Giantess Stories: Warning

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This story is very graphic and violent. This is the kind of thing that if it

was published people would be petitioning to have it banned from every retailer

on the planet.  It has lots of killing but if you enjoy killing sit down

and read your gonna love this.


Stacey – 20 – Former student, now a £300-a-dance stripper. Kitted out the room

with the torture stuff, organised the killings of all the boys in the school

(and killed 12 herself), and the capture of the teachers. Blonde and leader of

the girls. 34F-24-34.

Anna – 20 – Another former cheerleader, with long blonde hair. Now works with

Stacey. Her and Lia captured the men and left them in the school, she took one

of them and ate him as a snack while he was still alive. 34D-24-34.

Callie – 18 – Cheerleader with blonde hair. 2nd in command of the girls. Has

killed 3 ex boyfriends between her thighs for sexual gratification, never been

found out. Likes the taste of human flesh. 32D-22-32.

Lia – 18 – Callie's best friend, works part-time as a waitress, and has dark

hair. Has always had an interest in hurting men for sexual fun, including

choking and beating the chef at work and killing him with Becki. Captured the

guys with Anna. 36DD-24-34.

Chantelle – 18 – Known to be the school slut. Has light brown hair with blonde

streaks and was a cheerleader before the football team was killed. Put a guy in

hospital after she thought she would taste him when she was 15, and bit his

neck. 34D-22-34.

Kristi – 16 – Stacey's younger sister and former cheerleader. Has blonde hair a

little longer than her sister, and punishes guys who ask her on a date by

choking them between her thighs until they pass out. 32C-22-32.

Becki – 16 – Lia's little sister, works with her at the café. Murdered the chef

with Lia but his body has never been found. Has dark hair and has arguably the

best legs of all the girls. 34C-24-34


The men re-grouped after they were thrown from the dark bag, and found

themselves in a deserted school corridor. No one was in sight, not even the girl

they had briefly seen earlier in the bar, before they blacked out. The bag lay

next to them. A few who had got caught in it crawled out, and looked around… and

almost fainted.

The 15 guys were no more than 6 inches tall. The corridor was huge, but they

quickly found cover under a bench and discussed the situation. What happened?

Why were they here? And what time did school start? This was the question that

most of them shook with fear at…

Suddenly the quiet was interrupted by a scream, not of a woman, but of a man.

The looked in the direction of the noise, and froze.

"We should check it out… maybe they can help us?"

"Help us? By the sound of that they'd kill us! We should get out of here!"

The men all voiced their opinions, and in the end only 3 were brave enough – or

curious enough – to go check it out. The other 12 guys split into 4 groups, 3 in

each, and went off to search the school.

The 3 guys passed classrooms down the corridor, towards the noise. They had no

doors – odd – and were all empty. The other groups had gone away from the

screams, which came occasionally, and got louder, until they reached a room with

a door. The door was partly open, and they cautiously looked in…

The scene that greeted them was horrific. Two dead bodies lay in the corner,

grown men. Their bodies had been cut, burned and beaten to a pulp, probably

before they were killed. One had a cut throat, but the other showed no single

sign of a cause of death, only what looked like an animal had mauled him.

3 men were chained up naked to a wall, while another was tied to a chair and

another was strapped up to a torture rack. All but one were gagged, the only one

able to scream was chained up. And around them, smiling and giggling like it was

a game, were 7 schoolgirls, all in uniforms.

Another look revealed they were perhaps not as young as they dressed – the

oldest looked around 20, the youngest 16.

The guy who was screaming was in his 30's. A girl who looked about 18 walked

over, wearing a schoolgirl uniform. She had long blonde hair, and a great body,

about 32D. She slowly licked his chest and moved up, before kissing him hard,

using her tongue and touching his cock, which was hard.

"I told you you shouldn't have given me that detention, Sir," she said, breaking

off from the kiss and standing infront of him. "7 teachers and 7 girls… and you

couldn't stop us. 5 of us killed Mr. Miles because he said me and Chantelle were

dressed like sluts – we just lured him in, chained him to the same spot you are

in, whipped, cut, and slashed him, and finished him off with bites all over. We

punish all teachers the same here… Death Penalty."

The men all looked at each other, shocked. Teachers? These girls were either

sick, evil or both. They watched the blonde sucking the man's cock as he

struggled to get free from his student, who wasn't going to stop. When he came

in her mouth, she swallowed and reached up, undoing his arm chains.

She removed the ones from his legs and he tried to overpower her, but was weak

and she slammed him violently to the ground, his head between her legs, face

down. Her miniskirt had ridden up, and she was wearing no panties. His head was

inches away from her…

"Callie! Get off me! What the hell are you doing!?"

So her name was Callie…

"Eat me now!"… She paused for a second… "Sir!" She pushed his face into her

pussy, holding him firmly as he tried to break free, stuffing his face right in.

"Eat or I'll kill you!" He started to half-heartedly lick his sexy student, but

got much faster and harder when she scraped her inch-long nails along his back,

peeling off his skin. His scream of pain was muffled and she made him stay down

until she orgasmed.

"Good, Mr. Gordon, Sir," she said, letting him go for a second but spinning him

onto his back and wrapping her thighs around his head and neck. She cut his

chest with her fingernails and asked another girl, called Becki, who looked the

youngest, about 16, to come and hurt him.

She had dark hair in bunches and a school uniform. His face stuck out from

between Callie's cheerleader thighs, and Becki could get at him. She kissed him

for ages, while slicing his arms with a knife. Then she smiled and sat on

Callie's legs, ready for her most evil act.

She held his right eye open, and stuck her finger in his eye. Her nail pierced

his eyeball and he screamed in agony, but Becki pushed in deeper, cutting the

nerves, before flicking her finger round and pulling his eye out on her

fingernail. She smiled at him and ate it, before going back down for the other

eye. He screamed louder and shut it tight, crying.

But Callie stopped the younger girl from completing her sickening torture. She

wanted him now. Her strong but silky-smooth thighs started to squeeze his head

and neck. He struggled but was no match for the head cheerleader, who was

focusing in crushing his skull.

She put a little more power into the crushing and *crack* his skull was crushed

between her thighs. She giggled when she saw the faces of the men still chained

up. 4 left…

A girl was approaching one of them, carrying a whip and a spiked club. He looked

around 45. She smiled at him and dropped the club on the ground. She was the

oldest, at least 20, with gorgeous blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She looked

the picture of innocence, her schoolgirl look complete with her hair in two

bunches and her socks up to her knees. She tapped the whip on her palm and

licked her lips.

