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What Was Found at the Orthodontic Office

By: Lamarun

Ann checked the computer to see who was next on the list to see Dr. Johnson.

It had been a busy day. With Jennifer calling in sick and Ruth out on vacation

she was virtually running the office by herself. It would be nice to get home

and soak her feet in some nice hot water. A name flashed up on the computer

monitor. Kari Winslow. Ann knew her well. She was a young student at the local

college who came in once a month for a routine check-up on her braces. Beneath

Kari's name were at least ten other patients still scheduled for this afternoon.

It was indeed going to be a long day.

Ann opened the door and the sound of musak filled the air. "Kari Winslow."

Answering to her name being called a young blond woman put down the copy of

People Magazine she was reading and strolled towards the door. "Hi Ann."

"Hi Kari, how are you today."

"I'm doing good."

"We'll be in room 2 today Kari," Ann said as she slipped on a pair of sterile

gloves. The two women entered the room. Kari hopped into the dentist chair and

tried to make herself comfortable. The musak coming through the rooms speakers

was much louder than in the hall, Ann wondered if there was any sound more


Ann pulled her stool over beside Kari and pressed a switch at the side of the

chair. The chair began to tilt backwards as the whir of motors momentarily

drowned out the awful musak. Ann positioned herself over Kari's face and turned

on the powerful overhead light.

"Dr. Johnson will be in shortly. I'm just going to check you out to make sure

everything's alright. Are you having any problems?"

"Actually," Kari began, "it feels like something is caught in my braces. I've

been trying to get it out for days but I can't dislodge it. It's back

here"--Kari pointed a finger into her mouth--"towards my molar."

Ann grabbed a dental pick from the tray of instruments at her side. "Okay,

let's take a look. Open wide for me please."

The girl did as she was told. The overhead light lit up the girls mouth. Ann

took a moment to check that everything looked okay before she looked for the

foreign object. All of Kari's teeth were in excellent condition, they were

straightening up nicely. The braces looked good too. Everything seemed to be in


"Okay let's see if I can find out what's bothering you." Ann bent closer and

searched around the girl's molars with her dental pick. She was probing deep in

her mouth and Kari's overactive tongue was getting in the way. Using a finger

from her free hand she gently pushed on the girl's tongue to keep it steady.

Then her eyes found something. Wedged down in a gap between a one of Kari's

molars and the metal band surrounding it was a tiny object. Ann grabbed a pair

of long tweezers from the instrument tray.

"Hold still, I think I've found it." Still holding Kari's tongue steady, Ann

reached in with her tweezers and pulled out the object. "Ahh I've got it."

"What is it? A piece of food or something."

Ann pulled the tweezers close to her eyes and tried to focus on the tiny

object. She was totally amazed at what she saw. The object held in her tweezers

was a shoe. It was white and the Nike symbol was plain as day on it's side.

Ann's mind raced. What the hell. This cant' be. A shoe this tiny couldn't

possible come from a toy. What was it doing in her mouth? Could this really be

someone's shoe. No, that's silly. It's impossible, if this shoe came off of

someone that person would have to be the size of an insect.

"What is it?" came Kari's voice. The girl was sitting up now, looking at Ann.

"You're not going to believe this, but it's a tiny shoe. Do you have any idea

what this is or how it got lodged in your braces?"

Ann watched as Kari's face went pale. Something was wrong--very wrong. "Kari

are you alright?"

"I suppose I might as well tell someone."

"Does it have to do with this?" Ann held up the tiny shoe which she still

clutched in the tweezers.

"Yes. You see, that shoe belonged to my boyfriend."

Ann let a small smile spread across your lips. "Your pulling my leg right


"No, I'm afraid not. Last week I caught my boyfriend with another woman. I

was so upset that I totally lost it. I grabbed my shrinking spray--don't ask, I

won't tell you where I got it--and I sprayed my boyfriend and the girl he was

with. They shrank before my eyes. I just wanted to scare him, honest I did, but

they kept shrinking and shrinking until they were the size of bugs. I picked

them up in the palm of my hand and they were hugging each other. He was holding

her in a way he never held me. I don't know, after that I lost it. Before I knew

what I was doing I had opened my mouth and tossed them inside. I tossed them

around with my tongue--the shoe must have come off then--and when I felt them

fall into my throat I swallowed. My conscience has been bothering me ever since.

