Giantess Stories: WENDY IN CHARGE by shado    Wendy turned 16 with a bang

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by shado

Wendy turned 16 with a bang. The party her mother threw was wonderful, all her

friends were there. She had the time of her life. It was the most perfect day

she had ever had. Cleaning up after the festivities she felt like a princess,

her long brown hair and big blue eyes made her a likely candidate for head

cheerleader this year and she was finally old enough to date according to the

house rules set by her mother. She was as happy as she could be. She daydreamed

about all the boys who had waited for her to be allowed out with them. The list

was long. She finally decided that David would be the first, he was good looking

and very popular. Janice was Wendy's mother, a divorcee and single parent. She

knew exactly what was going on in her daughters mind, and she dreaded the

thought of her baby out on a date.

Wendy could feel the tension between her and her mother, it was probably not a

good time to bring the subject up. Tomorrow would be better. Besides there was

nothing she could say, she had made a promise! She wouldn't lie! Besides if

things didn't go her way she would just have to use the crystal and settle it

once and for all! She had waited long enough!

Morning came and Wendy woke to the smell of pancakes. That meant it was Sunday,

they always had pancakes on Sunday. Going down the stairs she felt a chill on

her shapely legs, wearing nothing but a tee shirt and panties, she made her way

to the kitchen. She walked barefoot into the room and saw her mother in her

bathrobe setting the table. Wendy had always admired the way her mother could

look so pretty this early in the morning.

"good morning sweety!" said Janice.

"Morning mom." said Wendy.

"How did you sleep?" said Janice placing a plate on the table.

"I tossed and turned all night." said Wendy.


"Yea, I was trying to figure out who my first date is going to be."

"Oh...about that, I think we should stick to supervised dating for awhile. I

don't think it's a good idea for you to be alone with a boy just yet." said

Janice bracing herself for a teen tantrum.

"OH really?" said Wendy innocently, not letting on how disappointed she was.

"Maybe your right mom."

"My, you sure are being awfully agreeable about this." said Janice

"Well you know best mother." said Wendy already getting up from her chair. "I

have to go get something I'll be right back." Wendy got up and ran to her room

to get the crystal. She was not going to let this happen to her now, not after

all the waiting. Fuming all the way up the stairs she grew more and more angry,

the thought of her mother being so untruthful and untrusting had her in quite a

rage. "I hate her!" she thought to herself as she stomped up the stairway. "She

never lets me do anything! She promised!"

Janice hear her daughters angry steps and felt guilty about the way she had gone

back on her word but she could not let go of the little girl even though she was

growing up.

Wendy reached her room, her fury was at its peak. Grabbing the crystal she had

found one day in a field, she made her way downstairs. It was about time she

started making the rules. Still in only her T-shirt and panties she made her way

down the stairs.

Janice saw her daughter coming toward her, she was obviously upset. It would

take some fast talking and a firm position to deal with her in this state of

mind. She had to stand her ground and tell her daughter that this is the way it

is going to be. She was not prepared for what happened next.

Wendy lifted the crystal and pointed it at her mother, the power in the crystal

shot out in a beam of light enveloping the woman before her. The effect was

almost instantaneous as she shrank before Wendy's eyes. All that was left of her

mother was a tiny insect sized woman. A tiny woman who needed to be taught a

lesson. Looking down at her mother she still felt angry at her and decided it

was time to establish some rules of her own. But first she would have to show

her just how helpless she truly was and just who was in charge.

Janice looked up at her colossal angry daughter. What will she do? It occurred

to her that she should run but she was frozen in fear. As the giant girl came

closer she felt the floor quake with each step. Her courage returning she began

to run. The pink wall that appeared before her suddenly stopped her in her

tracks. Looking more closely she realized that Wendy had placed her foot in her


"Well mother, its time you learned that I am not someone you can't boss around

anymore!" said Wendy picking up a piece of paper from an end table.

"This is what's going to happen to you if you don't obey me!" Slowly she began

to crumple the paper in her hand. The sound of the paper not unlike that of tiny

bones crackling in her fist. "You'll be crushed as if you were a tiny mouse. Do

you understand?" Janice nodded too afraid to even speak. "Good, you'll still

have to be punished though." said Wendy. Reaching down she plucked her mother

from the floor.

Janice cowered as the hand descended and scooped her up roughly. It seemed like

she was being carried miles into the air. When the hand came to a stop and

opened she saw her daughters huge moonlike face covering her entire field of

vision. "I'm sorry dear! I won't ever disobey you! Please just let me go!" she


"I know that, but you'll still have to be punished. I can't let you get away

this time, you have to learn respect and when I say something I mean it!" said

Wendy "Now this is going to hurt me more than it is you...maybe, ha ha ha ha!"

Janice cried out as her daughters thumb came over her. She lay in the palm of

Wendy's hand tiny and helpless. Wendy's thumb was as large as she was, but it

was 100 times as strong. Wendy's face was all smiles as she began to press down

on Janice's body. Janice watched in disbelief as her own daughter giggled at her

while smashing her with only her thumb. This had to be a nightmare! the pain was

excruciating as she felt her body begin to compress beneath the thumb. Janice

began to scream. How could her own daughter, who had been so loving and happy

just yesterday be so cruel and dangerous today? Wendy pushed her thumb onto her

mother and laughed at her tiny screams, it was so pitiful to watch her struggle.