"I remember you, Mr. Johnson… you could never keep your eyes off me in class.

That was when the school was a … hehe… normal school. Only had us 7 girls and 25

boys, though. Oh, and you 7 teachers. Before the girls took over. Hasn't my

little sister grown? She was 14 when I left."

A younger girl, in an equally sexy uniform, almost the double of her older

sister, walked up and smiled. She unbuttoned her blouse and showed him her black

bra underneath.

"She killed your son earlier today… he came looking for you. Got him in the

reception area. His body is still there. He was a strong boy, but no match for

Kristi here. How old was he? 23? And killed by a 16 year old's thighs… she did

to him what Callie did to Mr. Gordon. A little more messy, though… we'll have to

clean up the blood and brains later. Kristi had to use a lot of soap on her


The younger girl smiled and lifted her skirt, showing her white silk panties,

stained red with blood. "His head was up here, Sir. Crushed it like a grape. My

legs are soooo strong." Her hands rubbed the inside of her thighs, before she

closed her legs quickly. The teacher stared in disbelief and disgust, too

horrified to be upset.

"Show him what you did, Kristi… use Mr. Banks." The man struggled when he heard

his name mentioned, but couldn't scream because of the tape. The younger blonde

untied him, beat him, ungagged him, and dragged him screaming by his hair over

to where Stacey was stood, taunting Mr. Johnson with her breasts.

The guys in the doorway could only watch as Kristi removed the tape from his

mouth and forced her teacher onto his back, and knelt over him, her panties

above his face. The girls were incredibly strong… unnaturally strong. But they

were not muscular… their arms and legs slim and toned, their stomachs flat, but

no six packs or flexing muscles. Strange…

Kristi sat on his face, smothering his pleas for mercy. She wriggled about a

little, getting comfy, pushing down and smiling at Mr Johnson, who was crying,

bitter and full of hatred towards Kristi, knowing she had killed his son in this


She sat up a little, kneeling again, and he tried to get up, raising his head…

Just as she wanted him to. His face was again smothered by her panties, but now

she was kneeling, his head firmly clamped between her thighs and she giggled at


"She did this to him… watch, Sir!" Stacey made him watch as Kristi started to

squeeze his head, closing her eyes and quietly moaning as poor Mr. Banks

struggled to get free, trying to kick out, push her thighs apart… anything. He

even reached up and squeezed her breasts very hard through her blouse, but

instead of feeling pain and letting go, Kristi laughed and held his hands on her

tits, massaging herself with them.

The pressure increased as the young blonde squeezed hard. The guys at the door,

the guys tied up, and all the girls watched and waited as Kristi took her time

over him. She soon got bored and squeezed him so hard his eyes almost popped


The poor man struggled but it was no use. He was Kristi's prisoner, helpless and

she could do whatever she wanted to him. He started screaming and crying,

muffled by her panties. But he heard Kristi groan loudly and…

His skull cracked, and suddenly her thighs were together again, his head

crushed, and blood and brains on her thighs, miniskirt and panties. She dipped

her finger in the blood and licked it, tasting it, before sitting there for a

minute, and getting up. 3 to go.

Stacey smiled as her sister skipped over, smiling. Kristi grabbed Mr. Johnson

and started to kiss him like she would a boyfriend, before pulling back and

slapping him hard. "I kissed your son like that before I killed him." She

slapped him again, giggled, and stood back, as Stacey approached with the whip

in her hand.

She untied his chains and he ran at Kristi, screaming at the blonde. She smiled

as he ran toward her, and at the last second jumped astonishingly high, coming

down sat on his shoulders, facing him, and knocking him to the ground. He was

angry and terrified… and humiliated when he saw Kristi looking down at him,

grinning, her thighs either side of his head, and Stacey walked over.

The guys watched as the older girl knelt down next to him and raked her nails

along his chest, leaving 5 scratches that began to bleed. He screamed and Kristi

got up, dragging him with her, and throwing him onto a second torture rack, the

other one already holding a victim.

Anna, a blonde who looked about 20. was waiting, and she clamped his arms down

to the rack before he could move. Stacey clamped his legs, and another girl got

on top of him and sat on his cock, hard despite his terror, her miniskirt

covering the action. He struggled as she slowly moved up and down.

"Chantelle! Get the hell off me!"

The guys wanted to run but were totally drawn in, watching every move the girls

made. They drew back a little, just peeping around the side of the door, but the

girls were too busy to notice them.

"MMM… Sir, I never knew you liked me in this way… do you think I can make you

cum? And what would the Education Department think… tut tut… a 45 year old

teacher having sex with his 18 year old student… mmm… anyway… I'm going to make

you cum inside me."

Chantelle unbuttoned her blouse and Anna unclipped her bra. She laid down on

him, kissing his lips and sliding her tongue in frequently, all the time

increasing her motion on his cock. He carried on screaming, but they changed

tone as he came inside her. She moaned and carried on for a few seconds, before

getting off. Anna bent over and licked his cum off…

And took his cock into her mouth. She took it all in, and smiled, before biting

down hard, and his eyes almost popped out in agony and he screamed. He forced

himself to looked down through tear-stained eyes to see Anna lift her head away,

and only a small stump, pouring with blood, was left. She spat it out and

suddenly he was surrounded by Stacey, Kristi, Anna, and another girl, who looked

around 18 or 19.

"Hey Lia… come for the kill? Let's get going!"

Lia… they remembered the name from somewhere but couldn't remember where… but

had no time to think…

Lia ducked down and bit a chunk of flesh out of Mr. Johnson's stomach. Stacey

then licked his legs, and bit his thigh. Kristi bend down while Stacey was

tearing off the flesh and her teeth closed on his arm. And Anna started eating

from his chest.

He screamed as the girls ate him alive. Stacey went for his neck, and suddenly

the screaming stopped. The girls stopped eating and untied the body, dumping it

on the floor. Lia and Chantelle went into a door at the back, and the other

girls surrounded the remaining 2 teachers.

