isn't normal. I refuse to sleep on or in your

underwear and I want to know where I am."

"Your in my room."

"No, I mean"

        She then slams her drawer shut and

I can hear the distant sound of her door closing. Everywhere I looks is just dark

and black. Only a sliver of light comes in at the top of drawer where there is a

dip built in for your hand so you can pull the drawer open. I try ramming my

body against the side of drawer but nothing seems to work. I walk over to

one of her balled up socks and lean up against it and slide down into more of

sitting position.

        As embarrassing as it was at some

point I had fallen asleep.  When I woke up some hours later it was still

quiet.  The fear is the only thing that kept me awake now. Sometime later the

door finally opened. I could hear the voices of Katie and Nichole then lastly

Jenna.  They just talked for the longest time but I finally felt the drawer

begin to shimmy and light shone into my room. I closed my eyes to block out the

light but I slowly opened them up to see who it was. The face of Jenna was

beaming down at me.  Without a word she picked me up and sent me hurdling

through the air. Everything in the room went blurry and fuzzy. I crashed into

something hard yet soft. I clung to the first thing I hit.


        I looked up to see Katie jumping

up and down and swatting at her chest which I was clinging too. Jenna and

Nichole started laughing while I was screaming.

"Katie don't hurt him"



"Katie calm down its my little man. I told you I wasn't crazy last night"

        Nichole plucked me off of Katie's

chest and set me down on the ground and they all sat down next to me. My feet

sunk into the furry rug for only a moment before Jenna lifted me up.

"What do you think of my ass little man."

"What your an ass"

"Excuse me?"

"I said what an ass."

"He's a riot Jenna. Where did you get him."

"I found him outside after my date"

        As they continued to talk I

couldn't help but feel Jenna's skin. Her ass was so soft. As I was feeling

Jenna's ass when I felt Nichole's hand at my back. She began to push me into

Jenna's ass then rubbing me into it and up and down the nude portion of her ass.

She slid me beneath the polka dotted bottoms of Jenna.

"He feels so soft. So tiny, like a Barbie doll only real. He is so

incredible. I can feel his tiny heartbeat Katie. Your so lucky Jenna."

"I'm sure its wonderful but I wouldn't know as someone is hogging him."

"I am not. I am just massaging Jenna Katie"

        I tried to fight off Nichole but

its more like an ant trying to fight off an elephant. The more I fought the more

massaged me into it until I felt like I was about to burst. Finally Nichole

pulled me away and dangled me in front of Katie. Katie reached for me but

Nichole extended her hand straight and out of Katie's reach.

"HEY PUT ME DOWN! LEMME GO LEMME GO! Jenna tell them to let me go"

"Nichole I want to play with him. You are hogging him! You man hog!"

"I am not hogging him. Jenna tell her I am not hogging him"


"See I told you so Katie"

"All she said was well and you are too. I want to play with him."

        I was shoved towards Katie's

chest.  I felt Nichole's warm hands release me and I slid into Katie's

breasts head first. I began to kick my legs wildly which only caused all the

girls to laugh. Katie laughing was the worst because this made her chest heave

in and out. As her chest would heave in and out I would slide deeper and deeper

into her cleavage. I found myself soon fighting to stay in Katie's cleavage. Her

smallish breasts were all I had to keep from falling most likely to my death.


        I couldn't believe this girl with

a chest that my 14 year old sister could beat I now cling too for dear life. Hot

warm air that smells slightly minty courses all around me. An immense pressure is

soon at my back. I find myself shoved firmly against Katie's chest. My body

separates Katie's breasts only for a moment before they reform to there original

position with me deeply stuck between them. The weight of something then

squishes Katie's breasts and creating a small amount of space for me to squirm

upward. At first I can't even move but whatever is on top of Katie is hot and

sweat begins to form between her breasts which lubricates me enough to squirm up

so my head pokes out of the top of Katie's top. I didn't know what to find but I

didn't expect that. Nichole was laying atop of Katie with her breasts pressing

down on Katie's breasts. I could only watch as Nichole's breasts slid down the

side of Katie's breasts and land atop of my face. I begin to panic as her

breasts start to suffocate me. I want to pound on her breasts but my arms firmly

locked to my side. I open my mouth to scream but all I get is the fabric of

Nichole's top in my mouth. I try to spit it out but it's no use. My face begins

to turn blue as Nichole rolls over onto her back and Katie stands over her on

all fours. I find myself now looking down at Nichole's breasts.



