Giantess Stories: Wendy

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Wendy's Story

By Mark Bryan


Mark read about a pow pow in the local newspaper. He didn't want to go alone so

he called a friend. Daniel told Mark that he promised to spend the day with his

girl friend because she had a surprise for him. Mark suggested he bring his girl

friend alone. Daniel agreed.

Mark drove over to his friend's house. It didn't take long for Daniel to come

out with his girl friend. Daniel has light brown hair and blue-green eyes. He

stands 5'11" tall. His girl friend was about 5" 10" tall and had blue eyes. Her

light brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail that stretched just below her


"Linda, this is Mark. Mark, Linda".

"It's a pleasure to me you. Daniel has been telling me all about you."

"Oh, he has has he?" She said giggling.

"Believe me, only good things."

"Well he better or I might shrink him down and swallow him alive!" She said


Mark was surprised at her comment but let it slide and just smiled. Both Daniel

and Linda climbed into Mark's car and they were off to the Pow Wow.

It didn't take long to reach their destination. The location was a park like

environment even though it was on Rocket Dyne property.

The place was populated with many Native Americans in authentic outfits and as

usual there were many Native American want-to-bees. People were gathered around

a large circle with contained a large camp fire in the middle. The people that

made up the circle were watching the Native American dancers which represented

many tribes.

"O.K., let's get some of that fry bread!" Mark said with enthusiasm.

" O.K, but we all shoundn't have to stand on line." His girl friend responded.

"Oh, alright. I guess you both are my guests so I'll stand in the line." Mark


"We'll just walk around while you get it. If that's alright with you."

"Sure, why not."

Mark went to the fry bread line and waited. Daniel and his girlfriend wandered

around. After ten minutes had passed Mark saw her. She was one of the most

beautiful girls he had ever seen. She had thick brown hair that fell all of the

way down her back and was cropped evenly at its end. Her arms were quite hairy

but the hair was light in color and glistened in the sun light. Her body through

her tight outfit outlined a perfect ten body. She was wearing a polynesian

outfit which allowed a peak at her perfectly shaped legs as she walked passed.

He knew that he had to approach her to speak to her about the movie that he was

making. However he saw she was walking to the circle to perform with the rest of

her troop. The timing needed to be just right and this was not the time.

Finally he purchased the fry bread and went off in search of Daniel. They were

no where to be found.

"Oh great. Now how am I going to find them in this crowd of people. I thought

they would stay in plane sight. Damn!" He muttered to himself.

Mark looked everywhere but could not find them anywhere. About this time the

polynesian performers completed their dance.

"Damn!! I wanted to see that girl dance! Oh well."

Then he saw her walking from the dance arena. She was walking with a friend. The

girl saw Mark watching her walk and smiled strangely at him. Mark shrugged it

off. Mark watched and waited till the girl and her friend finished talking. Mark

approached her.

"Excuse me. Hi, I was wondering I could ask you something."

"Sure. What can I help you with." She said in a seductive gravely voice.

"I have this movie project and I need someone to play the lead."

"Oh really."

"Yup, my name is Mark. I want you to know this is on the up and up. I know that

there are a lot of weirdos out there and I assure you that I am not one of


The girl laughed and as she did she opened her mouth widely. Mark could see

almost all of the way down to her stomach. He couldn't believe how wide she

could open her mouth. It was almost like an anaconda opening its mouth to

swallow a large meal. Mark imagined that he was that meal. God, how he wanted to

be that meal! He was mesmerized.

"Hello Mark ... Mark." She said while waving her hand in front of his face.

"Oh, sorry. I was deep in thought."

She smiled and said," My name is Wendy."

"Well Wendy, where is Peter Pan?" Mark was trying to make her laugh again.

Wendy again laughed with her mouth opened even wider than before. Mark told her

about his movie project in greater details.

"I'll have to ask my husband about it. We do everything together."

"I respect that."

"Why don't you come with me and I'll get your phone number and I'll call you

after I ask him."

"O.K., that will be great but please call me either way."

