Giantess Stories: Vengeful Secretary by FK      Working for a company called International Publications

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Vengeful Secretary

by FK

Working for a company called International Publications, Ms. Erica Fox was a

secretary employed for a few years. Being a sole proprietership, the business

was owned and controled by a single individual named Aurthur Klein. Having a lot

of weath, he was a millionare, for his enterprise was quite sucessful,

publishing works by different people living all over the world.

However, despite his monetary success, Mr. Klein was a very strict employer,

having a demanding policy upon the people working for him. More to the point, he

was very mean and obnoxious with Erica, his secretary, always yelling at her,

and complaining about everything she did.

Further, being a sexual harasser, all the women working under him couldn't stand

the man. A few times, female employees tried to sue him, but things never got

off the ground.

Constantly harassed by him every minute of the working day, Erica was his

greatest victim. For example, one morning, she was making copies at the xerox

machine when Mr. Klein came over. Standing behind her, he stared at her sexy

figure for a few moments. When she bent over removing the new copies from the

tray, Arthur grabbed her ass, saying, “ You feel quite firm today.”

Verbaly snapping back at him in anger, she said, “One day I'll really get firm

with you; you're time'll come!”

Merely laughing, Mr. Klein said jokingly, “If you try to sue me, I'll ruin you


Her reply was straightforward, “I don't need the law to get even with you, you

slime!” After yelling at him, Erica moved away from the copy machine, going back

to her desk. Still smiling, Mr. Klein went into his office, closing the door

behind him.

As the workday continued, Arthur would buzz Erica, giving her all kinds of

demands and orders coupled with semisexual implications.

At the end of the day, Erica left the office and drove home. While driving, her

mind thought of all the abuse she took day after day. Moving along, she

remembered something she read a few years back in an advanced biochemistry book.

Having biochemistry as a hobby, she possed a small but advanced lab in her home,

using it to perform experiments now an then. Being a self taught amateur

scientist, the woman never found employemnt in this interesting field.

Arriving home, she speculated further. Upon entering the house, she recalled to

the best of her abilities a way to reduce the size of any single cell organism.

Thinking further, she wondered if one could also reduce a multicellular

organism. Entering the small laboratory, she began experimentation, working away

every evening after work for many weeks. Within a few months time, Erica found

the solution, testing the results on a cat. After injecting the animal with a

liquid substance, the creature began shrinking, getting smaller and smaller

before reaching its final state, a mere fraction of an inch high. Being elated,

she jumped for joy at the realization of her new found power.

Reflecting further upon her discovery, she wondered if there was another way to

addminister the shrinking substance. Going to a pet store, she bought another

cat, took it home, and tried another process on the animal. Placing a bowl of

milk before the creature, she next poured in some of the strange liquid. After

consuming the milk, the feline began shrinking as the other cat beforehand.

Naturally, she was quite happy with her find.

Having no antidote, she realized that once it's administered, there's nothing

that can reverse the effect. Once shrunk, forever shrunk!

Getting out of bed the next morning, Ms. Fox prepared herself for work and left,

taking a small test tube of the substance with her. With the tube in her purse,

she arrived at work only to find her boss waiting for her with more oders and

rude remarks. After having his say, he went into his office, closing the door

after him. Erica, on the other hand, began preparing his morning coffee, for she

knew he'd buzz her and ask for it. However, with the coffee prepared, she

reached into her purse, removed the test tube, openned it, and poured the liquid

into the Mr. Klein's moring brew. A few moments later, he buzzed her in request

for the beverage. Openning his office door, she walked over and placed the cup

upon his desk. Leaving his office, she closed the door behind her. Being in an

anxious state, the moments seemed to take forever. Excited now beyond anything

she ever felt before in her life, she forced herself to wait out a few minutes.