"My God, how weak and small you are! I could crush you with my little finger!"

she said pushing some more. Now your going to behave aren't you?"

"Yes!" choked Janice from beneath the thumb. "YES!"

"Well then, The first thing your going to do is clean this house, and then your

going to buy me every thing I tell you to." said Wendy releasing the pressure on

her mother. "Or else...." She began to press again with her thumb causing Janice

to scream in pain. "Do you understand?"

"YES! Oh please Wendy let me go PLEASE!" screamed Janice.

"Very well, I think I will go out on a date tonight. I will need something to

wear and some money. So you had better get busy and clean up, you have about a

half an hour before you drive me to the mall." said Wendy placing Janice on the

floor. "Oh, and by the way, don't try to run away or call for help. With this

power there is no place you will be able to hide and I will kill anyone who even

thinks about helping you."

Janice watched her daughter as she pointed the crystal at her once again. This

time she grew to her normal size. She immediately began to clean house. It was

going to be a long day.

The weekend passed slowly for Janice. She spent her days as a slave to her

daughter, and her nights under an upturned glass on Wendy's dresser. She had

watched as Wendy had brought over boy after boy to the house, as if they were

trinkets on a store shelf she was deciding which ones were worth the purchase.

Only one had been over twice, Jim. Jim was a very handsome boy just the type

Janice was afraid of.

"Wendy dear please listen to me! Jim is a bad choice, he'll break your heart!"

she had said, but as soon as she started to give any advice Wendy would shrink

her and begin to step on her or squeeze her in her fist and say "Shut up! You

little worm! I make my own choices and you are nothing but my slave! If I even

hear one more word I'll squish you like a bug!" and put her under the glass

again. Janice cried herself to sleep that night. Her daughter had removed her

from her life and was about to make a big mistake, and there was nothing she

could do.

Monday Wendy surprised Janice by letting her go to work and going to school

herself. Perhaps there was something she could do with that time as a normal

size human being to put a stop to this madness. But what? She would have a lot

of work ahead of her, first thing was to take some vacation without Wendy


Wendy couldn't wait to get to school. Her friends would not believe her new

power and they could get some revenge on their enemies! Oh it was going to be a

great day! After meeting Beverly in the hall she went to her first period class,

science. She hated science it was her worst subject, no matter how hard she

studied she couldn't get a decent test score. She suspected that Mr. Hanson

hated her and did it out of spite. Sitting at her desk she began to take the

latest quiz. When the test was over she handed in her paper and went back to her

seat. This time she felt pretty good about her work she would at the very least

get a B. Mr. Hanson began to correct the tests while the students read silently.

Passing out the tests he stopped at Wendy's desk and gave her a stern look

before giving her paper. Wendy looked at the score, D. That bastard! She wanted

to kill him right there but decided to give him an opportunity to save himself,

she would confront him later.

During lunch she sat with her friends and decided that it was time to let them

in on her little secret. The best way to do that would be to show them. So on

her way to their favorite table she stopped along the way to pick up a little


" Hi guys your not going to believe what happened this weekend!" she started. "I

found this magic crystal...."

"Oh sure Wendy." said Judy "And I caught a leprechaun."

"No, wait, I'll show you! Your gonna love this!" said Wendy. Pulling something

from her pocket and keeping it cupped in her hand she began to explain.

"You know how Cathy is always bullying us around? Well not any more!" said

Wendy, putting Cathy on the table only 3 inches tall. The girls stared in

amazement at the tiny frightened girl on the lunch table. Cathy had always been

bigger than the other girls bigger even than most of the seniors. She was not

only tall and strong but also very pretty, she had been a shoe in for head

cheerleader....had been. Finally Beverly said "Oh my God! This is so cool! What

should we do to her?"

"Well I was thinking that we gather up all her whole clique of friends and have

a little payback." said Wendy grinning evilly.

"What a great idea! Let's go find em!" said Judy.

"This is gonna be so great, I can't wait until I get my hands on Gloria. Boy is

she gonna get it." said Beverly tossing her blonde hair. "She's gonna kiss my

feet and beg me not to step on her." The girls laughed at the idea and went into

the building looking for their victims.

Gloria and Kim saw the girls approaching. It was standard operating procedure to

haze them whenever they saw them. They were so pathetic and always backed down

from the bigger girls. Once one of them had shown some back bone, the blonde but

they had twisted her arm and forced her to tell them they were beautiful

goddesses and had made her stay on her knees in worship before them for 10 whole

minutes. They loved that kind of stuff.

Nervously the band of three girls approached the taller girls, even with the

knowledge of their new power it was hard not to be a little afraid of them. They

could see the disgust in the faces of the bullies as they neared, normally they

would have turned around and gone the long way to class. Today they were not

going to turn.

Gloria was the taller of the two, and the meaner. She deliberately stepped into

the girls path, putting her rather large breasts right into Beverly's face.

Looking down her nose at the 5' girl she towered majestically over her. Her

breasts were at a level just even with her chin.

"Where do you think your going shrimp?" she said menacingly.