"Oh, don't worry, I won't keep you hanging." She said with a smile that was akin

to the look of a cat after it had swallowed a canary.

"O.K. but do you think we can go somewhere out of the sunlight? It is very hot


"Sure. Come to my tent."

Mark followed her mesmerized by her legs and arms to mention a few of her many

qualities. They soon reached the tent. She unlocked the lock that hung from the

flap and opened the flap. He thought it strange that she had the need to lock

her tent like that but he figured it wasn't any of his business. She lifted the

flap and went inside. She stood by the opening beckoning Mark to enter like a

siren of myth. He followed her in. He felt as though even if he didn't want to

go in he would not be able to resist.

"Here, have a seat." She said as she pointed to a folding chair.

Then he heard it. It sounded like a high pitched squeal, two of them. Mark

dismissed it as the result of being in the hot sun too long.

Wendy looked in the direction of the cry for help then she turned and nervously

smiled at Mark.

"It's my pets. They always make noise when someone they don't know comes in. I

guess they are my watch mice."

"Yea, my cats are the same way. They run to the door until it opens then they

run and hide until the guest leaves."

"Mark, I hope you don't mind me asking why you think that I'm so perfect for

your movie. You know I'm an old girl in my thirties."

"Come on you have to be kidding. You have beautiful hazel-brown eyes and

beautiful hair. You have the look that I have been looking for. The perfect

fantasy look."

Wendy giggled. Then the high pitched squeal came again. This time he could swear

it was a human voice and he could make out what it was saying.

"Get the hell out of her before it's too late! You can't save us, we are lost

but save yourself!!"

"What was that? It sounded almost human!"

"Probably one of my friends outside the tent."

"No, I distinctly heard it coming from over there." He commented as he pointed

in the direction of a suitcase.

She gave off a deep sigh and retrieved it. She looked sadly at Mark and opened

it. Inside was the tiny forms of his friend and his girl friend. Mark leaned in

for a closer look.

"That's my friend!! What the hell did you do to him?!!" He said looking closly

at the two forms inside a pair of her thigh high nylons.

The nylons were tied at the top apparently to prevent any chance of escape. Mark

was so amazed that he didn't see Wendy wrapping her legs around his body. When

he realized what she was doing it was too late. Wendy squeezed him so tightly

that he could barely breath.

"I am truly sorry Mark. I really didn't want it to end this way. I hope you

understand that I can't have any witnesses."

"What, what are you doing?!!" He said as he gasped for breath.

"I have rather unusual dietary needs. Unfortunately for you and your friends you

are all a part of that diet. You, see this diet keeps me young and fit."

"What do you mean?" Mark gasped.

"Well it's quite simple. I'm going to eat all of you!"

With that Mark blacked out due to lack of air. When he came to he was aware that

Wendy wasn't around and everything around him was huge.

"Mark, Mark, can you hear me? Are you alright?" Daniel asked anxiously.

"Yea, I'm fine. Wow I had this strange dream and I guess I'm still not totally

awake yet."

"Believe me it was no dream and you are awake. She shrunk us somehow now she

plans to eat us! We gotta get out of here!"

"I think you got it all wrong. What woman would devour another human being


"I would."

We both turned and looked at Daniel's girl friend.

"What do you mean ... you would?" He asked his girl friend.

"Well, given the right circumstances ... I would, that's all."

Mark and Daniel looked at each other and then back at her. Just then the flap to

the tent opened and in walked Wendy.

"Well my little people that was my last performance for this Pow Wow. I built

quite an appetite! So which one of you tasty morsels will be first?"

"No Wendy. You can't do this!" Mark yelled at her.

"Oh but I can!! No one will ever find your bodies so I won't get caught. Besides

after I digest and absorb you you will no longer exist as you only as parts of


Mark glanced at her arms and legs. Wendy caught him.

"So you like them do you? Well they like you to. Don't worry you'll get to know

them quite well. You could even say you will become one with them!!" She stated

as she laughed opening her mouth wide.

