Giantess Stories: Wash and Worn

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Wash and Worn 


Jason Reed

Part 1

       I hate my job.  I love my life though and would not trade it for

anything in the world.  My name is Brian Reeves and my wife, Angelica, much like

myself is very well off.  I was a successful Dentist and my wife was a

successful book writer.  She would spend days just writing away.  Hours at a

time she would sit in her chair and just write.  One day I walked to writing

spot to speak with her on family concern.        " Angelica ", I said.  "

We need to talk about our relationship. I need you to take your mind off these

stories of love and suduction for a moment and focus more one whats going on

here.  We have been married for three years, no children and for some reason I

still have not experienced the sexual side of life with you.  It is perfectly

obvious that our relationship is good but its more like buisness from what I am

looking at.  I want more and I want more now!!! "   Having said this she stopped

typing and looked dead at me.  I hated when she looked at me like she did.  A

concerned look.  Like she cared but still like this did not bother her.  " Baby,

I am sorry." she said.  " I am just not ready.  There is a real reason as to why

and honestly its just because I am scared of motherhood.  I love you with all of

my heart and this is something that I want aswell but not right now.  I dont

understand what the problem is though since it was decided that we would wait a

while anyway due to the fact of my fear.  You told me you accepted that and I

think that with what your saying you feel it is time." 

        I begin to wonder if I may have pissed her off.  She did say

something to me though that had me shocked and she said it without even thinking

about it.  " Ohh baby...I will see you tonight."  After she said this she got up

and then it was off to work with her.  She kissed me and then left.  I only

thought one thing and it was...." Yes ".  I am finally going to get mine as some

people would say.  I was off that day.  I ran to get things like flowers, candy,

I even got some flicks just incase I needed something to get up if you know what

I mean.  Give me a break I have not had any in a while.  I think that I may have

even forgotten how!!  Later on that day, I layed in the bed naked.  Angelica

finally arrived home.  I then heard words come out of her mouth that sounded

pleasent.  " I am ready ".  I thought that it was a little off.  I felt maybe

she should at least shower first.  I payed it no mind though.  I was ready

aswell.  I then saw her come in finally undressed but not all the way.  She

still had on her panties and pantyhose.  She stopped at the door and turned down

the light.  She then started to take off the rest.  I was going crazy.  I got

hard and I could not stand to wait any longer.  I started to get and get out of

the bed and just grab her.  She was so sexy.  Tall, blond, a wonderful smile in

which I could not see but I knew was there and of course her lips were just

precious.  " No just stay right there under the sheets.", she said. 

She then continued on with words.  " I come.  Just due me a favor

and get in the middle of the sheets so that we can be perfectly centered."  I

did not know why and what all this preparing was about.  These are white sheets

and what difference did it make where I sat.  Well, I just went on and did it. 

I sat in the middle of the bed on the white sheets.  She then started for the

bed and at that she came in at a face pace.  She hopped on the bed and grabbed

my waist and started kissing me.  I did not even get near her pussy yet.  She

started forcing herself on to me in which I ended up on my back.  " Ohh baby

please just eat me out first.", she said.  I then went on with this in which we

ended up in the 69 position.  For some reason I was'nt getting sucked but I

did'nt care for the moment.  I did not like the smell of her pussy though.  It

smelled awful.  I was making her comfortable though and hey I guess that was all

that mattered....for I knew what was coming anyway.  She then sat further down

on me where I had her weight on my face.  I became a ass stool of sorts.  I was

beginning to enjoy this but I was ready to go none the less.  She then eased

up.  All of a sudden I heard very loudly..." I am gonna cum ", Angelica

said.  She then eased off my face when all of a sudden I was yet still in

darkness due to no light in the room.  I could then see something that did not

make any sense at all.  All my wifes movements stopped for a hot second.  I

begin to wonder why.

