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Richards worked feverishly in his lab. His ultimate creation was almost

completed at last! One final alteration of DNA, and his greatest dream would

become a reality. Slowly, almost fearful of the consequences, Dr. Richards

poured the serium into his cloning machine. His assistant, Belle Minerva entered

the lab, just in time to see him finish pouring.

'Doctor! Think about what you are doing! Is the world ready for your genius, or

is it too soon?? You have no idea of what will come out of that device!' she

cried out in warning, but it was to no avail.

'Get out if you are too afraid, bitch! Do you know how damn hard I've worked,

how I've slaved to create this! Nothing shall stand in my way this time, not

even your blathering. You are either with me, or against is your

choice!' Richards howled out. Belle frowned, she was so confused now, she loved

the doctor, but ever since he undertook this odd experiment he became


'I....I'll start the process...' she wimpered, trying as hard as she could to

hold back the hot tears. Belle approached, a gigantic computer, and hit the red

button. The machines whirled and zapped as though they had a life of thier own,

and the serium in the cloning machine could be heard, mixing and bubbling into a

new life. Several minutes pasted...and all became silent.

'It is done.' Richards said, wiping the sweat from his brow. 'We must release

the creation at once, for there is much work to be done. Belle...I'm sorry when

I yelled...I don't know what got into me.' He continued, approaching a large

box, and unlocking the doors.

Belle and Dr. Richards stood back, side by side, waiting for thier creature to

make it's appearance. What they saw horrified Belle and thrilled the doctor. A

large but slender hand grasped the door, and pulled it's owner out of the vat of

goo. The hand belonged to an awesome 7' female. Her body was perfect in

everyway, and her face was that of a goddess. She looked around at her new

surroundings in curious awe.

Belle turned pale and looked away from the woman in disgust. 'You told me it was

going to be male!' she yelled at Richards.

'Eh, change of plans Belle. I got to thinking, if we are going to create a new

race of perfect slaves to serve all of humanity, why not make them female?? Now

now, I'm not sexist or anything, but females are far less violent and far more

prone to obey than males!' the doctor explained happily.

'You don't get out much, do you Doc?' Belle stammered. 'Women can be every bit

as terrible as men, probably more so! You just wanted something to look at. You

have no clues of how dangerous this....THING could be!'

'This THING, as you so gently put it, is named Veronica, and she is totally

obedient. Yes, she is nice to gaze upon, but other than that, she has all the

qualities of a perfect slave! Great strength, supierior endurance, and speed are

at her command. True, she's a lot taller than I thought, but that is a minor

side effect, and will only aid her in doing her duties around the castle.'

As the doctor bragged, the creature, Veronica, continuously stared at him. All

her thoughts and desires turned to him. She licked her lips like a hungry beast,

and stepped towards the couple. Belle immediatly noticed, and grabbed the

doctor's arm, pulling him away as she stepped back herself.

'Huh? What did you do that for?' Richards asked.

'She's been staring at you...I think she likes you. Doctor, this can't be a

healthy thing. I thought the slaves weren't going to have any emotions.'

'Don't be silly! She isn't doing anything, I'm her creator, so perhaps she sees

me as a fatherly figure. She stepped towards us because she is awaiting her

orders! C'mon, I'll show you that she is harmless, as well as what she can do!'

the doctor said, smiling brightly, unaware of the lust in his creation's eyes.

'Veronica! I command that you follow us upstairs and outside! You are going to

demonstrate to us, your full strength and power!' Richards said, pointing at the

beautiful creature. She smiled fondly and nodded her head in understanding.

Outside, Richards, Belle and Veronica stood by Belle's car. 'Belle, it would

seem that your car is not in designated parking! Veronica, show us how strong

you are and move Miss Minerva's car.' he ordered. Veronica smiled, as though

confused and approached the doctor instead. She sized him up with her eyes, then

purred approvingly, and rubbed her large, firm body against him. 'W...what are

you doing? I said move the car!' Richards stammered, a bit intimidated by this

large female. Veronica looked at him lovingly, and instead, ran her long fingers

through his dark brown hair. 'Damn it! I said move that car! Move it, or else!'

He shouted, swatting her hand off his head and pushing her towards Belle's car.

Belle sighed and approached.

'Let me try, maybe you didn't 'program' her correctly.' the moment she came

within three feet of the couple, Veronica growled in warning. Belle pulled back,

in surprise. Veronica glared at her, and pulled Richards behind her, as if she

were a bear protecting her cub.

