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Untitled Story

By The Wordmaster AUTHOR'S NOTE:

This story comes with two endings, the original, and a happier one that I threw

in because I know some people like everything to turn out OK in the end. I've

included both. Enjoy!

"So, what do we do with him now?" Bridget's once tender voice now boomed like

thunder, causing Tom to cover his tiny ears.

Lauren and Adrienne laughed at the freshman's naivete. "First time, huh?"

Giggled Lauren, a senior. She remembered her first shrinking. She had never been

the popular girl. Standing at barely five feet tall, her entire frame jiggled

and bounced with excess fat. She was pretty, but her extra pounds prevented her

from attracting many admirers.

"Don't worry, Bridget," said Adrienne, a tall, lanky girl. She suffered from a

problem similar to Lauren's; she was far from what most people considered very

beautiful. Her chest was exceptional, a D cup, two twin peaks of perfection that

jutted forth. But beyond that, she was nothing special. "You'll catch on fast."

The two upperclassmen had met their freshman year, and had stumbled upon their

secret pastime during chemistry class. Using the formula they concocted, the men

of Rolling Meadows High School were at their mercy, reduced in stature and

punished by these spiteful girls. Someone made fun of Lauren's weight? Shrink 'em.

A boy turned down Adrienne's offer for a date? Shrink 'em. A teacher gave either

one of them a grade they disagreed with? Shrink 'em. It was the perfect means of

humiliation and revenge. And when the girls found out that Bridget, a freshman,

had been rejected by her long-time crush, they decided to... initiate her.

And so, in a matter of seconds, Tom had gone from looking down on a silly little

girl to looking up at a towering goddess. Bridget's platform sandal-clad foot

soared above his head, leading into her mighty legs, which met beneath her

skirt. Unbelievably high up, her face peered down over her once perky, now

gigantic breasts. She brushed back a tuft of blonde hair as her eyes bored into

his tiny, three-inch frame.

Tom swallowed drily and shouted tremulously: "Wh... what are you going to do to


"What Bridget's going to do is up to her." Tom whirled to see Lauren behind him.

"Adrienne and I already have some plans." Her gigantic hand reached down and

plucked him from the floor. Clutching his wildly squirming body in her fist, she

lifted him to her chubby face. "We've had lots of practice."

A noise attracted his attention, and Tom looked fearfully at Adrienne. She was

pulling her shirt over her head. His eyes bulged as her breasts burst out from

under her cotton T-shirt. She was braless, her bare tits swinging pendulously.

She giggled, sending a fresh wave of ripples through her flesh. "Give him here!"

She ordered. Taking Tom in her hand, she placed him high on her left tit. He

shrieked as her hand released him and he began to fall. Hands scrambling for

purchase, he slipped and slid down her silky skin, finally finding a firm grip

on her protruding nipple. He grabbed hold, gasping for breath. He watched in

fear as Adrienne lifted her gigantic right breast to her mouth and wrapped her

full lips around her nipple. Suckling herself, she let out muffled moans of


Suddenly he was whisked off of Adrienne's breast and again clutched in Lauren's

hand. She was now completely naked, having shucked off her clothes while Tom was

in Adrienne's clutches. Without a word, she turned and bent at the waist,

raising her mountainous ass into the air. She brought Tom around her back,

rubbing him roughly along her buttocks. Dipping her hand suddenly, she shoved

Tom between her cheeks and squeezed. The air was crushed from his tiny lungs. He

squirmed and writhed, causing Lauren to squeal with delight.

Adrienne, having seen this spectacle numerous times, moved around Lauren's

backside and cupped her hands. Lauren straightened, ran her hands along her

breasts, and let out a long fart. Tom gagged at the foul stench, then gasped as

the pressure around him slackened. Lauren stopped clenching her ass cheeks and

let him tumble downwards. He fell, landing in a heap in Adrienne's palm. The two

gigantic girls began to laugh as they watched him curl up and weep.

"P.. please..." he whimpered. "I'm scared..." This show of emotion only made the

girls laugh harder. Their merriment was cut short as Tom was plucked from

Adrienne's grip by Bridget's mighty hand. Lauren and Adrienne looked expectantly

at the freshman, smug grins on their faces. They were quickly erased by her next


"How can you be so cruel?" Lauren and Adrienne looked at each other, than back

to Bridget.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Lauren. "This twerp dumped you!"