With the passage of five such minutes, Erica returned to the office door and

openned it. What she saw was quite interesting. In the center of Arthur's office

floor, she saw a pile of clothes, his clothes! The woman went over to the pile

and slowly raised up the attire together with his shoes. Beneath the pile stood

tiny naked and little three inch high Arthur. After throwing the clothes toward

a corner of the room, she gazed down at him with one hand resting upon her hip.

Giving him a sadistic smile, the woman said, “ Now little man, I'm the boss;

you're nothing; you're my little pet and I own you; yes indeed, I'll be quite

firm today!”

Beginning to plead with her in a tiny voice causing the lady to squat, he said,

“Please bring me back to normal, please, I'll do whatever you say!”

Grinning away, the sexy female said, “So, you'll do whatever I say; in that

case, I want you to give me everything you own; I want this whole company; I

want all your money; I want your house, your car, and whatever else is yours.”

Agreeing with her terms, he nevertheless had no idea that she couldn't bring him

back to normal even if she wanted to. Erica then proceeded to say, “I'm going to

type up a form which explicitly states that you're gonna right over everything

to me.” Seeing him nod in agreement, Ms. Fox walked over to her typewritter and

produced the document. With the form completed, she took a pen and returned to

Arthur, saying, “Here, take this and sign.” Struggling with the pen, he finally

managed to put his signature upon the paper. Taking hold of the form, she began

laughing, “You pathetic little fool; I've got no intention of bringing you back

to normal, even if I wanted, I couldn't, there's no antidote.” Arthur was now in

a state of terror. Being reduced to nothing, all he ever had was lost forever.

Looking down at him again, Ms Fox said wickedly, “Now you work for me; I own

this place.” Removing one of her beautiful highheeled shoes, she said, “Start

kissing and smelling my feet; I need to be worshiped for the superior being that

I am.” Defeated, Arthur began kissing and smelling for a good ten minutes. Next,

after removing her stockings from beneath her skirt suit, she threw them to the

floor, went over to her purse, and pulled out a small bottle of nail polish.

Walking back to the tiny pathetic man, she placed the polish before him and

ordered, “Paint my toe nails.” Complying, he continued to stroke away until her

nails looked perfect. When he was done, she said, “I've got more interesting

things for you to do.” Looking down at him with a wicked smile, she began

undressing herself. After becoming completely naked, she went back into her

shoes. She next proceeded to say, “Kiss my shoes, you ant!” For a great length

of time, Arthur kissed and kissed. During his ritual, she would torment him

further by placing her other foot directly over him, pretending to kill the man.

Doing this repeatedly, she scared him silly!

Tired of the shoe kissing, she squatted down, placing her beautiful ass directly

over him, and ordering, “Kiss my ass!” Having no choice, he complied, kissing

her curvacious ass for a good thirty minutes. All the while, Erica gazed down at

him with complete satisfaction in her eyes.

The thirty minutes up, Erica raised herself and walked back to her own clothes.

Removing her shoes, she began dressing herself. After placing all her clothes

back on, she slipped back into the sexy pumps. Next, taking Arthur's clothes,

she roled them up as tight as possible, shoving them into one of the office desk

drawers, concealing their presence.

While she stood before the desk, the phone rang. Picking up the receiver, she

said, “Hello.” A woman's voice on the other end ask for Mr. Klein. In response,

Erica said, “There've been some changes in this establishment; Mr. Klein no

longer owns this place, I do, I'm the boss here now.”

The female voice ask, “Will this affect any of the contracts and policies of the


With full confidence, Erica spoke as the new owner, “No, everything will be the

same as always.”

Happy to hear this, the voice ask, “Is it ok if I come over and talk about an

essay I want published?”

“Yea, that's fine, come on over.”

Saying “thanks” the lady hung up.

About forty minutes later, the other lady arrived and entered Erica's “new”

office. Arthur, on the other hand, ran under the desk in fear, trying to conceal

himself. Looking at the woman, Erica said, “ Here, have a seat.” After the lady

sat in a chair before the desk, Erica placed her beautiful ass atop her new seat

of authority, and began the conversation. Standing under the desk was little

Arthur, looking straight at the attractive feet of the two women. To him, the

ladies appeared as vastly superior beings, having the power to destroy him.

