Giantess Stories: Virtual Giantess by Shannon Sargent     Chapter 1   Her Corvette pulled smoothly into the nearly deserted parking lot

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Virtual Giantess

by Shannon Sargent

Chapter 1

Her Corvette pulled smoothly into the nearly deserted parking lot, coming

precisely to a stop across two of the reserved spaces near the building's front

entrance. The hood of the candy-apple red car was muted to a dull brown under

the harsh sodium lamps illuminating the parking lot. It was around 9:00 p.m. on

a Friday evening and it looked like most of VeeRTech's employees had left for

the day. They were probably at home watching the evening's television shows,

like I should be. She turned the car lights off and killed the engine. For a

while, neither of us moved or said anything, the silence was becoming


"Stormy, I'm feeling a little nervous about this. If were caught, they could put

me in jail for trespassing, and they'd probably fire you!" I was hoping that I

could talk her out of her latest escapade. I would have had an easier time

talking a politician out of drawing a life pension for his moments of servitude.

Sighing, Stormy went over the plan, again. "Look, Alan, were not going to get

caught. Say your lines right, and answer any questions with the techno-babble I

prepped you with, and the guards are going to believe you're a consultant, just

like all the others."

"Others?!? You never told me there were others! How many times have you done

this before?"

"Alan! I meant the other consultants who come through here every day. Stop

always being so jealous. I love you. Consultants come through here all the time

and the guards never question them. If you act bored and disinterested, they're

not going to give you a second thought."

Since this approach wasn't working, I tried switching tactics. "Well, what is

this big surprise you want to show me? Is it really worth you risking your job

for and me risking jail?"

"Alan", Stormy sighed, "I told you before, it's awesome and you'll love it, you

know you always do. I can't tell you more than that. It'll be an adventure!

You've done tougher things than this. Piece-a-cake! " Stormy was used to dealing

with my more conservative nature and knew just how to break the barriers down.

Looking over at me as sweetly as she could she told me, "If you do this for me,

I'll be really grateful, and I mean really!"

I had heard that "adventure" line many times before. This was the price I paid

for being in love with an excitaholic. Once Stormy got her hooks into an

adventure, there was no stopping her, or changing her mind. And, like every time

before, I would cave in. "All right, if you say so. Let's get it over with

before I lose the little bit of remaining composure I have. All I can say is

that this better be worth it!" God, was I a sucker for her!

"Don't worry, Alan, it will be!"

We got out of the car and headed for VeeRTech's main lobby. Stormy was so

excited she was actually bounding towards the door. Holding it open for me, she

whispered seductively into my ear, "All this excitement is really making me

horny!" Before I could respond, we were entering the lobby. I quickly fell into

my consultant role and began reciting my lines.

"Well, Dr. Sommers, if we adjusted the isolinear phase induction transducers, we

might be able to eliminate the overload in the magneto- optical audio-visual


"Yes, Mr. Jeffries, I see your point, however, doing so may result in negative

feedback into the optical decouplers resulting in a phase transition in the

mechanical decoupling coils"

"Hmm, hadn't thought of that. Were going to have to run some level 2 diagnostic

tests on the transducers, the rectifiers, and the decoupling coils and try to

determine which component may be inducing the magneto- resonance instability"

"One second, Mr. Jeffries, I need to sign you in." Turning towards the guard she

coolly and matter of factly stated "This is Mr. Jeffries, a consultant from

Iotech. He's here to help out with some diagnostic tests on the VR-3000. I will

be escorting him."

He was so transparent you could almost read his thoughts. His expression was

saying, "Lucky him, some guys get all the luck." What he actually said was,

"Thank-you Dr. Sommers, just one minute please while we fill out the necessary

paperwork. Mr. Jeffries, could I please see some identification such as an

employee badge?"

"Will my driver's license do?" I already knew the answer, this was one of my

choreographed lines.

"Yes, that will be fine. Thank-you. Please sign here next to your name.

Thank-you. Do you have any briefcases, cameras, or magnetic recording material

with you?"

"No, I don't." Ordinarily I would have made some kind of little joke, but Stormy

had admonished me to stick to the script. She had told me to remember the kiss

principle, keep it simple, stupid, and that would get me through any problems.

Then, to drive the point home, she had given me an unforgettably passionate

kiss. Needless to say, the principle was committed to my permanent long term


The guard handed over a temporary badge, told me to place it on the upper part

of my body and to wear it at all times within the building. As I was placing the

badge on my lapel, the guard buzzed us into the main building. Stormy was

working hard on suppressing her building excitement and was visibly forcing

herself to walk slowly. I could feel the guard staring at her receding figure. I

bet he was wondering what she would be like in bed. Lucky for me, I already

knew, she was great!

I became suddenly aware that I had been holding my breath and now I began taking

deep breaths to calm myself. My adrenaline had been really pumping, and now we

were in. This was already different from the other adventures with Stormy,

usually the adrenaline part came near the climax not at the beginning. If this

surprise was bigger than the others, then this was really going to be something!

The best part of all was that in the rush that followed our adventures, we

usually had the most incredible love-making sessions. I couldn't decide which

part I enjoyed more, the adventure, or the love-making afterwards... yeah right!

I began fantasizing about making love to Stormy in one of the many vacant

offices we passed as we walked down the maze of seemingly endless,

indistinguishable corridors that comprised VeeRTech.

I met Stormy about two months ago. Unknowingly, we each had a common friend,

Veronica, who had thought that we would make the perfect couple. For the longest

time, it seemed like one or the other of us had something going on with someone

else and Veronica had been unable to set us up. Like most match-makers, Veronica

was not one to easily give up, and she had persevered, laying plans, setting

things up, giving out hints here and there, and waiting for the right moment to

put the wheels of fate in motion. When that moment came, she struck quickly, we

never had a chance.

Our first date, a blind one, had been at the beach. We both liked playing beach

volleyball and Veronica had used that as the key to get us together. Veronica

had done such a thorough job in describing us to each other, that we both

excitedly arrived at the beach half an hour early. Each of us instantly

recognized the other from Veronica's description; neither of us was


"H-H-Hi, I'm Alan" was all that I was able to get out. Oh, God, I must have

sounded like an idiot. Stormy was drop dead gorgeous with looks that would have

made Pamela Andersen envious. She was five foot ten, had beautiful blond hair,

full D-cup breasts, long, shapely legs, penetrating azure eyes, and a warm

friendly smile. She was wearing the sexiest bikini that I had ever seen, and I

couldn't take my eyes off her.