"So?" Bridget shot back. "It may have hurt a bit, but it doesn't justify this!

You two should be ashamed of yourselves!" She raised Tom to her face. "Don't

worry, Tom. You'll be safe with me." She turned and stalked out of the room,

cradling Tom carefully in her hands.

Lauren and Adrienne exchanged glances.

"Well? What do we do now?" Wondered Adrienne.

"What do we do?" responded Lauren. "What do we always do?" She smiled an evil

smile. "Teach her a lesson..."


Bridget hurried down the bustling high school hallway towards the girls'

bathroom. Peering left and right, she made sure she was alone. Well, almost

alone. She entered a stall, lifted her cupped hands to her face and whispered:

"How you holding up, little fella?"

Tom gave a shaky smile. "I'm OK, all things considered."

Bridget sighed in relief. "God, Tom, I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking. I was just

so upset that you... you didn't want to..." she began to sniffle. "And instead

of being mature and doing the right thing, I went to those two... and... and...

oh, Tom, I'm sorry!" Hot tears poured down her cheeks, splashing down around Tom

as she sobbed. A slight, tickling sensation in her palm caught her attention.

She stopped crying as she gazed at the tiny man she had rescued. He was

carressing her hand, gently stroking her skin.

"Hey, it's all right," he said softly, trying to soothe Bridget's guilty

conscience. "I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have been so mean. Thanks for sticking

up for me after Lauren and Adrienne..." he broke off, shuddering.

Still sniffling, Bridget tenderly stroked his tiny cheek with her fingertip.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that. But it's OK. You're in my hands now," she

gave a little giggle. "And they're a lot nicer than Lauren's and Adrienne's."

Her fingertip slowly moved further down, now caressing his bare chest, now his

stomach, now his...

Tom gasped and began to writhe in pleasure. Bridget, suddenly aware of what she

was doing, pulled her hand back. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she apologized.

Tom shook his head. "No, Bridget, please. Keep going."

"You sure?" she asked hesitantly.

Tom grinned up at her face, still wet from her tears. Her eyes were red, as were

her cheeks and nose. Her mascara was running in streaks down her face. He had

never seen a more beautiful sight. "Positive," he said.

Bridget slowly resumed tracing her finger up and down his frame. She stroked

him; he luxuriated in her gentle caress. She gently took his tiny cock between

thumb and forefinger and began pumping. Tom began to writhe anew. Bridget

increased the tempo, and soon, Tom was brought to orgasm. As he lay basking in

her hand, she worked to remove her top. Cradling him to her gigantic bosom, she

whispered: "Please, Tom. I need you."

He crawled from her palm into her cleavage and began ascending the gently

curving swell of her breast. Making his way along the silky smooth surface, he

reached the gigantic nipple. He lay his hands on it, and it hardened at his

touch. Leaning down, he began licking and kneading Bridget's teat. Soft moans

carried her warm breath downwards, covering him in humid, mint-scented fog.

Bridget cupped her hand under her breast and lifted it and her tiny lover to her

face, her full lips parting. Gently, softly, she kissed him, engulfing his face

in her warm, soft lips.

"Awww, isn't that precious? Look, Adrienne, the two lovebirds are having a

moment!" Lauren's fat frame stood in the doorway to the stall. Adrienne peered

over her shoulder. "Forgot to lock it, sweetie," she laughed.

"I don't understand you," Lauren began, shaking her head. "Here, we offer you

power, real power over these stupid men, and you throw it away. Unbelievable.

Well, I guess some folks never learn. Adrienne, give it to her."

Sidestepping, Lauren let Adrienne come forwards. Clutched in her hands was the

bottle of fluid the two evil seniors had created, a spray nozzle attatched to

the semingly harmless container. Smiling wickedly, Adrienne pointed the nozzle

at Bridget, who sat slack-jawed on the toilet. A quick squeeze of the nozzle and

a burst of potent mist jetted forth, striking Bridget, who hastily covered Tom

with her hand. Within seconds, she began to shrink. Her clothes billowed

outwards, now a size too big, now two, three, four. Adrienne's smirking face

loomed higher and higher above her. Tom grew within her arms. She hastily set

him next to her on the toilet (thankfully she had put the lid down), and in a

moment was looking him in the eye. Her clothes pooled around the two, who clung

fearfully to each other as Adrienne's hand descended towards them.