The first one died quickly. Becki straddled him across his chair and started to

squeeze him with her thighs. He struggled but was helpless, and the chair, wider

than his body, began to splinter and crack. She untied him and threw him to the

ground. She quickly sat on the floor and wrapped her thighs around his stomach,

while Stacey's wrapped around his chest. At sixteen and twenty, their combined

ages were less than his alone, at 39.

The two girls showed their strength by simply crushing him in seconds. His ribs

cracked loudly between Stacey's thighs, while Becki's were covered in blood

after his stomach burst open. He didn't even have a chance to scream. The girls

laughed and Callie kissed Stacey with her tongue, before leaving the two girls

sat giggling over the crushed teacher.

Anna and Kristi were kissing the guy on the torture rack as Callie walked up.

Kristi was forcing him to drink something, which he eventually forced himself to

swallow after Callie held her long, sharp fingernails to his eyes. His body

began to shrink immediately. Anna picked him up when he stopped, at 6in, and

kissed him.

The guys in the door suddenly realised what had happened. The girl must have put

the stuff in their drinks. Shit. They had to get away, and turned to run

They turned to run, screaming for help, but Lia got one and Chantelle another.

The other had no where to got but in the room, where he was knocked to the

ground, lightly bitten, and picked up in Stacey's mouth. She transferred him to

her hand and held him up to watch Kristi, Anna and Callie devour the teacher

while he screamed for mercy. All the girls ate like he was a delicious, exotic

delicacy. And he probably was to them. Soon he was gone – bones, flesh, the lot.

Callie used a bone as a tooth pick as they sat down the watch the next death.

Chantelle laid on a now empty torture rack and told Becki to tie her to it. She

was laid flat, legs apart, and nothing under her miniskirt, and her captive was

in Anna's hand. The twenty year old blonde knew what to do, and he was slowly

inserted head first into Chantelle's pussy, just how the slut liked it.

The guy was in hell. Only an hour ago he had been a normal, single guy, and now

this shit… he could feel Chantelle squeezing him with her pussy, and Anna showed

no signs of letting him go. He gulped in lungfuls of Chantelle's juices and

screamed but couldn't even hear himself. He started to frantically kick, but it

only intensified Chantelle's pleasure.

He was used that way until he stopped moving. Anna then pulled him out, concious

but weak. Chantelle was untied, and handed the guy. She kissed him, and tossed

the body onto the floor. Kristi lightly rested her bare foot on him, teasing

him. She is a size 5, and her foot was easily bigger than his tiny 6in body. The

teenage girl lightly pressed down.

He could just see over her toes, and screamed to the other guys for some help.

They looked down from the hands of the girls, unable to help. It was unlikely

they would have even if they could. He looked up and could see the bloodstained

silk panties up her short skirt. Her legs were perfect, and seemed to go on

forever… he snapped out of his admiration when he looked past the miniskirt and

past the breasts to see her looking down, smiling.

Kristi saw the look of pure terror in his eyes, giggled, her foot vibrating and

squeezing him even more. She applied fresh lipstick to her already coated lips,

and, without a word, stepped forward, putting her whole weight on him, and

crushing him like a pancake. Blood was splattered on her foot and on the floor,

leaving Kristi full of dominant power, and the guy dead.

The two guys looked up at their captors. Lia lifted hers up to her face, and

lowered him feet first in, up to his waist. She sucked on him, as he screamed

and cried, waving his arms and kicking his feet. Callie approached Lia and

opened her mouth, taking the rest of his body in. They both sucked and licked

him, and despite his fear he came on Lia's tongue. It slid down and into her

throat, and she swallowed it.

His struggles briefly stopped as he tried to get some rest after the biggest

pleasure of his life.

He was dazed and didn't come back round to the fact that he was in mortal danger

until he felt his body being bitten… he woke up to his situation again after he

was removed from Lia's mouth by Callie, who carried him between her lips, before

dropping him onto the torture rack.

He started to cry and tried to run when he saw Anna and Becki pushing a table,

with what looked like surgeons equipment on it, towards him. Chantelle grabbed

him tied his arms and legs with little threads, and made sure he could not

escape. Kristi and Stacey went into the back room, and came out a few minute


Both girls had nurses' uniforms on… well… almost. They were almost identical to

the ones nurses wear – light blue shade. Both girls had the nurse hats and

medical blouses with name badges. The blouses were open, and they had baby-blue

bras on. Stacey had a miniskirt with no panties on, while Kristi preferred a

sexy blue pair under her tiny skirt. Both wore high stilettos with ankle straps

and their toes showing. Around their necks were little medical masks, used to

prevent infection.

They stood one at each side and Kristi pulled out a notepad, pretending to write

down was wrong with him. Stacey bent down low and examined him, licking his body

slowly like the world's most delicious lolly. He was screaming, but the lick was

so sexy and sensual that he came on her tongue when she did a second one. She

laughed and licked it up, swallowing it all.

Kristi put down the notepad and turned to Becki. She was talking about

something… but he couldn't hear what. Stacey had sat over him and was rubbing

herself, giving him a full view. She lowered herself down, almost suffocating

him, and rubbed her pussy on him, wetting him with her juices. She got up and

wiped him dry, and Kristi joined her next to the table.

"I think we should definitely operate, Nurse Stacey. What do you think?" Stacey

smiled wickedly, and nodded. "He might want this… keeps him alive until we crush

his head." Stacey poured the contents of a small container on him. Becki and

Anna passed the girls a sharp but tiny knife each. "Now we can rip him open and

he will feel every little cut until we decide to crush his puny little skull."

"Leave me alone!!!! NOOOO!!! PLEASE!!!"

Stacey smiled and cut into his leg. He screamed and tears rolled down his face.

Kristi slowly cut across his stomach, revealing his insides. He screamed and

cried in agony, and wished he would just die. Blood flowed out onto the rack.

His struggles were useless.

"He's crying… great… makes me hot when they cry," giggled Stacey, reaching down

and starting to touch herself. Kristi smiled and used her knife to cut off one

of his fingers, which she ate.

The two sisters were enjoying themselves. Stacey was more careless, using only

one hand while the other did its job down below. Kristi carefully used her knife

to inflict maximum pain, laughing as tears rolled down his cheeks. She was

enjoying his pain, as if inflicting it did the opposite for her.

"Holder," she said, and Becki passed her a brutal looking metal clasp. She

pushed it into the cut on his stomach, and screwed it round, holding open the

wound. His screams were now ear-splitting, as if his soul was being wrenched

from his body by the two cruel girls. The fear and pain he was feeling could

never be described – only that it felt like your insides were being torn out and

you could do nothing to stop it. And that is what was happening.

