Giantess Stories: Wedding Day   Ryan Davidson was a ordinary guy

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Wedding Day

Ryan Davidson was a ordinary guy, a twenty-four year old, with a well paying

job. He lived by himself, in a small apartment by the city. He had just gotten

everything in order in his life. Everything paid off and ready to just kick back

and live life. He was also in love. He was planning to get married today. To his

lovely wife Stephanie. Ryan works at some science research center, thats on the

news all the time about the high price chemicals and medicine they deal with.

All day Ryan was nervous about the wedding. Finally when four rolled around it

was time to leave, and start his new life. He went down stairs and started

heading towards the door. Suddenly he remember he left his jacket up stairs with

the wedding ring in the pocket. As hes heading up the stairs hes in a rush and

knocks into this young woman and spills the tray she had in her hand. Ryan helps

her up and apologizes, she tells him its ok, and gives him the strangest look

and walks down stairs. Ryan thought to himself he better hurry, so he would have

time to clean his shirt off.

Ryan went into the bathroom and started to try and wipe off the blue goo that

was on him. Getting all over his hands he washed them off, and eventally got his

shirt clean. Now it was time to get his jacket and go to the chapel and start

getting ready for his marriage. Everyone was going to be at Ryans wedding. Ryans

sister Angela who is nineteen, and shes bringing one of her friends named

Nichole. Not to mention all the family members that are going to be there. It

was a big deal and Ryan was very nervous. On the way there Ryan just couldn't

seem to be able to get comfortable in his car. It seemed as though it was stuffy

and hard to breathe. He turned up his AC and kept on driving. He arrived at the

chapel about 30 minutes later. He went back and talked to some family members

and saw his wife. His wife screamed your not supposed to see me yet! Ryan said

sorry, and backed off into the dressing room. He got his tux on thinking to

himself maybe I should of got a smaller one this one is kind of baggy. But paid

no attention to it and tied his tie. He was told it was time to go. He was by

himself and whispered a small prayer to himself and went to leave the room. Then

it happened again Ryan couldnt breathe. He really needed help he was

suffocating, and now couldn't see. He just kept walking blind sticking his hand

out, feeling his way around. He heard the music for the wedding and just kept

walking to it. It seemed to take forever but he finally got close. He yelled I

need some help! No one responded he tried opening his eyes but he still couldn't

see. I can't breathe he screamed. No answer, please he shouted someone help.

Just when Ryan thought he was going to pass out it all got better. He could

breathe now. He opened his eyes and what he saw he would of never expected.

Ryan was right next to a huge gigantic doc martin it was his sisters foot. He

looked up at her in awe, she was huge! He could of been no bigger than half an

inch tall. He was very scared. He darted over to the corner to think things

through. Remembering the woman and the tray of chemicals! That was it..that made

him shrink! No wonder the lady gave him a weird look she knew what was going to

happen! Ryan thought to himself that he must be found and helped he went out on

the path and started yelling at his sister Angela. She was huge and was looking

straight ahead. He got closer to her foot. With one twist of motion his kid

sister could crush him under her foot with out even knowing, or caring. He

stared at her foot thinking naughty thoughts about his GTS fantasies..then

snapping out of it remembering that that was his sister. All of a sudden someone

yelled whos clothes are these in the hall? Ryan being in shock had just now

relized he was naked. Angelas foot swung over Ryan and landed on top of him.

Ryan was stuffed into the tred very hard breaking his arm. And walked over to

the clothes with Ryan attachted to the bottom of her foot. She said to the woman

just put them in the front someone will claim them. When Angela turned around to

go back to her seat Ryan fell out of the tread. He was crying his arm really

hurt and he just wanted to grow back to his normal size. As he lay there he

didn't notice his sisters friend Nichole getting up. At the last second he heard

her comming behind him. He stood up waving his good arm in the air. She didnt

see him and the toe of her sandel just smashed into the side of Ryans head.

Knocking him about 3 feet to the side. Ryan lay twitching on the walkway. He

couldn't move. All he could do was look up. He didn't know if he was paralized

but at the moment he couldn't move anything. Some women started walking his way

to take there seats, his wifes mother Diane, and her other daughter Marry and

Marrys ten year old daughter. The were heading right for Ryan. Ryan started to

get some feeling back, and started to slowly move his legs. He started pulling

himself with his good arm. He looked up to see the ten year old girl comming she

stepped right over him missing him completely. Then came Marry she stepped right

next to Ryan and stood there and turned around waiting for her mom Diane. When

Diane caught up Marry took off again her left foot crushing Ryans right leg into

mush. Diane followed behind and her right foot crushed Ryans left leg bending it

up by his torso. Ryan was in great pain yelling and screaming. Looking around

the people were all smilying and having a good time while he laid there

suffering looking at Diane and Marry smilying and laughing not knowing the just

crushed a little man, putting him in agony. He just laid there waiting, and


Ryan thought to himself maybe things would still work out. Someone would find

him and help him. Then he could get on with his 'perfect' life. With the woman

he loves and be happy for the rest of his life. Happily ever after. Just then

Ryan felt him self grow. He grew to be about 5 inches tall. He thought maybe if

he just holds on he will eventally grow back to his normal size, he just has to

survive! He thought for sure he would be seen now. All he would have to do is

wait for someone to come down the walkway and they would for sure see him. He

looked ahead to see a young girl about the age of thirteen with a flower basket

throwing flowers on the ground. He screamed down here! Down here! But the piano

music was just to loud. She didnt see him and walked right over him crushing his

last working limb. Tossing flower pedals to the left and to the right. He then

saw his beautiful wife about 30 feet in the distance comming up the walkway. He

knew it he was going to be saved! Just then two flower pedals landed on top of

Ryan. Only leaving his head exposed. He tried to get them off but since his arms

and legs are crushed and twisted he just laid there staring up. Oh how he wanted

to just hold his soon to be wife and show her his love but now all he could do

is lay there and hope she doesnt step on him. Today which was supposed to be the

best day of his life is now turing out to be the worst. A part of him is getting

turned on at the whole concept. But his pain is to great now for him to enjoy

it, he just wants to hold her in his arms. She is getting closer now walking

steady. Ryan yells I love you.. I love you...she steps closer.. I love you ..

I... he sees her for the last time as her foot blocks out his light and his life

and comes down with a crunch. She looks down feeling the crunch through her shoe

and sees some squashed goo. And says eww what a cheap chapel got cockroaches

running around. She demands someone cleans it up because its her wedding day.

Some spanish clean up lady for the church comes out and with a tissue and wipes

up her squashed boyfriend and throws him in the trash. Stephanie Ryans beautiful

wife then walks up to the alter and waits for her love, Ryan.

For today is there wedding day...

Giantess Stories: Wedding Day   Ryan Davidson was a ordinary guy

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