Then she bent over close to the suitcase so they could see even further into her

mouth. Her hot sweet breath washed over them. When she was close she licked her

lips slowly.

"Don't worry Mark. I won't swallow you ... yet! As I told you, my husband and I

do everything together. Besides there is that movie you wanted to make. I think

it's a great opportunity to make some money so I will take you up on your

offer... with a few changes. I am gonna swallow you while my husbund films it.

Then while I digest you alive in my belly I will begin marketing it on the

internet. But as for you two I something else planned for you!"

"Come on Wendy. Let them go please! They're my friends. You got me, you don't

need them."

"I'm sorry but I do need them. I am hungry from performing and as I said I have

a special diet. O.K., enough talk. Who's first?"

"Take me and let them go!" Mark tried again.

"As I already told you I am saving you for later. First you will be part of an

ancient ritual then you will be part of me! But first your friends!" She looks

at Daniel and Linda and licks her lips.

"No, please Wendy don't eat me! We are both women, sisters!"

"Alright my little sister. What do you suggest?"

"If you don't eat me I'll be your slave. I can help prepare Mark for the ritual

tonight, help film it or anything else you want, just don't eat me!"

"Anything I want? Hum, let me see." Wendy said as she slowly twirled her hair

thinking of how she could make the most of the situation. She continued, "If you

agree unconditionally to what I am going to ask you to do, I will return you to

your normal size. You did say anything did you not?"

"Yes, oh yes, anything!"

"Alright. I want you to swallow your boyfriend alive while Mark and I watch!"

"No, please Wendy. Not that." Linda pleaded.

"It is what I want and you agreed! If not you will join him inside my stomach as

I digest you both alive! So you see either way your boyfriend will dissolve in

stomach acid either yours or mine!"

Linda turns to Daniel and says," I am truly sorry Daniel but there isn't any

other way."

"No! You gotta be kidding! You're not actually gonna do this, are you?"

"I'm afraid I have no choice. Either way you are going to be digested alive. At

least this way at least I'll survive and you'll be with me always."

Wendy waved her hands in the air and muttered an ancient unrecognizable chant.

There was a bright flash of blue light and Linda was her normal size.

Linda tried to leave but found that Wendy was not easily tricked. The flap to

the tent had disappeared and there were no other way out.

"You really didn't think that I would let you out of our little agreement, did


"Well, uh, no, I just ..."

"Never mind", Wendy interrupted. "Go on sister and have your way with your man!"

Linda gently picked Daniel up. Mark watched helplessly.

"I will make this fast so you won't suffer."

Linda brought Daniel up to her mouth. He could feel in intensely hot excited

breath from her mouth.

"I will remember you always, Daniel. Think of it this way, you and I will be

together always."

Linda opened her mouth, slowly put Daniel's head in and bit down hard.

Mark expected to see a gush of blood but there was nothing. In fact Daniel was

nowhere to be seen.

"Sorry Linda that was not part of our agreement. I said swallow him alive!"

Mark was terrified. Daniel was gone and only he remained. Did Wendy change her

mind? Did Wendy want Linda to swallow him too. He thought. Linda wasn't bad

looking but if he had to be digested alive he would rather it be inside Wendy's


Wendy opened her hand and to Mark's relief there was Daniel.

"Care to try it again, Linda? And do it right this time or the agreement is off.

No more chances! Do you understand?"


Wendy put the screaming Daniel into Linda's hand. Linda once again slowly

brought Daniel up to her mouth.

"Sorry Daniel, I tried to make it fast. Please forgive me."

Linda slowly opened her mouth. Daniel looked inside and saw deep into the cavern

now dripping with saliva. Linda tilted her head back and lowered Daniel in. He

screamed, kicked and pleaded for his existence.

Mark saw a shadow from above and looked up. It was Wendy and she was reaching

for him. Oh God he thought, "This is it. She decided to not wait and join Linda

in her feast. But Mark was wrong. Wendy brought him close to Linda's face.

"Open your mouth Linda."

"No please! Not me too!"

"Don't be silly Mark. You are mine!" Wendy said giggling.

