Giantess Stories: Virtual Reality By North Gate   It all began a few months ago

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Virtual Reality

By North Gate

It all began a few months ago.  Bob was working for VR Inc., a breakthrough

company in virtual reality.  Although Bob was a talented programmer, he was

assigned to working on payroll systems. As time progressed Bob got to meet the

guys working in Research and Development.  Bob was a technical geek and he loved

all of their cutting edge stuff.  He'd stop down there at lunch and ask the guys

a million questions about the VR technology.  They didn't mind telling him

because he was only one of a few people who could understand their discussion of

technical issues or was even interested in the technical details at all.  The

bigwigs upstairs were only interested in seeing results.

However, what no one in R & D knew, was that Bob had a hidden agenda.  He was

fascinated with the idea of giantesses.  He visited giantess web sites, boards

and IRC channels every night.  Actaually he really liked the idea of being small

and with a normal woman who would be a giantess to him and he thought that

Virtual Reality would be a way of experiencing this dream.  Over the next few

months, he listened and took it all in and slowly developed plans to make this

plan of his work out.

One day he stopped down to visit the lab late on a Friday and a couple of his

friends were still down there.  He hung out and talked for a while.  Finally

Steve, the lead engineer said, "Want to try the new model out?". 

"What!  It's working???", Bob exclaimed. 

Steve smiled, "Not only is it working, but we've put together a 'special' demo

program.  Want to try it out?". 

"Sure", Bob blurted out, "It this some  kind of executive demo?" 

"Nah, much better than that.  It our own private demo.  We got ourselves a bar,

juke box, pool tables, and best of all, every lady is as good as it gets.", Jim,

one of the programmers, chuckled. 

"What!", Bob exclaimed, "You gotta be kidding.".  Jim continued, "No joke and

it's even better than that though.  We've even got a back room for anyone you

might pick up at the bar.  We thought of everything. You should see these

personality modules I designed.  You'd swear you're talking to a real person. 

Everyone there is unique.  The whole thing is cutting edge. You'll swear you

were experiencing the real thing.  Touch sensors fully working, room is

perfectly detailed and the people top it off."

"Why don't you give it a try?", Steve offered, "We'll be right here to make sure

it all goes smooth.  The back room is in the back of the bar.  When you want to

signal the system to end the simulation there's a switch on the wall near the

light switches.  They're round red buttons, just hit one and the simulation will

end in a second."

"This is awesome!", Bob thought as he suited up and sat in a large chair. 

Steve gave him some last minute instructions, "The chair will mold to you and

move with you, orienting you through the VR world.  Ready?".

Bob replied he was ready and everything went dark.  Within a few seconds a room

came to life before him exactly as his friends had described.  He walked around.

A few of the people nodded at him with a familiar recognition.  They were right

about the people.  About three-quarters of the bar was occupied by the most

beautiful women he had ever seen.

He sat next to one of the women and started making idle chit chat.  She was

witty and engaging in conversation.  "Amazing", Bob thought.  He excused himself

and moved around the bar sitting next to different women and chatting with each

of them.  They all were amazingly unique and were able to maintain a

conversation with him as well as being friendly and open like.  They all seemed

to like him.  This made it a very different bar scene from any that Bob had ever


He finally settled in with one young women who appears to be about 23 years old

with the most gorgeous green eyes.  But the rest of her was nothing to cough at,

a perfect figure with the most gorgorous legs.  He gathered up his courage and

said, "Want to take a walk with me to the back room.  I understand it's more

comfortable than in here." 

"Sure.", she replied with a friendly smile and away they went to the back.

The back room was like a world away from the bar.  It looked like a beautifully

decorated efficency apartment with a small kitchen, oversized batchroom with a

large tub for two and poster bed.  "Come on over here.", she purred patting the

bed.  He hopped in and cuddled with her.  Her personality seemed to change in

this room becoming more aggressive and passionate as she took control.

Bob and his new girlfriend were having a ball.  She was running around naked and

Bob had got to try out VR sex about a dozen ways with her.  Suddenly, a voice

came out of nowhere.  "Sorry to break up your party dude, but it's getting late.

Get ready to bail." 

"Shit.", Bob thought as he sat up.  "Sorry Sweetie, Time to go", Bob said and a

second later the room darkened.

Bob removed his mask and when his eyes adjusted he was back in the lab.  "Man,

you didn't have to yank me out of there so fast.", he said annoyed. 

"Sorry, there's always another day.  Maybe when we go retail you can buy one of

these babies.", Jim laughed.