"Hook." Stacey, who had stopped playing with her pussy, was given a small fish

hook, and she pushed it into the cut, and scooped out what looked like lumps of

blood. She smiled as he screamed even louder, struggling like a mouse with its

tail in a trap as a cat slowly approached. After jerking the hook to rip off a

bit that was still stuck in his body, Stacey slowly put the hook into her mouth,

and swallowed the contents, keeping constant eye contact.

His intestines, blood and stomach. She scooped out another hookful, feeding this

one to Kristi. "Mmm, liver!" exclaimed the younger blonde, pretending to chew

with her mouth open, swallowing, and licking her lips. She giggled and bent her

head down, untying his legs and taking one into her mouth. He looked down in

blind panic, and saw her sexily crunch down on his thigh, splintering the bones

like wafer. His other leg kicked wildly at her cheek, as she chewed up his leg,

and swallowed it.

Stacey wasn't going to be left out. The kicking leg was an east target. He

begged not to, trying to move it away, and even kicking her lips as they moved

closer. The twenty year old took his foot in, and slowly ate along his leg,

biting off tiny bits at a time, until only 2 stumps remained, pouring with

blood. Stacey kissed him, covering him in her warm saliva and in blood from his

own body.

By now he was delirious. His screams were just constant, high pitched and

unchanged. The potion the girls had poured on him was now having its effect in

the way they wanted it to, the cruelest way. He wanted to die so much, but the

liquid was keeping him alive… until his head was crushed. He would feel all the

pain until then.

The other guy was being held by Becki and Anna, by his arms, made to watch. He

was feeling faint, and had been sick on the floor as Kristi looked him in the

eye while chewing his friend's insides. He was praying that it was some kind of

sick, twisted dream, and that he would soon wake up from it and be safe. But the

sharp pain as Anna's fingernail scratched his back told him it was no dream. It

was real.

Stacey and Kristi discarded their knives and tools. Both licked their lips, and

took an arm each into their mouthes. They smiled sweetly at their victim,

looking like butter wouldn't melt in their mouthes. Their tongues playfully

licked his arms.

He looked one way to see Kristi, her lips around his shoulder, teeth holding his

tiny arm in place. He could feel her hot breath on his face, and it seemed

strange as his thoughts drifted around like a leaf on a waterfall. She was going

to eat his arm. Bite it off, chew it up and swallow it, like it was made to be

food. Food for some stupid little girl he could easily rape and murder if he

wanted to. A snack. It wasn't. Not food. But she was eating it anyway. It was


The pain was worse than anything he had felt before, half waking him up from his

delirious dreaming. They bit down together, Stacey's bite splitting the bones of

his shoulder, and Kristi's less painful, only through his upper arm bone. He

screamed and wriggled. But he had nothing to move, and he laughed to himself. It

still hurt, he though.

The girls ate up his body without him even moving, except for a few screams, and

Stacey stripped off her blouse and unclipped her bra. She lowered her huge

breasts onto his head… which, thanks to her witchcraft practise, screamed on

it's own…

Becki and Anna laughing as the sisters licked the blood off their lips, before

returning to the back room for a costume change. They returned in their school

uniforms, but Kristi made sure everyone saw she has changed her blood-soaked

panties for a fresh pair. A white lace thong. The remaining guy couldn't help

but look.

"Well… what do you think, you puny little man? You're getting a different kind

of death… very different." Becki tied thread to his arms and legs, and tied the

thread around pins in a cork board. Chantelle couldn't resist kissing him as he

hung, arms and legs spread wide, helpless and at their mercy. Lia joined in, and

ended up carrying on with Chantelle as the girls moved away.

Callie walked up and placed a box on the table. She opened it and showed it to

him. His heart missed a beat. 7 shiny, gold darts, each with a girl's initials

engraved onto it. She laid them out on the table, and each girl took hers.

"We need some practise… and you are our target. None of us are good… so you will

probably last a long time before one of us hits you. Good Luck." Callie giggled

and flicked up her miniskirt, showing her panties. Chantelle, having finished

with Lia, lifted her skirt up around her waist, and slipped a finger into her

panties. She threw her dart, missing by some distance. He was terrified… but

Chantelle's dirty games aroused him… and it showed.

The other girls took turns to aim and throw. The closest was thrown by Anna,

which missed him by a few inches. They collected their darts and Stacey licked

him for a few seconds, enough to make him cum on her tongue. She smiled and

returned to the others.

This time, a dart hit him, spearing through his thigh and pinning him harder

onto the board. He looked up to see Kristi giggling, and before he had time to

scream, another dark skewered his arm. It was thrown by Lia. Each girl got a

minor hit, arms or legs, until Callie was left.

"We lied about needing practise… the first throws were to give you a false

comfort zone. Now… my shot. Head? Chest? No… the most painful death is a single

shot to the stomach…" She walked over and poked his stomach with a pin, making a

tiny red mark, which lightly bled. She walked back. "That's my target. Bye bye."

The dart flew from the hand of the blonde. He watched it in slow motion, through

tear stained eyes, wincing in agony from the other 6 darts in his arms and legs.

It was right on target, stabbing right through and stopping with a thud. He

screamed and cried, but no help came. The girls, knowing that 12 more men were

in the school, were touching up their lipstick and making sure they looked their

best. He was left to die slowly, crying, alone, by the 7 girls who had taken so

much pleasure in his death…

To find Lia and Chantelle stood smiling behind them.

Anna, meanwhile, had got changed into a short dress. She was going out to

capture more victims for the girls. She smiled at the dying man on the

dartboard, and twisted her dart in his arm. She walked through the door at the

back, leaving the 6 girls.

They decided to go solo. After they had all killed one, they would meet back at

the gym and the guys would be shrunk to 2in. They would have a total of 2 guys

each. Most decided to keep their schoolgirl uniforms on, because this was a

school – they had to look the part… but some girls changed to cheerleaders.

Stacey – white blouse, unbuttoned with no bra underneath. Black miniskirt. White

lace panties, knee high white socks and no shoes. Hair in 2 bunches with a

little running down the back of her neck.