Linda did as Wendy asked. Mark saw Daniel drench in Linda's saliva. He cried out

to Mark for help. Mark reached in grabbed his hand and began to pull him out.

"O.K. Linda do it!"

Linda closed her lips slowly and began to suck Daniel back into her mouth. Mark

hung onto his friend's hand. The suction was unbelievable and soon Mark's arm

was inside Linda's mouth up to his elbow.

"I suggest you let go or you will be inside Linda's stomach instead of mine."

Mark knew that Wendy wanted him. She would not let Linda have him anymore than

she allowed Linda to bite Daniel's head off. So he held on. Then to his surprise

Daniel let go. Daniel sacrificed himself so Mark would not share his fate at

least not due to him. Mark retrieved his arm from Linda's mouth. It smelt of her

saliva. He though of poor Daniel covered in the stuff in her hot mouth. Mark

watched as Linda began to sucked on her former boyfriend. He could still hear

Daniel's cries for help. Mark wondered if he actually was hearing Daniel or just

imagining what those cries would sound like. Then without warning Linda


"Noooooo! Aaaarrrggghhh!!" Daniel screamed as the sounds faded as he slid down

Linda's throat.

Mark could see the small struggling lump as it slid slowly down Linda's throat.

He watched it till it disappeared behind her breasts into oblivion.

"You bitch!!! How could you do that!! He was your boyfriend! Why!!!" Mark


"Shut up, shut up, shut up!! Do you think I wanted to do it?!!"

"Yes!! You said if the situation was right you would and God, you did!!"

Linda gave off a slight burp.

Mark continued to yell at Linda till Wendy popped him into her mouth.

"Nooo, Wendy. I thought you were saving me for latter!! Noooo!" Mark yelled as

Wendy sucked on him soaking him with her saliva.

She opened her mouth to let enough light in to give Mark a close look down her

throat. Then she tilted her head, forward not back and he slid out of her mouth

onto her hairy arm. He struggled to get his head about the saliva so he could


"So Mark, are you going to be quiet now!!!"

"Yes Wendy. I'll shut up."

"Good! I don't want Linda to get indigestion." She said smiling at Linda.

Linda just stood there thinking about what she had just done. She stood their

rubbing her belly saying softly to it over and over again,"I'm so sorry Daniel

I'm so sorry."

"Well Linda, how did he taste? Was he good?"

"Please, he was my boyfriend."

"Yes he was and now he'll be dissolved protien for your body to absorb."

"I can feel him struggling inside me! God, he must be in so much pain!"


Inside Linda's stomach Daniel was sitting next to a shallow pool of digesting

coffee and donut that she ate earlier. He was surprised that he could see in the

darkness and still breathe. It must be a spell that Wendy had cast. He began

thinking, "God, she actually did it. I don't believe it." Soon Linda's stomach

muscles sprung into action sensing the new food to digest. Daniel's thigh was

squirted with a light amber colored liquid. He watched as it ate its way through

his pants. Immediately he tore the contaminated fabric away. In mere seconds the

fabric became a thick ooze. The realization hit hard. If he didn't move Linda

would digest him and he would be going the way of the coffee, donut and the

fabric. He sprung into action. He saw that the walls of her stomach were made up

of creases and folds. He mused that they would make great hand and foot holds.

If he could climb up he's be able to force her valve opened and slide through.

He could then shimmy up her esophagus and out her mouth to safety. Daniel

realized that his odds were not good but if he stayed were he was his future was

certainly sealed. He decided to try. Linda's stomach lurched slightly which

pushed Daniel into action. He walked across the squishy moist terrain of her

stomach like a drunken sailor. His foot sunk into one of the creases and he fell

almost breaking his leg. He noticed that the acid level was raising and oozing

its way towards him. It reminded him of the Science Fiction movie "The Blob". He

knew that what the Blob did to its victums this liquid would do to him if it had

the chance. He pulled hard and with the sound of a object being pulled out of

thick mud his leg was free. He finally made it to the stomach wall and began to

climb. The acid level was rising more rapidly now in response to his movements.

