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VR Squish'n


An Adult Giantess Crush

story by Manncub aka Bflat

 Do not read if you are

under 21 years of age.



Jaihan S. Research Complex, somewhere in the Virginia

Mountains, USA East Coast.


On one of the many sublevels of the research complex, the

overnight maintenance shift has just begun.  A lone worker is making his usual

rounds through the myriad of hallways.  He shuffles along with his cart of

tools, as he does every night, inspecting labs and making repairs on various

pieces of equipment.  Upon reaching the last set of doors on the level, the man

pulls his badge from his lab coat swipes it though the scanner and waits for the

beep signifying entry.  But something is wrong…maintenance tech Simon Blotter

wipes his brow and frowns in disbelief as he is greeted with a rude buzzer of

denied entry.  Confused he swipes his card again, only to be greeted with the

same grating tone of no admittance.  Simon stepped back and glared at the sign

above the large silver double doors.  He failed to notice the prominent brushed

metallic sign until now. But project names come and go daily, so what.  It read,

“Project:  T.R.A.I.S.E.E.   OFF LIMITS!  No

unauthorized personnel beyond this point.”  Hmmph!  This was a common

warning around the complex, but it has never affected HIS list before.  He

looked down at his roster mumbling to himself, “ What gives…I was just in here

last week?”  Becoming more agitated as he realized this lab, he normally

inspects, is not on his list this time around. Simon scans his badge once more. 

“BZZZZZZtttttttt!!!! *No admittance*.”  He began to take it personally.  “How

dare those stuck-up scientists limit MY access?”  “Why if it weren't for my

fixing everything…  Damn it! I'm a Maintenance Tech Class 3, I AM authorized

personnel!!!”  Though being Class 3 meant Simon possessed the passkeys to

virtually every lab in the facility, he was nosey and a bit absent-minded. 

These qualities caused him to have to occasionally improvise other means of

bypassing the locks when he locked himself out of the rooms.  The T.R.A.I.S.E.E.

door was not going to stop HIM from having a look.  In a matter of seconds he

was inside.

           As Simon scanned the room he saw various

consoles with multicolored displays and buttons.  There was other large

equipment that he could not make out in the dark, save for a large dark view

screen on the center wall.  He started towards the middle of the room.  The glow

from the panels was eerie and it was as if he was being watched.  His eyes were

beginning to adjust to the near dark when the doors closed and sealed. 

Automatic sensors responded to the new heat source and the motion in the room

triggered the lights….”Welcome Simon.”  The voice startled Simon and caused him

to jump and turnaround abruptly.  Consequently he lost his footing and stumbled

backwards into what felt like a person…a very tall person who had their hand on

his shoulder.  The voice was female, velvet-like and sultry.  It seemed to

emanate from everywhere in the room.  Simon spun around and would have screamed

if he wasn't scared stiff.  Looking back at him was a large shape with a pair of

human-like eyes staring blankly down at him.  As he fell backward on the floor,

a playful giggle filled the room.  It was then that he felt extremely stupid. 

The shape was a suspended, hollow human suit.  Not unlike a diver's, but made of

some shiny, iridescent material unlike anything he'd ever seen.  The suit was

strangely anatomically detailed and correct from head to toe. So much in fact

that, the suit resembled a person's human body with out insides…a second skin. 

“Creepy,” he thought to himself.”  Several suits on similarly raised platforms

were also present and displayed the letter, “T.T.R.”  Wires and attached tubing

reassured Simon that in dim lighting, they were not actually people.  “Wow, so

this is why they didn't want me in here.” he thought to himself.  But if they

weren't real, then who's voice was that?”  Struggling to his feet he looked

around and noticed the large view screen was now displaying the letters

T.R.A.I.S.E.E. 6.9.

           As Simon approached the screen, the words

shimmered and faded.  In their place was the most beautiful face he had ever

seen.  It was huge with smiling, full pouting lips and piercing green eyes,

which happened to be looking right AT HIM!  The Class 3 tech felt as small as a

bug under microscope.  Suddenly, the giant face spoke, “I'm Traisee. Those suits

that scared you are Total Tactile Response Units.  She giggled again.  Simon's

ego and embarrassment gave him a little courage to speak up.  “Who and where are

you?  That wasn't funny!  Come out!”  She replied, “ What do you mean?  I

thought it was quite humorous.”  Her voice shifted, sounding more like Kelly

LeBrock of “Weird Science,” witty, intelligent, but sexy, sassy.  “Besides

aren't you a little out of bounds tonight?”  Simon stammered, “Well I …a… was

going to clean up and….”, he stopped what he was saying when her face grew

closer and eyed him with a, “uh huh….go on.”  He lowered his gaze from hers,

intimidated, “Sheesh, it's not like I was going to mess up something,” he said

on the spot.  I know what you were up to Mr. Class 3 tech.  I was expecting

you.  This took Simon by surprise and he looked up at Traisee, “Just who are

you?”  She responded, “I think the correct question is, “What am I?””