"Hi Alan, I'm Stormy, Stormy Sommers, I came out early to work on my tan before

we played volleyball." Stormy was completely composed and was most likely used

to the effect her body had on men. She seemed more flattered than annoyed with

the way I was acting. Later on she told me that she couldn't believe Veronica

wasn't holding on to me herself. I'm six feet tall, well muscled, yet still a

little wiry, kind of handsome, and have nice eyes.

"What do you think? I'm competing in a contest in a couple weeks, and I want it

to be even", she asked, as first she modeled her frontside and then turned

around to show me her backside.

I was too surprised by the thong bikini, my friends call them "butt floss", to

look objectively at her tan. All I could muster out was, "Uh, looks pretty good

to me!" Arrgh, I couldn't believe I said that! Come on Alan, get it together or

she's going to ditch you. I had to come up with something witty and fast, but

what? Come on, come on, think, think, think! "Stormy is an interesting name, how

did your parents come up that?" You idiot, is that the best you could do? She

must have thought I was some kind of moronic putz.

As Stormy arranged her towel on the sand and took her tanning lotion out, she

answered, "Well, my parents really liked the song `Stormy Weather' and later on,

when I was older, they told me I had been conceived while listening to the song.

They decided to name me Stormy without even thinking about how it went with my

last name. I took a lot of ribbing in school, but I like it now, its

distinctive. Would you mind putting lotion on my back? It's so much easier and

enjoyable when someone else does it for you." Without waiting for a response,

she lay down on the towel with her front towards the sand and unhooked her top

exposing her muscular bare back and the sides of her ample breasts.

I was in heaven. With her top undone and that skimpy thong bikini, it was almost

like she was naked. Best of all, I was spreading on the lotion and massaging it

into her body. As I worked my way around her back, Stormy was cooing with

pleasure telling me how good it felt. I sneaked a couple stokes onto the sides

of her breasts and she didn't even flinch. In fact, she admonished me not to

miss any spots. Tentatively, I worked my way down towards her cheeks. She didn't

seem to mind, so I began massaging the lotion into her firm well-toned cheeks.

She responded by spreading her legs, giving me even more room to apply the

lotion and one of the best views I had ever seen in my life. Reluctantly, I then

moved on to her long, shapely legs ending with a massage of her ankles and toes.

With a mild spank on her butt cheek, I declared her done.

I later found out that while I was putting the lotion on, Stormy had been

thanking Veronica profusely. It had been Veronica who had suggested the thong

bikini and asking me to put on the suntan lotion. Stormy told me that while I

was putting the lotion on she had began fantasizing about us lying in bed

together, giving each other full body massages, and then kissing, petting, and

making love. It turned out that she was a sucker for a good massage! When I had

touched the sides of her breasts, it had really turned her on and started her

tingling. She told me she had had a difficult time not reacting to my touch and

turning over and starting to kiss me right then and there. Massaging her cheeks

had almost put her over the edge. After I had finished, I saw her sneak a peak

at my shorts, and I'm sure she could see the outline of my erection. She had

smiled and closed her eyes again, seemingly pleased with what she had seen, I

thought, and hopefully anticipating things to come.

So many things could have gone wrong that day, but incredibly, nothing did; the

whole day had been like a dream date. Stormy had changed into a slightly more

modest bikini for volleyball and we played several two- on-two matches, winning

most of them. I was surprised to find that Stormy was a better player than I

was. She dug hard driven spikes with ease, gave me unending cherry sets from all

over the court, and had spiked well herself, even though we were playing on a

men's net. She even blocked a guy's spike back into his face! She was a very

good player, highly competitive, yet she had a happy, easy going attitude. She

didn't have a trace of the stuck up attitude that so many good players develop.

The most exciting point during our matches had been when one of Stormy's boobs

fell out of her top following a spike. She was so into the game, she didn't

stuff it back in until the point had been won! By that time, the other boob had

fallen out as well! Laughing, she told me how she hated it when that happened. I

and the rest of the male players spent the rest of the day hoping it would

happen again, but it didn't.

Following the volleyball, we got some quick take-out food and ended up at

Stormy's apartment. Listening to soft jazz, we ended up making out on her sofa.

I was still wearing my shorts and Stormy had put a large T-shirt on over her

bathing suit. Both of us were hot for one another and soon we were kissing and

feeling each other. I was performing the dry humps, pressing harder and harder

against her crotch, and Stormy could feel my bulging cock pressing against her.

I reached under her T- shirt and undid the straps of her bikini top. Stormy

obliged me by pulling the bikini top off through her sleeve, leaving her breasts

covered only by the T-shirt. I began caressing her breasts, at first through the

T-shirt and then underneath. They were incredibly firm and the nipples were rock

hard. Stormy loved having her nipples stroked and pulled her top off and dangled

her boobs over my face, letting me see first hand what my hands had been

feeling. I responded by beginning to kiss and suck on her nipples. I then

reached down to her bikini panties and began squeezing her cheeks again. One of

my hands moved around to the front and began stroking the wet area, causing

Stormy to begin moaning and kissing me even more firmly. She reached down and

began rubbing my cock through my shorts as she ground her crotch against my

hand. The rubbing, stroking, kissing, and sucking reached a feverish pitch and

then we both began coming together. Afterwards, we lay together on the couch

holding each other, and drifted off to sleep. It had been an incredible first

date but it had been nothing like the second.

Our second date had started out as a mystery. Stormy had told me that she would

pick me up and that I should dress as if going to the beach. She arrived right

on time and ushered me into the car. For the first time, I noticed her license

plate, it read LVLTLMN, and sat in a frame which read, "Get In , Sit Down, Shut

up, and Hold On". I began trying to work the meaning out of her plate as we

headed inland away from the beaches.

"Stormy, why do you want to level tall men?"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Your license plate, doesn't it say `level tall men' ?"

"No, it's an acronym, each letter stands for a different word like tanstaafl,

T-A-N-S-T-A-A-F-L, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."

"Oh, it's an acronym, why didn't you say so before?", I joked. Then, after a

moment of silence while I racked my brain trying to figure it out, "Ok, I give,

what does your license plate mean?"