Callie – baby-blue low-cut cheeleader top, and miniskirt the same colour. Red

lace panties, and baby-blue cheerleader shoes. Also carried two pom-poms and had

her hair down, long past her shoulders.

Lia - like Callie, but with no panties and no shoes. Her hair was tied up in


Chantelle – white blouse, unbuttoned, with a white bra underneath and a tiny

black miniskirt, no panties. Black leather knee boots and her hair down, and a

knife tucked into her left boot.

Kristi – White blouse with the bottom two buttons done up, and a black bra.

White lace thong underneath a little miniskirt, and no shoes, socks or boots.

Hair done up in bunches like her sister's.

Becki – like Kristi, but her bra was pure white. Hair down, shoulder length. She

wore strappy silver stilettos, not very schoolgirl-like, but she liked them…

They agreed to meet back in 20 minutes. This would give each girl enough time to

find, torture and kill a guy, and to tease and terrify the others they saw. They

disappeared out of the door, and the guy on the board finally slipped into


The groups of men were confused. One of the groups was having a break near the

maths area, behind a pipe. It was a little way onto a side corridor off a main

one. After hearing the screams earlier, and more of them since, they had decided

to stay hidden. It was not a good hiding place, but it was all that was on


They heard footsteps – loud footsteps. Something big was coming down the main

corridor. Whatever it was was wearing shoes, they could tell by the clicking of

the heels on the hard floor. They peeped out from the pipe, and froze as Becki

walked past the maths corridor and carried on down the main one.

"FUCK! Where the hell are we?" The question had been asked a lot, but never so

desperately. They all looked at each other, too shocked to be afraid. After a

while, softer steps were heard. It was hard to tell where they were coming from,

but they guys decided to act now. A door a little way down the corridor was

open, and the room dark. They would have to leave their cover to get there. But

they had to get somewhere safer.

The steps were getting louder, and they ran like their lives depended on it.

Their lives DID depend on it – but they did not know that then. But they were

terrified of whatever was making the noise.

"HA! Found some!" The voice behind them made them freeze on the spot. They spun

around to see a girl stood looking down at them. She was about 18, and wore a

cheerleader uniform, with a pom pom in each hand. Her dark hair was tied in two

bunches. It was Lia. She was cute. Well, more than cute, they thought. But that

was the last thing on their minds.

She laid down on the floor and reached out her hand. They ran but her fingers

closed around the leg of one, called Richard. He fell to the ground, and was

dragged back along the floor, screaming. The other two guys watched in horror.

Lia smiled and he was pushed into her top, between her huge breasts. She sat up

and opened her legs. No panties. The other two guys were trapped between the

cheerleader's thighs, with a full view of the action.

She had already decided what to do. She took him from her top and inserted him

head first into her already wet pussy, holding him by his ankles. She slowly

pulled him out, before pushing him back in quickly, her pleasure further

enhanced by his struggles. She looked at the two guys trapped as the human dildo

was used to great effect.

She finally smiled and pulled him out, holding him up. He was dazed. She laid

him on her thigh to get his breath back. He would have run but she held him with

one hand, and used the other to grab one of the others, Neil. He was stuck

halfway into her pussy and she grabbed the other, Jack. She pulled out the guy

and dropped her first human dildo infront of them, inches from her pussy.

"We're gonna play a little game, boys. See your friend who I just fucked? He was

good, made me even wetter than I was before. Killing men makes me horny and me

and my friends just killed a load of our teachers and 3 of you guys. I really

enjoyed it. Anyway. Your friend is my next victim. You two have to push him up

my pussy, where he will suffocate and give me great satisfaction. If you don't

do it, I'll bite your heads off. Understand?"

Terrified Richard backed away. "N-No… guys… we're in this together! Don't let

this slut scare you… guys!"

18 year old Lia smiled down at him, and teasingly pushed a finger into her

pussy, probed around and removed it, licking off her own juices. The other two

men looked up at her, then back at their friend, who was shaking uncontrollably

near her left knee.

"Boys… I'd getting impatient! And my pussy is hungry… I want your friend to fuck

me until he dies. Go ahead… save yourselves… it's you or him."

They had no choice. Neil chased and caught him, while Jack was not far behind.

All 3 were naked, but Richard could not slip away. He was dragged towards lovely

Lia, who giggled and playfully fingered herself, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

He screamed as his friends struggled to position his head against her pussy for

easy entry.

"Come on in… any guy would die to fuck me… ooh… and you ARE going to die to fuck

me! Haha!" Her laughter sent a chill down all 3's spines – even the two about to

help kill their own friend.

His head was in the right place for a few seconds, but that is all it too. Lia's

wetness made sliding him in easy, but they had to pause for breath. His legs

kicked wildly and they dropped him, but he was in up to his waist, and could not

push himself free. Lia smiled and the two men grabbed his legs, forcing his legs

in. His feet vanished and Lia moaned in satisfaction. They saw her pussy moving

with his struggled and decided they didn't want to wait around for him to die to

see what happened next. As Lia lifted her leg a little, they ran underneath,

panicking and going in opposite directions.

Richard struggled, helpless against Lia. He swallowed her juices as he tried to

breathe, and soon found himself drifting into unconciousness. And 5 minutes

later, Lia removed the dead body, dropped it on the floor, and began to walk

casually back to their meeting place…

Chantelle was in the English rooms, hunting for a victim. Also in the English

rooms was a group of 3 guys. They could hear footsteps, loud footsteps, coming

from all directions. They had seen 2 blonde girls in school uniforms walking

around, and had heard them mention each others' names – Kristi and Chantelle…

The heels on her boots clicked on the hard floors, making an ambush impossible,

but the guys would never be able to outrun her. She flicked her hair out of her

face and turned a corner…

3 guys were stood about 10 metres up the hallway, staring. They backed away

slowly as Chantelle approached, smiling. The tried to run faster as she got

closer, but she was much faster. She used her special powers from the potions

she had taken, and effortlessly somersaulted over them, landing a few feet ahead

of them, facing them. She sat down and spread her legs wide, before reaching and

grabbing 2 of them, stuffing one down her bra, and catching the other.

She removed the large amount of bubble gum from her mouth, and stuck a guy to

the wall with it. None of the guys had clothes – they did not shrink with their

bodies. He could only watch Chantelle as she sat down to play with her new


She gently pushed her breasts together, squeezing the guy between them and

making him cry and beat on her chest, screaming in pain. She giggled and pressed

harder, leaving him gasping for breath. The other guy was trapped between her

legs, his feet tickling her pussy.