That's all I could get out and I don't think either of the two heard me. Katie

and Nichole's bodies met as they began to kiss. This however had me once again

pinned against Nichole's breasts. I begged for them to separate but it fell on

deaf ears. I could hear Jenna laughing in the background as all this happening.

Soon they rolled back over not even bothering to break this time but Nichole

luckily plucked me out of Katie's cleavage and dangled me in mid air for a

minute and then I saw Katie pulling her shorts down slightly and grabbing at

panties just enough to slide me in. I heard a firm snap as the thin weak elastic

band of her panties now easily held me in place.

        I could feel the heat of Nichole

who was hovering above. It was quite intense. I soon felt the hands of Jenna

push my face into her Katie's pussy. I began to lick as Nichole started

massaging her breasts. I could tell I was having an effect as some of her juices

began to puddle out. Her moans were growing louder and louder and then I heard

Nichole go down and start to kiss Katie again.  I continued to lick but

every so often Jenna would jab my head into Katie's pussy.  The smell of

Katie begin fill the air all around me and everything began to get wet. As her

cum began to cover me I felt gross every where.  As I licked away I

swallowed more and more of her cum. I began to feel sick with all the cum I had

swallowed. I could tell Katie was now holding back her climax. I tried to scream

for Jenna not to jab me but one more  Jab was all it took for Katie to release

her load. I was blasted with an Avalanche of cum. I could hear Katie breathing


"That was Amazing!" exclaims Katie

        I could feel myself being dragged

from Katie's panties. I was dripping with her cum and I just wanted to throw up.

I was completely spent as I dangled from Nichole's grip.

"Please No more girls"

"Hey Jenna does your man have a name"

"You know, I never cared enough to ask. He is just one of my belongings. I

don't know if he needs one."

        There was then a knocking at the

door. All of us jumped not expecting the knock. Jenna called out to see who was

there. They sighed in relief when they found it was just for a meeting

downstairs. I was nearly doing a happy dance as I heard this because it meant I

would be left here. Things were looking up I thought.

"Well we better throw on some clothes and get down there."


        Nichole  pulled back Jenna's

panties and dropped me in the middle of Jenna's back. Jenna watched me as I slid

into her panties.

"Perfect Jenna"

"Definitely Girls"

        As Nichole released her hold on

the panties I was pressed against Jenna's back. A few moments later I saw her

pull her jeans up and over me. I never even got a chance to plea. As Jenna

walked her left cheek would mash me up causing the elastic bulge up so I would

fly up into the air a little and then the elastic would reach its max and snap

me back against Jenna's right cheek just in time for her right cheek to do the

same to me. The trio of girls talked as they walked down stairs and I was in

dismay and pain. I was sticky, i smelled like sex and now I was plastered

against Jenna's firm ass cheeks. I didn't think it could get worse but then she

sat down. I felt her butt sink into the sofa. The air begin to get stale and it

burned. I was glad that Jenna was a clean girl because she didn't really smell.

She smelled like strawberry lotion. As she sat the strawberry smell only got

more and more intense cause it had no where to go. I began to sweat and beg for

her to sit up but she just continued to sit and then I heard the meeting begin.

I found it hard to concentrate because the air was getting so stale and the

smell of strawberries is getting stronger and stronger. Just as I was about to

pass out Jenna shifted and some fresh air got in. Just enough to put me back at

the beginning and that is how the next 45 minutes to an hour went. I had no real

way to tell time but it was a long, long time. The meeting went on and on but

usually Jenna had this intuition of when to move so I could get air. It usually

was just moments before I was ready to pass out.

        I awoke laying on a pair of

Jenna's panties and one of her rolled up socks acting as a pillow. I was

surprised to find that the drawer was left slightly open. I pulled my tired and

sore body up and then rolled a few of her socks over so I could quite easily

climb up and see out her drawer. The slumbering Jenna was in her bed sleeping

away. I looked down to the floor that looked to be miles upon miles down. I took

a deep breathe and retreated back to the confines of drawer with the realization

that I was trapped and even if I did get away where would I go? Down the hall to

be caught by one of the other girls? Escape is futile. I laid back down in my

bed looking up the ceiling dozing on and off knowing this was my new life. A pet

to Jenna and her friends.  I know that someday I may escape but not today.

The End











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