He managed to keep above it. He reached the valve to her esophagus and tugged on

it. It opened slightly and air rushed out causing Linda to burp out loud. Her

stomach lurch violently and he was almost flug off of his perch. Then the wall

he held onto began to secret the same amber colored acid that he was trying to

escape which definitely was not part of his plan. The acid struck him in his

face which caused him mind numbing pain. Seconds later the side of his face that

the acid contacted was melting away. Due to his weakened state and the pain he

could hold on no longer. He fell from the stomach wall to the sea of acid below.

At first he managed to keep his head above the turbulent sea he had fallen into

but soon he was pulled below the surface. He continued to try to reach the

surface before drowning.

"I wish I never made any deals with you! What you made me do was horrible. How

do you expect me to live with myself." Linda protested to Wendy.

"Are you saying that you want out of the agreement that we made?"



Wendy put me back into the suitcase and again waved her hands and chanted. Linda

shrunk to her shrunken former size.

"What?" Is all Linda could say.

"The agreement is broken."

"Where's Daniel?"

"He's being digest alive by you in your stomach."

"But the agreement. Bring him back!"

"Believe me, you don't want him back in his present condition."

"Yes I do!! Bring him back!! Now!"

"Oh, very well!"

There's a puff of smoke and when it cleared there lay Daniel. Laying in the

dissolved goo of his partially digested body twiching. His hands were almost

gone, digested to the bone. The right side of his face was nothing but skull and

four of his ribs were totally exposed. Daniel gave off a moan. I looked away.

Linda screamed.

"Put him back the way he was!"

"Sorry, even sorceress's have limits to their power. However after the ritual

I'll have the power but unfortunately by then it will be much too late for poor


"Put him back." Linda said softly.

"Are you sure? This is what you asked me for ... to bring him back, isn't it?"

"You know damn well what I ment."

"Alright but it will cost you."

"What will it cost."

"You must do me a favor of my choosing in return."

"O.K., anything just put him back."

"Are you sure you don't want to swallow him again?" Wendy said playfully.

Linda's look said it all. Wendy shrugged and Daniel vanished back into Linda's


"Done. Now for that favor."

"What is it?"

"You see I told you earlier that I was hungry from my performance. Well, you

swallowed the snack that I was going to have ..."

"No", Linda said cutting off Wendy as she backed away.

"Oh but yes!"

In the wink of an eye Linda was squirming in Wendy's hand.

"But you can't do this!! Remember the agreement!!?"

"Don't you remember you asked me to end the agreement and I did. Now I'm going

to end you as well. You must have wondered what Daniel went through... well you

are about to find out first hand. Besides I know that Daniel liked my body and

now he will get to join you in becoming part of it. Hum, I wonder if you will

complete your digesting of Daniel before I finish digesting you."

Linda screamed as I watched helplessly. Wendy tossed her up into the air. Lindas

screams stopped after she plopped into Wendy's mouth. Wendy closed her mouth and

swallowed before Linda could recover from the shock. Again I watched a squirming

lump slid down into that beautiful body of Wendy's. I heard loud gurgling sounds

coming from Wendy's stomach.

"I guess I won." She said giggling. "Now for you."

"Let me go!"

"Come on Mark. You know your fate."


"Oh Yes! But now it's time to go home."

Wendy began to slide on her thigh high nylons. When she pulled them up to her

mid calve she picked Mark up and gently placed him on her leg and pulled the

nylon over him and the rest of the way up her leg. She then draped the her other

nylon over him. He could smell their strong odor through the nylon wall that

held him fast against Wendy's shapely legs. The smell was intoxicating,

Immediately his muscles went limp and his mind hazed. Wendy continued to change

out of her performance outfit and into a tight short mini skirt with "Mary Jane"

style shoes and a short sleeve top. She looked at Mark who looked like a fly

caught in a spider's web. She licked her lips seductively and smiled.

Wendy walked to her car. With each step of her right leg he fluttered with her

legs muscle. Soon they were at her car. She slid into the driver's seat and they

were off.