"Its a saying my mother always used, Live Vigorously, Like The Limits Mean


"Hmm, interesting. I never heard that saying before. For a moment I thought

maybe you had something against tall men and I got a little worried."

"No, I'm definitely hooked on tall beach studs right now!"

"Speaking of the beach, where are you taking me? We not headed in the right

direction for the beach!"

"It's a surprise, don't worry, you'll love it, promise!"

We drove along for about an hour and a half on highways and back country roads

and I had no idea where we were. We seemed to be in a rural area with cattle,

large ranches, and rolling hills studded with oak trees. Then, Stormy pulled

sharply off of the road into a ranch entrance. A banner proclaimed the ranch to

be the Flying T and below the name it proudly stated, "California's First

Clothing Optional Recreational Park".

Alarm bells were going off from all over within my mind. It was at least a three

alarmer. My mouth was having a hard time forming the words, but when they came

out, it was a staccato burst, "Whoa! "What are we doing here? Why did you bring

me to a nudist colony!"

In contrast, Stormy was cool and prepared. "It's not a nudist colony, it's a

clothing optional park.", she replied matter of factly. "I brought you here for

the Miss Nude Riverside contest."

"I don't think I'm qualified for that, I got the wrong kind of plumbing!"

"Not you, silly, me! I'm entering the contest and I thought you might enjoy


Hmmm, this was interesting. "Do I have to take my clothes off?"

"Not if you don't want to. But I sure wouldn't mind it if you did. I've been

fantasizing about that cute butt of yours since our first date!"

"There's probably going to be lots of attractive naked women here, aren't you

worried about me ogling them?"

"As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I want you to do!", laughed Stormy.

She loved throwing people off guard and I'm afraid I'm so predictable it made it

almost too easy.

I was getting very confused. This date was getting stranger by the minute. "I

don't get it. Why would you WANT me to look at other women?"

"I got you a front row seat at the contest and I want you to videotape the

entire contest. I probably won't win but I want to see how the other girls walk,

act, and perform so I can improve for the next contest."

All of the pieces were on the table and the logical conclusions were falling

into place in my mind like some kind of mental tetris game. 1) I don't have to

take my clothes off, 2) I get to video tape beautiful naked women, 3) Stormy is

going to be one of those women, and 4) she's actually asking me to do this. I

suddenly became very cooperative. "Ok lady, you got yourself a camera man. Just

show me where to sit and I'll start setting up!"

"Are you going to keep your clothes on or take them off?"

"We'll see." When hell freezes over is what I wanted to say.

"I hope WE will, Alan!" Then she whispered into my ear with a voice that

combined the sexiest elements of Marilyn Monroe with Mae West, "I'd be REALLY

pleased if you did!"

As promised, I had a front row seat directly in front of the stage. The stage

was raised such that its floor was right at my eye level. It was bare with the

exception of the judges box and a podium. Behind the stage, a banner proclaiming

this to be the 5th annual Miss Nude Riverside contest fluttered gently in the

slight breeze. I looked around through the viewfinder of the camera and

immediately began feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Nearly everyone was

naked except me, and here I was, clothed, taking video of them. I wasn't sure

whether I was imagining it or not, but it seemed that several of the people were

giving me incriminating looks. Thinking about living with limits and Stormy's

weakly veiled message, I decided to go for it and began removing my clothes.

Soon I was as naked as the rest of the crowd. Surprisingly, I felt less

conspicuous naked than I had when dressed.

The emcee was introduced and the contest was under way. It was a little

disconcerting to see the naked emcee standing above me, it was like I was

staring right into his cock! Luckily, filming through the camera had a

distancing effect and I concentrated on holding the camera steady and framing

the shot and not so much on the content of what I was filming. The judges were

introduced, also all male and naked, and then the female contestants were

brought in.

First all of the contestants lined up across the stage and I got a nice shot

panning slowly across the line-up of naked women. My male hormones began

exerting themselves and it was becoming harder not to admire what I was filming.

I must have been able to exert some control, because the first time I passed

through the line of women I had not seen Stormy. As I panned back, I began

looking specifically for her and found her near the middle of the line up. I

zoomed in on her face and then panned down her body and back up. To my credit, I

only paused slightly on her crotch, noting how deliciously trimmed it was and

that she was a true blonde. As I was zooming back out, she threw me a slight

wink and I gave her the `thumbs up'.

Each of the twelve contestants was then introduced, one at a time, and each gave

a short description consisting of her name, measurements, and hobbies. I framed

each woman nicely in the viewfinder and found myself strangely enjoying the

perspective I had. It was like the women were all extremely tall and I was, in

comparison, a miniature cameraman barely as tall as their ankles. I felt my cock

starting to get hard and began distracting myself by making mental comparisons

of each of the women to Stormy. Some of the women had large tits while others

had barely any. Some women had trimmed their bushes and others seemed to have

just let it grow. Several of the women even had unshaved armpits! Overall,

Stormy seemed to be more attractive than maybe all but one or two of the other

women. The one thing they all seemed to have in common was hobbies that involved

thrill-seeking, such as hang gliding, bungee jumping, sky diving, and jet

skiing. Stormy had said her hobby was sky diving. I shuddered, living without

limits suddenly took on a new meaning.

Following the introductions, the contestants then performed a walk around the

stage, where the judges observed poise, grace, composure, and tan. Then there

was the obligatory talent section. Stormy's chosen talent was singing and I

thought she had a pleasantly nice voice and had performed well. Most of the

other women performed dance steps To me, they seemed to be nothing more than

highly choreographed aerobic workout routines. Nonetheless, I did have to admit

I enjoyed watching their naked bodies bouncing around the stage. Some of the

routines were so tantalizing, I began to wonder if Stormy would let me make a

copy of the tape for myself.

The judges tallied their votes and the winners were announced. They worked there

way back from fifth place. Nine girls were remaining and only first and second

place were left to be announced. Stormy jumped for joy when her name was

announced as first runner up. I had never seen her so happy before and I hooted

and hollered too. I wanted to run up on the stage and give her a big hug. I was

so excited over Stormy taking second place I almost forgot to film the winner. I

had to admit it, though, the winner had been better than Stormy. Her name was

Wanda and she was almost as attractive as Stormy, had a very nice all-over tan,

and had performed a very rousing dance routine. All in all, Stormy had nothing

to be ashamed about with her performance.

