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Viscious Caitlin




Brandon sat behind the wheel of his truck, blazing down the road away from

his high school. Through the speakers blared Man in the Box, by Alice in

Chains. His head bobbed with the music, throwing around locks of his ear length

brown hair. A hand reached forward and cranked the volume up even louder, the

cars amp thundered behind him.

Out in the country there wasnt much around to worry about being caught

speeding, or with his music supposedly up too loud. Swerving into the next lane

he overtook two school buses and pulled in front of them somewhat further up.

The engine of the truck roared as he fed it more gas, wanting to get home as

fast as possible. Why? Brandon was having a very shitty day, one of the worst

yet, and all he wanted was to get away.

Luckily Alice in Chains calmed him, had it not; he would more likely than not

have driven his truck off the road and into a tree. Silence from the stereo. It

switched over to the song Would? His favorite. Fingers upon the steering wheel

tapped with anticipation as the intro started up.

Ugh I love this bass line, he spoke to himself, having no one else to talk

to currently.

For a mile or so he hummed along with the song, just going with the beat. Oh

shit! both feet slammed down upon his brake, the back tires fishtailing to and

fro. Finally he skidded to a halt, staring out the window all he saw was a large

black wall. It was easily taller than his truck, for he couldnt see the top of

it out his front window.

Leaning forward he followed the wall up, and soon found out it was actually a

large black boot, a platform boot, that went up rather far. At the top of it,

came pale flesh, covered with fishnet stockings. Apparently a& What the hell?!

It was a damn leg, which soon met with a black skirt, and from there he couldnt

see any further up, save for the persons pale hands, apparently a woman. - - -

- -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -

- -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

Caitlin smiled as she stood there, staring across the farm covered landscape.

It wasnt like out in the middle of the U.S. where there were humongous farms,

no, here there were small to medium sized farms, so she could see houses, cars,

and various other things racing around.

Both hands quickly ran down her somewhat see-through white shirt, smoothing

out some of the wrinkles. That was followed by a crack of her stiff neck; she

could feel her black spiked collar rubbing against her pale skin, a somewhat

soothing feeling oddly enough. She was easily five hundred feet tall, and had no

clue how she ended up this way, but apparently she could suddenly change size at

her own will. Whether shrink or grow, it did not matter.

Her pale hand, nails painted black came up and swept one of her blonde dreads

from in-front of her face, along with one of her dyed black dreads. Her crimson

red lips formed in a sort of smirk, staring out across the landscape, wondering

what to do first. Ocean Blue eyes darted from house to house, looking for

something, or someone familiar.

It was hard to hear at her height, but she could hear it nonetheless, the

sound of a cars stereo blaring at an incredible volume. She could barely make

out the band, but soon recognized it to be Alice in Chains. It was Brandon. A

quick glance off to the right and she could see his car racing down the main

road, which was right by her feet.

So what she did was back off somewhat, being as quiet as possible, and as he

neared, she slammed one of her boots into the road, sending out dozens of

concrete shards, just watching as Brandons truck came to a stop, only a few

feet from her foot. A mere centimeter or so from her.

Hello Brandon& She spoke, and crouched down beside the road.

- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -

- -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

Brandon saw the enormous figure get closer, and soon saw it was crouching.

Its foot pulled back from the road, resting beside it, and it was revealed to be

Caitlin, a long time friend ever since he moved here back in freshman year. God

he found her attractive, but was never able to go out with her, she was too good

looking for him, she got all the attractive, guys, which pretty much meant to

her, all other gothic-type guys beside him.

Something told him he better run though, and he soon saw why. Her hand was

spread open, heading down towards his truck. Were her intents good? Or Bad? Yes,

she was his friend, but she liked to be somewhat vicious at times. She may take

him out, just say hi, or may crush him within his car, he did not know, but

wouldnt take any chances.

Im getting the fuck out of here, and quickly forced his car door open, but

before he could even get his foot out, her forefinger and thumb clamped around

his truck, the forefinger which slammed his door shut, and bent it inward,

pinning it there. The thumb got the other door, but she didnt crush it any

further, just raised him upwards.

Brandons truck was held back far enough to the point where he could see her

head as a whole, those ocean blue eyes just gazing through the windshield at

him, luscious lips formed into a sort of smirk. Then he remembered, much like

him, she was fascinated by vampires, succubuses, and other such creatures. Such

a sudden realization caused him to suddenly cringe in fear.

Soon enough, Caitlin spoke to him, which Brandon would get occasional

glimpses of her teeth. Hey Brandon& You know, I figured Id just say hi.

Brandon was relieved by this, for two reasons. Her voice was nice soft voice,

a rather soothing one, and the fact that she said she just wanted to say hi.

