Giantess Stories: Victim of your Neighbors trap By Rally Championbr  As you watch your neighbour go out to work you go into her bedroom via the tree

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Victim of your Neighbors trap


Rally Championbr

As you watch your neighbour go out to work you go into her bedroom via the tree

that is between the two houses. It has a big branch which reaches right to her

bedroom window. You are determined to find out what secrets she keeps in her

bedroom. The window is cracked open, you jiggle the catch and it opens. You drop

into her room and begin your hunt. You find her diary and begin reading through


It makes riveting reading and you can't put it down. You continue searching and

find a little book you open it and find all the addresses of her friends.

As you are reading the address book you hear a bleep above you. You look round

and see a video camera in the corner of the ceiling. You curse and try to reach

it but it is too high. Then you notice a green light to the left of the camera.

The light flashes and a bolt of light shoots out at immense speed and hits you

in the chest. It knocks you unconscious to the floor.

You are unaware that you are shrinking. Slowly you shrink to 2 inches tall.

While you are still unconscious a grabber liftes you off the floor and put you

down on a platform.

After a few minutes you find yourself on a small conveyor belt. You are strapped

down and can't move. The belt stops and the straps release themselves. You hear

a computerized voice from somewhere. "Greetings Mark, welcome to the Vault."

"The Vault. What's that?" you ask

"I can't divulge information. But what I can tell you if you want to escape you

must complete a series of tasks. First go to the console behind you."

You turn round to see a console materialise behind you.

"On the screen you will see a number of anagrams. You must unscramble them all

in 1m 30 seconds."

"What if I don't?" you ask

"You will find that out if you fail." said the computer

You walk over to the console. A anagram appears and a clock begins to count


You type the keyboard and try to guess the anagram. After a few seconds you have

worked it out and type the word that it should be.

After another 5 anagrams the screen goes blank.

"What now?" you ask

"Well done you have completed the first task." said the computer "Now walk

through the door on your right, once through the door press the green button on

your left."

You walk towards a metal door as you get near it the door slides open and you

walk through. A green buton is on the wall to your left. You press the green

button and the floor begins to shake violently.

"What am I supposed to do now?" you shout

The computer voice speaks "Unless you want to be shaken to pieces then I would

run. The floor will incease shaking until you can't move."

You begin to run across the room and finally reach a small platform.

"Now what do I do?" you ask

"Make your way across the boards. If you step on a red board it will collapse

and you will die. So only step on the yellow, blue or green boards."

You begin to walk along a green board. A red board appears before you but you

don't step on it. A yellow board lights up beyond a red board. You jump for the

yellow board and reach it. You can see in the distance a black platform and know

you are nearly there.

When you reach the platform the computer voice comes again.

"Well done you have completed that task. Now you have a choice. You can go down

the corridor to your right or your left. Which way is your choice."

You head off down the right corridor. A huge metal spike shoots out of the floor

nearly piercing the floor infront of you.

A girls voice can be heard from above you.

"Well this will teach you for spying on the secrets in my room." the voice said

You recognise the voice as Mila's. You freeze in terror. She is a giant compared

to you. Another huge spike nearly pierces you but it misses you by a few

millimetres. You begin to run as fast as your little legs will carry you. A huge

metal plate slides out of the wall infront of you. as you are running so fast

you can't stop quick enough and you collide with it. As the plate slides back

into the wall you are still unconscious on the floor.

A trapdoor opens below you and you fall through and land in a bowl of salad. You

begin to regain consciousness and look around. A huge shadow falls over you and

your eyes try to adjust to the surroundings.

A girls booming voice comes from above.

"Well, well what do we have here. I am awfully hungry, a bowl of salad looks


said Mila "This is what happens to people who try to find out the secrets in my


You suddenly realise as you turn your head to see a huge red object which is a

tomato. Terrified, you know that unless you escape Mila is going to eat you with

her lunch. You think quickly. You try climbing up a stick of celery but it is

too slippery.

Meanwhile Mila has got a fork and begins to pour some salad dressing over the

salad and you. The salad dressing covers you from head to foot and covers your

eyes. You try to wipe your eyes but your clothes are drenched in salad dressing.

Then a huge sliver fork comes towards the tomato next to you. It spears it and

then the tomato goes up into the air. You watch it go in to Mila's mouth and

then she chews it up and swallows.

Mila continues to eat the rest of the salad until the celery stick is all that


"This will teach you to pry into my secrets." she sneered

Three huge fingers came towards you. You tried to run but the fingers gripped

your waist and you found yourself being lifted up into the air. You found

yourself looking straight into the face of your next door neighbour. You are

instantly attracted to the young girls face.

Mila brought the stick of celery up to you and then lay you on it and covered

you with tons of salad dressing. She brought the celery up to her mouth and


A shocking set of white teeth was visible as Mila drew back her lips and smiled.

"Your not really going to eat me are you Mila." you said

"Well. Think I have lay you on a stick of celery, covered you in salad dressing

and I am now holding you infront of my lips. Does that mean I won't eat you or

what?" as Mila's huge lips moved "This is your punishment for spying in my room.

Your on videotape so you can't fib your way out of this one. Anyway I can't wait

any longer your my lunch and no more is to be said.

Mila opened her mouth wider and then held the stick of celery there for a while

as she watched the tiny boys fear rise. The little boy sank to his knees and

began pleading to Mila.

The stick of celery got closer and closer to the mouth until finally half of it

was inside. Mila closed her mouth on the celery and the tiny boy watched in

terror as her teeth sliced straight through it with ease. Mila chewed up her

mouthful and then swallowed.

"Any last requests before you die little boy." she laughed evily.

"You bitch, I hope you get indigestion when you eat me." screamed the little


Mila laughed again. She put the rest of the stick of celery between her lips and

chewed it into tiny pieces. The tiny boy was tossed about by Mila's huge tongue

until he was ground to pieces by the huge white molars inside Mila's mouth.

Mila shut her eyes swallowed all the chewed up pieces of celery and the boy. She

felt the remains godown her throat and felt very pleased with herself. She had

disposed of another boy who had tried to find out the secrets she kept in her


Mila felt the remains of her meal enter her stomach. She sat in a chair licked

her lips and grinned.

Mila rubbed her now full belly and thought of the meal she had just eaten.

She enjoyed tormenting people who tried to uncover her secrets before eating


Mila grinned again and then walked upstairs and went to sleep as her body

digested the remains of the salad and boy she had eaten for lunch.

Giantess Stories: Victim of your Neighbors trap By Rally Championbr  As you watch your neighbour go out to work you go into her bedroom via the tree

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