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WAKE UP IT YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!" Brittany's mother enters her daughter's

bed room " You've got to get ready we have to be at the stadium in 20 minutes

for sound check." Brittany turns over and looks up at her mom hovering above her

yelling. "damn it I'll get up when I feel like it." "don't talk to me like that

you little brat!" "BRAT! BRAT! I've sold millions of records the only reason

where in this hotel the only reason you have a job is me you old bitch!"

Brittany gets out of bed and jumps in her mother's face She backs up surprised

by her daughter's outburst." "you tell me what to do all the time I want to do

what I want when and want and WHO I WANT! Well no more I'll never listen to you

again." Before she could open her mouth she felt a sharp pain in her stomach she

folded over and looked up at her daughter a smirk grew across her face. She felt

dizzy and blacked out she woke up an hour later hearing the shower shutting off

she was covered in a huge sheet she was fighting her way out. She felt the

ground shake as she broke her off the heavy fabric she came in to the light to

she a giant hotel room stretch around her and the tarp that covered he was her

own clothing she was now nude in a pile of her own giant clothing and she looked

behide her to see her giant teenage daughter towering above her in a bath robe

her huge toes were only inches in front of her. "I'm glad your up we got to go

like you said sound check and all but we'll be a little late who cares There is

no use screaming or crying or begging I can't hear you all the way down there"

Brittany's voice boomed like thunder high above her head Brittany looked down at

her mother and laughed then let her robe go it came down crashing around her

mother she looked up at her daughter towering naked in front of her she couldn't

believe her daughter would do that. HER body had grown since that last time she

saw her naked she was all grown now her pussy had a little patch of gold above

it and her tits were like twin Everest. She walked over her mother to a huge

gust of wind knocked her down she got to her feet to see her giant ass it was

big no fat but bigger then her was at that age Brittany pulled out a red thong

to wear. "Remember this you didn't want me to get it but I bought it after you

left the store the other day." She slipped in on and pulled out a bra and walked

back to her mother a bent down in front of her laid a cup on the floor. "GET IN"

She looked up and backed away from the giant silk cup. "get in or get sucked up

by the vacuum when the maid comes in" Her mother crawled to the bra and got in

all the sudden she felt a huge rush upward and came up the right tit and was

titled up and in to it she hit the right nipple still soft and pink was bigger

the her then the silk cup came from bend and held her there Brittany took steps

and her tit jiggled shaking her mother up and down. She got dressed and hurried

to the car running on purpose shaking her mother violently feeling her mother

tiny naked body against her nipple was turning her on. The soft surface that her

face was pressed into was getting hard poking her just below her naval Brittany

got into the car and drove off to the stadium. Unaware to Brittany her mother

moved up a little bit and the hard nipple was poking right into her pussy. She

started banging her fist on the huge tit to get her to let her out "please let

me out please." Brittany just laughed and rubbed her mother through her shirt.

The push form behind shoved her on to the nipple it was like a 4 inch around and

17 inch long Dick shoving into her she let out huge scream of pain and pleasure.

Brittany felt the pressure on her nipple and liked it and kept pressing not

knowing that she was fucking her mother with her nipple


pushing and rubbing fucking her mother harder and harder her mother finally

faint from all of it. Brittany got to the stadium and went to her dressing room

and looked the door ripped off her shirt and looked in the mirror the lump in

her bra cup she puled it back to she her mother passed out and the nipple still

inside her she just laughed and pulled her mother out and set her on the table.

"WAKE up little bitch." Her mother woke to feel the cool air on her hot naked

body she looked up to see her daughter pulled her tit up to her mouth and lick

of her juices "UUUUUUMMMM good" She put the bra and shirt back on and sat down

took off her shoe and picked her mother up with her finger and thumb and drooped

her in to the sock with a damp thud to the bottom of the sock feeling how slimy

inside and smelling of musk and vinegar she looked up and the light and saw a

huge pink foot coming toward her toes sliding in she put her hands up but

couldn't stop in she was jammed between the big toe and second toe The foot toe

flesh surrounding her since they were late the concert would be starting she

would be trapped in the sock for an hour with nothing but dancing and sweating.