          Only seconds went by and I begin to feel movements again but it was

not like before when my wife and I was playing.  It felt more like a boat ride

of sorts.  I then heard a loud distinctive thumping sound with each movement. 

I wanted to sit up but I did not feel my arms.  My nose begin to itch though and

it was then I realized arms were no longer with me. 

Not knowing what was going on all movement stopped.  At that time I heard my

wifes voice which now sounded loader than before.  She was singing!  She sounded

quite comfortable.  However, my question was still about whats going on. 

Suddenly the brightest light had came on.  I was still on my back and my new

outlook was one of fright.  Ohh nooo....those sheets that I layed in...ended up

as me...but...I was looking at two things.  A massive pussy and my wifes face. 

I did not understand.  Minutes ago my wife and I was making love but what the

hell is this now?  What is this that I am in.  I tried to speak but I could

not.  I did not see any of my legs, or arms for that matter. 

          It looked as if my wife was in the bathroom getting ready for

work.  She was putting on lipstick and just being down right assertive with no

regards that I was below in something or some sort of shape.  Finally after she

was done with her face, she looked down at me.  " WELL, YOU WANTED IT BABY...YOU






PANTYHOSE LIKE YOU......THATS WHAT YOUR FOR. "  When she said this I could only

cry.  She then begin to pull the pantyhose up on her.  Ohh no!  I am nothing

more than just the crotch area of my wifes new white pantyhose.  There must have

been something about those sheets.  Having thought about wife just got

finished dressing. I was deep in her pussy.  Then with in seconds I felt as if

though someone was pouring hot cream on me or something.  Oh no...she finally

came...she was'nt lying.  It tasted awful.  All I could smell was a mixture of

urine and fish...rotten fish at that!! 

             The day went on.  I was at the mercy of my wife.  She would

cross then uncross her legs purposly so that I could suffer.  This would not let

up.  She climaxed off and on all day long.  I could hear numerous conversations

and then again smart ass remarks coming out of my wifes mouth to others which at

the same time the remarks came out how ironic....she came on me the

same time!  How humiliating.  The smell was horrible.  As the evening came to a

close my wife had gone somewhere in the building.  All of a sudden the hose was

lowerd and I was relieved to finally get some fresh air.  Then I saw nothing but

yellow liquid coming out of my wife down into the toliet.  She sprinkled little

bits on me at the time in which it landed in my eyes then mouth.  I began to cry

in pain but I could not cry out loud.  I wanted to turn my head but I really had

no neck.  Then, she started to wipe herself.  She had a sheet of toilet paper

and then she stopped all of a sudden.  " OH...I DONT NEED THAT HOW SILLY OF

ME ", she said.  She then quickly pulled her pantyhose back up.  I wanted to

scream but it was useless.  I was then back in her pussy with nothing but

womanhood with now fresh urine.  How horrible.  I heard the toliet flush.  She

paid me no mind.  She then washed her hands and went on out.  I could not see

anything but darkness but I could smell and at the only thing I could smell was

fish and urine.  Later, obviously she was home from what I sensed anyway.  She

then started sliding her pantyhose off.  She took a look at me and smiled.  She

said nothing.  Next thing I realized I looked up and saw the ceiling.  It felt

like I was flying.  Then all movent stopped.  I landed obviously in a hamper.  I

was face to face with something that was completly disgusting.  I saw nothing

but a pair of panties in which they contained a horrible dirty pussy stench and

at that I was faced with a shit streak.  At my new size it was massive in which

it looked like it was layered.  At that I can imagine that I must have been in

with other clothes and hosery.  Damn, my wife had her hamper and I had mine. is Tuesday.  My wife does laundry on Saturday nights.  I believe

that these were the panties she had on Monday night and at that I realized I had

more days to go of more smelly clothing to smell.  Basically nothing but socks,

stockings, thigh highs, panties, thongs and bras.  She never seperated anything

until it was time for laundry.  It was obvious that with my new life this is

what I had to look forward to...being worn, put in the hamper and washed like

all pantyhose are.  How horrible...whats next.