"You'd better leave us alone Gloria." said Beverly shivering. Gloria couldn't

believe her ears, had this little bitch forgotten already that she was

addressing a goddess? She needed another lesson.

"I don't think I heard you right, Kim grab her. I'm gonna beat the shit out of

her." said Gloria. Kim grabbed Beverly and Gloria began to slap her across the

face several times. Kim pulled Beverly's arms up further and further behind her

back, almost lifting her from the floor.

Wendy was in shock, she almost ran. Grabbing the crystal she used it on the

girls. They shrank rapidly, even Beverly. Gloria and Kim didn't even notice that

anything had happened. They were too busy with their victim to notice that their

other prey had become giants. Judy reached down and grabbed Gloria. Wendy

grabbed Kim. Then she knelt down to look at poor Beverly. She was crying and her

cheeks were red from the slapping.

"I'm sorry bev, I should have acted sooner." said Wendy.

"Thats ok, Can you unshrink me now?" said Beverly.

"Of course, but you look kinda cute at this size. Maybe later we can play some

nice little shrinking games!" said Wendy.

"Maybe." said Beverly a little nervous about the whole conversation.

"Ok prepare to become a giant." said Wendy pointing the crystal once again.

Cindy, Gloria, and Kim huddled together on the table. They were crying and

sobbing in fear as the giant girls looked menacingly down at them.

"Well, pick your victim, I want Cindy." said Wendy reaching down to capture her

new pet.

"I want Gloria!" said Beverly angrily, her face red with rage and still hurting

from the slapping. She roughly grabbed the tiny Gloria.

"Well, I guess it's just me and you Kim." said Judy. Placing her pinkie on Kim's


"Let's make them worship us. I want them to beg us at our feet." said Judy. "I

could crush you with my little finger Kim, guess that makes me a god huh?"

"I want to squish them, crush them, and rip them apart!" said Beverly her color

returning to normal.

"Yea but we should have some fun first." said Wendy placing the puny Cindy at

her feet. "Worship me worm and I might let you live."

Cindy fell to her knees and stared at the huge sandled foot with it's boulder

sized toes. Frightened she began to scream.

Shut up insect! I'll crush you if you don't do what I tell you!" said Wendy.

"Kiss my feet you insignificant bug!" Cindy crawled over and began to kiss the

top of Wendy's foot. "And don't stop until I say so!"

Beverly placed the tiny Gloria under her low heel pink pump. "I should just

press down on you and slowly crush you underfoot. I should rip your head off

with two fingers. I should, but I wont...yet. Lick the bottom of my shoe." said

Beverly "I want it clean, don't miss a spot, or else..." Beverly stepped down a

tiny bit. the tiny face filled with pain as she felt herself flatten, then it

let up. She began to lick the bottom of the shoe.

Judy held the minuscule Kim with her pinkie, laughing as she struggled against

it in vain. She began to get sexually excited by the whole thing. It was so cute

to see her try to escape from her.

Beverly raised her foot and inspected her shoe. Gloria looked up fearful of what

was to come. Beverly looked down and placed the shoe back over her. "Not good

enough, keep licking."

Wendy pulled her foot away from Cindy. Cindy fell backward as the foot rose

suddenly. taking her sandal off, Wendy sat upon the floor and picked Cindy up in

her hand. Taking the tiny girl and putting her head between her toes she held

the girl by her head. "Watch this." she said to her friends, and curled her toes

smashing the head until it popped. Cindy's head flattened and the skull crushed

like a raisin between the toes, its juices running down Wendy's sole. "Cool

huh?" said Wendy.

Beverly stood with her foot over Gloria. The urge to step down was overwhelming.

How she hated the little mouse. After watching Wendy crush Cindy's head between

her toes she knew there was no going back. Lifting her foot she took one last

look at her tormentor. The tiny pathetic girl lie sobbing on her back, pleading

for her life. Beverly giggled, and then began to step down. She was amazed at

how brittle and fragile Gloria was at this size, she crushed easily with a tiny

crack. She felt the mouse girl flatten under her foot like a grasshopper. Judy

stared in awe of her two friends, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Wait we can't just kill people!" she said, "Oh my god! What are we going to


"Relax, who's going to stop us? We're in charge now!" said Wendy.

"I don't know...what about their parents and stuff?" said Judy.

"Who cares, I just wanna have some more fun. Besides, parents are gonna do what

we say from now on anyway." said Wendy.

Wendy had a crush on Robert Sherwood. Robert was a member of the football team

and a bully, but she liked him as girls sometimes do. Not seeing him for what he

really was...a jerk. When he came down the hall her heart began to race. He was

sooo cute! She stood trying to look sexy, though she didn't know just how to do

that. Looking a little ridiculous she waited for Robert to pass by.

Robert looked at the three girls in the hall. Lower classmen, unripened fruit as

he liked to call them. One looked pretty enough, but he liked girls with

reputations and larger breasts.

"Watch this." he said to Joe as they approached.

Judy was still trying to figure out what to do with Kim. Holding the tiny girl

in her palm she knew that sooner or later she would have to either kill her or

keep her in a jar. Looking up from her hand she noticed the two boys


"Hi girls, where's your baby sitter?" said Robert with contempt as he began to

pass. He saw the disappointment in Wendy's eyes and started laughing.