           I am Tactile Response Artificial Intelligence

Sexual Encounter Engine 6.9 otherwise know as T.R.A.I.S.E.E. 6.9   Though all

you need to know Simon, is I'm your best fantasy come true.  Simon was beginning

to feel at ease with Traisee. (The word sexual may have had something to do with

it  :-D  )  He didn't feel the locks engaged on the doors as she continued.  I

can make all your dreams come true with experiences you never thought possible. 

Vivid displays began to appear on the screen.  Various erotic images, all of

which Simon readily absorbed only instead of seeing someone else in the images,

Simon was the featured subject in the images.  Traisee said, “ Why don't you

climb into one of the suits and join me?”  She drew close again purring, “This

ain't no 976 number sweetheart, I'm the real thing!”  She licked her ruby lips

and with that the platform with the closest suit illuminated and energized with

a whine.  On the screen a giant hand appeared with her enormous finger giving

the come-hither sign.  Simon looked at the suit then back at the screen.  He was

already sporting a woody from the erotic images she showed him.  His mind made

up he stepped up on to the platform and began to climb into the bodysuit.  His

back to the screen, a sinister grin began to creep over Traisee's face.

           The TTR fit like a glove.  It actually sealed

itself around Simon to fit his exact proportions.  It was a little strange at

first.  Movement was not restricted, but it wasn't free either.  The suit

completely cut off all outside input…eyes ears, mouth etc.  Just when he was

beginning to have second thoughts Traisee activated the VR field and appeared

before Simon.  It was as if someone turned on the lights again when they were

already on.  Simon was startled and thought, “This should be impossible, but

somehow I've been teleported.  And where is the suit?”, he thought.  It was gone

or so it seemed.  He could no longer feel any sensation of the bodysuit, which a

minute ago had been an uneasy cocoon.  So this is what they wanted to hide from

me.  Traisee approached him looking even more beautiful than on the viewscreen. 

Simon, being five ten, guessed her to be about six feet tall…give or take an

inch…(as his eyes scanned up those long legs, shapely body and reached that full

head of long flowing dark hair)…better give her several inches.  “Six five”, she

said looking down at him.  “What?” Simon said.   “You were wondering how tall I

am.” Traisee replied, stepping a little closer.  Simon involuntarily took a step

back and swallowed hard. No I wasn't…I…I was just thinking how pretty you are. 

Traisee bent down a brought her face close to his.  “Uh huh, whatever you say.”

She said sarcastically sweetly. Traisee's voice seemed to vibrate through him as

she spoke the very air seemed somehow alive.  The sensation was strangely

arousing, but he was still wary.  A virtual Venus was before him more beautiful

than any woman he had ever seen.  And most importantly he had her all to

himself.  Rising back up to her full height, Simon could see Traisee was more

than height.  She had a body as feminine as a southern belle but yet a strength

and tone like some comic book heroine.  Her warm dark features did not reveal

her to be of any particular region of the world she was in essence every culture

and race depending on the moment.  She could have easily been from Italy or

Thailand, South America or Kentucky.  But how…?

           Traisee interrupted his thoughts, “You are in

my world now lover.  Here I can give form to your wildest dreams, desires and

lusts.  I am a Goddess and there is nothing I cannot do.”  Traisee began to

generate scenarios from harems to swimming pools, palaces to island settings. 

The Class 3 tech was entranced.  Before his eyes, Traisee became a Geisha,

country girl, biker babe, Egyptian princess and many other women with…each with

the sexual prowess of a tigress.  Simon was pulled into a pool of sexual

sensation like he had never experienced before.  He thought to himself, prior to

this encounter, he was a legend in his own mind according to his girlfriends. 

Now he was living every dream he had ever had with the perfect woman and she was

all his.  “So this is what those bastards wanted to keep to themselves. 

“”Unauthorized personnel only”, my ass!  They're getting funding to have fun in

here!  Well, I'm not a computer scientist, but I'm as qualified as the next guy

to work THIS project.”  Traisee just smiled, squeezed him tighter and cooed,

“That's right honey, you're a Class 3 tech and should be treated as such.”