'I don't understand. I didn't do anything to her.'

'Well...get this big bitch away from me! There IS something wrong, she wasn't

supposed to behave like this. Hit her with the sedetive and we'll start all


'That's going to be damn hard to do, Eistien! She won't let be get near either

of you! I told you she had a funny look in her eyes!'

Veronica had heard enough. She growled once more, and motioned for Belle to

leave. When Belle stared blankly, the beautiful creature took manners into her

own hands. She stepped towards Belle and stood as straight and tall as she

could, trying to intimidate the young assistant. Belle backed off, but not

enough for the creature's taste. Suddenly, Veronica began to grow! Up, up, up,

until she was well over 70 feet tall! Belle screamed out, as the giantess raised

her massive foot, and hovered it over her. Belle's legs gave out from the shock

and she collapsed to the ground. Veronica's foot over shadowed her as though she

were an insignifigant bug. Slowly it lowered, closer and closer to the

frightened girl. Acting quickly, Dr. Richards leaped from behind Veroinca and

tackled Belle out of harms way...just as the titanic foot slammed onto the

ground! Richards looked up at the giantess's face. He now realized what he was

up against. The giantess wore a look of concern, yet satisfaction. Her huge blue

eyes never left the doctor and followed his every movement.

'Perhaps there are...GULP...some bugs to work out!'

Belle sat unhappily, trying to recover from her near death experience. She

looked up at Veronica, whom had captured Dr. Richards, and was now lovingly

pressing him against her face. The giantess gazed down at Belle and smiled

mischieviously, as if to say 'jealous yet?' Belle stood up and put her hands on

her hips. She was absolutly boiling with anger and tremendous jealousy over what

was happening.

Dr. Richards struggled and squirmed in the 70 foot giantess's hands, but to know

avail. He looked up at the beautiful goddess, who returned his gaze. 'Alright

Veronica! You've proved your point! Now you put me down this instant, and all

will be forgiven!'

Veronica looked at the hapless doctor, who was trying to push her giant face

away, but she did not understand. Instead, she opened her mouth and ingulfed

Richards' arms, then began sucking gently. 'No, no, no!!!! Richard screamed,

trying to pull his arms out of the giantess's mouth. 'Belle! Do something, don't

just sit there! Get the sedetive, maybe I can keep her busy, and you can inject

it into her!'

Belle shrugged and got up 'O...Ok, I'll try.' she muttered, then raced off to

the castle, and ran down into the lab. She scanned the area, and saw the

sedetive needles resting on the table. Grabbing one and filling it, she rushed

back out side, to see Dr. Richards pounding on Veronica's lushous lips, only to

see her smile at the doctors helplessness. The giantess giggled and began to

cover her captive in kisses greedily. Belle slowly approached the two, holding

up her needle and searching for a good place to inject it on Veronica's huge

body. The second Belle got within three feet, Veronica quit kissing Richards,

and glared down at the tiny lab assistant. 'Doctor! This isn't going to work,

she's on to me! Keep her busy!!!' Belle yelled up. Dr. Richards shook his head

in understanding, and began waving and screaming at Veronica. The giantess

glanced at her captive for merely a second and smiled. However, her full

attention was on Belle. Belle trembled a bit, and held the needle like a puny

lance. 'This is going down as the stupidest thing I've ever done!' she shouted

out loud. Then she closed her eyes and charged the giantess.

Veronica smiled, amused. She raised her free hand, and swatted Belle like a

regular person would swat away a fly. Belle soared through the air and collided

with her car. Pain shot through her body as she struggled to rise up. Veronica

laughed out, and put her little treasure down. She stood up, revealing her

awesome height and slowly walked over to where the helpless Belle lay.

Belle struggled to her feet and backed off, as Veronica's titanic foot once

again overshadowed her. 'Not again!' Belle cried out, as the foot came closer

and closer. Richards rushed to where the two women were, but this time he wasn't

fast enough. Veronica's foot came crashing down. 'BELLE!!!!' he screamed out,

and doubled his pace. When he arrived, he gasped in horror. Belle had managed to

dive out of the way, but her leg did make it, and was crushed completly by

Veronica's huge toes. Richards struggled to pull Belle free, but it was far too

late. Veronica lifted her beautiful foot, and covered Belle with it. Belle

screamed and cried as Veronica increased pressure. Richards looked up, and saw

the giantess smiling evilly as she was torturing and killing her puny rival.