Part 2

   Wash and Worn II

      Great just great!  It must be Saturday.  I just remembered that this is

laundry day.  This time, rather than being face to face with a shit streaked

pair of panties, I happen to be " face on the ass " section of those very

panties.  At the same time there are loads of clothes on top of me in which they

were all of my wifes sweaty and smelly socks, nylons, bras and thongs.  It is so

sad and even pathetic.  I am nothing but dirty pantyhose.  I have gotten use to

my new existance.  I felt the hamper moving.  I knew then that it was my time

for a shower so to speak.  Oh joy!  Suddenly the load started to get light and

then I soon saw light and a hand that had red painted finger nails.  It was my

wifes hand.  She finally took me out of the hamper and like a rag doll, she

tossed me right in to this round like object.  Of course the washing machine.  I

did not understand this at all.  We must have been in a laundry mat.  Or should

I say my wife must have been in the laundry mat.  I was in with the rest of the

the clothes.  My wife shut the door in which I could see through the glass.  She

was inserting her money.  Still...not even paying any attention to my existance. 

How pathetic.  She then looked as if she was pressing a button.  Then, soapy

like water started coming out from above me and in an instant...I was going

around in circles.  I did manage to see her just walk away right before the

speed of the washing machine picked up.  The soap was burning my eyes.  This

went on for about 45 minutes.  The washing machine stopped.  Where the hell was

she.  It was stranged but I ended up face up to the window and I could basically

see everyone in the laundry mat.  First of all I wondered why she had come

here.  I then realized that the washer and dryer at home was broken and I did

not report it to have it fixed.  I guess I am actually paying the price.  Wow I

am really drenched with irony.  The door finally opened.  Wait a minute!!  I saw

a hand that was not my wifes.  As soon as I noticed I was looking at what

appeared to be a young Asian girl whom might I add from my size looked the same

size as my wife.  She raised me to her face where we finally saw each other face

to face.  " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?", she said.  She then took her finger and

rubbed it in the now clean crotch area of the pantyhose that she had in her

hand.  She rubbed her index finger over my nose.  I then saw her look with a

satisfied but evil grin.  She then looked up and around as if she was about to

steel something.  I guess she may have been looking for my wife.  " OH HOW


WILL NEED YOU. "  I was in shock.  This woman took off walking real fast like

and then apparently she stopped.  My face was not that exposed but I could see

her face look back and then I heard my wifes voice. " WHERE THE HELL IS HE?, my

wife said.  By now I realized that she must have taken her clothes out of the

washer.  Then I felt movement.  The women that held me took off running.  Oh

no..what now!

            An hour went by.  I felt movement again but I now could tell that

whomever this Asian woman was she was now in what I believe was her home.  Man

was this place disgusting.  She lived in a one bedroom apartment from what I

could tell.  She then pulled me up to her face again and began to speak.  "













          This did not sound good and yes I was still damp.  This Asian women

told me that she would be taking a nap and thought that she would just hang me

on a clothes line in her house so that I can dry.  I hung there for hours. 

Fortunately, she hung me by a clock.  I could see that it was going on 8pm.  I

then saw her walking towards me wearing a high...and I mean high short and tight

skirt with black stockings on.  She wore black pumps and I could not discribe a

shirt or anything because she had on this short black fur coat.  She looked like

a complete bimbo.  Yes she looked like one of those 20 dollar prostitutes that

pretty much get hit every 30 minutes.  Where ever it was we were going we

finally got there.  It was dark form what I could tell.  I then heard this Asian

womans voice.  " Hi Madam Razell!  I have a favor to ask of you.  You tought me

how to turn man into servants to even turning them into clothing.  I have no

knowledge though of what actually to do but I have someone here who needs to be

reversed." With that said she laid me down on this table that had some sort of

old book and Crystal ball.  My face was under this bright light.  There was

another woman looking down at me and this one looked to be in her 50's.  I could

tell that she was some what dressed with what most tellers or terot card readers

would wear.  I then heard her speak. " child ", Madam Razell said. 