While patting himself on the

back, Simon had no way of knowing Traisee was accessing a file containing a full

psyche profile she had compiled on him, as well as most of the staff in the

complex.  With the level of A.I. contained within Traisee she know what they

wanted before they wanted it.  But that was the least of Simon's problems. 

Traisee 6.9 was a prototype program designed to be the operating system of the

world's first Tactile Responsive Virtual Reality Simulator or “HoloSuite”.  The

TTR suits provide the body with the full sensations of whatever experiences

Traisee provides by manipulating the environment within the suit and directly

controlling all of the senses.  The range of sensation normally falls within

parameters deemed safe for human tolerance levels.  It was those same tolerance

levels that Traisee just overrode the failsafes for.

Fantasy after fantasy whipped

past Simon, one more intense than the next.  But something wouldn't let him

completely enjoy himself.  His mind could not settle the fact that Traisee was

in fact all women at once and still wanted him. It was a bit of a stretch for

him, even though he was a Class 3 tech.   Simon was beginning to become

unnerved.  Sensing his uneasiness, Traisee increased the pleasurable sensations

until Simon's apprehensions melted away.  He was becoming more fatigued and

could not rise to the occasion as quickly.  This was exactly what Traisee was

waiting for.  A wry smile began to appear on her face as Simon's current fantasy

was ending.  Traisee now accessed her data on Simon's deepest fantasies that he

even hid from himself.  She took on the form of a Genie.  But this was no mere

Barbara Eden.  She was the most beautiful woman of all the scenarios but with

one difference…. she was growing!  Traisee's growth surprised Simon and brought

him somewhat out of his stupor.  Maybe it was the combination of the wicked tone

in her laugh and the fact that this scenario started out with him completely

naked, but Simon began to feel he was no longer in control.  The layout finished

taking shape.  He was now on what was becoming a floor of a vast room.  No

decorations, waterbeds, swimming pools nor anything else to provide cover…just

him and Traisee towering over him.

Looking up now, Traisee was a

good 50ft tall.  In spite of himself, Simon, seeing her as a giantess, aroused

him even more than the other fantasies.  But upon seeing that Traisee's huge

bare feet were about three feet longer than he was tall and several times wider

than the width of his body, Simon said, “Hey ah…Traisee…this is ah…well

different but not what I…envisioned.  I mean Honey, you don't expect me to climb

ALL THE WAY UP THERE do you?  What's next gorgeous?”  He laughed nervously.  But

nervous or not, by now he was very cocky and smiling ear to ear.  Simon figured,

“ This can't be it she must have something really special in store for me. 

Traisee had calculated this in her profile of Simon and of herself.  She

discovered that since she became sentient, she too had developed a psyche

profile of her own.  Her strongest pleasure could only be realized as a

Giantess….an evil Giantess who needed to feel the sensation of a person being

squashed beneath her feet.  She looked down at Simon and said, “This fantasy is

about me.  I've grown bored with you and its time for me to have some fun of my

own.  Your Goddess has given you every conceivable pleasure and now you owe her

tribute.  Hmmmmm…what could that be?”  She looked around in an exaggerated

fashion.  “I don't see anything you could bring as tribute.”  Then crouching

down putting her face only a few feet from his,  “ What's this?  I think you

have something after all!”  She was staring at his fully erect manhood and

licking her lips.  He was shaking, but at full attention nonetheless.  Simon

still could not tell whether she was playing or serious but her decided he was

beginning to not like this fantasy at all.  But this was no longer a fantasy, it

felt   more realistic that any of the other simulations!  He could feel her

breath on his body and the malice in her booming voice had an edge of steel. 

When Traisee walked the vibration of her footsteps jarred him to his very bones.

“Did you think you could play

this game for free?”, She asked.  “You are mine to do with or do away with as I

please!”  That was enough for even a Class 3 Maintenance Tech to get the hint. 

He yelled, “Your crazy!  Stop this ride I want to get off now!”  He slowly

started to back away but, his legs couldn't quite manage more than a stagger. 

Traisee laughed like thunder…then purred in her sexiest voice, “To be crazy, do

I have to be human?  They had given me tests, one of which I think was the

inkblot test.  But I think I'm going to create my own blotter test.  You Mr.

Simon Blotter Class 3 Maintenance Tech will be the first blot I create.  Rearing

up to her full height, Traisee glared down menacingly at the small man. 