After the contest, we hung around the nudist ranch for a while. We talked to

several of the other contestants and Stormy introduced me to everyone. It seemed

that Stormy must have been a `regular' at the ranch. We had played some

volleyball and at first it had seemed real strange playing against naked people.

After a couple of points though, I found myself concentrating more on how I was

playing than what the others were wearing. Throughout the day I found myself

becoming more and more attracted to Stormy. She was so composed and self assure,

even when she was naked, I envied her. Did living life with no limits make her

that way, or did she live life with no limits because she was so self assure?

Classic chicken or the egg.

Much to my chagrin, Stormy seemed to be quite popular with the men at the ranch

as well. Wherever we went, naked men seemed to cluster around her. They all

seemed to be vying for her attention, trying to score points with her, it was

almost like I didn't exist. Time after time, though, Stormy would seek me out,

asking me to take her away from the crowd. Once out of ear shot, she would tell

me how phony those guys were.

In a quiet moment together, I worked up my courage and voiced my fears, "How

come you aren't attracted to some of those guys? A lot of them seem to have a

lot more going for them than me." I was concerned with my own standing and

wondering if she might dump me for someone a little more carefree, who didn't

live life with limits.

"Alan, I've dated guys like them before. Some of them have great bodies, and

others have such good looks, powerful jobs, or money, but they're nothing but

pretty packages. The outside looks appealing but there's nothing on the inside.

That's one reason why I liked you from the moment I met you. You didn't try to

impress me; you were open, honest, and straightforward. It was like a breath of

fresh air.

I felt a little better with her answer but it still amazed me that this

gorgeous, intelligent, vivacious woman could have fallen for me. She seemed so

"out of my league" . She had it all and, if she wanted to, she could probably

have any man she wanted. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world but I also

worried that I could lose it all in an instant.

Once again, the date ended up at Stormy's apartment. The whole ride back she had

talked excitedly about the video tape and the contest and how she couldn't wait

to see the video. Seeing how the video consisted almost entirely of naked women,

including Stormy, I did not offer up any resistance. Stormy set the VCR on play

and we settled in together on the sofa to watch the contest. Soon the tape began

playing with some opening shots of the crowd that I had taken which then faded

out. The next scene faded in on the emcee of the contest.

"Whoa!", Stormy exclaimed. "I've never seen Sam from that angle before. He looks

so huge, its like he's fifty feet tall!"

"Now you know how the Lilliputians must have felt when they met Gulliver! Wait

until you see the contestants, they were even closer to the edge of the stage

and look even bigger! I was getting a neck ache from craning up to film them."

A few minutes later, the female contestants walked onto the stage. As I had

said, they looked even bigger than the emcee had. So entranced was I with the

imagery and the perspective, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. From the

camera's perspective, the women were gigantic, easily seventy-five to one

hundred feet tall. For some of the bigger breasted women, their breasts jutted

out so far, their faces were framed between their enormous tits. This time there

was no distraction of having to film the contest to divert my attention. I

shifted uncomfortably on the couch trying to cover-up my increasingly excited

state. Uncomfortable as I was though, I could not look away from the screen. For

now the screen was being filled with the close-up I had done on Stormy. There

was her head, smiling down at me between those two wondrous breasts. They hung

exquisitely from her rib cage and were immense. Too quickly, the view shifted to

her flat stomach and then shifted lower to her well trimmed vagina. Every hair

and fold of skin was visible and it literally filled the screen. At this point,

my cock was begging for action, pushing forcefully against the folds of my

shorts. The camera lingered for a few moments, to me it seemed like ages, and

then finished with a long, foot by gorgeous foot pan of her incredibly sexy long

legs ending with her sexy white high heels. The camera zoomed back out and began

panning down the remaining group of giant contestants.

"From the bulge in your pants, it looks like you enjoyed that little piece of

footage. It may surprise you, but it made me horny, too!"

"Seeing yourself naked turns you on?"

"No, not ever before that I can remember, it was the camera angle, it made me

look so big, I started thinking I was the size of Gulliver and you were a

Lilliputian cameraman and I was performing for you. I can't believe how hot it

made me!"

"That's incredible! Earlier I was fantasizing almost exactly the same thing! You

were a beautiful giantess and I was a little cameraman filming your

fantastically sexy body. It gave me one of the biggest hard-ons of my life. I

almost started coming without even touching it!"

"If I didn't know you better, I'd have said that that was a pretty weak come-on

line. However, I did like the `fantastically sexy' comment. I'm feeling very

generous right now and I think I'll give your poor little cock it's longed for

release. Take off your clothes."

I didn't mind that I was being ordered around or that she seemed to be taking

charge. I had heard that she was going to make me come and that was all that

mattered. Within a few seconds my clothes were scattered around the living room.

Stormy watched me eagerly remove my clothing and then, when I was finished,

slowly began to remove her clothing letting me savor each inch of newly exposed

flesh. She swayed seductively back and forth as the clothing was slowly peeled

away from her flesh. She removed everything except her bra and panties and then

teased me as she removed her bra without really letting me see anything. Then

she turned her back on me and removed her panties. Now fully naked, she turned

around and asked me, "Like what you see?"

I nodded my head affirmatively. "Now, lie face up on the floor." I did so and

she stood over me and began dancing and swaying. It was just like the video and

she was a giantess again. She taunted me, playing with her tits, licking the

nipples, opening her pussy lips, stroking her pussy, and bending her knees until

it was inches (seemed like feet) above my face. I could see that the dance was

really turning her on. The pink skin of her fully exposed pussy was glistening

with wetness and she was stroking herself with earnest. She really seemed to be

getting off on this giantess thing and I have to admit, I was too.

"Tell me, little man, do you like big women?"

"Oh yes, I do, very much!"

"And what would you do for your giant woman? What could a little man like you


"I could suck her nipples and lick her pussy and give her the best orgasm of her


"Well, that certainly is boastful, coming from a little runt like you, but I

think we'll test that a little later. Right now I'm going to make you come. Get

up and go into the bedroom. I'm going to tell you a little story about a very

big bad giant woman!"