Without a sound, save for the laughter of the two titanic bitches, Tom and

Bridget were stuffed into Adrienne's backpack. Darkness enfolded them as the

zipper was closed. Muffled, but still thunderous, Adrienne's voice reached their

ears. "C'mon, Lauren. Time for a little after school fun."


The ride home was unsettling for the two three inch teens. It was rough, bumpy,

and dark. After what seemed like hours, the bag was opened and laid on its side.

Squinting against the bright light, Tom and Bridget stumbled out. Shaking his

head to clear it, Tom stumbled into Bridget, who had stopped dead in her tracks.

"What's the matter, Bridget?" he asked. "Oh, shit!" breathed Tom, as he craned

his neck upwards.

Lauren and Adrienne stood naked, hands on their hips, glaring down at their two

tiny prisoners. They stood hundreds of feet tall, exalting in their power over

the two insects at their feet. For an instant, no one moved.

Adrienne broke the silence first. "Which one do you want, Lauren?" She moved her

foot forwards and nudged Tom with her big toe. He fell backwards with an

"oomph." Bridget rushed to his side and helped him to his feet.

Lauren watched the shrunken teens' actions with a grin. "Hmmm.... I'll take Tom,

I suppose." And, bending down, her gigantic breasts swinging freely, she did

just that. She plucked him from the ground in her mighty grip and moved towards

the bed.

"Well, that leaves you and me, Bridget," smirked Adrienne. Not even bothering to

bend down, she stretched her toes apart and grabbed Bridget with them.

Shrieking, Bridget was pinched around the middle by the vice-like grip of

Adrienne's hot, sweaty toes. Adrienne lifted her foot from the ground and

transferred her captive to her hand. She too moved towards the bed, lying down

beside her heavier friend.

"Where's yours?" she asked. Lauren's gasps of pleasure and deliriously contorted

face answered her question. She had already stuffed Tom into her cunt. Adrienne

snorted. "Never were one for foreplay, were you?" She turned her attention to

Bridget, who was squirming wildly in her grip. "I, on the other hand..."

She lay on her back and brought Bridget to her towering tit. Depositing her

between her massive breasts, she watched with glee as Bridget collapsed. "Get

up," she ordered. Bridget did not move. Adrienne placed her hands on her breasts

and squeezed them together. Bridget was soon swallowed by tons of titflesh. Her

struggling began anew, sending erotic tinglings through Adrienne. She pinched

her nipples and increased the pressure.

Lauren, meanwhile, was milking Tom for all he was worth. Trapped within her

pussy, he flailed wildly, whipping her into an orgasmic frenzy. Every time his

movements slowed, she tensed and worked her muscles, crushing him and inciting

him into movement again. She came, washing him out of her with a flood of

liquid. He lay, choking and sputtering, on her thigh. She looked down at him and

grinned. "Ready for another go?" He struggled to rise to his feet as her hand

approached, shoving him towards her cunt again. And again. And again.

Adrienne fished Bridget out of her cleavage after her struggles had ceased

completely. Regarding the girl lying in her palm, she peered intently at her

chest, fearing she had suffocated her. With a shuddering gasp, Bridget drew

breath, and her chest began to rise and fall again. Adrienne heaved a sigh of

relief. "I was afraid I'd lost you. Wouldn't want to have killed my toy so early

on." She dumped Bridget back onto her tit, beside her nipple. Bridget began to

slide downwards and scrambled weakly to grab on. Clutching the nipple in her

tiny hands, she triggered more moans from Adrienne, who began to finger herself.

"I've never had a girl before, Bridget," she panted. "What's it like, standing

on a set of knockers bigger that your entire body? Feeling a bit jealous?" She

leaned her head forwards and snaked her tongue out, swiping at Bridget's tiny

tits. Bridget screamed at the warm, slimy touch. "Get up and tit fuck my nipple,

you little slut!" shouted Adrienne. Bridget did, spreading her breasts as far

apart as she could and wrapping them around the enormous nipple. Adrienne felt

her climax approaching. She shoved Bridget forwards, grinding her tiny pussy

against her teat. "I want to cum with you humping me!" she growled. Bridget

gasped in pain as her legs were forced apart. Tears streamed down her face as

Adrienne shouted with pleasure.