"You better be nice or else!" said Beverly angrily, stopping the boys in their


"Or else what shrimp?" said Robert.

"Or else your gonna get it!" said Beverly.

"Oh shut up you little bitch or I'm going to pop you one!" said Robert raising

his fist. Wendy pointed the crystal at the boys.

"Don't you threaten us! I could break you in half you pathetic bug!" she said.

"Oh really, I'd like to see you try stick girl. Your so flat I could use you as

a surfboard." said Robert.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" laughed Joe.

The brilliant light from the crystal blinded the boys momentarily. When they

could see they could not believe their eyes.

Wendy reached down and picked up the tiny Robert. He held no interest for her

any longer. Whatever allure he had before was now gone. In her fist he looked

puny and weak. Placing her thumbs on either side of the middle of his spine and

her forefingers on either side of his stomach she held him up in front of her

face. Both Judy and Beverly came closer to watch as she held him in a situation

that had only one conclusion.

"You wanted to see this so watch carefully!" said Wendy.

"Please! no! I didn't mean it! Oh no! Please!" begged Robert.

"Too late little boy. You shouldn't be rude to goddesses, it's bad for your

health." said Wendy bending him backward across his middle with her fingers.

Slowly he bent further and further, she wanted his pain to last a long time. The

girls giggled at the tiny screams as Robert's back snapped like a toothpick. His

now paralyzed body limply flopping around in Wendy's fingers. Dropping him to

the floor she stepped on him and turned an eye to Joe.

Joe had just watched his friend die the most horrible death imaginable and now

the giants were looking at him. He feinted. When he awoke he was naked and lying

next to Kim. She was naked also.

"Wow I must be dreaming! First a nightmare now a fantasy come true! Weird!" he

said to himself. Thinking it was a dream he looked more closely at Kim, she was

sleeping. He waited to see where this dream would take him, hopefully he would

get laid. Then the giant sandal appeared.

Judy watched her two dolls begin to awaken. As soon as they were awake she put

her foot in front of them.

"You two!" she said "Get on my foot." They hesitated. She stomped, knocking them

off their feet. "Now!" she commanded. They jumped on her foot naked and scared.

She felt their puny weight on her foot, they were so cute!

"I want you to make love to her on my foot Joe. Go on, I want to see you guys

knockin boots in 1 second or I just might have to finger fuck the both of you,

and you don't want my big ol' finger in you do you? I'd probably end up ripping

you in half!" she said. the tiny couple timidly began to kiss.

C'mon! No foreplay! I want you to fuck and I mean now!" said Judy. Joe grabbed

Kim and tried to follow the giantesses directions. Kim fought him off being a

big girl she was able to hold her own against him denying him entry.

"No! I won't! Stop it!" she raged as Joe did his best to overcome her.

"Kim if you don't we're gonna die! he said.

"I don't care! Get off me!" she said pushing him back.

Well, I warned you!" said Judy, tipping her toe forward and rolling the tiny

ones onto the floor. "Say goodbye." Joe and Kim looked up and saw Judy lifting

her titanic foot above them. Kim wrapped her arms around Joe and they held each

other as it began to fall slowly from the sky.

Judy felt the tiny bones crunch under her shoe. "Ooooh! Double your pleasure!"

she said as the blood oozed from under her sandal.

With their enemies reduced to bloody little stains beneath their feet, the girls

began to wonder what to do next. It was obvious that they were now in charge of

every life they encountered. Now they just needed to let the insects know that

the giants were here. When the bell rang they went to their classes. None of

them had any classes together this period. Wendy went to math, Judy went to

science, and Beverly went to home economics. they decided not to conquer the

school today, first it was necessary to teach their parents a few lessons.

Janice had spent the day at the library researching anything she could find

about shrinking and crystals. She had no luck whatsoever, she needed a more

extensive collection of resource material. Tomorrow she would try the university

library. For now she had better get home. If she arrived home late who knows

what Wendy might do.

Wendy and her friends went to Judy's house first. Her father was sitting in the

living room drinking beer as he did every night. He would sit and drink until he

either passed out or got so drunk he had to hold the wall to get to bed. He

almost never spoke to his daughter and when he did it was usually to punish her

for some imaginary crime. He would find a reason in his dillusional mind and

spank her. Though she was 15 and much too old for paddling he would still force

her to endure the humiliation of a spanking.

Judy saw that he was in a bad mood and knew that it was not going to be a very

good night. Now that her mother had run off she was the cook and the maid. If

she didn't have the supper on soon he would get very angry. She felt scared even

though she knew that tonight he would not be allowed to hurt her. It was her

turn to be the parent.

Before he could even get out of his chair ron began to shrink. It took him

almost a full minute before he realized that the girl he was yelling at and

threatening with a spanking was over 50 feet tall. But when he did he shut up

real quick. His mind was so muddled with alcohol that he just stood there


Judy picked her father up in her hand and walked over to a chair. "For all the

times you humiliated me I am going to spank you." she said "And from now on

every time you drink your going to get a spanking."

"No! No! You go to your room!" said the tiny drunk.

"Why you little..." said Judy angrily "You don't get it do you? I am in charge

now!" Raising her hand she slapped his tiny bottom harder than she expected to.