She felt flying up down slamming into the ground and flying back up. The toes

rubbing her from all sides sweat drenching her soaking her skin and hair filling

her mouth. The moving never stooped for the hour the moving the sweat the heat

it was 100 degrees the smell was everything no light nothing but the smell and

heat and wetness. She heard the applause and knew it was over 5 mintues later

she saw light come back throught the sock and then fresh air as the sock was

pulled off but she was still stuck between the toes she tried to look up at her

daughter Her gaint hand came down and picked her up and borught her to her face

"God damn you stink we both need a bath." She carried her mother to the private

bathroom and set her on the sink and started striping from her cloths taking off

her pink shirt and pants she bent over the sink with her bra on so her tits

where just inches above her mother's head then she unhooked the back and they

came crashing down on top of her covering her with tons of tit flesh but she

quickly stood up and turned around with her ass up against the counter she

pulled down her thong and bent all the way over the corner rubbed up between her

ass crack she let out a little groan. "That gives me an idea mom lets have some

fun before are bath" She picked her mother up and laid on the bed with her legs

spread and her kness in the air she placed her mother between her legs in front

of her gaint cunt She started rudding her tit's "mom clinb up on to my pussy"

She slowly pulled her slef up to the pussy she pulled up with the thick pubic

hairs "I want you to tit fuck my clit" She came to the giant clit which was as

big as large Dick she pushed her tits and around it barley and started moving

them up and down her daughter start moaning She could see her mother shoving her

tiny tits up and down her clit it was driving her nuts "GET UP and fuck my clit

now!" She got up and implied her self on her daughters clit she felt sick but so

horny at the same time she bucked up and down Brittany screamed out with a

orgasm bucking her hips up flinging her mother off and in to a pool of her cum

She feel in to the stick goo first covering her. Brittany picked her up and

cared her to the bathroom "that was great time to bath while i'm in the shower

you can take a bath" She walked over to the toilet and droped her in she hit the

could warter and tried to swim "you like a warm bath let me help" She looke up

to see Brittany's gain ass comeing down on the seat makeing everything dark Then

a huge rush of steaming hot pee flooded in covering her in it she was coughing

and spitting up her daughter's pee. The she heard huge rummble adn a laugh and

huge explosion of gas came from brittany's ass filling the bowl with a even more

foul smell

She look up to see Brittany's gain ass coming down on the seat making everything

dark Then a huge rush of steaming hot pee flooded in covering her in it she was

choughing and spitting up her daughter's pee. The she heard huge rumble and a

laugh and huge explosion of gas came from Brittany's ass filling the bowl with a

even more foul smell. Then 200 feet up between her chubby ass checks her anus

opened and a huge shit started sliding out and came crashing down into the water

throughing her other out of the water and come crashing back down on top of the

huge log face first she smacks the shit covering her face and mouth with her

daughter's shit Then Brittany got up an light returned she wiped her ass and

through it down on top of her shit covered mother. "I might flush after my

shower I might not" She climbed into the shower and turned the water on letting Compatibilidad de amor entre el caballo y el mono: Una relación inquieta