The released the one between her breasts and put him on the floor. He ran away,

still gasping to get his breath back. The other one was lifted to her lips and

kissed, licked and played with. She sucked on his tiny cock and soon his tiny

amount of cum splashed onto Chantelle's lips. The teenage slut gulped it down

and decided to get more, sucking hard and he came again.

He screamed at her to stop as she carried on, wanting every last drop. Finally

he went limp between her lips, and she licked his tiny body all over, before

dropping him and he ran away too, not daring to look back at Chantelle, who had

turned her attention to the guy on the wall.

He saw her smiling, and started to wriggle in desperation. She watched his

pathetic struggles, smiling and licking her lips. She was hungry and he was at

her head height, right infront of her. He saw the hunger in her eyes and

screamed. He was the only one who had seen what the girls could do when they

were first let free… and he had been the first to decide he didn't want to go

towards the noises.

He was 27, a single guy who had always got the better of girls, he thought. When

he was captured, he was already seeing 3 girls, and had been approached by Anna

and Lia when he was sat with his friend, and had whispered that he wanted to

have them both before they walked over. After they were lured outside, they were

shrunk, and he experienced the most sickening sight of his life.

Anna devoured his friend infront of him, feeding Lia his arm and leg. Blood went

everywhere, and the girls giggled as they ate, obviously finding every scrap of

flesh and drop of blood delicious. When they had finished him, they returned to

their school…

Now Chantelle was approaching, her lips beginning to open. He tried for one last

time to get free before he was kissed, and her tongue slipped out and wrapped

around his cock. She licked until she tasted cum, and swallowed. He was prised

from her chewing gum and laid out, as her lips decended towards him.

His raised arms were no good, simply crunched through and swallowed by Chantelle.

His screams were deafening, and his terror unspeakable. She went back down

again, and lifted him, his head, shoulders and chest in her mouth, She stood,

and slipped her hand up her own skirt and into her panties. The power drove her

crazy, his muffled screams and her own hand movements bringing her seconds from

ecstasy… and she bit down, consumed by lust for blood. She chewed, crunching his

bones, and swallowed, her panties by now soaking wet. She stood for a moment,

before starting the short walk back to the meeting place.

Stacey knew some guys would be around somewhere. She just had to find them. They

would obviously be hidden… but where? She wandered down the corridors, making no

noise except breathing, her socks softly cushioning her feet. She looked around

a corner… and saw 3 of them. They were running in the other direction, but had

not seen her. She silently followed them, thoughts running through her head. Eat

one? Crush one? Suffocate one? She was wet with excitement. They ran for a

little more, not looking behind them, and turned into a classroom. Trapped.

Stacey walked to the entrance, stepped inside the room and closed the door. The

light was off, but she heard a scream and tiny feet running. She reached for the

light switch and the room lit up. She saw them, cowering in a corner, and walked


One of them, maybe more brave than the others, stepped forward.

"H-Hi… pleased to meet you, miss." She crouched infront of him and he held out

his trembling hand to her. She smiled sweetly and held her little finger out,

and they shook hands. She laid down, and invited him onto her hand. He felt he

had no choice, and climbed on.

The other 2 were still in the corner, very scared. They were trapped, but Stacey

appeared to be very sweet and kind. She giggled as the guy on her hand spoke to

her, and after a few minutes, he allowed her to kiss him, and he tried his

hardest to kiss back. He was naked, and tried to hide his tiny erection from

Stacey, but she saw it.

"How about you two come over and we play a little game… you guys are so sweet…

please?" They nervously walked up to her, still laid out on the floor. She

smiled and kissed both, noticing that again, they tried to hide their


"Now… I've always wanted to give a whole guy a blowjob… sounds weird but ever

since I first found out about them, I have wanted to… don't worry, it won't

hurt… who wants to be first?" She smiled and licked her lips, looking each one

in the eye.

All 3 volunteered, and Stacey told one to lay on the floor, with his legs in the

air. He did, and she gently closed her lips on him, around the waist, and, with

one in each hand, rolled onto her back. The other two watched. The guy in her

mouth felt himself pulled in slowly, up to his armpits, and he held onto her


He was in heaven. Her tongue wrapped around him, and she began sucking lightly.

In no time at all, she was swallowing his cum. He begged her for another one,

but she took him from her mouth, licked him clean and place him on her breast.

She lowered another one into her mouth, and picked up the first one in her hand,

and started.

Her sweet lips parted slightly as she began to suck, and her tongue probed every

inch, before licking him, and curling around his body. He squirmed in delight,

and Stacey softly giggled, and sucked a little harder. His cum rolled down her

tongue. She took him out, opened her mouth, and let him watch her swallow it. He

was exhausted, and she again swapped guys.

She again sucked him until he came in her mouth, but this time, swallowed it

without letting him go. She lifted the other two up above her face. She smiled

and continued to suck, hard, making him scream in pain. The other two were

moved, and each placed against a nipple. Stacey laughed and sucked harder,

making him cum again…

A shadow appeared at the door. Another blonde girl, wearing a cheerleader

outfit, and carrying two big fluffy pom poms. She smiled as she came in.

"Hey Stacey… I haven't found any yet…elusive little bastards… hey you got 3?

Wanna share them? One each and a little toy, then let him go for later!"

"Sure, Callie. These little guys got a treat before they… well, better not spoil

the surprise! They trusted me! How sweet! Join in, enough to go around!"

Callie took one of them from Stacey's hand, and pushed him into her cleavage.

She cupped her breasts and began to massage him slowly between them, smiling and

watching his struggles. They had all pretty much worked out that what the girls

had planned for them was not nice at all, and were trying desperately to escape.

"Great idea, Callie! Titfucks!" Stacey moved the guy from her nipple into her

cleavage. She had no bra on, so he was not tightly squeezed in by her 34Fs. She

lightly gripped her breasts, pushed them a little closer, and began to give him

the same treatment as Callie's toy, while sucking on her other guy at the same


Suddenly, as his cum flowed onto her tongue again – he had lost count of the

number of times – he found himself flying out of Stacey's mouth – she had spit

him out. He landed on her flat stomach, rolled onto her miniskirt and stopped.

He immediately jumped down to the floor, running for his life, screaming towards

the door. They watched him go and giggled, before turning all their attention on

the 2 remaining guys.