As fate would have it, the lady's name was Dominique and her esay was about the

psychology of the fetish mind. Being a psychologist in the special field of

female domination, Dominique wrote many books upon the subject of sexual

cybernetics. Being quite interesting, her works probe into the workings of not

only the female mind, but also the male mind enjoying the domination of woman.

After conversing for a while, the two females agreed to the publication of

Dominique's work. With everything set, Erica and Dominique got up and went to

the door. Gazing about the room, Dominque simply ask, “How did you end up with

this company?”

Smiling, Erica said, “Oh, Mr. Klein made some bad investments and lost his net

worth; I had some sound stock which I sold and used the money to buy this


Slowly nodding her head, Dominique remarked, “Well, it's all a sign of the

times; women are gaining control of more and more positions of power; I guess

the role of men is shrinking.”

Laughing, Erica responded, “Yea, I guess you could say that!” Pulling the door

open for her client, Erica watched as Dominique stepped out and left.

With Dominique gone, Erica yelled out, “Did you hear that, you little bug, man's

role is shrinking, I'm sure you've got first hand experience with that, ha, ha,


“Where are you?”, the woman ask as she began looking around the office for

Arthur. Bending down, she began searching all over the place, finally looking

under the desk and seeing him. “Come here so I can get you.”, she yelled. Being

afraid of her larger stature, he ran away, going out from under the desk and

into the center of the room. However, his pathetic attempt at escape was in

vain, for Erica jumped up and ran over to him, quickly bending down and grabbing

the man. Upon picking him up, she raised herself and stood upright. Holding

Arthur, she said, “Look at you, you're the smallest thing I've ever seen; with

one simple squeeze, I can end your life!” Speaking further, the darkhaired woman

exclaimed, “Yes, you're mine, I can do with you as I want!” As her words sank

deeper and deeper into the darkest recesses of her female brain, she became wet

at the crotch, feeling her cunt throb away. Starting to vibrate, her vaginal

cavity pulsated at the thought of little Arthur's victimization.

With the little man still in her hand, she began undressing herself, removing

everything, and finally going back into her black highheeled shoes. Proceeding

to have some fun with her little pet, Erica lowered him down to her pussy,

shoving him right up her harry box! Enjoying the sensation of his tiny frame

sliding against her clit, she felt the true glory of her gender. Being a woman

became nothing but an erotic power trip for the dominant lady, penetrating every

corner of her soul. As she continued to play, Erica reached several orgasms,

having one burst after another!

Pushing little Arthur in and out of her slit hightened her lust for revenge.

When she was completely gratified, Erica pulled the insignificant little male

out of her cunt and held him by one of his arms, dangling the man before her

seductive face. Staring into his tiny eyes with an evil look, she ask , “Hmm,

what should I do with you now?” Thinking, she finally said, “Yea, I'll flush you

down the toilet!”

Frightened, Arthur begged, “Please, please, I'll do what ever you want!”

“You've got nothing more to give me.”, she answered. Upon walking into the

office lavatory, she let Arthur fall into the bowl. Turning around, the sexy

woman sat her spectacular ass atop the fixture, letting her piss trickle down

and strike Arthur! Humiliation ran through his entire being. When finished, she

said with sarcastic humur, “This is the end little man!”

Screaming upward from under her butt, he pleaded, “No, no, don't!”

Showing no mercy, she hit the lever, causing Arthur to swirl down to his death.

Getting up off the bowl, Erica returned to her clothes and got dressed. Pleased

with herself, she sat her ass down, crossing her feet on top of the desk.

Leaning back in the seat, the wicked vixen smiled and said to herself, “I sure

cut him down to size!”

The End

Giantess Stories: Vengeful Secretary by FK      Working for a company called International Publications

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