Giantess Stories: What Can BROWN do for you

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What Can BROWN do for You?




        I had been the general manager in

charge of hiring for two years now. I loved my job for the most part. Some of

the female staff around here will tell you that I hire based on looks which isn't

true. I hire based on qualifications and some people just have better

qualifications then others. This made me beloved by the male staff but I was a

pig to the female staff. Anyway I was walking into the building and through pick

up which was still vacant cause it was early when I noticed one of the packages


        The substance was a bright green

color and smelled something fierce. As soon as I inhaled I felt sick to my

stomach. I found myself falling into a pool of the green liquid. The green

liquid soaked through my clothes and began to burn at my skin. I wanted to

scream but the green liquid began to encompass my body silencing my plea's. The

green liquid wrapped around my body squeezing the air out of me and slowly

suffocating me. I began to hyperventilate and then pass out.

       As I stirred I could hear a rumbling and

a gaseous carbon smell all around. I rolled my head over to see what was going

on and a mammoth tire was rolling towards me. I instinctively got up and began

to run. I would keep checking back hoping the tire would be getting farther away

but it only drew closer and closer.

        The ground was cement and full of

cracks from the weight of all trucks. So as I ran I am forced to jump over these

now gorge like cracks. After just a few feet I found myself quite winded but I

couldn't stop now cause I would end up crushed like a bug. I looked back just as

my foot caught and I tripped onto the concrete floor. That's all the tire needed

to get closer and closer and was soon on top of me. I heard the brakes of the

truck squeak and stop just as the tire was about to come down on my massive

chest.  Never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I scurried out

form beneath the tire. I was however so concerned about getting out from the

truck I ran straight into a shoe. I tumbled backwards onto my ass and looked at

the now gigantic Courtney. She was the bosses daughter and a snot. I couldn't

believe how big she now looked. I ran behind a gargantuan box as she continued

to shove boxes in the back of the truck not even noticing me.

        My eyes ran up her long legs and

into her non company standard shorts. You are suppose where shorts in the summer

with the customary UPS brown but she more had on a UPS thong. My eyes somehow

always came back to her legs. They were just so long. I couldn't believe this

was Courtney. I peered my head around the side of the box.  As she lifted El código QR comestible identifica el whisky y la medicina falsos

up box after box that had to weigh a good ton or two. I looked across the

loading dock towards the door and knew that it was too far and if I could get

there. I looked over at Courtney once again to see if I could at least get in

better position but I saw her start to head over here. I rounded the corner and

ran across the back of the box. Courtney's fingers curled around top box lifting

up. I prayed she wouldn't look down and she didn't. I could hear her rumbling

back and grab another box. I could feel the air gusts as she lifted up the box.

The once large pile of boxes has no gotten shorter and shorter. I began to fear

for my life knowing I had to get away from this stack of boxes. The rumbling

began to return once again. I awaited the familiar gust of wind from her picking

up a box but it never came. I nervously looked up to see her staring down at me.

"Jared? Is that you?"

        I didn't know if I should answer

or keep running. I was like a cornered animal I ran in between two of the boxes

hoping to get away but Courtney easily shoved them aside and started to reach

for towards me.

"Courtney, honey, you want to go to breakfast with dad?"

"Okay daddy, I will be right there."

        She looked at me grabbed me

quickly and smiled. The world was a blur as she walked. I felt myself drop and

then land roughly on a brown floor. I looked up at Courtney who had hate and

Malice in her eyes. I tried to scale the wall but she just took her finger and

shoved me back to the bottom of the box.

"I hear what you tell your drinking buddies about me Jared. Steve, Steve

check that out. I would love too bend her over and see what brown can do for


"You took that out of context I swear to god I didn't mean it like that.

Please help me."

        With that said I watched

helplessly as she brought the flaps of the box down. I stood and began to push

against the flaps but she easily held them in place. I heard the ripping of tape

and then all her weight was off the flap of the box. I pushed up on the flaps of

the box but the tape wouldn't give. I could hear her laugh at my plea's as she

carried me to god knows where. I pounded as hard as I could against the box but

no one seemed to hear me or else they were all deaf.

"What's in the box dear?"

"Oh nothing daddy, I just need a box for school so i thought I would snatch

one while I was thinking about it. I am just going to run it out to my car


"Well alright, I will have stan pull the limo around"

        I the air was cold I could even

feel the cold air through the box.

Giantess Stories: What Can BROWN do for you

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