Giantess Stories: Vengence

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Vengence: Marissa's Return


Jason Reed


Spring, 2004. Its been sometime since the authorites have tried to find out what

has happened to the Garcia family. Detective Jack Slade was handling the case.

What he knew was that there where two girls adopted by a Nelson Garcia.

Marissa's name was never mentioned at all. In stupid of Nelson. There

was in fact one element that set the whole investigation off track. Marissa had

grown even more powerful. Off track indeed. She mysteriously changed all records

of her real name...Madeline Romero. If only authorities knew the tale. The two

girls, Angie and Cynthia are dead of course. Well, added to Marissa's mayhem, so

is Jason and Nelson. They were both worn out by Marissa. She has been going to

clubs every weekend just waiting for the opprotunity to start her rampage again.

Marissa somehow ended up owning a one of the night clubs. That was after she

shranked the owner. She kept him prisoner in a shoe box for a short while. She

fed him nothing but the toe jam she got from her gym socks. filthy.

The owners name was Kenny. She knew that Kenny would do anything to work again.

Kenny did not want anything but out of the shoe box and that he got from time to

time. Every time she let him out it was to do a chore. Marissa had his whole day

planned for him. As a matter of fact he had a five day work week. Sunday he

would have to wash the inside and outside of all of Marissa's shoes first with

his tongue and then with soap and water. She informed him that if he missed a

shoe he would be spending the night inside of it. Needless to say...Kenny was

rather clumsy and forgetful. He always forgot one. Its funny, just one shoe. The

last time he forgot a shoe, that same day, Marissa was in her back yard with

nothing but socks on and accidently stepped in dog shit. She came back to

discover that he forgot that one shoe. She did not bother to wash the sock.

Instead, she put Kenny inside the shoe he forgot and stuffed the shit stained

and sweat filled sock that she had on in the shoe with him. Kenny would often

forget a shoe because with the taste of Marissa foot sweat and smell of the odor

of the shoes she wore they would naturally make a man dizzy. Kenny could not

believe this but he actually saw a roach crawl into a pair of old sneakers and

never came out again.

With everyone dead and gone, Marissa has just become more relentless. For Kenny,

Monday was stocking joy day. This meant that he would recieve training to Page 2

withstand the foot odor from dirty stockings that Marissa would wear....of

course it was always too much for him and he would eventually pass out.

Tuesdays, Marissa made Kenny sniff all of her worn panties to find out which one

did not need washing at all. The pair that smelled the worse, Marissa would not

wash until the following week. Those pair would then be used from Tuesday until

the following Tuesday as home for Kenny. He could never lie about it either.

Marissa could always tell when he was lying. Wednesday was pantyhose day. When

Marissa would go to work Kenny would have to accompany Marissa in the toe

section of her pantyhose. He always seemed to pass out around lunch time and to

make things worse, she always worked overtime on Wednesdays and also wore

pantyhose every Wednesday. Thursday was the worst of them all. It was foot work

day. Kenny was tought to give pedicures, paint nails and just about anything

Marissa wanted for him to do to her feet. More than often though, since Kenny

did a good job on her nails, it was the dead skin on Marissa's feet. She gave

him nothing to scrub with at all. She had him eat the dead skin off her feet.

Then he would message her feet. Friday and Saturday was Kenny's only days off in

which he was forced to spend his weekend inside of a shoe box that Marissa

always loved to leave the most repulsive thing....a terd. She would then put the

shoe box containing her slave and her terd out on her porch.

One day, Detective Jack Slade arrived to Marissa's house. She was not there and

Jack left a note on the door to tell Marissa that he had stopped by. Jack did

not go to Marissa's house because of the investigation. He only went there

because he had a crush on her and Marissa knew nothing about it. What she did

know was that there was an investigation going on and by the Detective leaving

the card she felt that there may have been a posiblity that they were on to her.

Marissa could not stand cops and for his visit it made her very pissed off. She

was so mad that she shoe box that was on the porch recieved a striking stomp

from a size 7 womens dress flat which crushed everything inside of it. In

otherwards, Marissa mushed her terd and the nerd once known as Kenny. The terror

has began yet again. This time it would be out of control for sure. Who will

stop the vengence of Marissa Garcia....

To Be Continued


Giantess Stories: Vengence

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