From inside his car, Brandon waved in response. Her fingers had shattered the

side windows, so Brandon stuck his head out, careful not to cut himself on glass

fragments, and shouted back What the hell happened?!

He nearly fell out of his car when she shrugged her shoulders, but managed to

stay in. Apparently she saw this and giggled, shaking him somewhat more, it was

then that he retreated back into his car entirely.

Aww, where ya going? Her voice once again was soothing, but had a sort of

menacing sound in it, and there was that familiar smirk.

- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -

- -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

Caitlin reached forward with her other hand, dug her forefinger into the back

window of the truck, and yanked up, much like opening a can of pop. She quickly

discarded that piece of metal, and just remained looking at Brandon.

What the hell are you doing?! This is my truck! Not yours! She could hear

him shout up at her, apparently furious with what she just did, friend or not.

No& Its my truck, just as you are mine. She snickered once more, and saw

Brandon cling to his seat, not liking the idea of being a hundred feet in the

air with nothing to stop him from falling out of his car.

Finally when she stopped, a close look revealed a look of puzzlement on

Brandons face. Quickly she plucked him out of his seat by the back of his shirt

with both her forefinger and thumb.

Holding him before her face, she placed a soft kiss upon him, her luscious

crimson red lips covering the majority of his body, but did not harm him one

bit. Followed by that she lowered him into her breast pocket, and let go, he

would stay in there until she said otherwise. A mere flick of her hand sent the

truck spiraling into the ground, exploding upon impact.

- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -

- -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

Brandon kicked about furiously, not really liking the idea of being helpless,

but soon found that he was in a rather helpless situation, and he had nowhere to

go. So he just settled down in the bottom of the pocket, the smooth material, as

well as the heat of Caitlins chest keeping him plenty warm.


- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -

- -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - - - -

A smile formed upon her face, happy of the fact that she had someone as

property, the fact that his fate lay in her hands, he was hers and there was

nothing he would be able to do about it. For the first time she noticed the

bunches of cars lined up, some turning about and blazing back the way they came,

away from her. Some were stuck in ditches, others had their people exiting and

running away.

Normally a tender-hearted person, Caitlin decided that it was time for a

change. Playtime. She spoke that single word, but to those miniscule people,

it was thunder, and that only caused them to panic and work twice as hard to get

away. All their futile efforts would get them nowhere.

That black boot raised above the road, over a group of cars that were too

close together to be able to escape, all the occupants of the cars doing their

best to get out in run. They would not make it. Her foot fell, the sole of her

boot flattened the cars into sheets of metal, there wasnt even time for it to

catch fire, and her sole wouldnt allow it. The few people who hadnt gotten

away from the cars died as well, turned into mere puddles of crimson beneath


A quick swivel of her foot and she ground it all into dust, pulling her foot

away, a few pieces clinging to it here and there.

Ugh, I got stuff stuck on my boots&. Damnet. Her voice rumbled, and soon

her boot once again fell on an area of the road which had no people, no cars on

it, they were headed that way though. Quickly she slid her boot back, scraping

the corpses and chunks of metal off her boot and into the pavement of the road.

Soon the high heel of the boot overtook a group of people. They got pinned

beneath the boots, and they too got turned into mush.

There we go& Hmm& Now what? I am rather hungry& and its not like I get to

go to a restaurant at this size. I guess Ill have to improvise. It was easy to

hear the sarcasm in her voice, and the devious smirk which crept across her lips

made it even more obvious what she was going to do. The thunder of her voice

scared the little people enough, but what she said nearly made them shit


Getting down upon both knees, one on either side of the road then sat back,

the brim of her skirt blocking all people from running beneath her. Escape was

prevented, due to the fact of the piles of burning cars; the people now were

trapped indefinitely. With her left hand she began reaching down, plucking

person after person from the road as they did their best to run and hide.

Each of them were merely put into the open palm of her other hand until she

had about fifteen. Any survivors on the ground she would just ignore from here

on out, the only people that mattered were in her palm, and of course Brandon in

her pocket. Steadily she raised her hand to just below eye level, twin oceans of

blue just staring down at the people within her hand.

One person she suddenly recognized, that bitch from school, Amy. Well, Hello

there Amy, nice to see you. Once again, sarcasm was there, this time more than

ever. Before Amy could bark a response, Caitlin picked her up using her

forefinger and thumb. Instead of letting her dangle by her shirt, Caitlin had

her fingers pressing against Amys entire body.

Amy does not deserve such an honor as to be eaten by me Caitlin thought to

herself, the smile from earlier never left her face. Apparently Caitlin suddenly

thought very high of herself, and after a second or so of just thinking, she

snapped back to attention. Both eyes focused solely on Amy.