After that experience, Bob's plan began to take shape.  It was all there.  He

could have his giantess experience with what they had developed so far.  He just

had to modify the program parameters and tweak the programs a bit and he'd be

all set.  As weeks went on Bob continued his visits to the lab slowly extracting

the data he'd need to get it together.  He was able to modify his key card to

get off hours access to the lab and he had them showing him how they built the

database for the VR world.

Finally the day came.  Bob made sure no one was coming in that weekend and he

hung out in his office till about 7 PM.  After the clean crew had left, he went

down to the lab and set to work.  He didn't have a lot of time, actually he

didn't want to spend a lot of time, so he only modified the back room.

Everything in the room would be 12 times it's normal size.  Everything except

him that was.  The code that controlled the people was too complex for him to

play with, but then the girls in the original demonstration were fine for his

purposes.  He wanted to modify the parameters to ensure his girl would like the

idea of a 6" guy.  He also wasn't sure who was who in the simulation, so he

tried to adjust all of the females characteristics as best he could.  There

wasn't a "like little guys" parameter in the data so he did the best he could to

radiply modify the personalities.  "Oh well, if it doesn't work he could try

again another time.", he thought aloud as he finished the changes.

He suited up started the program and strapped into the chair.  The world come to

light again and he was back in the bar.  It looked the same and the people

looked that same except some of the women look vaguely like some of the people

that worked in the company with some "minor enhancements".  "Those dogs!", he

thought about his coworkers, "They never stop pushing the limits.  Good thing no

one ever catches them."

Once again he made it around the bar stopping to chat here or there until he

spotted a blond from the last time that he hadn't gotten a chance to talk to.

She had large breasts and a little short black dress that showed them off as

well as her legs.  That body, that dress, those legs and heels ... She was the

perfect choice.  He sat next to her at the bar.  He was getting excited at the

expectation of finally seeing a giantess and he was pretty short on conversation

before popping the question.  "Want to go in the back room and get

comfortable?", he asked her. 

"Sure", she replied with a sparkle in her eye just as the other girl had the

last time.  As they left the bar he thought, "Does that question ever fail in


They walked through the door of the back room and Bob almost full over as the Muestras gratis tostarica

room took on huge dimensions.  His heart skipped a beat and he suddenly felt

very scared.  He had no idea things would look so big or that he would feel so

small.  He turned to get out and go back into the bar before he total freaked

out over this.  He turned to run but his path was blocked by the largest pair of

shoes he'd ever seen.  Those black heels look familiar.  He followed them up a

long set of legs past a little skirt, and a huge pair of breasts to a smiling

face looking down at him.  The door slammed behind her and clicked shut.

She squatted down in front of him.  "Aren't you the cutest thing I've ever

seen.", she gushed, "Let me get a closer look at you.".  She reached out for him

with her open hand.  He started to run but she snatched him up and rose to her

full height.  Let's go over here and take a good look at you."  She pulled at

his clothes leaving him naked on the bed before her.  She stood up and slipped

out of her dress and let it drop to the floor.  Then she put her leg up on the

bed and slowly rolled her stocking down her leg which she followed with a repeat

performance on the other side.  She sat on the bed next to him and brushed her

stocking over his naked body knocking him to his back.  "I know you like these",

she said squeezing her breasts together for a minute.  "Want to feel them?  That

is why we came in here, right?"

She got on all fours on the bed with her breasts hovering over his body and

slowly lower herself until her nipple made contact with his body.  She lightly

rubbed her breast over his body which stimulated both of them.  "Kiss it!", she

demanded.  Scared out of his life, he complied and she began to rub faster and

harder until her weigh became to much and stopped him from moving.  "Sorry", she

said without much emotion when she realized what was happening and backed off.

She sat up in bed sitting cross-legged and grabbed for him again.  This time she

held him in her open hand and ran her manicured nail over his body and down his

prick causing his erection to come back harder than before.  "Glad to see me?",

she giggled as she brought him up to her mouth and covered his body with soft

tiny kisses.  Tiny kisses to her, but each one covered a good part of his body

and her tongue assaulted him as she lashed it out at him playfully. Then she

concentrated on his engorged prick, playing with it with her lips and tongue. 