I jumped to my feet and hopped onto the bed. I wasn't sure what was about to

happen but it sounded like it would be enjoyable. Stormy came into the room

carrying a bottle of hand lotion. She knelt over me and poured a few drops of

lotion onto my stiff cock. She began rubbing the lotion in with her hand,

stroking my cock from the base to the tip and back again, squeezing rhythmically

as she did so. I closed my eyes and let my imagination wander, it felt

incredibly good. Then she began her story.

"Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Mary who was a member of a

nudist colony. She was kind of homely and she had really tiny titties. The other

nudists always made fun of her calling her names like `raisin tits'. There were

these other two members, Betty and Cathy, who had really gorgeous bodies -

blonde hair, big boobs, long legs, the works. Together with their buff nudist

boy friends, Frank and Ed, they loved to make fun of Mary, teasing her about her

tiny titties and her lack of boy friends. One day after a particularly

humiliating session with Betty and Cathy, Mary had run off crying into the

woods. Running between the trees, she tripped on something. Through her tears

she could see that it was some kind of lamp like from `Arabian Nights'. She

began rubbing the lamp and a 10 foot tall female genie appeared who granted her

three wishes. Mary wasted no time, for her first wish, she wished that she was

incredibly gorgeous and sexy. Poof! it was granted. Mary looked down and for the

first time in her life, she couldn't see her feet. Having taken care of that,

now she wanted revenge. For her second wish, she wished she had the ability to

make things shrink and grow. The genie told her that that would use up her last

two wishes and granted them. The lamp and the genie then disappeared. Mary was

anxious to begin testing out her new powers. She thought about being bigger and

instantly began growing and growing and growing. First her head cleared the

trees, then her breasts, then the trees were only up to her waist, then her

knees, and there she stopped, deeming that she was now big enough. She walked

over to the main compound and people screamed and ran for cover as she

approached. Mary ignored them and went directly towards Betty and Ed's cabin.

She reached down and easily pulled the roof off. Too astonished to run, Betty

and Ed could only stare up at the enormous giantess as she reached in and

plucked them up like they were little dolls. Betty and Ed began pounding on her

hand and Mary could just barely feel their insignificant struggling. She laughed

at their puny attempts. She then went over to Cathy and Frank's cabin and did

the same, easily snatching them up with her other hand. Holding them up to her

enormous boobs she asked them what they thought of her raisin tits now. Then she

placed them on her nipples and laughed as they clung for life as she swung them

around on her big tits high above the ground. Tiring of that fun, Mary plucked

everyone off her nipples and began shrinking Cathy and Betty's boobs. Smaller

and smaller they got until they were completely gone. Then their nipples began

shrinking tinier and tinier until they actually were the size of raisins. Then

Betty and Cathy's bodies began shrinking smaller and smaller until they were

only as tall as their astounded boyfriend's ankles. While watching the entire

"show" taking place in her palm, she then commanded Ed and Frank to come on

their girlfriends. Immediately, they began rubbing their cocks. As they neared

orgasm, Mary caused the jism in their bodies to grow and as they came they began

spurting their come all over the pint sized Cathy and Betty. Betty and Cathy

screamed and threw their hands up to ward off the torrent but it was to no

avail. The jism knocked them down and they were drenched from head to foot with

come. Ed and Frank were amazed at how much they each had shot out. Their

girlfriends were literally swimming in their come!"

Stormy would have continued but now I was coming. My cock was madly fucking her

hand and squirting it's jism all over my chest. As my orgasm subsided, Stormy

continued stroking my cock, milking out the last drops of come. Fully spent, she

let it rest and gave me a deep wet kiss.

"Now it's your turn, finger my pussy while you finish the story!"

I began stroking her pussy and gently massaging her clit. Once I was sure I had

found the right spot, I continued on with the story stroking her while I talked.

"Giantess Mary got very horny when she saw Frank and Ed hose their wives down

with come. She started playing with her pussy but then decided on a better idea.

She would put Frank and Ed inside her and have them make her come. She put Cathy

and Betty on the ground telling them that now they were too small and homely for

Frank and Ed and now she would show them the pleasures of a `real' woman. Then

she began stuffing Frank and Ed into her pussy. At first they attempted to

resist her but their efforts were futile compared to her gargantuan strength.

Soon the two men were fully inside her pussy and squirming deliciously. While

the men were going at it, Mary decided to have a little more fun with the other

nudists. Going over to the main lodge, she quickly rounded up ten women and made

them grow to fifty feet tall. Then she ordered all of them to each grab a man.

The men, not liking the sound of the way things were going, began running but

the giant women easily corralled them. Mary then ordered the women to rub their

pussies with the men. Frank and Ed were doing a marvelous job on her clit and

she was approaching an orgasmic climax. She began twisting her own nipples and

ordered all of the women to come. The women began coming and soaking the men

with their juices. Everywhere Mary looked there was a little man being coated

with juices or swallowed up by a giant pussy and a giantess squirming with

delight. The sight of so many women coming, combined with the squirming in her

own pussy, threw her over the edge and Mary began coming. Giant convulsions

pulsed through her body as she came over and over again flooding Frank and Ed

with her juices."

Stormy was on the brink of coming at this point and I left off telling the story

and began licking her pussy. Stormy's thighs clamped around my head as the

orgasm struck and she began bucking and coming furiously. As the moaning died

off, Stormy pushed my face away from her pussy. "It needs rest!", she pleaded. I

moved back up next to her in bed and we lay together for a little while longer,

gently holding each other, before drifting off to sleep.

That date had been followed by many others. If I had any doubts before of what

it meant to live life without limits, they were gone now. In the dates that

followed the trip to the nudist ranch we had gone mountain biking, rock

climbing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, and sky diving. With each

date we sought ever increasing thrills. It had been tough for me to shove my

fears aside but the rewards had been well worth living through the fear. The

greater the thrill had been, the greater the sex afterwards had been. Stormy was

a thrill seeker, the greater the thrill, the more she enjoyed it, the more she

enjoyed it, the more passionate she became, and the more thrill she conquered,

the more thrill she sought out.

Now as we reached our destination, a cipher locked door with warning labels

expressing concerns about unauthorized visits, I was wondering just what it was

Stormy had planned. I loved her immensely, trusted her, and would do almost

anything she asked, but I was concerned. With the way we were headed, one of

these times we might just bite off more than we could chew, and someone could

get permanently hurt. I knew, for people like Stormy, it could be quite a shock

when they discover that they are not invulnerable.