Mark watched her legs as the contracted and relaxed as she drove home. He

couldn't believe that soon he would be a permanent part of them. She reached

down and scratched the leg that he was attached to. Her long light arm hairs

reflected the sun light and looked almost like glistening sand. Being she lived

in Southern Orange County and the Pow Wow was in the West San Fernando Valley,

it took about two hours of driving to reach her house.

It was late by the time Wendy had reached her house and her husband was already


"Damn! She said then looked at Mark. "I guess we will have to wait till tomorrow

to do the ritual. But don't worry I have A warm place for you to spend your last

night as an individual!"

Wendy slowly rolled down her nylons. When she reached Mark she looked around for

a safe place to keep him, after all she didn't want him escaping. She then

smiled evilly and placed him on her left arm.

Mark looked around at his new surroundings still groggy from the trip inside her

nylons.. He seamed to be in some kind of a forest. Tan colored ground and tall

trees. They must be beach trees because they look pale in color. A shadow filled

the sky and he looked up. It was Wendy's beautiful face filling the sky. Then he

realized that he wasn't in any forest, he was on one of her arms. He felt the

hairs that he had thought to be trees. They bent with his touch and in spite of

their size they were soft. Then from Wendy's mouth fell a large wad of saliva.

She had spit on him. He was covered totally. Then his world began to tilt. Over

the edge of her arms and the direction of the slide was a great cave. No not a

cave but Wendy's wide opened mouth. As Mark reach the edge and was about to fall

into her mouth he grabbed hold of one of her arm hairs. There he hung feet

partially inside Wendy's mouth. Then her saliva started to cause him to slide

down the length of the stand of hair. When he had sunk into her mouth up to his

waist she gently close her lips around him. Mark squirmed and pounded on her

lips but nothing he did would matter. Wendy slowly lessened the pressure that

held him and he began to sink into her mouth like an animal caught in some kind

of quicksand. Then after a few minutes she opened her mouth and Mark fell in.

She sucked on him for what seamed like hours. Then Wendy opened her mouth and

placed her arms in front of it. Mark could see the hairy tan arms and the wet

area were she spit of him.

"Do you see that area of drool on my arm? Well if I swallowed you now that would

be the only evidence to the event". She said as she enjoyed teasing him.

Wendy felt Mark squirming in response to what she was telling him. This turned

her on and she began moaning in delight as she played with herself. In only a

minute her body quaked with a powerful orgasm. At the same time Mark exploded in

delight as well.

"Ummm," She said around his body, "It seams like I am not the only one that is

getting aroused."

Wendy spit him back on her arm.

"O.K., enough playing for tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for you."

Wendy had taken off her nylons while she was playing with him in her mouth. She

placed him in one of them and worked him down to the toe. She then hung the

nylon over her bed so he would have a clear view of her as she slept.

She lay there uncovered beneath him wearing shorts knee high socks and a short

sleeve top tied about her belly.

"She apparently changed into this new outfit while I occupied her mouth" He


"Well good night. Take a good look at my body cause by now your friends are part

of it and soon you will be joining them!!"

She must have been tired for in only minutes she was fast asleep. Mark could

hear her stomach growling as it finished digesting what remained of his friends.

That night he couldn't sleep. He watched her sleep. When the sun rose over the

horizon he once again thought of his friends. "By now both Daniel and his girl

friend are part of Wendy."

"Sorry my friends," Mark whispered.

Then with a start Wendy's nylon was removed from were it hung.

"Wendy, Wendy, wake up," The man said as he held the nylon and gently shook his


"Um uh," was all Wendy could say.

"I see you went hunting last night. Where'd you catch him?"

"Oh, you mean Mark, he was at the Pow Wow I performed at yesterday."

"See I told you if you started to dance you'd catch your fill."

"Alright so you were right. But Mark is special so he must be eaten in the

ritual manner which I want filmed. "

"Wow! I haven't ever seen one of your rituals before? Why do you want to film


"Cause we can sell copies of it. That way not only will he provide me with my

renewed power and nourishment but also a new outfit for my dance."