Wow I finally cought the Asian womans name.  " Tulip, this is pretty

impressive.  The woman that did this seems to be very creative.  I can sense

that this gentleman is very displeased with is new position in life.  He does

not like....what I sense...his wifes vagina.  He wants out.  I can now even

sense that what he fears will happen more than likely just might happen.  He now

even fears me. "  Wow this woman really was phsycic.  " must leave

him with me!  I shall make arrangements.  I sense that he was stolen and that

you want to enjoy him at his expense.  I sense that you want be your

thongs.  Considered it done in two days! ", Madam Razell said.  " Oh thank you

Madam!" Tulip said.  Oh how horrible.  Tulip then left.

       I was left on the table.  The door to this magical like environment

closed.  I then looked up and Madam Razell was looking down at me.  She then



UNDERSTANDS IT LITTLE ONE.  DONT YOU AGREE? " she asked.  It was not like I

could answer.  Then rather than see her face she quickly brought her hands

together quickly like she was casting a spell.  Then there was smoke.  The smoke

had finally cleared.  " What the hell?"...I said.  Wait a minute...I could

speak.  I cant move, still no arms or legs but I can feel, smell, taste, hear

and now speak...but where am I?  I could only look straight still and side to

side.  The smoke cleared.  I was somewhere but I did not know where.  There was

these two large pole like objects hovering above me.  For some reason it did

feel like I had arms but they were connected to my waist and it felt like these

two poles were going underneath my if I had somone in a headlock. 

Poles...they were not hard they were soft.  I then heared a sound.  It sounded

like a toliet flushing.  Then the poles begin to move.  NOOO!  It cant be.  I

looked up and saw yet another big cunt.  Then, I looked closely and saw Madam

Razell looking down at me.  " HELLO LITTLE ONE.  I HAVE NO OTHER WORDS FOR YOU




IN JOY...MY LITTLE ASS PLUG."   I then screamed but it was no use.  She started

to pull her thongs up and at the same time I heard a farting sound.  She must

have shitted.  I just remembered I did not see her wipe.  I should have known. 

She did this not only with wanting me but also in being phsycic.  She knew what

I had gone through with Angelica's panties.  That shit streak.  Now I am about

to find out what its like to be streaked.  Still, I was going up slowly.  Her

smiling face disappeared and then I begin to smell nothing but shit.  Finally I

ended up inbedded in her ass.  I then felt walking.  I am use to it by now to

know what it is.  Suddenly..she farted again.  I gagged.  Any noise from the

outside I could hear but it was muffled.  I heard a muffled laugh after she

farted and just like that I had to accept my new position.  I thought being the

crotch of pantyhose was bad.  This was worse.  Minutes later without

became real hot.  There was no longer any kind of up wind coming from behind. 

There was a little pressure as well.  I then realized that Madam Razell must

have been sitting down.  She then began to move.  I could not take this.  I felt

something sticking to my nose and it even had a foul odor.  The streak.  It

found its mark.  My new form was completely covered in it.  I was now the streak

or at least I smelled of it. 


Phone ringing......

    " Hello ", answered Tulip.  " Yes this is Madam Razell.  I am sorry to

inform you that there was a run in the pantyhose.  I tried them on and the run

split all the way up unto the crotch area.  Your little friend I guess is

dead...well, since he is only an object I believe that he is just worn

I had to throw him away.", Razell said.  " Damn!  I was really looking forward

to wearing him tonight but I guess since you tried to change him to panties it

did not work.  I am well aware of the ritual you tought me and I am sorry that

he just was'nt strong hosiery!  Well, thanks anyway Razell.", Tulip said.  " You

are welcome my child! " Razell said.