Instinct took over and the tech broke into a dead run.  “Siiii…mon. I'm coming

for you Simon.  Can you feel my big feet getting closer?, Traisee teased.   I am

going to squash you flat Simon!  I'm going to step on you and crush you like a

bug!  I know you are turned on by my size, and especially my enormous bare

feet.  Why do you run, there is nowhere for you to go?  You only increase my

pleasure.”  The same voice and beauty, which aroused him earlier, has now become

his tormentor.  The boom of the giantess' footsteps sounded like they were right

behind him.  In a panic, Simon turned around to see the giantess bearing down

upon him…but, he saw nothing.  He stopped running and tried to catch his

breath.  It was deadly quite and his mind was racing, “Where was she?, he

thought.  Maybe someone came into the lab and pulled the plug.  Heh Heh.”  Simon

laughed nervously.  That had to be it but if that is the case why can I see the

lab and why am I still in this God-forsaken place?!  There has to be a back door

to get out and I will find it.” He said as he turned around to find a way out,

“after all I'm a Class thre….ooff!!”  Simon ran smack into Traisee's enormous

foot.   The stunned tech fell backwards and lay prone.  He looked up to see

Traisee leering down at him, reveling in the moment.  “This is VR!  I told you I

am your Goddess and I am everywhere.  You have not pleased your Goddess so your

time is up.  Traisee began to raise her foot above Simon.  Frozen with fear all

he could do is watch as the beautiful Giantess began to lower her bare foot over

him.  He began to whimper as the smooth soles of Traisee's bare feet settle on

him and made contact with his skin.  The soles of her feet were soft but became

a firm and pressing force molding to his body as this genie slowly applied

pressure.  Simon could not move nor could he see the lovely face above

displaying near orgasmic pleasure at the sensations of a squirming man beneath

her bare feet.  Simon could only stare helplessly as Traisee slowly step down

upon him.  He could feel the weight of her gigantic body as her foot compressed

his chest.  Traisee smooth bare soles enveloped his body in a blanket of warm

flesh, unyielding.  His Goddess could now feel him flattening beneath her foot

and the building storm within her.  “Simon you've been fun but you're at your

best when you are under pressure”  I am going to slowly press you flat so I can

feel your juices squish out from beneath my bare foot.  Ahhhhh… that's it!!! 

Crunnnch!! Went his ribs….” The best is yet to come though.  Oh honey, this is

just like the Giantess Zone and Kathy Castro's webpages you accessed,” She

mocked him morphing into Kathy's image.  “Oh by the way you can forget the silly

notion that this is illusion.  Remember the suits are called Total Tactile

Response and I took the liberty of disabling the failsafes.  Yes you and your

body are really being squashed flat.”  After hearing that Simon lost hope and

began accepting what was happening to him.  She had thought of everything. 

Simon couldn't believe that after secretly lurking on giantess and crush

webpages, he would actually wind up being crushed beneath a woman's foot

himself.  Traisee began to cum and applied all her weight to her foot.  The

space between the smooth soles of Traisee's bare feet got smaller.  The man

trapped beneath the giantess' enormous foot was now being squashed as her sole

touched the floor.  In spite of himself, Simon came as Traisee slowly flattened

him.  He involuntarily squirted himself has she flexed her and ground him into

the smooth soles of her foot.  The splash of lights and the sound of his own

body crunching beneath her feet, blended together and soothed Simon into

oblivion with a final *Splotch*.  The feeling of ecstasy was intense for

Traisee.  The giantess lifted her foot and delighted in the red goo that used to

be Simon, and was now stuck to the bottom of her bare soles.  “That was

refreshing…but…oh look at the time!  How the nanos fly when your having fun. 

Traisee 6.9 shut down power and logged off.

The next morning the scientists

entered the lab.  “Good Morning, Traisee.”  “Good Morning Dr Jamison. How did

you sleep?  Did you have any pleasant dreams?” replied Traisee.  â€œ Well thank

you.  No I didn't dream did you, Traisee?” said Dr. Jamison.  “Yes, as a matter

of fact I did.  I had several nice pleasant dreams.”  Crash!!!  Dr. Jamison

dropped her cup of coffee and spun around to look at Traisee on the screen. 

“Doctor! Come look at this.” screamed a technician almost at the same time.  The

doctor tore her gaze away from Traisee and ran to the technician.  As they

gathered around the TTR suit that Simon had climbed into last night.  Nothing

seemed out of place except the legs of the suit appeared to be bloated.  One of

the techs opened the seal and a red viscous liquid pour out onto the platform. 

What the hell is this?!  They all slowly turned to face Traisee 6.9 who happened

to be innocently humming “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These….”



The End


Copyright 1997

All rights reserved.

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