"A snuff film?"


"Are you sure you don't want him now?" He said playfully as he dangled the nylon

over her mouth.

Wendy's husband John played with his wife by moving the nylon close to her mouth

and she playfully snapped at it like a fish going after bait. Each time she got

closer and Mark cringed thinking that she would bit him in two. Then after a

half an hour of this game she opened her mouth wide. John lowered Mark and the

nylon into her mouth. Mark thought that he could see down her throat all of the

way to her stomach. Her morning breath foot odor and the thought of being eaten

in this way was all that he could take and he passed out.

It was evening when Mark finally came too. He had expected it to be all over by

now and well on his way to being part of her. Digested while he lay unconscious

after the game of the morning but that was not to be his fate. He wondered how

she would consume him. He realized that she never shared that information with

him she only said it would be part of a ritual.

"O.K. Mark it is time. What is your last request?"

"You mean I get a last request?"

"Yes, it's part of the ritual. It can be anything except involving me not

consuming or releasing you."

Mark thought about what request he could make that would buy him sometime so he

could escape. Suddenly an idea came to him.

"I want you to have leg hair."

"God. That will mean I won't be allowed to swallow you for about two weeks while

it grows."

"You said anything!"

"Damn! You are right ... Granted".

Mark felt good that he had made her life more difficult after what she did to

his friends and what she had planned for him.

The following two weeks were a living hell for Mark. Each morning the game of

fish and bait exactly what he experienced the first morning. Throughout the day

being put onto different body parts of Wendy and being sucked into her mouth in

so many diffent ways that he could swear that she would run out of new ones.

However she did not. Every evening she would place Mark on her legs to show him

how fast her leg hair grew. Mark was always on the alert for a possible escape

but he found none. Before he knew it his time was up. In less than two weeks

Wendy's leg hair was covering her legs.

"Finally!! Now you are mine!!" She said triumphantly. "Tonight you will be

inside of my belly!"

Today was different. Instead of playing with Mark throughout the day Wendy was

busy preparing for the night's ritual and setting up the cameras. The day went

by quickly as he hung in her nylons.

At sunset she came in to fetch him. She wore a native Polynesian outfit. Her

legs were quite visible through the slit in her knee length dress. She wore no

shoes or socks. Her hair was loose and flowed in thick layers down her back. She

took her nylon turned it over and shook it. Mark slid down it's length and fell

into her hand.

"No! Please don't eat me like this!!"

"Oh don't worry, I won't! Tonight I will consume you totally, completely and

different then any way you could imagine."

"Hhhhow?" He asked not sure he wanted to know.

"Oh, you don't want me to spoil the surprise now do you?"

Wendy carried him into a room that he never saw during his stay at Wendy's

house. There were candles all around the room. The odor of incenses that were

foreign to him. In the middle of the room was a large alter.

"No!! You are going to sacrifice me to one of your goddesses!"

"Now you get the idea."

Wendy placed the tiny Mark on the alter and tied him down by his waist. She then

called in her husband to watch as she promised. She started playing some

bewitching Polynesian music and then she began to dance. Mark laughed to himself

at the irony of how a few weeks ago he was angry at Daniel and Linda. They had

caused him to miss seeing Wendy dance and now they probably were supplying the

energy for the dance he was watching.

Then Mark began to feel strange. His body was expanding as were the straps that

held him securely to the alter. "Thank God she finally has come to her sences

and was going to let me go", he thought.

In minutes he had been returned to half of his size then the growing stopped.

"What's going on? I thought you were returning me back to normal."

Wendy giggled and said, "No way. As I told you before there are limits to some


"What do you mean? Why am I only half my size?"

"You will find out soon enough."

Wendy began to dance again. She danced faster and faster as the tempo of the

music increased. The music and the dance were very errotic. He looked at her

shapely legs move as she danced around him. It was almost like an erotic lap

dance except in this case the dancer would be devouring the customer. Mark got

an erection.

