Giantess Stories: Vacation Time by The Wordmaster Based on mostly

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Vacation Time

by The Wordmaster

Based on mostly-true events

"Cresco, Iowa was a small town. Very few people lived there, even fewer came to

visit. Perhaps that is why no one noticed when it was wiped off the face of the


I squinted at the words, scrawled crookedly across a yellowed piece of notebook

paper. With a sigh, I crumpled the page into a ball and tossed it into the

rapidly filling wastebasket across the room.

"C'mon, think. Think! You came on this vacation for ideas, right? Where are

they?" I bemoaned my writer's block. City life had proven too stressful, and so

I packed my bags and loaded up my minivan (an emerald green Plymouth Voyager. I

don't earn enough to drive in style) and drove out to Iowa.

Iowa. The land that time, and I was beginning to believe entertainment, forgot.

I thought leaving the high paced city life and spending some time in the sleepy

little town of Cresco would soothe my nerves and allow for some good, solid

writing time. Instead I was going out of my mind with boredom. There was no

inspiration here. There were farms. There were cows. There was --

"Whatcha doin'?"

her. Katie. The just-turned-fourteen, ever-present, ever-energetic pain in the

ass. She lived just a few blocks from where I was staying, and had rapidly

developed a major crush on me. Not that I blame her. Chicks dig older,

sophisticated men, and compared to the local population, I was Hugh Hefner. And

despite her bratty demeanor, she was developing into one hell of a beautiful

woman. My eyes performed their customary trace of her figure: shoulder-length

red hair, soft brown eyes, that charmingly crooked smile, her budding teenage

breasts, a flat smooth tummy, flaring hips, skin tight jeans-clad legs that were

beginning to develop and flesh out, and finally her pretty pink barefeet.

Annoying as she could be, Katie was a welcome diversion.

I hastily put on a scowl and, in my best "don't you have anywhere else to go,

because you sure aren't welcome here" voice, I snapped: "I'm writing. What does

it look like?"

In that lilting, girlish tone, she asked, "Whatcha writin'?"

"A story."

She rolled her eyes. "Duh! About what?"

Nervously, I coughed and looked downwards. "Nothing," I mumbled.

"Nothing? You're writing a story about nothing?"

"No, I'm writing... look, you wouldn't understand."

"Oh, I'm sure. Lemme see it."

I covered my paper and waved her away. "I'm busy. Now get out of here!"

"Aw, c'mon! Please?"


"Fine!" She pouted and stalked towards the door. Or so I thought. Swerving

suddenly, she bolted for my overflowing wastebasket.

"Katie!" I bellowed. Too late. She had plucked one of hundreds of my paper balls

from the basket, unfolded it, and began to read.

"'...he craned his neck upwards. Following the long, tan towers of her legs, his

eyes were drawn to her crotch where they met. Her pussy glistened wetly, warmly.

Her smiling face peered down over the massive swell of her breasts at the tiny

man who stood at her feet. Her smile grew wider as she inserted one long,

delicately tapering finger into the hot depths of her cunt. With little gasps

and moans, she began to masturbate.' That's so dirty!" she snickered.

Overturning the wastebasket, she began sifting through the discarded pages.

"Little man, little man, big woman, little man... wow! This stuff's really hot!"

She began to giggle.

I rose from my seat and stormed across the room. "Katie..." I began angrily.

"This stuff actually turns you on?" She interrupted. My tirade fell short as she

burst into wild laughter. I gripped her shoulders and gave her a shake. "Katie!"

Her laughter continued, long, loud, piercing. I stood, looking down on this

teenage girl who was destroying everything I loved with her shrill, mocking

laughter and was overwhelmed. I leaned down and kissed her. Right on her wide

open, smiling lips, I kissed her. It was a damn fool thing to do, but it shut

her up.

She broke away first. Red faced and panting, she averted her eyes. I saw her

lips tremble and her eyes brim with moisture. A single tear spilled from the

corner of her eye and traced its path down her hot, rosy cheek. Without a word,

she whirled and ran out of the room.


I didn't see her for a few days. I can't say for sure if I was relieved or

disappointed. Strangely enough, I was starting to feel something for this girl.

She was a prissy little brat, but she grew on you. Little did I know how true

those words were.

I loaded up my minivan and took to the open road. It was a long drive from

Cresco to Chicago, about five hours. Longer if you obeyed the speed limit. I was

stopped in about fifteen minutes.

"Jesus Christ!" I bellowed, as a huge pink wall slammed down from the sky

directly onto the road in front of me. My car screeched to a halt as I slammed

on the brakes. People do strange things under pressure. I, for one, talk to

myself. "It's a foot. A foot is blocking the road. A big foot. A really big

foot. Why the hell is there a foot in the road, and why the hell does it look

familiar?" A voice, thundering like... well, thunder answered my question.

"He cranes his neck upwards. Following the long, tan towers of my legs, his eyes

are drawn to my crotch where they meet. My pussy glistens wetly, warmly..."

I knew those words. Hell, I wrote those words. But the only other person who

could know them was...

"Katie?" I breathed incredulously, stepping out of the car. I stared up, up, up

at her face, grinning down at me. She was naked. She was over a hundred feet

tall. She stood, legs spread wide, hands on her hips, one foot planted on the

road, the other in a cornfield. My knees began trembling.

"My smiling face peers down over the massive swell of my breasts at the tiny man

who stands at my feet."

My legs would no longer support my weight. I sank slowly to the ground, sitting

down in the middle of the road. Katie continued talking.

