Giantess Stories: What about Dad

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What about Dad


Kefkarowantha & Asukafan



Chapter One: “I feel my fate in what I cannot fear”

Theodore Roethke



           Dear Diary


Why couldn't I just have

listened? Parents seem to be right about some things, if I would have only

listened things could have been so different. I wouldn't have to miss waking up

in the morning to the smell of cinnamon in the air as mom makes her famous

cinnamon waffles, or how she would always wake me up before my alarm went off.

Every morning, I would get so mad at her for waking me up 10 minutes early. That

was 10 minutes of valuable sleep time and now, I understand that old saying. I

always knew looking back at the times I cried would make me laugh, but I never

knew looking back at the times I laughed would make me cry. I wish I could have

just one day back, one day to do again the things I hated so much just so I

could hate you one more time, so I could yell at you and run to my room. So I

could hear my door slam echo down the hall like the murmurs of the wind whisping

through a midnight forest. Dad cursing as his trophy falls off his mantle. The

things I hated so much are the things I am going to miss.



“Alizee are you still up?”


“Yeah dad”


“Well go to bed already, you have to go to school tomorrow”


“But daaaaddd”


“But nothing.”



            Alizee reached towards her brass Victorian

style desk lamp and turned it off. She sighed slightly as she pushed her chair

back mumbling how she wished that she could do what she wanted for a change as

she headed into her closet. Alizee changed into some flannel pajama pants and a

billabong t-shirt. She could hear a pounding at her door then the all too

familiar creaking that it made as it whooshed open.


“Hey brat, I brought you a night light so you don't get

scared tonight.”


“Shut up Brynn” bellows Alizee as she walks out of her



“You're such a nerd. Oh daddy I can't possibly go to school


“Maybe I miss mom a little more then you do now get out of



“Awww does princess need her beauty sleep for her big day”


“Get out or I'm telling”


“You're such a baby sometimes.”


             Brynn tosses the nightlight towards Alizee as

he walks out laughing at his own little joke. Alizee shakes her head in disgust

as she lies down on her bed. She closes her eyes and sighs aloud as she claps

once turning her lights off.


           The night came and went; soon the morning sun

was shining through Alizee's window. The rays of light waking her as they hit

her eyes, Alizee rolls over onto her side just before the electronic blaring of

her alarm goes off. She swats at her nightstand a couple of times before she

makes contact with the clock knocking it off the nightstand.


“Ugh, I hate mornings” mutters Alizee


           Alizee sits up in bed rubbing the sleep from her

eyes, her dark brown hair spilling over her matching brown eyes. As she stands

up her nose crinkles as the cold hardwood floor runs through her like death

through a graveyard. As she walks across the floor of her bedroom she shivers

slightly as she walks into her closet pulling out a green sweater and some



“Alizee, you better be up, you aren't getting out of school



“I'm up dad geeze give me a break.”


“If you were more like your brother you would be down here

already eating. Tracy provided us with a nice breakfast and you are being quite



           Alizee headed downstairs looking at the floor

only glancing up every now and then. As she headed into the kitchen she could

hear her brother and dad talking.


“Alizee, nice of you to join us”


“Yeah, are you ready for school” taunts Brynn


“You're such a dick Brynn; excuse me for caring about mom”


“Hey I cared about mom to; I just don't whine and sulk

about it day after day like you. She's dead Alizee get over it”


“I can't believe you said that Brynn”


“I can't believe you're such a brat Alizee. Life goes on

and just because we are moving on doesn't mean we don't miss mom and the rest of

us aren't going to put up with your whining.”


“Brynn that's enough”


“But dad”


“Brynn, I said that's enough”


“Look, honey I can't blame you for missing mom we all do,



“No I understand that I am the only one who ever loved



           Alizee runs up the stairs with tears streaming

down her face. She firmly slams her door shut. The slam echoes down the hall

like a tidal wave crashing against the shore.  Both Brynn and Cade (Alizee's

father) and shake slightly as the door slamming rings painfully in there ears.


“Where are you going Brynn?”


“Oh just to apologize dad.”


“Brynn” yells Cade in a stern tone.


“I swear dad, I am not gonna cause any problems. You know

me dad”


“Yeah, you are the good one”


           Brynn turns away from his dad with a grin on his

face as he walks out the kitchen he spots Tracy dusting in the family room.

Brynn eyes immediately catch Tracy's ass as she bends over to dust underneath

the coffee table. Brynn's eyes gaze at her ass like a movie screen as she cleans



“Oh hi Brynn” says Tracy with a strong Japanese accent


“Hi Trace, how are you doing?”


“Oh alright I guess. Is something wrong with Alizee?”


“Oh, no of course not, she is just having a rough time with

everything you know.”


“Ahhh, alright I see.”


“Well I suppose I better go see if she's okay, talk to you

later if you are around”


“Well where else would I be? I am not aloud to leave.”


“Oh, yeah well see you Trace”


           Brynn knocks once on Alizee's door and then

walks in. As the door splits into two equal pieces and slides into the either

side of he wall Brynn can see Alizee lying on her bed face down.


“Oh, what's wrong? Is the baby going to cry the day away?

Boo hoo hoo I'm Alizee”


“I hate you Brynn! I hate you so much” shouts Alizee in a

wavering voice.


“Yeah well you're stuck with me.”


           Alizee rolls over and stands up out of bed with

her eyes red from crying and a few stray tears still running down her cheek. She

takes a few steps forwards while digging her hand into her pocket.


           Meanwhile, Cade who has just finished picking up

the breakfast plates walks into the family room. He passes by Tracy without

giving her a glance.


“Mistah Watters”


“What is it?”


“I, I was wondering if I could use my real name? I mean you

promised once I turned 19 and that was a few months ago.”


“What is your name again?”


“Ayame Atsuko Deguchi”


“Well you can just as well forget it, because you are

Tracy, just Tracy. We own you, your family sold you to us fair and square, now

get out of my way. I need to talk to my daughter/”


“Hey sis, what are you doing with the Trash Reducer?”


“Just this”


“Hey wait, No don't point that at me, no one knows what

could happen”


           A blue stream of light shot out from the

metallic gun. Brynn's eyes bugged out like a deer looking into headlights. The

blue stream of light engulfed his body.


“What is happening to me? Nooooo”


           Alizee could only grin as she watched her

brother shrink before her very eyes. The once tall teen was reduced to a mere 3

inch tall quivering doll standing on her bedroom floor.


           Brynn's jaw nearly smacks itself on the floor as

he stares up at his gigantic sister.


“A,A,A, Alizee, your shoes, I am the same size as your

shoes? What have you done brat?”


“Wow, it worked, you're the same height as my heels, 3



           Brynn stared at her 3 inch soles in disbelief.

He then hears the thud, thud thud of shoes.


“Look, Alizee, we need to talk”


“What dad”


           Alizee drops the Trash Reducer as she sees her

dad standing in the door way. A million excuses cross her mind on why her

brother is only 3 inches tall but none of them seem good. As the gun hits the

ground a few pieces come flying off the ground.


“Look at what you did? You broke the Trash reducer, this

was our best one. This is coming out of your allowance young lady”


“I'm sorry, dad I didn't mean to”


           As she picks up the gun it sparks and a blue

stream of light is once again emitted from the gun. Both Alizee and Brynn watch

as the beam hits there father.


           Brynn cranes his neck hardly able to believe his

father has not yet saw him. Almost faster then either can blink there father

disappears before there eyes.


“Dad? Dad!”

Giantess Stories: What about Dad

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