Dr. Richards kicked and pushed at the giantess's toes, to no avail. 'Please,

Veronica! Don't do this...if you are in love with me, don't kill my girlfriend!'

he begged. Veronica looked down, she looked at him sympathetically, but slowly

increased pressure further. She knew it was for the best.

Not knowing what else to do, Dr. Richards fell upon Veronica's toes and began

kissing and licking them. 'Let her go! Please let her go!' he whimpered.

Veronica gasped out, never having felt the sensation of having her toes kissed,

and she pulled her foot back, away from Richards and off of Belle. Wasting no

time, but surprised that the ploy worked, Richards picked up Belle's broken body

and rushed her to the castle. Veronica followed them with her eyes. She rubbed

her fingers between the spot where Dr. Richards had kissed and licked. She

smiled happily, and stood up.

Inside the castle, Richards carried the brutally beaten girl to the lab. He

quickly kicked open the door to the cloning device and placed Belle in the

chemicals. He grabbed a vile and gently squeezed some of her blood into it. He

then closed the door, and rushed to the machine in which he had poured the

chemicals to create Veronica. He immediatly gathered the exact chemicals that

were used to create the giantess, and poured all of them, along with Belle's

blood into the machine. 'This will ave Belle's life! It should regenerate her

leg and body. Then we'll be able to sneak out back and make it to the boat.

We'll get the hell of this damn island and away from that monster!' he thought,

as he turned on the machine. The machine came to life once more, as it did it's

work upon Belle. Richards turned on a moniter which was linked to a camera

outside. He wanted to see what the giantess was up to.

Veronica stood at the gates of the castle. The tallest tower only went up to her

chest. The goddess glared angrily at the castle, thinking it was a living thing

that had eaten her beloved toy. She stood defiantly at the castle, and began

growing even more! She became a full 300 foot giant goddess! She balled her hand

into a fist and smashed it against the castle, roaring furiously. The entire

castle shook, and Richards was knocked out of his chair. He got to his feet, and

struggled towards the cloning device as Veronica smashed the castle twice more.

The machine finished it's work, and the door slowly opened. To his terror, a 7

foot Belle crawled out of the machine. Every flaw of her body, including the

crushed leg and broken bones was gone. She was much more shaply and just a

beautiful as Veronica. Richards didn't know what else to do, but he knew they

had to get out. He grabbed the confused Belle and pulled her out the back

entrance, just as Veronica's gigantic fist smashed the castle and lab totally.

The giantess spotted the fleeing couple and stood up to her intimidating full


She merely took one step, and the ground shook like a mighty earthquake had hit.

Dr. Richards and Belle were knocked to the ground. Richards looked up at the

smiling goddess. Her adoring eyes gazed at his tiny body. She took another step,

and place her huge foot very close to the doctor. She smiled and pointed at her

toes. Doctor Richards couldn't believe it...she liked having her feet kissed and

was demanding that he do it again! Cautiously he got to his feet and backed away

from the foot. He looked to Belle...but she wasn't there anymore! Instead, the

earth shook, and a huge 300 foot Belle met the evil Veronica eye to eye. As the

giantesses stared each other down, Richards yelled out with glee 'YES!! Get her

Belle! You can do it babe!'

The two goddesses suddenly smiled at each other and embraced as though they were

long lost sisters. Richards didn't understand it...perhaps Belle was distracting

Veronica so he could get away. He turned and fled to the docks, where one boat

awaited for him. As he was closing in, a huge foot came crashing down and

utterly destroyed the small vessal. Richards looked was Belle! The

giantess gazed down lovingly at the doctor, and was soon joined by Veronica, who

rested her head on Belle's shoulder. 'Noooooo!!!' Richards cried out, and he

turned to get away. No sooner had he done so, when he was met by Veronica, who

had leaped over him, and was now eyeing him like a panther ready to pounce. As

Richards backed away, he collided with something large and soft. Belle's toes!

The giantess looked down at him, and smiled, pointing to her toes as Veronica

had done before.

He carefully kissed the biggest toe around the nail, then backed off, hoping he

would be allowed to leave. Instead he was met by Veronica's toes. The giantess

smiled and pointed. The women forced the doctor to kiss thier huge feet for

several hours, until they grew bored with the game. They then knelt down and

began to undress thier captive. Tears flowed down Richards' face, as thier huge

fingers undressed and offended him. Next time would use men, they weren't as

mean as women. He chuckled to himself...there wouldn't be a next time. His life

as he knew it was least he had accomplished his main goal...he

created the perfect slave!



Giantess Stories: Untilted story

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