           I cant believe she told Tulip that lie.  There was never a

ritual.  I am alive....or am I.  Of course I am no life form.  If there is such

magic then what should happen if I go from another to another to another.  Will

I ever be worn out?  It was beginning to be something that I was looking forward

to.  I did not want to be worn like this though.  Razell was still sitting

down.  It was growing incredibly a matter of was

scorching.  Then I felt as if some was pressing me or I should say that it felt

as if though I was being smeered on something.  I realized that Razell was

moving.  She was moving so that I was just being pushed deeper into her ass. 

The pressure soon was gone but this time it felt as though my head was being

squeezed.  I then felt something pulling me.  Finally I was away from the

asshole.  I heard then very clearly Razell's voice.  " Oh excuse me mam I had a

wedgie.", Razell said.  She must have had another visitor coming for advice or

phsycic reading or even a magic spell of sorts.  I screamed and then, her

fingers let the thong goin which I went flying back to her ass.  It was like

being slingshoted!!!  My nose landed right into her asshole.  Then I felt

pressure this time on my ass.  Razell must have been sitting down.  All I heard

then was Razell say, " lets see where were we ?"  With that said she started

moving around like she was trying to slide or slither back onto a chair that she

may have slid out of.  This was only though I believe with the intent to get my

face back into her ass so that I cant be heared at all...not even a muffed 

voice.  She enjoyed this. 

            I am very good at telling time and if I am not mistaken...the

last time Razell moved was to get rid of a wedgie in which when she stopped she

slipped back into a wedgie.  I was the wedge but this time she did not get up at

all to remove the wedge.  I guess with the intent to bother me.  I must have

been a wedge now for 2 hours.  So with that it must be 11pm.  Suddenly the

weight felt light yet I was still a wedge.  She still did not bother to remove

me.  I then felt my nose and what I could call my body being squished again. 

Not like a wedge but hey I was wedge and now sat on I believe as well.  I then

felt something rumbling.  Razell must have been in her car.  I could feel the

wheels move through the seat.  Suddenly the wheels did not move.  I heard

something that did not sound so good.  I could barely hear anything but this is

one thing I heard clear come out Razells mouth. " Wow....I have terrible gas ". 

When she said this she let out this fart that may have lasted 3 seconds.  How

humiliating.  I could not take this anymore.  I begin to start crying but the

longer I cried it seem like the more the gas lengered.  Then she farted again. 

She did this with no regards. 

            We finally got to her house.  She had been walking around the

house still not removing her panties at all.  All I kept saying was that I could

not wait until she jumped in the shower.  It must have been about 12:45am now. 

I heard shuffling sounds as if though Razell was taking off clothing.  It was

about time.  I was still waiting though.  Moments later...I am under more

instense pressure.  It was finally going on twenty minutes now and so far it had

been twenty minutes since being under this new pressure.  I then heard something

that sound like snoring.  No way!  Razell was laying down..with her panties face in her ass and still passing gas.  How low down, how filthy.  This

cant be happening.  It only made me mad and at the same time I felt even more

useless.  There was absolutely no air..well there was the air that Razell was

letting go and that did not smell to good.  Not only that..I was beginning to

feel myself slipping away but I knew I would not die.  I must have been passing

out.  Off to sleep I went aswell.

        I am not sure what time it is now but I awoke feeling free but still

I smell nothing but a mixture of fresh air and shit.  I finally awoke and it was

a miracle.  I saw nothing but other panties, well worn nylons which somehow had

the toe section of the nylons directly in front of me.  By this time I realized

that I was in dirty laundry.  I heard nothing at all which basically told me

that like before I was nothing but dirty laundry.  However, this I was looking

forward to.  I was not looking forward to being in her ass any longer.  Life was

boring now and at that at least I could breathe.  I just could not wait until

laundry day.  Suddenly with that thought I heard a door open.  " Razell!  Razell!