Without warning, her thumb and finger pinched together tightly, Amys fragile

body exploding with the sudden pressure. Now all there was were a few puddles of

blood upon her finger, which she quickly licked off. Now for you guys& Both

eyes focused upon the crowd in her hand, which she recognized none of them.

Her hand was brought up to her lips, the side of her hand pressing against it

firmly, holding the people an incredibly short distance from those crimson red

giants. All of them huddled together, and started moving towards the opposite

side of her hand, one didnt make it though.

Caitlins tongue slithered out, and pressed against the back of one woman,

causing her to instantly get stuck. Before she could writhe her way off that

saliva coated muscle, Caitlins tongue retreated back into her mouth, which she

would swallow immediately. No chewing just swallowed her whole.

Yummy& I never thought people would actually taste good, guess Ive been

missing out& Her voice was somewhat softer this time around, but that did not

mean she was going to stop, and no, she didnt stop. Apparently she became

impatient, and began inhaling slowly, yet deeply.

All the little people fought and struggled against the force, but it was not

enough. One by one they were sucked up into her mouth, until all of them were

just sitting in there upon her tongue. These people would die quicker than the

original woman, and Caitlin made sure of it. Her tongue forced them all off to

the side, lining them up upon her teeth, and just as her tongue moved back to

the center of her mouth, she bit down rather hard.

Some of them had been lined up to the point that their entire body splattered

between her molars, others were bit in half only to scream in agony before they

finally just died. A few more chews turned them all into a sort of ooze, which

she swallowed down greedily.


Boredom suddenly overcame her, so she decided to play a game. Caitlin looked

about, seeing some people hiding behind trees, others in ditches, and a few even

retreated into houses. Those hiding behind trees and in the deeper ditches

along the side of the road were going to be dispatched rather painfully, due to

the fact they werent going to be quick deaths.

Her finger hovered over one person, slowly descending until her pale flesh

pushed upon the top of their head. Sure, she could immediately push down and

turn them into nothing, but instead she slowly applied more and more pressure.

Caitlin could see the person rile in agony, doing its best to get out from

under her finger, but it was to no avail. Eventually the person pushing upward

so hard and Caitlins force downward caused his legs to snap.

The man fell to the ground, screaming in pain. She hadnt expected that, and

the sudden loss of something to push against caused her finger to immediately

descend. The man died instantly. That little speck of blood that remained there

was quickly licked away.

After a while of playing Caitlin stood up, those ocean blue eyes just gazing

about curiously. I guess I killed all of the ones outside& I cant remember

which houses people ran in so& She appeared to think for a second, and came to

a brutal conclusion. I guess Ill have to crush every house and every barn in


She did exactly that, her platform boot would rise above a barn, and descend

rapidly upon it. The sudden immense force, spread all across the top of the barn

caused it to flatten, sending out splinters of wood in all directions, almost

like a grenade would. If there was anything in there, human, horse, cow,

anything, it was gone now.

Now she concentrated upon the house nearby the farm, apparently the owners

place. Now there's bound to be some people in there&. Spoken to no one in

particular, pretty much to herself. Once again that black boot would hover above

it, except instead of immediately turning it to dust; she slowly applied

pressure to it. Beneath her she could feel the house begin giving, the beams

bending and snapping beneath her weight. Whats this? The house was about to

go down, but a pair of people ran out the front door. Before they could get any

further, her foot swiveled about until the high heel of her boot was directly

above the people. It then snapped downward, grinding the two people into the

dirt which they stood upon. Poor bastards.

She continued for a few minutes until she had every house within a mile or so

leveled, no one could have escaped her. I know the damn government will be here

soon& What to do? She could simply go home and shrink herself back down to

size, or she could stay and destroy them. Sure, being this size and killing

people was fun, but she didnt have the time, nor the will power.

She marched off in the direction of her place, a farm house a few miles off.

Every time she took a step, she would cause herself to shrink slightly, until

when she finally reached her house she was normal size. Whew, that was rather

fun. I just hope no one saw exactly where I went& too much of a hassle for them

to show up here. I wonder if Brandon is home from school yet& Brandon. She

entirely forgot, and soon looked into her breast pocket.

What? Brandon shrunk along with her, now that was odd. He was an inch, maybe

two inches tall. That all too familiar smirk came across her face, and soon she

would kick off those boots of hers, standing them beside her bedroom door.

Carefully she picked Brandon up between her forefingers and thumb, only to drop

him into her boot. Youll stay the night there. She spoke aloud, not caring if

he gave a response or not, she merely turned off the light and got into bed.

Giantess Stories: Viscious Caitlin

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