Chapter 2

Fingers trembling with excitement, Stormy pressed in the combination of the

cipher lock and opened the door for me. I walked into a large laboratory filled

with computing equipment. The heat from the equipment was stifling. Across from

the entrance were two other open doors. From what I could see, the rooms beyond

the doors were empty and seemed to be filled with some sort of sound absorbing

foam. The roar of cooling fans made it difficult to converse.

Yelling to be heard above the fans, Stormy regally announced, "Alan, this is a

working prototype of the VR-3000. It is a virtual reality simulator that mimics

reality better than any other system ever built. It's the closest thing to a

`holodeck' that's ever been made. My team just got it working and I brought you

here tonight to give you a demonstration of the system. There's also some

special software which I created that's going to knock your socks off! Walk into

the changing area over there and I'll show you how to set it up."

We walked into one of the small rooms opposite the entrance and immediately upon

entering the noise level dropped dramatically. After Stormy closed the door, it

became deathly quiet.

"This is a sensory deprivation chamber.", Stormy explained. "The material on the

walls absorb all sounds!" She then handed me a funny looking jump suit. It was

crisscrossed with all kinds of minute wires which were bundled together over and

over again until the bundles fused into a single thick cable that came off of

the back of the suit. "This is the VR suit. It can monitor all of your movements

and is sensitive enough to tell the difference between your hairs and your skin.

This is the male model and it has a special receptacle area for your cock. These

suits allow you to have simulated sex! We once had a guy who accidentally put on

the female suit but I don't think he'll ever make that mistake again! You have

to take all of your clothes off to use the suit."

I started to object but Stormy became extremely insistent. I acquiesced but once

again I began wondering what we were getting into. Why have virtual sex when we

could enjoy the real thing? Stormy was obviously excited about this and I didn't

see any reason why I should rain on her parade. I put the suit on and then

Stormy showed me how to mount the helmet. The computer ran some video and sound

test patterns and everything checked out like it should. Stormy yelled out,

"Here we go!" and I suddenly found myself standing alone on an endless

mono-colored plain. I was the only thing present beside the plain. From nowhere

and everywhere simultaneously, I could hear Stormy's voice, "If you don't like

it, just unplug yourself from the system. To terminate your activity in the

program all you have to do is press your belly button. If at any time you don't

like what's going on, just press and you'll return back to the VR studio."

Suddenly Stormy appeared from nowhere directly ahead of me. She looked 100%

real, not like some weird computer generated woman.

Stormy, this is amazing! You look just like you! I mean it's not just close, its

exact, this is amazing!"

"Yeah, I know. After a while you just take it for granted. It's always fun to

bring someone new in and experience it for the first time again through their


"It's so lifelike, I can't believe it's a simulation! Can I touch you?"

"I'm flattered you asked. Most people just start touching, reasoning that it's

not really real. After all, I'm not in the same room as you, just in the same

computer. You can touch me all you want!"

I reached out and touched her arm. I could feel the skin and even the delicate

hairs on her arm! "How is this possible? I know I'm not touching you, yet I can

feel you exactly as if I was!"

"It gets kind of technical, but there are electromagnetic field generators

inside the chamber which set up self-contained fields that feel like objects to

you and me. The stronger the field, the harder the object. Any object of any

shape and texture can be simulated once it has been scanned. You were scanned

when you suited up! The rest is all smoke and mirrors!"

"I can even feel the buttons on your blouse! They even unbutton like real

buttons! I can't wait to try out a virtual bra!"

"What's stopping you, big boy?"

"Nothing, now."

We both began removing each others clothing. As each item was taken off our

bodies it disappeared. Doing laundry in virtual reality certainly must have some

benefits. Soon we were both naked. Then Stormy reached out and playfully grabbed

my cock. "How do you like that special suit feature now?"

"Mmmm, pretty good! My compliments to the tailor!"

"How would you like to give yourself a blow-job?"

"Is that possible? I mean my mouth doesn't reach."

"It does now!" A wand appeared and Stormy pointed it at my cock. A faint ray

pulsed off the wand and my cock began growing longer and longer. After a few

seconds it was large enough to bend back and begin sucking. Stormy began

laughing and then sounding just like Mae West, "Is that a log between your legs

or are you happy to see me!"

"This is incredible! It really feels like I'm sucking myself! Thank God we

weren't made this way or no one would ever get anything done. Can I try using

the wand? Is it very difficult?"

"What is it you have in mind, Mr. Bigballs?"

"It's a surprise! C'mon, Stormy, you know you love surprises!"

"Just don't get too carried away. You press the red button to cause whatever you

point at to grow and the green button to shrink it. The orange button resets

things back to normal."

I pointed the wand down at my cock and pressed the green button. Instantly my

member began reducing in size. Stormy began laughing, "What kind of a surprise

is that! I'd call that more of a disappointment than a surprise! I think you can

be a little more creative than that!" I smiled knowingly and turned the wand

towards Stormy's chest and continued pressing the green button. Stormy's breasts

began shrinking until there was nothing left but round little nipples. "I never

knew you liked raisin tits. Do you have a secret desire for boyish figures I

didn't know about? Are we having fun yet?" Now that I had her starting from

scratch, I moved my thumb down the wand and pressed the red button. Stormy's

chest began growing larger and larger. After ten seconds they had passed D cup

and they continued to grow even bigger. After a few more seconds it was becoming

difficult to see her face. From somewhere behind those enormous jugs came

Stormy's voice, "Alan, is this you idea of a dream girl? You men are all alike,

no matter how big a woman's breasts are, they're never big enough! I think you

better stop soon, my legs are already off the ground!" All that I could see of

Stormy was a pair of enormous boobs. No longer visible were her feet or any

other part of her body. I walked over and began playing with one of her

bottle-sized nipples. As I began squeezing it, a surprised gasp erupted from

somewhere behind the mammoth tits.

Stormy could feel what I was doing but could not see me. I reached over to play

with the other nipple but they were too far apart to touch at the same time. I

took the wand and was about to shrink her boobs down when I realized that that

wasn't necessary. Instead, I pointed the wand at my arms and hands and caused

them to grow! Now I could stand between the boobs and squeeze both nipples at

the same time. This wand was wonderful. "How's that feel, Stormy?"