She felt his hips shatter, but she was too angry to stop. With tears of rage

streaming down her face she punished her father.







"You bastard!" she cried, smacking at the tiny broken man across her lap. His

body losing its form as its skeleton became nothing more than broken pieces. Ron

lived longer than he should have. His body broken beyond recognition. Before he

died he saw his own daughters hand coming down one last time. It was as long as

he was and 3 times as wide. Screaming he watched it coming closer and closer

almost in slow motion. Then it was over.

Judy looked at the rag doll in her hand. She wondered why she felt no remorse.

In fact she felt pretty good. Relieved actually. Freedom must feel like this. It

was time to go to Beverly's.

Janice sat at home making sure that all the housework was done and dinner was

cooked. She nervously awaited the return of her daughter. With her new found

freedom she could be home anytime. Janice worried about her as any mother would.

She stared at the glass that had been her prison for the last 2 nights, she

wanted to smash it but dared not. Better to obey and play along until she found

a solution to her problem.

Beverly walked through the door and wasted no time in shrinking her entire

family. Her brothers and parents were scooped up and put into a Tupperware bowl.

"From now on you are my pets. I am your god. You will live or die at my whim. In

fact, If you displease me in any way..." she said grabbing a peanut from the

bowl on the counter. "I will crush your heads." Pinching the peanut and cracking

the shell she made her point crystal clear. Her entire family cowered in the

bowl. They were not going to be a problem. "I love this!" she said. "They're so

cute at this size!"

"Well, are you done?" asked Wendy "I need to get home and put my mom in her


Janice sat in her chair wishing for her daughter to come home. Each passing

minute seemed like an hour. worry and fear filled her heart as she wondered what

Wendy might do to her tonight. A shiver went up her spine as the front door


"Mother? Are you here? You had better be!" said Wendy as she came in.

"Yes dear, I'm here." said Janice, her voice quivering.

"Well then have you got dinner ready?" said Wendy. Janice had completely

forgotten to start cooking. Worry had preoccupied her thoughts.

"No...not yet dear." she said, her fear growing as she realized the trouble she

was in. Wendy came around the corner and glared at her mother.

"What do you mean not yet?" she said angrily. "I am going to have to teach you a

lesson little one." Pulling the crystal from her pocket she did something

unexpected. Pointing it at herself she willed it to make herself grow. Taller

and taller she grew. Her mother watched as she began to reach heights of 6 7 8

ft tall. At 10 feet tall she stopped, her mother was now half her height.

Reaching for the child sized woman she put her large hand around the back of her

neck. Squeezing Janice's neck she applied pressure to either side, Janice tried

to pull away instinctively. Wendy was too strong for her and began to guide her

to the kitchen.

"You are going to learn to do your chores little miss. Now get into that kitchen

and start cooking! March!"

Janice walked as best she could, the pain was incredible and made it hard for

her to move. Half carried she walked sobbing to the kitchen. She didn't know how

much longer she could take this, if she didn't find a solution soon she would

have to leave her daughter....or find a way to kill her.

Wendy returned to her normal size and sat in the living room watching TV. It

felt wonderful to have a slave and no one to tell her what to do. It suddenly

dawned on her that if one slave was good many slaves would be great!

Beverly looked at her family in their plastic prison. They were so pathetic

looking. She wondered if they were as fragile as they appeared, she decided to

find out. reaching for her brother she knocked him over with her finger. He fell

on his back with a grunt. Placing her finger on his chest she pinned him to the

floor of his new home and held him there as he squirmed.

Watching his sister as she cruelly pushed her finger onto him made jimmy mad. He

fought the finger with all his might. She just giggled at him, she was too


"Let me go Beverly! Why are you doing this?" he screamed.

"Because I can and because I want to." she replied pressing harder.

"Stop please your crushing me!" he said fear filling his voice as he realized

that she wasn't slowing as his chest began to compress.

"No...I don't think so, I want to see how much, or how little pressure it takes

to crush a tiny person like you." she said.

"No!" he screamed as she continued to crush him. Her mother and father overcame

their fear and ran to the aid of their son grabbing the colossal finger and

trying to pry it off of his chest. Bobby seeing his brother begin to turn blue

also joined in the fight against the huge digit. All three family members pulled

and pushed and tried to budge Beverly's finger, but it wouldn't stop. Jimmy's

ribs began to crack. They tried even harder, muscles straining, but Beverly's

finger continued to kill her brother. Looking up at her daughter, Beth begged

for her sons life but she could see that Beverly was beyond reasoning with. Her

face was filled with glee as she smashed her own brother with her finger. How

could she do this? Then it was over. The finger met the floor with a squishing

sound as Jimmy's insides were ground to a pulp. As the finger was lifted the

family could see the perfect finger print in blood where Jimmy's chest should

have been. Looking up at her daughter georgia expected to see remorse in her

face as she realized what she had done, but instead found a smile.

"Cool! I think I will save the rest for later." she said not even talking to her

family. They were just insects now and it was so much fun to crush them.

Wendy ate dinner as fast as she could. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

Shrinking her mother she placed her in her overturned glass prison and set about

making her plans.