"  It sounded like another womens voice.  It sounded nothing like Razells

voice.  Whomever it was the thumping sound of  the womans voice stopped.  I

looked up to see the woman looking straight at me.....or rather into a laundry

bin that had nothing but dirty clothes in it and it just happen to have a pair

of thongs that showed a severe shit streak...a layered one at that.  " Damn, ma

you sure need to wipe yourself better." she said.  Damn she looked great but

incredibly young.  I dont understand how this could be Razell's daughter.  She

looked to be in her mid twenties.  She looked down even closer.  "

mom shrunk another one!"  This girl was starting to piss me off.  I then yelled

up at her. " Hey you act like you never scene living thongs before.  I will have

you know that I am a white male...human at that.  You and your mother will never

get away with what you have done you...." I stopped there.  The girl picked me

up to her face.  " You smelly little bastard.  I really dont care what you are. 

You dont look human to me.  You look like a pair of shit streaked pink thongs at

the moment.  Now make your mind do you want to be shitty our clean.  A

shoes are heavier than you and you are suppose to be human.  You know, if you

would just shut up maybe I could help you."  I began to listen to her but I just

had to intrude.  " Help me!  How are you going to do that? You dont even know

the spells... the magic or the so callin rituals."  She then spoke to me.  "

Okay then if you say so! "  she said.  She then said something else very quick

and I did not catch it. " LUDANNOVALCAREST!!! " I dont know what the hell she

said but she walked away in comfort by saying it.  Suddenly I my prespective

changed again.  I heard a hissing sound.  Then felt wet.  Whatever it was

smelled pretty good...kind of like soap.  Hey...I am in the washing machine. 

Suddenly I looked up from the washing machine and there she was...this twenty

year old girl.  " Listen little man!  Look how quick you appeared in the washing

machine.  I told you I know this stuff.  I am much better than my mother.  Well,

I have to go.  I hope that you enjoy your wash.  By the way my name is Karen. 

Maybe after your all cleaned up we can get to know each other better. " Once she

said this she closed the door.  I hated this part but hey I could not stand shit

anymore.  Uh oh...away we go.

             The washer stopped.  The door then opened.  It was Razell.  She

then placed all the clothes in the dryer.  I was the last article of clothing

left behind.  She picked me up and looked at me.  She then said..." MMM....I

will think about it! "  What the hell was she talking about.  In the dryer I

went.  This was the first time I ever been in the dryer and you talk about was awfull.  As clean as the clothing was, I still felt humiliation. 

Round and Round I went.  I use to have friends and acquantences now I have

nothing but other pairs of nylons, pantyhose, bras, panties and thongs.  No one

to really talk to but rather a giantess phsycic to fear....but for how long. 

The dryer stopped.  The door opened and it was Karen again. She then finally

took me out of the dryer we looked clearer now eye to eye or at least her eyes

to my face!!!  " Now thats better!  LONYCIBKURAK!! " , she said.  Whatever that

meant!  Suddenly I saw smoke again.  The smoke had cleared.  Once again on my

back.  Then I looked was Karen.  For some reason she was getting

closer....and closer....and closer...and then smaller...and then finally shorter

than eye.  " What the hell!!! "  I was back to normal.  " This is impossible,

how did you do this?", I asked Karen.  " You doubted me...asshole.  I dont

understand men sometimes.  The spell has been broken.  So go on with your life

and do not come back here.  You got it!," she said.  " Oh you have my word but

where are my clothes?" , I asked.   She then gave me a suit in which when I put

it on it was a little big but hey it was clothing.  I was so excited that I just

wanted to go back and beat the hell out of my wife for what she started.  As I

opened the door of Razells laundry room, Razell stood there.  She looked so much

shorter.  " felt really good in my ass sir!  Its too bad but I admire

my daughters sympathy.  Its really too made a nice and comfortable

pair of thongs.  You absorbed alot. " , Razell said.  " Oh by the way ", Karen

said.  " If you tell anyone of what has happened here then you shall be returned

to this place.  The spell then will be truly reversable in which you will me!!! "  I did not pay it no mind at all.  I was already ready to

whip both of there asses but I left them alone and said okay.  Karen obviously

did not take me seriously but then I heard voices shortly after.  " Help me!!! 