Callie felt her victim tense up his body. He beat wildly on her breasts, and she

squeezed them slowly together. She felt a damp patch form as his cum shot

between her breasts, and smiled, before carrying on. Stacey's victim was

screaming for mercy.

"MMM… Cum on my tits, you puny little man! You know you want to." Stacey teased

and taunted her plaything, who was helpless between the two huge mountains of

flesh. "Come on… you'd die to get this from me if you were normal sized…"

He gave Stacey's tits a small, milky coating. Callie's came again, and they

lifted their victims out, before licking each others cleavages, lapping up the

warm cum.

"I'm going to deal with this horny little bastard in private… see you back at

base, Stacey!" Callie walked out of the room carrying the crying man, leaving

Stacey looking at her victim, and he looked back at her, not moving, not making

a noise. He was too terrified.

"OK… I'll tell you what I'm going to do with you. Don't worry, it won't hurt at

all. Honest." She ran her tongue along her beautiful lips, smiling like a sweet,

innocent angel.

"O-OK…w-what are you going to do?"

She lifted him to her face, and laid down once again. She looked him straight in

the eye. He saw the lust in her eyes, the lust for pain. She wanted to hurt him

bad, he thought. And he was right.

"I'm going to eat you – tear you limb from limb, drink your blood, devour your

flesh, crunch your bones…you'll be delicious, but not a whole meal, maybe just a

snack. A girl has to eat proper food, you know! People are a delicacy." She

smiled and giggled at herself, before opening her lips and lowering him towards


He screamed and thrashed about, kicking wildly as her mouth watered with

anticipation. She was never a girl to take care over her food…

"The other girls say I'm a messy eater, so I'll have to change after I have

eaten you. Blood everywhere… you know." He screamed as she crunched down on his

leg, tearing it off at the knee and swallowing it without chewing. She closed

her eyes and let the blood flow onto her tongue, drinking it like a vampire, and

licking the stump where his leg had been.

Her teeth clamped on his arm, but she didn't bite – she ripped it off, tearing

the flesh and twisting the bone, leaving him in unspeakable agony. She chewed,

loudly crunching the bones, as he screamed and cried for mercy.

Stacey suddenly opened her eyes and lowered him in slowly, head first. The blood

ran down his leg, dripping off his shoulder, and her teeth closed on his neck…

Callie was in the room next door, and her victim heard the bloodcurdling screams

from Stacey's snack. She looked at him, smiling and laid down on her front, and

put his foot in her mouth. He half dangled down to the floor, his back on it but

his legs held up. He struggled, and Callie bit down, splintering the bones, and

he dropped to the ground.



He pulled himself backwards, but was unable to run, not even walk. The pain was

unbearable, and tears rolled down his cheeks. Callie started to chew, and he

screamed at her again, his anger mixed with excruciating pain. The giant teenage

blonde moved closer, opening her mouth as she chewed, and he saw the bloody mush

that was his foot. She swallowed and her lips parted again…

"I know… I'm such a bitch, but I can't help myself… and a slut… well I pushed

one of my classmates into my pussy to kill him, and I titfucked you… and I'm

wearing a cheerleader uniform, so I guess I AM a slut… but I like being one."

"Please… no… don't do this, please… I'll do anything… I'll give you all my

money… my car… anything!" He was now gasping, trying desperately to stop her

biting him again. Callie lowered her head, her long blonde hair draping over

him, blocking all views… except up at her lips. He raised a hand to protect

himself, and Callie bit down, picking him up.

He saw his hand in her mouth, her teeth clamped around his wrist, and the pain

from his leg added to by the agony of her bite. She smiled and started to gently

rock her head, twisting his arm and increasing his suffering. Blood dripped down

onto his face and he saw his wrist was bleeding. He screamed as he felt her

teeth cutting into his flesh.


She increased the gentle rocking of her head into a violent shaking. He screamed

again, before his hand was torn off in her mouth and he was sent flying, through

the curtain of white-blonde hair, and across the floor. He struggled to sit up,

and was now just crying in fear. The screams and begging had stopped.

The blonde cheerleader approached again, having swallowed his hand. She licked

him onto his back and kissed him with her tongue, before raising her head again,

and coming back down, lips apart. She saw his tears and laughed, licking them

up, and then began sucking his tiny cock, which, despite his pain and terror,

was hard.

He came on her tongue, and she cleaned him. Her long hair again created a

curtain, shielding her victim from view. He could only see her face, as she

smiled and her lips opened once again…

He pushed her lips against his stomach, opened them wide, and started trying to

bite his tummy. At first she had no luck, but all she needed was to catch one

little bit of flesh between her teeth, and she would be able to tear him to

pieces. He was screaming and trying to push her away, but it was no good. She

ripped a slice of flesh off, and started to chew on his stomach, while he

screamed louder and louder. She was eating him alive.

The screams stopped, but Callie continued to eat, until only a partial skeleton

remained. She carefully picked it up and laid it at the corner of the main

corridor. Stacey approached her and the two girls walked back, chatting about

their kills…

Kristi twirled her hair around her finger as she wandered around the science

rooms. Her and Becki were working together, and she could hear the loud clicking

of her friend's heels on the hard, cold floor. They may be the youngest two

girls, but they really know how to be evil. That is why they were searching the

science part – they could do experiments on their victims, and torture them in

sickening ways.

Just how they liked it. From around a corner, she heard a quiet scream, and

Becki's footsteps quickened. She laid down silently just before the corner,

opened her mouth, and waited. A guy came running round, saw her, tried to stop,

slipped, and landed head first in her mouth. Her lips slowly closed around his


By the time the next one ran around, Kristi was teasing her captive with her

tongue. The second guy turned to run for a classroom, but was hit by another guy

who didn't stop in time. One was sent sprawling, hitting the wall, and the other

managed to carry on running. Becki and Kristi let him go – they had their

victims now.

The guy who hit the wall opened his eyes to see Becki approaching. Her legs were

the first thing he saw, long and toned. She was wearing strappy little

stillettos and a tiny miniskirt, with a white shirt which she had unbuttoned,

with a white bra. He screamed as she picked him up, and Kristi stood up too.

They went into the nearest classroom, and turned on the lights…

"Cool… the main chemistry lab!" Kristi ran over to a desk, and put her victim

into a glass container, while she undid the last two buttons of her shirt, and

took it off. Becki giggled and did the same, her man also in a container.