Lauren continued her pussy play, shoving Tom in, flushing him out, shoving Tom

in, flushing him out. Her screams mingled with Adrienne's as they came again and


Halfway through the night, the girls switched toys.


Tom held Bridget close as she sobbed into his chest. Her wailing echoed

strangely off the cardboard walls of the shoebox Lauren and Adrienne had dumped

them in. The two giant girls had left to take a shower after their hours of

sexual play. He kissed her tenderly and began to sob himself.

"Why, Tom? Why?" asked Bridget.

"I don't know. But don't worry. Things'll turn out OK."

"Yeah, Bridget, things'll turn out OK," boomed Lauren's voice as she peered into

the shoebox. Tom and Bridget whirled in fear, staring up at the huge face that

loomed over them. "Ha! What a laugh. Things aren't gonna be OK, Bridget," she

reached into the box and pulled the two out. Dropping them to the floor, she

watched them bounce and roll painfully. She distinctly heard a snap as some bone

or another broke on impact. She smiled and rose her foot over the two.

Bridget and Tom watched in horror as the sole of her sandal descended towards

them. Tom took Bridget in his arms.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you," she whispered back.

They kissed deeply and passionately as Lauren's foot fell. A flash of pain, a

sickening crunch, and it was all over.



Alternate, happy ending

Tom held Bridget close as she sobbed into his chest. Her wailing echoed

strangely off the cardboard walls of the shoebox Lauren and Adrienne had dumped

them in. The two giant girls had left to take a shower after their hours of

sexual play. He kissed her tenderly and began to sob himself.

"Why, Tom? Why?" asked Bridget.

"I don't know. But don't worry. Things'll turn out OK."

"Yeah, Bridget, things'll turn out OK," boomed Lauren's voice as she peered into

the shoebox. Tom and Bridget whirled in fear, staring up at the huge face that

loomed over them. "Ha! What a laugh. Things aren't gonna be OK, Bridget. You two

are now officially my property. Adrienne said she didn't want to take care of

you. Now, if you'll excuse me, Adrienne and I are going out. See you around

eleven-ish." With a diabolical laugh, she left.

Tom turned to Bridget. "Now's our chance!" he said excitedly. They ran to the

wall of their makeshift cell. Tom boosted Bridget over the edge and she in turn

pulled him up. They were free of the box. Lauren's clock read 8:00, giving them

about three hours to find a means of escape. The two began their search of the

room, climbing over mounds of dirty laundry towards the door. Tom was well on

his way when he heard Bridget shout.

"Tom! Over here!" She was waving from the overturned backpack that had brought

the two of them in. Tom hurried over to see what she had found. Inside the bag

was the container of shrinking fluid, and another vial labeled "ANTIDOTE." A cry

of joy burst from Tom's throat. He and Bridget fought to open the container and

splashed the serum over themselves. Within seconds, they were restored to their

original heights. The two embraced and waited for the clock to strike eleven...


"That was one helluva party!" slurred Lauren as she and Adrienne stumbled up the

stairs to her room. "Let's go finish the night off with a little fun!"

She flung open the door and was greeted with a spray of cold liquid in the face.

"What the hell?" Adrienne followed, and received the same blast. "Wh... what's

going on?" she whimpered as the room expanded around her.

Lauren and Adrienne now stood three inches tall, looking wide-eyed at their

surroundings. A thunderous voice brought their attention forwards.

"Next time you ladies try to hold someone, keep in mind the shoebox isn't very

effective," smirked a now-gigantic Tom. The two girls whirled around to run, but

were blocked by Bridget's huge foot. Clutching each other and howling, the girls

awaited their fate.

"What do you think we should do with 'em, Bridget?" queried Tom.

"What should we do?" responded Bridget with a little giggle, reaching down to

pick up the two shrunken girls. "Teach 'em a lesson..."


Giantess Stories: Untitled Story By The Wordmaster   AUTHOR

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