Morning came and Wendy was in great spirits. Today everything was going to go

her way. She would make sure of that. Getting dressed she ran out to meet

Beverly and Judy. They sat together in front of the school pondering the best

way to get the effect they wanted. They wanted fear and respect from their

slaves and they wanted their audience to be a captive one. The gymnasium was the

obvious choice but how would they get everyone in there?

The notice was all over the school, free sodas and a new cassette or CD of your

choice in the gymnasium at 12:00. The entire school was abuzz over the notice,

everyone was going to see what it was about, even the teachers were curious.

At noon the entire student body must have crowded into the gym. People filled

every corner of the large room. Beverly giggled in anticipation. Standing at one

end of the room she looked across at Judy who was at the other. Wendy came in

shortly after and gave them a nod. She had been outside shrinking cars to stack

in front of any outside access doors and then grow them as blockades. Her nod

meant that there was no outside doors unblocked. It was now time for their plan

to go into effect.

Wendy used her crystal on the other two first so that they could block the

inside doors with their feet. the sight of them growing gigantic drove the crowd

into a panic. She almost lost the crystal in the rush of bodies that collided

with her. But she managed to hang on and use it on herself.

Three giant girls appeared out of nowhere. They stood 30 ft tall and their

laughter filled the room above the screams of the crowd. As the crowd tried to

escape they found all exits blocked by giant pretty feet. Soon they cowered

together in the center of the gym. The brunette in the center was obviously in

charge, all eyes were on her. Then she spoke.

"Hello little people I would like to introduce you to your new owners." she

said. "On my left is Judy, and on my right is Beverly. I am Wendy, and I am in

charge so do what I tell you and you might live. Don't do what I say and you

will die." Wendy looked down on the crowd, they looked scared and pathetic.

Perhaps sh3ee should let them see what was in store for them if they disobeyed.

Choosing a boy close to her foot she wiggled her toes and watched him jump away.

He saw her looking at him and tried to run. He didn't get far. Wendy's giant

foot came down on him with a thump, his spine shattered immediately. His screams

of pain rang out across the room. Wendy watched the crowds reaction as she drove

her foot into him crushing and breaking him until he was in two pieces. It was

delicious to see their faces as she killed a boy she didn't even know with as

little effort as it would take to swat a fly. Wendy didn't feel comfortable at

the height she was at. She could probably still feel bullets if the cops showed

up and shot her. She needed to be bigger.

The roof of the gymnasium exploded out ward as the giantesses grew through it.

Screams could be heard through the crashing as wood and steel as it was

destroyed by the titanic teens growth. Wendy and Beverly smiled at each other as

they realized that there seemed to be no end to the growth potential of the

crystal. It was going to be a long day for this town. They were going to see to


When Wendy felt that she has reached a suitable height she stopped the growth

and looked around. At her feet the gymnasium was in ruins. Few of the tiny

people had survived the rapid growth. A few tiny squeaking screams could be

heard and an occasional moving shadow, which she promptly smashed with her toe,

could be seen.

"Well. lets go visit our new pets." said Wendy taking her first step out of the

building. Her large foot arched across the parking lot, high above the ground it

seemed to almost float as it soared overhead.

John Hanson, the science teacher, stared in awe at its sheer size. Recognizing

Wendy he knew he was in trouble. Struggling with his keys he tried to get into

his car. The foot met the ground with a gigantic boom. The resulting impact had

cracked the asphalt and as she took her second step, her weight crushed it even

more. John dropped his keys in shock, he immediately reached down to pick them

up. When he stood back up he saw the shadow of her sandal come over him. Looking

up he froze. The sandal lowered onto his car, it covered the brand new sedan

from bumper to bumper. Like a huge aluminum can crusher it compressed his car

into nothing but a flat piece of metal. The sounds of shattering glass and

shrieking metal was like a kick in the stomach as he saw his new car reduced to

scrap by the foot of a 16 year old girl.

"Why Mr. Hanson, I'm sorry! Was that your car?" said Wendy sarcastically. "Guess

I should watch where I'm stepping. Oh well your not gonna need it anymore

anyway." Looking down at him she tried to think of the best way to torture this

asshole. It should be slow. He was trying to run. How pathetic. reaching down

she blocked his path with her palm.

Judy and Beverly watched as Wendy picked up the tiny Mr. Hanson. They couldn't

wait to see what she did to him. They all hated him. It was going to be

especially fun to see him suffer.

Wendy held him in her hand palm open. He looked so pathetic. His hands held

upward as if to ward her off. he lie on his back curled up like a pill bug. She

could hear his begging as she held him. With her finger she poked him


"Whats the matter, don't you like being my toy you little shit?" she said

manipulating his tiny body around her palm. "I think you need to learn that it's

not nice to pick on little girls, they might turn into big girls."

"What are you gonna do to him?" asked Judy smiling.

"I think I am gonna give him a report card." said Wendy. "Let's see...looks like

you get straight F's! Thats just not acceptable. I'm gonna have to punish you!"

said Wendy pinning him to her palm with her finger.

"Your going to have to try harder. These grades just will not do. I know, You

need a little incentive to do better. A treat just to show you what you'll get

if you bring them up!" she said. "How about a hug!" Bringing her hand to her

chest, Wendy placed the tiny man against her breast. Holding him there with her

palm under her shirt. Pushing him into her flesh she held him hard against it.