her mother float on top of her shit. Her body was stuck to the shit smeared all

over her with the toilet paper on top of her blocking all her sight. Brittany

was so turned on by what she was doing she start rubbing her soap globes all

around and finger her self letting out loud moans so her mother could hear down

in the bowl. she got off the water and got out and walked right passed her

acting like she forgot she slipped on her bra and panties and a tight little

black dress and got ready to go out she came back to the bath room to get her

mother "Well I'm going out so I guess it's time to flush you mom good bye" Her

mother started to cry but she was almost happy this was all going to be over

soon "On second thought I can't go out with out an adult with if some guy try's

to fuck me I need my mom to protect me" She lowered in a tampon for her mother

to climb on she carried ii up and out and sat her on the floor still covered in

shit she kicked and towel over her and rubbed her clean. Then she put one foot

on each side so she could look up her giant skirt she pulled down her panties

"GET IN" Her mother climbed in was lifted up she saw her daughter ass growing

and growing in front of her and then she came in contact the silk backing forced

her up in between the huge ass checks. Then Brittany started walking rubbing her

mother on both sides sliding her deeper and deeper till she was right against

her anus. 20 or 30 minutes went by and she could feel Brittany sitting for a

long time she must be at dinner then she felt another rumble the a huge burst of

gas came out filling her lungs with the toxic gas. Then more motion brittany got

up and went to the bath room she sat on the seat and pulled down her panties and

pulled her mother from her ass "MY date is going real good mom and I'm going

back to his place you'll get in the way where you are so I'm going to put you

out of sight" She stood up and bet over the toilet and with her left had speared

her ass checks put her other feet up againt's her anus and startef pushing her

in feet frist she slided easy up to her tits and thwey were being pushed up buy

the tight hole then with her thumb on her mother's head she gave on last push

shoving her mother up her ass The fleshy tub surrounded her and the opening

closed of sealing her off in the dark and humanoid foul smelling prison. She

felt some motion and passed out Brittany and her date went back to her place and

fucked the hard motions woke her mother up she fought to get out when she saw

the hole starting to opean she thought she was getting out then she saw it a

huge dick wascmaeing force us pushing her deeper and depper banging into ther

face then a huge blast of cum shot her in the face

then she saw it a huge Dick was coming force us pushing her deeper and deeper

banging into her face then a huge blast of cum shot her in the face she was

covered with cum and her daughter's shit then shit felt her self being pulled

out she was stuck to the huge head of the penis came out with a wet pop and lied

down on the giant man's thigh she was trapped under the weight of the soft Dick

Brittany looked down and saw her mother covered with shit and cum.on the Dick

"OH GOD I Need to suck your Dick" "What I just fucked you up the ass let me wipe

it off first" "no I need it now" And with that she bent down to it Brittany's

mother looked up to see her daughter's giant face coming toward her and her

poutey lips opening She and the Dick slid in Brittany's mouth and the light was

cut off the giant hot pink tongue moved along the shaft and her wiping of the

cum and shit And covering her in saliva she start moving closer and closer to

the back of the throat as Brittany took it all and start bobbing her head Her

mother was hitting the back of her throat she knew the man was about to cum so

she quicked to bang her mother harder Inside her mother also knew cause she had

quicked and then it happen her face was next to the piss hole he shot his load

in her face knocking her off the Dick and almost falling down her throat

Brittany gagged alittle to stop from swolling her mother even though the thought

had crossed her mind She motioned for the guy to leave her grabbed his cloths

and left She laid down with her mother in her mouth she let her sit on her

tongue for acouple of mintues and then soat her out on to her hot sweaty tit.

"well mom now what what could i do to you know?" Her mother liaded there just

hopeing she would killer so she wouldn't want to go through this any more

Brittany thoguth to her slef i'll just think of something tommorrow she just

lifted her right arm up her mother rolled off her tit laided in her amr pit and

could smell the B.O and almost gaged then brinttany moved her arm down and

shoved her mother up into her hot sweaty arm pit and fell asleep she would have

to think of something good for tommorrow.

Brittney woke up with her mother trapped in her armpit she lifted her arm and

her mother fell to the bed. She laid there motionless she went to go to the

bathroom when there was a knock at the door "Mrs., Spears you awake?" "yes I am

who are you?" "since your mother went on vacation the record company hired me as

your new PA." Brittney threw on her robe and went to the door when she opened it

she saw a young woman in her early 20's with long brown hair and dark brown eyes

tits almost as big as her's and an ass a little bigger. "Hi what's your name?"

"It's Kim" "Well come in Kim I was just getting dressed" With all the noise

Brittney's mother started to wake up when she saw the other women she tried to

run to the woman to get her attention when she tripped and fell. "you can have a

seat on the bed I'll just be a minute" Brittney went to the bath room Kim

sniffed the air it smelled like stale sex she went over to the bed to sit.

Brittney's mom foot was tied up in the huge sheets when she looked up and saw

the sky turn black it was Kim's giant skirt covered ass coming down on her.

Feeling like the titanic was coming down on her she would have died if the bed

didn't cushion the weight. She was trapped under this woman's giant was being

smashed into the bed. Kim didn't notice she just sat there feeling the effects

of here breakfast burrito. She let out a huge fart muffed by the bed and the

tiny woman under here the air that was smashed out of her lungs was replaced by

the foul gas of the woman ten times worse then what she had smelt from her

daughter. Brittney came out of the bed room just wearing a black bra and thong

she walked over to Kim. "Your job is to do what I tell you anything I tell you

your get big pay check and if you agree to do anything I saw I'll back sure it's

Doubled" "Doubled really? "yes but you have to do anything I say and you have to

keep what ever we do between us." "alright"

"yes but you have to do anything I say and you have to keep what ever we do

between us." "all right" "Go to the bathroom and lose the cloths' "you want me

naked?" "that's the idea get your fat ass moving" Kim jumped up And ran to the

bathroom freeing Brittney's mom form the crushing weight of the girl's giant

ass. Brittney searched the bed for her mother she picked her up. "have fun mom

well the fun is just starting" Brittney took her mom put here in the night stand

next to the bed Kim came out of the bath room wearing only a towel. To see

Brittney lying on the bed still wearing the bra and thong. "You do what I say

your my new slave you only speak when spoken to and you do what I say with out

question and no one know got it" "Yes" "YES WHAT!" "yes mistress' "turn around

and drop the towel" Kim turned her back to Brittney and drop the towel revealing

her large ass she slowly turned to face her large tits came into view and her

bald pussy. Brittany motioned for her to come to the bed. She slowly came over

brittney got up on her knees and went straight for the woman's tits sucking on

them. Kim let out a surprised moan brittney guided her on to the bed. lying on

her back brittney stood over her and slid down her thong revealing her patch of

blonde hair above her cunt. she then turned and quick sat on the girls face. Kim

tried to jump up but couldn't. "lick me whore till i say stop" Brittney reached

behinde and sread her ass and sat down on the woman's mouth kim statring licking

Brittney's ass she wiggled at little at the feeling of the girl's tounge went

she could feel the girl probing more and more she reached to the night stand and

got out her mother the really fun starts now she thought to her self


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