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What Tony wants, Tony gets

Tony never forgot how his wife had joked about wanting to eat him for breakfast,

after he had stopped shrinking. They would talk on occasion and have fun sex,

but sometimes she'd get an odd look in her eye, and grind her teeth together. It

made him shudder and run away and hide, each time. She knew it would but at the

same time, she really did fancy the idea of rolling him around in her mouth, at

least. She'd often get into these moods and moreso recently. The problem was

that he was so dang fast. Tony would get away and Lauren would be left smirking

at the site of his little body scurrying away. She'd then fall asleep and

usually dream about sucking on his little body.

Lauren had explained this scenario to one of her girlfriends. Lauren said "I go

to grab the little brat and he is gone in a millisecond...I cant believe how

fast those lil guys can be". Julie just shook her head and laughed. "Lauren,

there are some that you can catch with your hands..but thats not the only

way..." Lauren asked "well how then?" Julie said "make him want to come to you".

It was at the end of one of those long, sweaty sex sessions, and even though

trying not to scare Tony, Lauren found herself grinding her teeth. Tony ran

before she could grasp him. Lauren said "Tony....I wasn't thinking of

that...please come back..." She almost kicked herself for being so stupid. For

she had, indeed, been thinking of putting him in her mouth. She then thought of

what Julie had said and she thought of something she remembered from years ago.

Tony was shivering. He had just reached his hiding spot under the couch when he

heard Lauren ask him to come back. He yelled back "no [email protected]!#$ you scare me

when you get a look like that" he laughed as he felt his heart beat. Deep in his

heart he knew she wouldn't do anything to him...and the shock he felt always

made him chuckle at the sillyness...but still, he liked to keep his distance at

a time like this. He heard her say "please sweety...we can just snuggle and

talk" but her voice sounded aroused still. He said "no way...maybe later when

you're calmed". A bit of time passed and he felt relaxed. But something was

different. He smelled something. He peeked under the couch and smelled what

smelled like smoke. "Sheesh...Lauren hasn't smoked in years...that cant be.." he

murmured to himself. He had always kinda liked the appearance of a woman

smoking, but he thought it possibly was his imagination since she had quit many

years ago...years before he shrank, incidentally. Tony crawled out from under

the couch. Just the mear scent of the smoke got his loins active. He had to go

check out what was going on. But he had to do it very carefully so she wouldn't

know...or she might try and catch him, he though. Tony snuck up to the bedroom

door. He couldn't help but inhale slightly and he closed his eyes imagining her.

He then heard her exhale. When he heard that, his eyes popped open,looking up

towards the bed. All he could see was the egde of the bed with some smoke

ascending. He gulped as he stood up on his tippy toes to peek. To get a site of

the smoke escaping her lips. He scrunched his face, not being able to see her,

but he was unaware that she could see the top of his head peeking up at the

doorframe. She held in a small chuckle before inhaling on her cigarette again

and then exhaling towards where Tony was standing. Tony inhaled the thicker

smoke and thought "well...I if I can climb up onto something, I can

see her...but I'll just have to be quiet enough so she doesn't notice". And he

convinced himself that he could do just that. With that thought in mind, he

smiled seeing a footstool which wasn't far from the bed. He walked towards it,

and not hearing any reaction from her he felt she couldn't see him. He made his

way to the footstool and reached up to begin climbing. Just then, he heard her

lick her lips, and somehow heard her place the cigarette to her lips. Not

thinking of anything else, he scurried as fast as he could to get up onto the

footstool. What he didn't know, since his back was to her, was that she could

see him clearly and was snickering inside herself watching this tiny fellow try

to do something so simple. Another thing he didn't realize was closer to the bed

than he had thought. Lauren held in the smoke a bit as she smiled...while he was

jumping and pulling trying to get up onto the footstool, she moved her foot over

and slid a little box closer to the footstool. And he may have noticed, except

that when she did that, she also exhaled some smoke in his direction over his

head...and his eyes were distracted and looked up at it. He got a bit more

frantic, wanting to see something he really got excited by, but had not seen it

for so many years. He looked around and down and smiled when he saw the answer

to his prayers. He used both arms to slide the little box closer to the

footstool and then he climbed up. When he turned around, what he saw was Lauren

sitting in bed. She was reading a book, with the cigarette in the ashtray. He

sat, trying to lay low, wanting to see her suck on the long cigarette. Then the

time came. He saw her reach over and lift the cigarette from the ashtray. He

smiled in anticipation as she raised it towards her lips. Just as it was going

to reach, something started to block the his view. She raised the damn book

slightly, and all he could see was smoke wafting over the book.

"Sh*t" he thought. "hmm...I bet if I can get across to the bed while she's

engrossed in that book, I could sneak up closer...she'd never notice!" he

smiled, convincing himself that this was a sound plan. Tony waited till he saw

the book was in front of her face again...and he made a leap of faith from the

footstool to the bed. He made it with ease, and he rolled to a stop...very

quiet. He peered up and noticed she did not seem to notice a thing. He layed

low, in a prone position, and began easing his way up the bed...he thought he

bumped her, but since she didn't move, he felt she didn't feel a thing. He got

as close as he thought he could when he felt her body roll a bit. "This was it!" Thai smile Restaurant | Best Thai restaurant in Chattanooga

he thought. He got into a position, so he could see her face and lips clearly.