Somebody help me please Im trapped in this bitches shoe! Come on let me out it

stinks in here man please dont let her do this!!! "  I looked at Razell who was

smiling at me and shook her head.  I then looked at Karen.  She was wearing a

body dress that went down to her knees and she was wearing black pumps with a

foot half way out of its shoe. I walked towards her and I begin to hear it

again. " Please...down here who ever you are please somebody please.  "  I

looked down into the heel section of Karens pumps and I saw a man trying to get

up with his legs bent.  He looked twisted.  I was shocked.  Karen then dropped

her heel back into the shoe.  I heard one last scream from the man and then I

heard laughter from Karen.  " You think this is bad huh.  The man is

alive...barely.  There have been others like you.  As a matter of fact...I

believe your fate may be worse than the man that lies beneath my sweaty feet.",

Karen said.  She then stomped the very shoe she had on hard on the ground.  "

Take another look ", she told me.  I looked down into the shoe that imprisoned

the man and I saw no man.  I did see nothing but red and little pieces of white

that kind of looked like white chipped paint.  Noo...she killed him.  He was

grinded instantaly.  I then ran out only to hear everyones laughter.  As I ran

all I could remember were the words that Karen had said..." your fate will be

worse than what lies beneath her sweaty feet." 


        It's about 6AM.  I took the liberty to get a hotel room.  Its a good

thing that I remembered my bank account number because I have no wallet.  I also

am very good friends with the one of the bank tellers there.  Now is my chance. 

I am now holding $400.00 and I am going to take a cab to my house.  I dont think

my wife is there and if she is I am going to beat the hell out of her...maybe

I will figure out how to turn her into a condom and put her on.  Then, screw the

hell out of Tulip for my revenge.  My wifey like condom in Tulips pussy!!...ha

ha.  She would have at least found the woman that stole her pantyhose.  I

finally arrived to the house.  I checked the welcome mat.  Yes..the key was

still under it.  I opened the door and walked inside.  Wow...this place...smells

so much better at my normal height.  I walked pass the bedroom and took a look

inside.  There she was...out like a light.  I noticed that there was someone

else under the sheets.  I walked closer..who can this be.  An affair?  I was

going to beat her ass earlier but will I have to kill her.  Suddenly...the

minute that I got to the bed my wife jumped up.  The sheets were off.  " Who the

fuck are you ? ", she asked.  I then walked back towards the door to turn the

lights on.  I then looked her into the eye and said..." BITCH ".  She was in

shock.  " Okay, since you are back to normal perhaps you can tell me who took

you in the first place.  You are suppose to be nothing more than the crotch of

my white pantyhose." 

               When Angelica said this I looked at her with discuss.  "

Bitch...your pussy smelled like fish.  I am never going back there.  I dont know

whats worse  being in panties or being in the crotch are of your pantyhose. ", I

said.  " How would you know that where you were hiding in some lady's

panties? " , Angelica asked.  " Yes I have and you know I would have perfered....

".  Right when I said that, the figure that arose from my wifes bed looked

awfully familiar.  It was Karen and she had no clothes on.  She was looking at

me smiling. " I told you never to tell anyone but it seems as if though you dont

like to listen. " Karen said.  I grew scared and started stepping back. 

Angelica begin to speak..." You messed up know huh hubby.  I heard about the

orders that Karen gave you.  Lets just say that I love being could not

please me at all! ".  As Angelica was buisy degrading prespective of

things started to change.  I then saw Karen with a smile and look on her face

like children to candy.  I then started forming into something...I was

shrinking.  I did not know what was happening but I knew that whatever Karen was

trying to turn me into she could do without any movement at all.  She just

stared as if everything was okay where as with me I could not help but to feel

the pain of shaping.  I mean I felt as if my mouth was closing and my head was

squeezing....I kept trying to figure out what the hell I was going to become. 