The girls wandered around, looking for possible torture equipment. Becki picked

up a tripod, and Kristi found one of the old bunsen burners, little

flamethrowers used for heating stuff in experiments. A smile creeps across her

face, and she looks at Becki. The dark haired girl is obviously thinking the

same, and they dash back to the two guys like excited schoolgirls.

Kristi filled one of the containers with water, and set it on the tripod, with

the bunsen burner underneath. The little guy tried to climb out, but was pushed

back in every time. Kristi bent down, taking his head in her mouth and lifting

him out. She kissed him for a while, and dropped him back in. He treaded water,

holding the side of the glass. Becki put a thermometer into the water.

"6 degrees celsius… write it down, Kristi! OK… let's get started." She turned on

the flame, and it licked the bottom of the container. The guy screamed and

thrashed about – but the water hadn't even started to heat up. In fact, it was

cold! The two girls giggled as he struggled.

"10 degrees… 12…" Becki continued to read the temperature, while Kristi wrote it

down. Becki turned the flame up to the next setting, and the temperature rose

more rapidly. "30… 35." The guy was now getting hot, and started to scream at

the two schoolgirls.

"LET ME GO! SLUTS!" They just smiled, and carried on taking the temperature.

Their unlucky victim was now screaming, as the water got warmer. 40. 45.

Kristi and Becki were feeling the heat too, and started to loosen their bras,

but not taking them off. The poor guy was watching, scared shitless, and in

pain. The temperature reached 60, and he was screaming louder and louder.

Becki teased him with her finger, pretending to offer him a way out, before

Kristi carefully pushing his head underwater using her tongue. He surfaced and

cried out in agony. 70. 75. Bubbled began to form at the bottom of the container

and he felt them rush up to him.

"Boiling point is 100, Becki. Shall we boil him alive or let him go?" Kristi

smiled as she asked her friend, who smiled back. The two girls knew what they

were going to do, and only asked to give him a little bit of hope.

"Boil him alive!" they both said, before giggling and settling down closer, to

watch his final moments. Most of his body was now burned, and he faught to keep

his head above water, screaming and crying in pain.

"Please let me go… you girls… too cute… be so cruel… please-" He slipped under

the water, his last words having no effect on the two evil schoolgirls. They

watched his body being boiled, and then turned off the flame. They left the

container where it was.

The other guy had seen it all, and was struggling to get free from the glass

prison. He was 6", but the container was at least 3" taller. The girls

approached, breasts bouncing, eyes fixed on him. Kristi licked her lips. And

Becki licked hers.

"MMM… Kristi, I think I heard the dinner bell… time for our snack! This one

looks nice and juicy, should taste delicious. I can't wait to tear his flesh and

drink his blood, crunching up his bones and swallowing… it's so cool being able

to do this, and I don't feel any guilt!"

"Yea, that's cos they deserve to be eaten. Really cruel, painful death,

especially when done slowly. I never felt any guilt at all when I have killed

people… well, maybe Mr Johnson's son… he was innocent, he was only coming to

look… but I enjoyed every second, from the catch to the moment I crushed his

skull. I even licked up the blood from the floor. I'm a cruel little bitch,

aren't I?"

"Too right, you're evil!" The girls laughed and Becki removed the guy from the

container and put him on a table. Kristi touched up her lip gloss while Becki

licked him, making him scream for mercy, and after that failed, he began to cry.

Knowing her friend loves it, Becki held him to Kristi and she licked up his

tears, 'mmming' and making loud slurping noises.

He started to kick and try to push her away, but she just carried on playfully

licking his face, and kissing his body. The naked man squirmed under the

blonde's lips, as she laughed and giggled. Kristi lifted her head and he was

left coated with her warm saliva. He jumped to his feet and ran to the edge of

the table. The fall would kill him but at least it would be painless. He didn't

look down before he jumped…

And he landed feet first in Becki's open mouth. She had disappeared under the

table as Kristi kissed him, knowing that when her friend let him go, he would

try to jump off. And she had caught him. He screamed again as Becki stood up,

and held him up to his waist in her mouth. Kristi approached and didn't

hesitate, opening her mouth and taking his top half in.

His screams were muffled, and then they dropped him. Becki's head came down, her

teeth closed, and she snapped it back up, tearing a chunk of flesh from his

thigh. He tried to get up, but was forced back by Kristi, who closed her teeth

on his arm and crunched it off, swallowing it whole. Becki came back again,

violently crunching his leg off at the knee.

The two girls tore him apart, drank all the blood, and even licked up any that

had spilt, before putting their shirts back on and walking back to meet the

other girls.

The girls stood chatting in the gym, and Anna arrived back with a sackful of 3in

guys. The girls laid around on the soft mats, slowly and cruelly eating some of

them, and Anna left to set the rest up in the torture room. They each had one

left, and decided to take a shower to clean up the blood.

Stacey sat in her cubicle with her shower on, opened her legs and inserted her

'toy' into her pussy, moaning and giggling as she pushed him in and out,

pleasuring herself. She'd had a lot of guys, but nothing compared to using one

of the shrunken guys as a living dildo. The power, control, dominance… and the

incredible feeling she got from killing them.

She stopped to give him a rest to catch his breath, before lifting him up to her

face. The looked him in the eye and saw the look of pure terror. Her long, silky

blonde hair was matted with the water, and she giggled as a few strands tickled

her hard nipples. Her fingers were draw into her pussy. Stacey was in her own

private heaven, and so was Lia, in the next cubicle – doing exactly the same


But Stacey's 18-year-old victim was in hell. He was the youngest one to be

caught by Anna, who had made him lick her pussy in the torture room before she

brought them to the gym. He would have loved it - but he was only 1ft tall. The

twenty year old blonde pushed his whole head inside her for minutes at a time,

until she was totally satisfied with his efforts. Instead of killing him, she

had given him to Stacey. And she would give him a sick, evil death.

Stacey lowered him back between her lovely thighs, and he begged her not to. But

she didn't listen – why should a 5'6'' girl listen to a 3'' boy? His screams

were again muffled as she pushed him deep inside her, but time, he did not feel

his ankles being held. His whole body was enveloped in Stacey's wetness, and she

finished her shower with his helpless kicks giving her constant pleasure… and

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