She continued driving him crazy with her treatment.  Finally, she lowered him

down and dropped him on top of her breast.  He clung on for dear life as she

gently caressed him with her fingertip.  "It's not fair", she pouted, "I'm doing

all the work around here.  I think it's your turn now."  She jiggled her breasts

and Bob held as tight as he could but he began to slip down her front till his

head was at her nipple and he held on close to it.  This only excited her and

she giggled while continuing to shake him.  Finally he fell what seem like a

great distance until he hit the bed.

He recovered and looked around realizing he was in her lap surrounded by those

beautiful legs.  He looked for an escape and turned to face right into her

pussy.  Massive and dripping with moisture.  He backed up and he heard her voice

"No, No, No, get to work my little pet.", she laughed as she used her index

finger to push him forward.  He faced his task and began to rub her high and as

hard as he could.  This obviously excited her and she just kept repeating "Don't

stop.".  After a few minutes of this treatment, he tried to stop but her finger

was back down pushing him in further, face first into her womanhood.  He

couldn't move as she used his entire body to stimulate herself.  Bob though he

was going to die from this treatment, but he had no idea what was to come next.

She laid back on the pillows and bent her legs so that her feet were flat on the

bed.  She turned him and without a word rammed him head first into herself.  She

held him by the ankles.  In and out.  In and out.  Over and over.  When she

would stop, her muscles squeezed him from all sides working his body like a

baker works dough before continuing in and out again.  Finally, after multiple

orgasms she stopped, but he had already passed out from shear exhausion.

After several hours had pasted, he awoke on the bed.  He looked around confused

and disoriented for a moment.  But then he remembered what had happened and

realized he was lying between two massive thighs.  "Actually", he thought,

"These are a pretty nice looking even at this size.", Then his mind cleared.  "I

got to get the hell out of here before she wakes up.  Shit!", he thought as

reality sank in.  He looked over by the door.  The red Stop button was there but

it was about forty feet off the floor for him.  "Damn, how I'm I going to get

over there.  I don't suppose she's going to be willing to help me.", he thought

as he turn back to look at the sleeping giantess.

He climbed down the bed blanket and made it over to the door.  He tried to slip

under the door to return to the bar but that was impossible.  He tried knocking

on the door to see if someone in the bar would answer it, but that yielded no

results either.  He looked around the room and spotted another switch near the

wall controls for the tub.  He might be able to climb and reach that one.  He

began to traverse the room to get to the other switch but it was a major hike

for him at his size.

He was about halfway across the room when she began to stir.  "Shit", he though

again, "The simulation probably wakes her once it thinks I'm awake for the day.

Damn it!"  He began to run as fast as he could.  She sat up and immediately

turned to the side of the bed.  In another moment she spotted him running toward

the bath.  "Fee fi fo fum!", she giggled, "I smell the scent of my little man".

She rose and waked past him within a few steps and turned to block his path.

She stood in front of him in all her naked glory with her hand on her hips.  He

looked up at her and she looked down with a smiling face.  She extended her foot

and knocked him to the ground.  She raised her foot over him and said, "You

shouldn't be such a bad boy and leave me all by myself in bed.  Now I'm going to

have punish you."  She rolled her big toe over his body.  "How are you going to

make this up to me?  A foot massage perhaps or maybe another journey inside me.

You passed out too soon last time.  I could have gone all night.  Maybe you'd

like to adorn my body like a piece of jewelry?"

She squated downm, picked him up and squeezed him in her fist.  "What do you

say, little guy?"  Bob stammered, "How about we just go back in the bar for a

drink."  "What do you think I am stupid", she roared.  "I know what will happen

when you get back in there. We're not going anywhere!  Let's get back to the

bed, little man.  You can start today with my feet and work your way up.  If you

do a good job, we'll get you over to the bathroom for some fun in the tub."

(Fade to Monday morning ....)

Back in the lab everyone was coming in for work when someone noticed all the

power was on.  "Shit Bob's in the chair", someone shouted. "Christ, the display

reads the program has been running for over 57 hours.  Quick shut it down.".

Everyone scrambled for an emergency shut down.

Once the power was off.  They checked Bob.  He was breathing normal and had good

vital signs but they couldn't wake him.  He appeared to be comatose and they

called for an ambulance to have him transferred to a nearby hospital.

While his coworkers ran around, Bob was still in the back room kissing his

mistress's thighs slowly working his way up.  By now he felt like he had been

there for an eternity.  "Don't miss a spot!", she ordered, "If you're good maybe

I'll invite the barmaid in to bring us some drinks and I'll let her play with

you.", she laughed.  Bob moaned silently, "When will it end?".

Giantess Stories: Virtual Reality By North Gate   It all began a few months ago

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