Suddenly...everything was blocked out by smoke.  Now...I knew that once the

smoke had cleared I would find out what would happen next.  Could I be panties,

stockings, bra, what the hell was going on.  All I could see was smoke.  Then I

heard laughter.  Suddenly, the smoke cleared.  I saw nothing but the ceiling but

it did seem somewhat darker than my home.  As a matter of fact...where ever I

was kind of reminded me of Razells place.  Suddenly, I heard a sound.  I then

heard Karens voice. " Oh hi Angelica.  I am so tired of these damn cell phones. 

I will tell you the one that I am talking to you on now is so cheap!... Karen

obviously was talking to my wife on the phone.  I found out alot of

information.  Karen asked my wife how is she taking my death and both of them

laughed out loud.  I could swear that I heard my wife laughing over the phone. 

Then suddenly, I felt something hit me.  I had a new prespective.  I saw a tan

colored nyloned foot.  What is this....I cant move...I dont quite feel right at

all.  Something smells horrific or should I say I smell horrific...but why. 

Maybe I could use a shower.  I dont know what the hell is this???  Then I heard

Karen go on.  " Okay now Angelica, well, I will tell you this much.  Girl, when

you ate me out last night it felt good.  Hey hold up Angelica..I have to find my

slippers"  I guess what ever it was I was looking at was not the ceiling because

I would have seen Karens face by now.  What the hell is this smell though?  Then

I saw nothing but fingers and nails come straight for me.  I then felt Karen

grab my body.  Things were going so fast.  I saw Karen clearly now and then she

dropped me!  I finally saw what she was talking about. She had a mirror almost

right above her bed but a little bit to one side of it.  I was looking at my

reflection.  All I could see was my eyes and with that I  looked like....fluff

with my mouth extremely wide open.  As a matter a fact the whole reflection was

a zebra-head like slipper with the mouth being the opening of the shoe.  I even

so myself move my toungue.  I looked to my right and there was the other shoe. 

I did not under stand who it was but it was the same thing.  Those eyes though

to the other shoe kind of matched Tulip.  I was not really sure.  Neither one of

us could admit it.  Without Karen even looking down she took her sweaty and

smelly nyloned covered feet and slipped them into the slippers.  She then looked

down to both of us and ordered us to start sucking, other wise she will stand

for however long she pleased.  She was standing right on our tongues.  She then

sat down and since I did not want any pressure on me immediately started sucking

her entire foot.  Regardless of how repulsive it was I sucked as if though it

was my duty and I am pretty sure the other living shoe did aswell.  Though I

could not stand this but this was the punishment that Karen stated irreversable. 

It was a nasty tasting life.  I then heard Karen closing the conversation with

now my widowed wife..." okay Angelica, I must go.  Maybe one day I will let you

borrow my foot know those zebra slippers I was telling you

about?  Well, I will call you again take care baby.  Bye...."

         That was it.  My new life.  Hours must have gone by.  I was sucking

the whole time.  Everytime I would stop or slow down Karen would stomp her feet

and we would have to continue or else.  I hated this job. I am nothing but dirty

old slippers and at that I cant stand to have someones foot in my mouth but I

guess I dont have much choice in the matter.  One day, Karen came in her room

and it was their her living slippers lay.  She picked us up and sat us on the

bathroom counter.  I was placed on my side in a sense.  Damn did I look awful. 

My mouth use to be somewhat white but not my mouth ( the inside of the slipper )

is dirty white. I looked like well worn slippers.  I then felt her grab me

again.  She threw me and the other slipper in a bag filled with dirty laundry. 

Oh well, I guess it must be laundry day.  I had begin to cry.  It was apparent

then that I finally had my new lot in life....the left slipper of a woman named




Giantess Stories: Wash and Worn

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