Then suddenly the music and the dancing stopped. Wendy slowly approached the

alter and looked at Mark. She then began a chant. Her eyes turned to crystal

green color.

"Oh great Goddess of the serpent give me the ancient power to consume this man

in the traditional method. I promise to consume him totally. Please after his

mind body and soul have surrendered themselves to me make his powers and

knowledge mine. Please bless him with the power of life till he has melted into

my existence."

Then Wendy climbed onto the alter and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Mark

couldn't resist feeling her arm and legs hair again. She began to squeeze him

tighter and tighter. The pressure increasing with each passing second. Mark lost

all of his strength and lay limp in her grasp. Still alive but too weak to

struggle. Wendy undid the strap that held him to the table. She then moved to

Mark's head. She licked her lips and opened her mouth. This time wider than ever

before. In fact wider than any human possibly could. He heard a pop from Wendy's

jaw as she opened her mouth even wider. Now he understood why she always laughed

with her mouth wide opened. It was part of her being as he soon would be. Mark

screamed but as his head entered her mouth the screams were muffled. Mark felt

Wendy's strong snake like muscles caress him and squeeze him down her throat.

The valve to her stomach opened and Mark's head began to enter. He was surprised

that he could see in the darkness. What he saw at the bottom of her stomach

froze his blood. There was bone fragments partly digested. He knew who they

belonged to. Then the motion reversed. Soon he was laying next to her on the

alter. Without a word she began to manipulate his manhood with her long snake

like tongue. It didn't take long for him to reach a climax. She sucked him clean

and swallowed. Wendy began to lick his thighs and moved down his legs to his

feet. He felt her tongue as it danced between his toes. Then came an odd

sensation but he was too turned on to realize what it was. He felt a pressure

squeezing his feet together. The sensation began to move up his legs. It felt

like a tight rubber band sliding up his body. It was so erotic. Within an hour

the rubber band had mde its way to just below his groin. Mark has come more

times than he ever though possible in such a short time. He again felt her

tongue on his manhood and again it stood erect. Then she pushed it down with her

hands so it lay against his body toward his head. The tight elastic band moved

over it. It was then when he finally snapped out of the trance and realized what

the band was. He was looking into Wendy's now bright green eyes and where his

body ended her sexy lips began. She had been swallowing him alive all of this

time but kept him enchanted into believing she was just pleasuring him. He began

to struggle but his effort were so weak that they had no effect except to cause

Wendy to smile aroung his body.

"O.K. John come over here and do as I instructed."

John walked over and lifted Mark's head so he could watch as he disappeared into

Wendy . Then he put a pillow under Mark's head and went back to his chair to

watch the remainder of the ritual.

Wendy's lips continued to move over Mark's body. Soon she had consumed him up to

his chest. He again experienced ecstasy as he exploded inside her. She ummmed

around his body. Wendy somehow sat up so he could see her legs and arms as she

continued to consuming him. Her stomach was bulging as it had made room for him.

She swallowed harder this time then she had before. He now slid into to her up

to his neck. His arms were forced above his head. With another deep gulp her

strong throat muscles sucked in his head. Only his hands remained outside of

Wendy. She slurpped them in up to his wrists. Then she ran her arms over his

hands. Then she somehow brought her legs up to her mouth and allowed Mark a

final feel. As he felt her legs and arms she made a final strong gulp and Mark

was forced down her throat to her stomach. Her strong muscles pushed him down

into a fetal position. Mark couldn't move.

"Wow Mark, was that as good for you as it was for me? You were yummy!"

Soon Wendy's stomach acid began to cover him. His skin started to itch then burn

slightly. The experience wasn't painful it was totally erotic. Over the next

month Wendy digested Mark. By the end of the month Wendy's stomach returned to

it's flat self and she began performing again.. She had absorbed all of him and

wasted nothing. All that remained of Mark was his consciousness. Mark

experienced what it was like to be part of her legs and arms before his

consciousness melted away into her and he became part of her totally..

Giantess Stories: Wendy

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