Giantess Stories: What A Girl Wants

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What A Girl Wants


Hat Trick

It's a sleepy day in Ashville,

and started out like any other. You yawn and glance around boredly outside of

your window, waiting for a friend to come over. Just as you decide to take a

nap, the phone rings. You figure it's just another one of your mom's friends

calling to catch up on old times, so you ignore it. A moment or two later, you

hear your mom call.

"Alex! Telephone! It's Dan!" By now, you should know your name is Alex. Dan is

your best friend. "He's still at home?!" You think to yourself, picking up the

ohone and checking your watch. "He should have been here already..." You finish

saying to yourself.

"Hello?" Dan says right off, sounding a little panicky."

"Dan, dude, what the crap, you're supposed to have been here already. Where are


"Alex man, I am here, I...I've been shrunken!"

"What the hell are you talking about? Dan shut up and get over here." You say,

slamming the phone down. At that moment, you hear a knocking at your door.

"...what is it now...?" you say to yourself, growing annoyed and answering the

door. Before you stands Courtney, your girlfriend with something behind her

back. And behind her stands Becky, her best friend, also with something behind

her back."

"Hey Alex..." They say simultaneously, and giggle softly.

"Hey." You say in a frustrated manner, falling backwards onto the bed.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Courtney cheerfully perks up, walking over to you.

Shrugging, you rest your hands behind your head. Courtney sits next to you and

leans down, kissing you on the lips. You can't help but smile a little.

"Nothing...did you see Dan on the way over here? " Courtney and Becky both laugh

again, and you shake your head in frustration. "What is wrong with you girls

today, anyhow?"

"Nothing...just found something..interesting" She laughs and kisses you again.

"Close your eyes..." Sighing, you do as she says. Not a second later your feel a

strong beam of energy hit your body. And as you reopen your seem to

be in a new place. A forest trees? You touch one of the trees and they

feel awfully synthetic. Looking up, you see a skin-toned rock in front of you,

about 25 feet high. The rock has ridges in it, so you decide to climb. Halfway

up, and begins to shake violently.

"Aww..Bexky look..he's climbing my toe..isn't that adorable? You hear someone

say once you reach the hard, smooth surface of the rock. It's totally pink, and

seems about 10 feet wide. And then you realize'sn ot a's

Courtney's big toe! She musunken you! She snatches you off of her toenail and

lift you by the collar of your shirt up to eyelevel." "Well, here's the dynamic

duo together again." Becky says, grinning widely and tossing what looked like a

doll up and down in her hand. It's Dan! That must be what he meant. The two

titanic teens trade you and Dan in their hands. Then tossing Dan into the air,

Courtney laughed as he landed on Becky's tongue and she slowly sucked him into

her mouth and swallowed him hard without chewing.

"No Don't do this!" You yell to them, but they only laugh.

"I love you..but I'd love you even my tummy..." Courtney grins, opening

her mouth wide as Becky tossed you into your girlfriends petite adorable mouth.

But right now, it looked like a deadly cave, being it was going to bne your

doom. She slammed her jaws tightly, and immideately swallowed you, leaving you

to be digested in her stomach. Burping softly, they both giggle and skip off, to

find more innocent victims.

Giantess Stories: What A Girl Wants

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