His tiny feet kicked frantically against her nipple. His body began to crack a

little bit as she forced him hard against it. Pulling him away she looked at

him. He looked a little broken but not too much. With him lying in her right

palm she placed her left thumb onto him.

John, battered and broken, watched the colossal thumb as it came at him. He was

unable to move as she had dislocated his shoulders. The thumb pressed into his

chest, its power was immediately apparent as it was thrust onto him. Looking

into her face he painfully recognized the glee she felt at his expense. She was

positively in rapture. as much in euphoria as he was in pain. It made him cry.

"As long as you inhabit my world you are under my thumb. Do you understand bug?"

she said. Waiting only a moment for a reply she pressed a little harder. "Do


He nodded frantically.

"I don't think you do."

"" he managed but it was too late. The titanic thumb

unrelentingly kept its downward journey, crushing him slowly.

Wendy's smile grew directly in relation to its progress. Before he died he felt

her thumb make contact with his spine through his chest.

"Wendy felt her thumb meet her palm and them push into it deeply. He was no

doubt dead now. It was a fitting end for him and she felt really good about the

service she had done humanity. It was the last one she would do them.

Janice lie in her glass cage cold and naked. Standing up she noticed that the

rim was in reach! She had grown! What could that mean? It didn't matter now. It

was more important that she get out and find an answer to this and put a stop to

it once and for all. Climbing out of the glass she stood on her daughters

nitestand. The growing seemed to be continuing. She waited.

When the police arrived at the school they quickly surrounded the area, pulling

their cars into defensive positions arouund the giant girls feet. It was a

futile gesture. They did'nt look very dangerous even with all of their lights

and sirens. A voice came up to them from a loud speaker.

"Stay where you are! Don't move! If you take one more step we will open fire!"

It said.

"You mean like this?" said judy bringing her foot up and over a squad car. the

tiny cops ran from the car as it was destroyed with a loud screaching crunch.

The foot met the ground and the car dissappeared. Judy giggled. This was fun.

Tiny little pops could be heard as the police fired their tiny guns at them, but

appearently the girls skin was too thick at this size to feel the bullets. They

moved forward smirking as they stomped every police car into junk. The little

bugs in blue scattered before them in all directions as they lay seige to the

army of ant cops.

Once all the cars were flattened, they began to eliminate their drivers. Each

policeman was captured and put into a dumpster until all of them were found.

They filled three dumpsters. JUdy began to empty hers into her lap. Beverly

pulled out one tiny man at a time into her palm.encircleing the tiny cops with

her legs, beverly used her fingers to pin them to the ground and slowly squish

them, feeling them pop like raisins. Judy held all of hers on her skirt top and

began to placethem one at a time into her mouth. They squiggled against her

toungue. She liked to push them into her molars and bite down crunching them

like peanuts. They even tasted a little salty. Wendy placed her foot on top of

the open dumpster like a lid. The tiny prisoners screamed as she began to crush

it. Tiny arms were flailing from the cracks where her foot did not cover it.

Inside the dumpster officer jim reed could see the pretty face of the giant teen

as she began to compress dumpster with her foot. He could not believe that such

a pretty girlcould be doing this. The walls began to bend and creak as she

applied pressure. It would not take long for the entire room to be nothing but

flattened metal. Packed in like sardines he knew that he would be long dead

before her foot reached the ground. He began to scream.

Wendy stepped down slowly felling the tiny dumpsterr crush like a tin can. She

looked at her friends and watched them. They were having fun. Too much fun. She

should be having most of the fun, it was her stone after all.

Janice, now full size and dressed, went to her car and headed for the girls. She

would need to stay out of sight and wait for an opportunity to do something,


Wendy waited until judy and beverly had finished with their toys. She then

pointed the stone at them shrinking them by 1/2 their size. Now she was

satisfied, she would be queen of all she surveyed. Beverly and judy looked at

her frightened for the first time. Had wendy decided to kill them too?

"Ok here's the deal, I am the queen and you are my enforcers. You will make the

people do my bidding. If you make me mad I will punish you. If you make me happy

I will reward you. Ok?" said wendy.

"Y..yes." said the girls suddenly not sure of their position.

"Good, go find me a place in the city where I can sit and rule over this puny

town." said wendy felling much better about the way things were going.

By the time janice had gotten close enough to the girls to park they were on the

move again. She had to get back into her car and drive the other direction. This

was gonna be hard.

Wendy stood over the downtown shopping area watching the tiny people being

herded toward her by beverly and judy. The giant girls used their feet to direct

the crowdas into a central open area. Once there they saw the truly titanic

wendy wait ing for them. Wendy directed her now midgit enforcers to block all

exits from the designated zone she now called her court.

"Listen up insects!" she said addressing the crowd, "I am wendy, you'r goddess,

and I will now rule over you. If i want to crush you, I will. If I want to eat

you, I will. If I want to let you live it will be because your doing what I told

you to do. So keep that in mind. Now, ON you'r knees! Worship me!" she

commanded. the entire crowd fell to its knees before her feet. She smiled

"Beverly, do you see that one with the green shirt on?" she said pointing at a

tiny man.