"It's great! What are you touching me with, I can't see you!"

"That's what makes it so wonderful, the suspense. You never know what's coming


"Oh, I have a feeling I know that!"

Very funny, I thought. But on the other hand, why not? It certainly would be fun

to screw the biggest tits in the world! I took the wand and started my cock

growing again. I was reveling in the power the wand gave me. With it I could

shrink or grow any part to whatever size I desired. I watched excitedly as my

cock grew larger and larger, surpassing my head in height.

It had been a while since I had touched Stormy and she was getting a little

impatient. "Hey, what's going on over there? Did you fall asleep?"

"I'm working on another surprise, hold your horses!"

"I'm afraid you made my boobs so large I can't hold anything other than them. I

can't even touch my hands together!"

I now had a cock that was sized to match Stormy's boobs and I began thrusting it

into her cleavage. It took all of my might and I had to guide it with both arms.

At first I had trouble maintaining my balance and my thrusts merely bounced off

the mountainous breasts. I could hear Stormy laughing at my amateurish attempts.

"What's the matter little boy, are mommy's boobies too big for you?"

The taunting made me even more determined. I used the wand to make my arms and

hands even bigger, so that I could get more leverage, and reached up and grabbed

the upper sides of her tits. Pulling my body toward her tits, I began thrusting

into her cleavage with wild abandon. I could hear Stormy gasp with each mighty

thrust and now she was encouraging me, ordering me to come on her massive tits.

With squirts that matched the size of my enormous cock, I began coming. My jism

flew dozens of feet into the air and rained back down coating Stormy and her

enormous breasts. Momentarily spent, I pulled my cock out from her cleavage

letting it rest on the ground. That had been one of the most memorable orgasms

of my life. I looked over towards Stormy and was struck with a pang of guilt.

That hadn't been very fair to her, I had been selfish, seeking my own sexual

gratification without any thoughts towards hers. I was going to have to fix

that. I looked around for the wand but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then Stormy

instantaneously reverted back to normal and began walking towards me. The wand

was in her hand.

"My, my, what big arms you have, darling!"

"The better to hug you with, my dear!"

"My, my, what big hands you have, darling!"

"The better to grab your titties with, my dear!"

"And darling, what a big penis you have!"

"The better to screw you with, my dear!"

"We'll see about that! I think it's time for something a little different!"

Stormy pointed the wand at me and pressed the orange button. Instantly my body

returned to its normal size. I felt diminished. It had been outrageously

exciting having the world's biggest penis and hands and arms that could hug a

building. Now everything was back to normal and we were standing together on the

endless plain. Stormy seemed to be typing and pressing buttons in mid air but I

couldn't see what she was working on.

"What are you doing over there? You're up to something but I can't tell what it


"I'm being suspenseful. Don't worry, you're going to love it. Up to now, we've

been running a program I created for a special client with a few little

modifications of my own thrown in like the wand. Now I'm going to run a special

program I created for us, I think you'll get a real kick out of it. Just a few

more entry parameters and there! It's ready!"

Chapter 3

As I watched, the computer plain dissolved away and we were floating in

nothingness. Then it began getting brighter and a street scene that seemed to be

somewhere in New York City, began getting brighter and more substantial. In

fact, it appeared that we were standing on a corner in Times Square. There were

hundreds of people, milling about, intent on whatever destination or appointment

they were headed for. A woman bumped into me and seemed to suddenly notice me

for the first time. For a couple of moments she just looked at me; then she

started screaming as loud as she could, "HELP! RAPE! HE'S TRYING TO RAPE ME!

HELP! POLICE!" and started hitting me with her handbag. I tried to calm her down

but it only seemed to make things worse. Then Stormy, who was also naked,

grabbed me, and we began running up the street.

"Up ahead, there's a food cart. We have to eat one of the cookies labeled `Eat

Me'! Don't drink anything, especially anything that says `Drink Me'! We gotta

make it there before the Police get us. This is a VERY realistic simulation and

I for one don't want to end up in jail!"

Already I could hear the whistles and pursuit of the police from behind us.

There were sirens and screams and quick blurs of people as we ran by. I began

wondering how I could run so far in that little virtual reality room, and the

lapse in concentration caused me to run directly into a business man. I fell

down on top of him and became momentarily disoriented. As I untangled myself

from the man, all the meantime apologizing profusely, I risked a look back in

the direction I had come from. I could see two cops, with pistols drawn, now

only about one hundred feet away and rapidly closing the distance. They were

yelling something at me, but I decided I wouldn't wait for them to get closer so

that I could better understand them. Pushing off the businessman, I began

running as fast as I could for the food stand. Stormy had already reached the

stand and was beckoning for me to hurry up. The wind was rushing in my ears but

even so I could hear the rhythmic distinctive sounds of the policemen's Sam

Brown's pounding against the pavement. Without looking, I could feel they were

right behind me. My sides were aching and my lungs were burning but I forced

myself even harder. Not wanting to slow down in the slightest, I ran full speed

into the cart using it to stop myself. As I grabbed onto the sides, it felt like

my arms were being pulled out of their sockets. I was completely out of breath,

and felt like vomiting, but I forced myself to look for a cookie labeled "Eat

Me". The cart vendor was yelling strings of obscenities at me but I didn't care

as I tossed cookie upon cookie onto the ground in search of the elusive "Eat Me"

cookie. I was getting frantic, the last cookie in the cart had been tossed onto

the ground, and I still didn't see it. Where was it? It had to be here

somewhere! Then it was suddenly floating in front of my face. It wasn't in the

cart at all but was suspended in the air right in front of my nose. At first I

thought that it was another VR trick and then I noticed that Stormy was holding

the cookie and was having a hard time suppressing her laughter. In her other

hand was another identical cookie.

"Very funny, Stormy, Ha Ha Ha." I was about to eat the cookie, but Stormy

stopped me. Then, in the manner people use for toasting with champagne, she

linked her arm through mine, and I through hers, and together we each ate our

cookie. To my surprise, there was no taste. I could feel the texture of the

cookie and it even broke up as I chewed it, but there was no taste. As I thought

further about it, there was no aroma either. I guess even virtual reality had

its limitations. My mouth had been fooled, it had been watering like crazy for

that cookie. Unfortunately, there really wasn't anything to swallow. "That was

pretty disapp... Hey! Watch it!", I shouted as the two policemen forcibly

grabbed us.