"My smile grows wider as I insert one long, delicately tapering finger into the

hot depths of my..."

Right about there is where I fainted.


I awoke between her breasts. Young as she was, they were small and not fully

developed. I was lying nude in a heap on her chest, my head near the hollow of

her throat. I could see her face. So beautiful, in a gigantic, billboard sized

sort of way. I shakily clambered to my feet, pressing my hands against the wall

of her left breast to better rise. Her skin was soft and smooth and very warm.

Her erect nipple stood just barely over my head. I was face to face with her

areola, its deep brown skin filling my vision. Hesitantly, I reached up and

lightly stroked her nipple. She giggled at my touch and whispered: "That


"Katie..." My voice was an almost inaudible whisper. I swallowed hard and began

again. "Wh- why are you so big?"

"Shhh..." she shushed me, her gigantic fingertip reaching for me, gently

stroking my back. "Just enjoy it while you can," she breathed.

"Enjoy it? But... but... you're.... and I'm.... we can't...." I sputtered,

rambling incoherently.

That gigantic fingertip returned, pressing lightly against my lips, covering

most of my face. I gazed up at her face. Our eyes locked. "Start here, and work

your way down," she said in a tone that left no room for argument. I nodded as

best I could and she removed her finger.

To get a better grasp of my situation, I repeated my customary sweep of her

body. Her mane of hair tumbled wildly about her shoulders, framing her soft,

gentle face. Her brown eyes danced mischeiviously, watching my every move. I

looked down a bit at her yard-wide lips. To think I had kissed those same lips

so recently! They curled up into a silly, little girl grin as she continued to

watch my exploration. I turned to the twin towers of her tits. Again, my hand

was drawn to touch them. Though she was gigantic, everything about this girl

exuded a sweet, country charm. Her silky smooth skin smelled slightly of bubble

bath. I rubbed and carressed her nipple, delighting in feeling it stiffen at my

touch. Her moans of pleasure turned into a groan of disappointment as I walked

away from her chest and made my way down her belly. The tan field I walked on

rose and fell gently with her breath, powerful muscles working beneath my feet.

The ground sloped upwards suddenly as Katie propped herself up onto her elbows

to better watch my actions. I slipped and slid downwards past her cavernous

belly button and towards her fiery red bush. Thick, wiry, curling pubic hair

surrounded me, wrapping around my arms and legs. The scent of her womanhood was

overpowering. I lifted my head and looked down at her huge vagina. Its lips

parted slightly, glistening with moisture. Gasps of pleasure drew my attention

back up to her face. She had her eyes closed and was pinching her nipples. I

didn't need much more invitation than that. I worked and struggled myself out of

her lush jungle of hair and fairly sprinted towards her cunt.

I lay down on her crotch and buried my face in her warm slit. Its juices welled

up about my head, covering my face in her fragrant cream. I probed my hands in

before me, spreading her inner lips as best I could. Katie's voice gained volume

as I pleasured her with my entire body sinking deeper within hers. I worked my

tongue, licking her inner walls and searching for her clit. When I found it, she

erupted into a wild yell of intense orgasmic pleasure that echoed for miles. As

I attempted to rise away from her pussy's grasping muscles, her fingers slammed

into my back, forcing me deeper inside. The air inside was stale and tainted

with her stifling, beautiful, erotic scent. I rubbed my body all over her slick

walls, burying myself in her beautiful warmth. As her muscles worked,

contracting and releasing, squeezing me in their powerful grip, I came like

never before. Katie came as well. As we lay basking in our respective

afterglows, she gently reached inside and fished me out. Lifting me to her face,

she began to lick her juices off of my body. Her probing tongue stimulated

another raging hard-on. Katie looked at me with a sleepy glint in her eye.

"Maybe later," she breathed. "Right now, I'm kinda..." she trailed off into a

gaping yawn. Placing me on her chest, she sank into a deep slumber. I curled up

with her tit, wrapping my arms around her nipple and nuzzling it gently. Soon, I

too was asleep.


I awoke the next day still on her chest. She was breathing deeply, her eyes

still closed in sleep. I kissed her nipple and slid off her breast. As I began

walking towards her face, she stirred, eyelids fluttering. Yawning cavernously,

she stretched and groggily her eyes focused on me. A smile spread across her

face. "Morning, little guy," she murmered.

"Morning, beautiful," I replied, and boy did I mean it.

Her eyes dropped away from mine for a moment, as if she were deep in thought.

Glancing back up at me, she asked: "Why did you kiss me?"

I was caught off guard by her question. "I... I'm not sure," I shrugged. "It

just happened."

"Do you think it could happen again?" she asked hopefully.

I grinned wryly, and leaned forwards. Wordlessly, I planted my face in her lush,

full lips. It was the sweetest kiss I had ever experienced.

She broke off first again. Clearing her throat, she sighed deeply. "We can't do


"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I'm fourteen. We can't do this," she repeated.

"Why not?" I demanded, leaning forwards for another kiss. "What's wrong with


Her eyes brimmed with tears. "I don't know!" She began to sniffle.

I looked her straight in the eye. "Katie, I love you. I love you more than any

girl I've ever met. I know you love me, too. Let's just try, Ok?"

She grinned, her eyes still wet. "Ok!" she choked out, tears spilling down her

cheeks. I reached high up and did my best to wipe them away. "Y'know," she

grinned, "There's still a few hours before this wears off..."

I laughed out loud. "Let's not waste a single minute!"


Giantess Stories: Vacation Time by The Wordmaster Based on mostly

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