He saw her raise the cigarette again and just as it reached her lips, she turned

her head and book slightly, and again he was denied the view. He then thought

"well, she hasn't felt or seen me yet...and there seems to be a big ruffle along

the sheet...I'll just stay under the edge...and..hmm..". Just then, he saw the

book being lowered and set pages down where he was planning to go. There was

enough room for him to make it still but he had to move fast. He scurried along,

and slid under the opened book. It was dark but he could feel her body roll.

"She must be reaching for the cigarette again" he thought. Then he felt her roll

a bit again. "She must have dropped it" he thought. Then he heard a 'click' and

then felt the covers beneath him lift him and the book slightly. "oh, she's

lighting another one!" he finally realized. He heard some rustling of the book,

as she put her fingers on the binding to lift it..he felt the weight lift off

him for a second before he felt his body being lifted with it. It wasn't dark

like before, but he realized something else.

"Sh*t, I'm between some of the pages". He prayed that she held the book in a way

so he wouldn't slide out. When the book finally stopped moving, he tried to stay

very still. He was relieved that she held the book tilted back slightly. Somehow

his mind convinced him that she still hadn't realized he was there. He then felt

the pages move a bit beneath him...and saw two of her long slender fingers start

to peel open the pages. He closed his eyes, as the pages were pulled back.

Lauren saw this and held in a giggle. She licked her lips.... His eyebrows

raised. She raised the long white cigarette to her lips slowly...placing it to

her lips, smacking them together abruptly. He opened one eye. As she inhaled,

her expression turned into a devlish smile as she saw his other eye open as

well. She pulled the cigarette from her lips.."hi sweety.." she said, before

exhaling thick smoke over his little body. He coughed slightly and she chuckled.

"I thought you were afraid I was going to eat you, darling" said Lauren,

smirking. Tony looked up and said "oh no...I just had to get some water...I

didn't know you wanted to cuddle a bit?" She raised a questioning

eyebrow and said "you're finally ok and can be closer to me after sex then?".

She inhaled on her cigarette again, keeping her eyes on him, as she saw him nod

a yes. She exhaled up towards the ceiling as she tilted the book and slid him

onto her tummy and set down the book. She picked him up with her now free hand

and lifted him a bit, as she again inhaled on her cigarette. "You're even ok

being in my hand...after hot sex, and not be afraid of me eating you?" She

exhaled upwards again as he meekly nodded. "maybe I can even give you a kiss?

probably a bit smoky though, I'm afraid". He gulped and nodded and squeaked out

a yes. She inhaled again on her cigarette and lifted him close to her lips. She

kisses his little forehead then lifted him a bit more before exhaling again over

his tiny body. "hmmm' she said "I like kissing you mind if I wanna kiss

you a lot?" He smiled and shook his head no, that he didn't mind at all. She

smiled and began kissing and then licking her tongue over his head...then down

his body a bit. Tony giggled slightly and then his eyes widened as she sucked on

her cigarette again. She lifted him another inch and began to exhale as her big

tongue began rubbing at this cock.

She smiled and said "I bet you couldn't hold your breath in my mouth long enough

for me to take a drag on my cigarette, Tony". His mind, in a total state of

catering to his desires, said "Sure I can...I used to swim, you know"? She

smiled and nodded and then lifted him in her hands so they were eye to eye. She

said " hold your breath, out here, while I inhale..and we'll see ..then

maybe we'll try the real thing, k sweety"? Tony nodded, as his cock was tingling

and hard now at the prospect. She counted "ok...1.....2.....3" and raised the

cigarette to her the same time, Tony took a deep breath and held it.

She finished inhaling and even exhaled the smoke before he had to take another

breath. Tony smiled "piece of cake...what did I tell ya"? She nodded and moved

him closer to her lips "Ok, are we ready, pumpkin"? Tony proudly said "Ready

when you are, baby". She opened her mouth and held him closer to it...Tony saw

her mouth open...and he climbed into her mouth, surprised by how easily he could

fit. She smiled and said "here it comes, munchkin" and Tony held his breath and

he felt the smoke encircle him. He closed his eyes and waited till she finished

inhaling...he then felt her mouth open and he saw her exhale from inside her

mouth. He was also laying on her warm tongue which moved a bit when she would

make any sound. She too liked feeling him in there and said "here comes

another...hold on"..this time he watched as the filter of the cigarette was

brought up to her lips, and slid in between..closing off the light...again

incased by the warm smoke and feeling her tongue move him around...his hips and

cock were rubbing to her tongue and as she exhaled...he lost control of his

loins as he came on her tongue. Her tongue moved as she then spoke

"" and she began licking at the cum and his body. She said "you're

not even afraid of being eaten even though you're in the Big Bad Naughty

Giantesses mouth, right sweety"? He yelled out a "no...not at it

again.." to which she smiled lavishly and drew in again on her cigarette...he

moaned as she did and to his surprise came again hard onto her tongue...He felt

her tilt her head back, as she exhaled up to the ceiling...he slipped a bit to

the edge of her throat...he yelled out "hey...I cant pull myself me"

as she inhaled again...the smoke caught him unawares...and he lost his grip as

she chuckled...she swallowed him and then exhaled contently. "Hmm....I thinkI

like these cigarettes."

The End


Giantess Stories: What Tony wants

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