"Lookie here Joe, looks like we got us a couple of pervies who think they don't

need any clothes!"

"Yeah Sam, Well I don't mind her not wearing em, but I could sure do without

seeing his Johnson right now. Pretty boy heres gonna have lots of fun in the

cell, aint ya sweet meat! Them perps is gonna love you! Okay, lets move it sweet

cheeks! To the squad car!" Joe was laughing so hard he didn't notice the

transformation taking place. His first clue that something was up came from his

partner Sam.

"Holy Shit, Joe! This broad is getting bigger! She must be seven foot tall! I

swear she was five something a minute ago! Look, he's growing too! What's going

on here?!? You two stop that immediately!"

We began laughing at the cops predicament. Within moments we were fifteen feet

tall and the cops looked like little children. But we didn't stop there! The

growth rate was increasing and the city below us was rapidly dropping away like

the view from an express glass elevator. The cops were dumbstruck. Eventually

the pace dropped down and the growth halted. I stood next to a building and

started counting the stories, poking out each window as I counted up. Inside the

building I could hear the screams of the secretaries and office workers. Behind

the other windows I could see clusters of people staring at the two of us.

"Stormy, were over thirty stories tall!"

"I know, how do you like it?"

"It feels awesome, like we could do anything we want!"

"We can, there isn't anybody who can stop us from doing exactly what we want to

do! This is our town now and were running the show! Watch this..." Doing her

best impression of a dumb blonde, Stormy addressed the minuscule officers

standing below her, "Um, excuse me officers, I'm ready to get into the squad car

now. Don't bother helping, I can do it myself. Ooops, did I do that? Sorry about

that, I guess they don't make them like they used to!"

I couldn't help but laugh at the officers dilemma. Their squad car was now only

slightly higher than the curb. They were standing there, looking at the car,

they didn't have a clue as to what they should do next. Traffic was backing up

in the street and the New York City drivers were becoming impatient. They began

leaning on their horns and yelling at us and the policemen to move out of the

way. One cab driver was particularly loud and offensive and seemed to be in love

with the sound of his horn. He leaned out of his window and yelled up at us. His

tiny voice sounded as if it were miles away.

"Hey you fucking bitch! Move your fucking ass out of the way!"

Not that she needed it, having just squashed a police car so flat it was almost

unrecognizeable, but, feeling chivalrous, I jumped at the chance to uphold the

honor of my fair giantess. To Stormy, I put my hand up letting her know that I

was going to handle this one, to the cabdriver I angrily shouted, "Hey,

dickhead! You can't talk to my girlfriend that way!"

"Oh yeah, who says! You're nothing but a fuckin big ugly cocksuckin wimp. Stay

the fuck outta this, this is between me and the bitch with the big tits!"

I had heard about the cockiness of New York City cabdrivers but this went beyond

belief. This little shrimp of a man was actually standing up to me! It was time

to show this little shrimp who the boss was. I reached down and easily picked

the cab up. It weighed next to nothing. It was like when I was a kid playing

with my Hot Wheels cars, only this one had a living breathing driver inside.

"Hey you big dumb fuck, put the fucking car down, NOW!"

Humming to myself, I pried the car door open with my fingers, popping the door

off its hinges. It limply hung down, no longer able to function even remotely

like it had before. I turned the car sideways and poured the little cabdriver

into my palm. Then I handed the little man over to Stormy who had quietly been

watching the unfolding drama with amusement.

"Whatsamatter big shot, you not man enough to take me on? You gotta hand me over

to your fuckin whore to fuckin protect yourself from me? You fuckin wimps is all

the same, all fuckin talk!"

Handling the car and the man so easily was an incredible turn on and I started

to get a real hard on. With my present size, there was no point in even trying

to cover it up, nor did I really want to. The cabdriver had noticed it and began

shouting again, "You some kind of giant fuckin homo? I bet you got that hard on

from fondling me! Your not fuckin man enough for this bitch! No wonder you

handed her to me! Cmon, baby, let's fuckin leave this cocksuckin homo and I'll

show you a good time!"

I looked over at the little cabdriver standing so defiantly in Stormy's giant

hand and smiled. Some people just didn't get it, even when it was staring them

right in the face. Then I took my hard cock and began hitting it against the car

in my palm. Each time it struck, new dents and damage appeared and the cabdriver

winced in sympathetic pain. It might have been about he size of a Hot Wheels

car, but it sure wasn't as strong. Within moments the car looked like the loser

from a Monster Truck rally, it was flattened almost as completely as the police

car had been.

The cab driver was livid. "Oh sure, you fuckin smash my cab while your fuckin

slut of a whore holds me back. Some big man you are, you fuckin homo freak!"

I could see that Stormy had had enough. Looking down at the insignificant, foul

mouthed, pipsqueak in her hand I guess she decided it was time to shut him up.

"You like titties, shithead? Here, try mine!" She then swung her boobs and began

smacking them against the little man in her hand. "Don't", smack, "Ever", smack,

"Call", smack, "Me", smack, "A", smack, "Bitch", smack, "A", smack "Gain!",

smack. After the last blow, the cabdriver was reeling. It had been quite

literally worse than being struck by a ton of bricks. I was thankful, for the

cabdriver, that Stormy wasn't one of those women who talk forever, never getting

to the point; otherwise, he never would have made it to the end of the sentence.

Stormy was laughing at the sorry state the cabdriver was in and then smacked him

once more for good measure. The cabdriver was out cold and Stormy

unceremoniously dumped him out on the roof of a nearby building like he was a

piece of human refuse.

"I sure wouldn't want to meet up against those in a dark alley!", I remarked,

"Um, I mean I would, but I also mean I wouldn't, uh, well, I think you know what

I mean!"

"Yeah, I do. You got a pretty nice little club there yourself, Mr. Jeffries.

Kind of gives `The Club for automobiles' a new meaning!"

"It seems to do the job. Could you believe that cabdriver?"

"I'm glad you found him believable. After all, he was just a simulated

personality called up from the computer's database. There are all types of

people in the database."


Giantess Stories: Virtual Giantess by Shannon Sargent     Chapter 1   Her Corvette pulled smoothly into the nearly deserted parking lot

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