"Yes." said beverly.

"He is'nt bowing low enough. Break him in half." said wendy. Beverly grabbed the

little man in her hands. Maybe this was'nt such a bad arrangement after all.

Bending him backward at the midpoint she snapped him into two pieces.

As the gigantic girls played their game, they noticed the population trying to

evacuate the city. Wendy decided that she would not tolerate such disrespect.

Standing up, she pointed her crystal at her freinds, enlarging them to titanic

perportions. Then she grew herself until she was large enough to flatten the

entire town in just a few steps if she wanted to.

"Stomp the roads so no one will be able to leave town." she ordered her

enforcers. Beverly and judy raised their feet and stomped the earth. The

resulting quakes toppled many buildings. Each stomp left a canyon sized foot

print too deep to cross effectively blocking any access from town by car.

"Go over to the airport and take it out." said wendy noticing an airplane

buzzing by her shoulder. She swatted it. It blew up in a tiny flash of light and

smoke as her hand touched it. The girls walked to the airport in a few steps.

George sat in the airport bar watching the giants as they dominated the city. He

turned his head to the tv. It was on all the channels. Everyone was glued to

either the tv or the window. In horror they watched as a jet was swatted from

the sky like a mosquitoe. Then the real panic began. The earth shook as they

watched two of the giants approach. It was as unreal as watching a godzilla

movie. It became all too real when the first foot came down onto building at the

other end. The giant teen stomped mercilessly crushing the terminals one by one.

Step by step she made her way toward them.

Judy looked down at the airport buildings as she stepped on them. They exploded

under her feet as if they were made of dust. Tiny people ran like gnats in all

directions. She did'nt waste her time with them, they were smaller tham pieces

of dirt. She looked over at beverly who was crushing airliners the size of

grasshoppers two or three at a time. If only they could get bigger, then they

could crush this whole town with one step. She shuddered with excitement at the


George, unlike the others, did'nt panick. He sat down by the big window in the

bar and finished his drink. Looking up he saw the girl take the step that put

her in front of where he sat. She smiled down at the building, could she see him

there? No, probably not. She loomed above him, like a goddess, smiling as she

lifted her foot slowly. He looked up her skirt unable to help himself. Sipping

from his drink he said a little prayerbefore the walls exploded around him.

The airport desroyed the girls went back to their leader. Wendy decided to

shrink them again and resume dominating her subjects. The tiny people did

everything they could to please the giants but it was never enough. She almost

always had her enforcers crush or break them. Every now and then she would

squish a group of people with her own toes. This went on for hours. It seemed

neverending. Just when they thought it was all over for them the giantess spoke.

"I am going to take a nap. I'll see you little worms later." she said,

stretching herself out. As she lie down she crushed several buildings and

desroyed a parking lot, soon she was asleep.

Janice watched her giant daughter lie back on top of the town. She knew it was

now or never. As beverly and judy went about terrorizing the populace she made

her way to wendy. No one else would dare approach the giant monster girl, but

janice knew something they did'nt. It took almost an hour to reach wendys

sleeping form. Like a mountain she would have to climb this collassal girl and

get controll of that crystal. Reaching for the sleeve of wendys shirt ahe began

her climb. It took almost another half hour to reach the top of wendys arm, but

once there janice could walk almost normally. She noticed wendys nipples were

hard. Her little girl was becomming a woman. Standing on the gigantic breast she

looked over the horizen. The crystal was resting between the breasts. She began

her descent into the cleavage. She fouuund it was faster to let go and slide.

Falling onto the crystal she tried to recall the chant that wedy had used when

she used it on her. Suddenly the mountains of flesh began to move.

Wendy began to awaken. Janice chanted trying to stay in contact with the crystal

as she was jostled by the budding breasts of a giant teen. When she finished she

waited... nothing happend.

"Hey! Who's in there?" said wendy reaching into her shirt.

"Oh NO!" screamed janice as the fingers approached. It did'nt work! She was

going to die! Suddenly she felt the titanic body begin to shrink around her. She

felt the rush as if she were falling as the giant shrank. The shirt finally

ripped off around her as wendy grew smaller and smaller. Grabbing the crystal

she stood and watched as her frightened daughter became the size of a barbie

doll. It was almost over. picking up wendy in her hand, she used the crystal on

heself and wendy until she was so large that she could see the curve of the

earth. The tiny town was no bigger than a quarter. She looked at her doughter

now a giantess large enough to rule over the town but small enough to put in her

pocket. Placing wendy on her palm she began to spank her with her finger.

"You have been very bad! You hurt people! And you hurt me!" she said as she

tapped wendys tiny bottom. "I should crush you for what you did to me! But I

love you so I'm just going to have to clean up your mess." Looking down at the

town she could make out the tiny giantesses looking up at her. Like ants they

ran around in a panick. They were probably destroying buildings with every step

as they moved around but who could tell.

LIfting her foot she placed it over the town. In one slow movement she sank her

foot into the soft earth. The tiny crunch of the cities final demise was rather


"I am so sorry that I had to do that but it's for the best. Better that we move

on and start all over than have to explain." she said taking her daughter in her

hand and walking away toward the horizen growing smaller and smaller as she


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