I don't know why I did that, it was just the first thing that came to my mind."

Ann couldn't believe what she was hearing. Could it possibly be true? It was

to amazing to be made up--and she did have the shoe to prove it. "Kari, if

you--" she could hardly bring herself to say it, it sounded so absurd, "--if you

ate your boyfriend and his mistress then you are a murderer." That got the

girl's attention. Her eyes went as big as silver dollars.

"No! I didn't meant to. I was just so upset."

"Nevertheless if what you say is true then you have killed to people." Ann

couldn't help but wonder if the two had drowned in saliva or perished in the pit

of the girl's stomach. The thought of either was horrifying. "Kari if what you

say is true then you have to go to the police."

"What...what do you mean."

"You have to turn yourself in and explain what happened."

"But what will happen to me? I'll go to prison!"

Ann couldn't believe a murderer was sitting right here in her dental chair.

She tried to make her voice sound gentle. "I'm sorry Kari, but you have to take

responsibility for what you've done."

Kari dry washed her hands and looked the orthodontic assistant in the eye.

"Are you going to turn me in?"

Ann thought for a moment. She knew that she could not live with herself if

she let a murderer loose. Maybe she would give the girl the benefit of the

doubt. Tomorrow I'll go to the police station and see if they have any missing

persons. Then maybe I'll report to them what Kari told me.

Kari jumped up out of the dental chair. "You are! You are going to report


Ann still tried to keep her voice calm. "Kari listen. You've done is a

horrible thing and you have to answer for it."

Suddenly Kari's hand flashed forward. In her palm was a small cylinder that

looked like a can of mace. Kari pressed the trigger and Ann felt hot mist spray

into her face. The mist stung her eyes and burned her nostrils and the strong

fumes made her head spin. "What did you do to me?" she tried to say through the

choking gas.

"I can't let you turn me in. I don't want to go to jail. I'm sorry."

Kari's voice had sounded somehow different just then. Ann opened her tear

filled eyes and saw that everything around her was changing. She was shrinking.

It's true! Oh my God it's real!

It took only seconds for the mist to take the desired effect. When her

eyesight fully cleared Ann found herself immersed in the thick fibers of the

carpet--and no more than a quarter-inch tall - if that! Looking up she could see

Kari's giant hand reaching down for her. She screamed. Her voice was tiny and

weak--there was no hope of summoning any help. Huge fingers wrapped around her

tiny body and she was cradled in the girls palm.

Up she went. It felt like an elevator ride and the motion made her feel sick.

There was no escape now. Even if she were to crawl out through a gap in Kari's

fingers the thing awaiting her would be a fall to the office floor which seemed

hundreds of feet down. Finally those huge fingers uncurled and Ann found herself

looking up into Kari's giant face. Kari was seated in the dentist's chair once


Muffled voices came from the hall outside the office. Dr. Johnson was

finishing up with his latest patient. He should be heading this way any minute!

If only she could stall what Kari planned until the doctor came in then there

may be hope of rescue. "Kari! Please let me go! I won't tell anybody I swear!"

It was no use. Kari was staring at her but it was obvious she hadn't heard her

tiny voice.

"I'm sorry Ann," came Kari's booming voice, "I can't let you turn me in.

Since you're the only one who knows what I've done I've got to get rid of you.

I'm sorry."

Pure terror coursed through every bone in her body as Ann saw Kari's mouth

open wide. She now found herself gazing into a giant shadowed oral cavity. She

had gazed into Kari's mouth every month but this view was beyond comprehension.

Metal braces wrapped around giant white teeth reflected the light. A giant

tongue, slick with a fresh coat of saliva gently rolled around as if it had a

mind of it's own. Deep in the cavern of the girl's mouth was the scariest sight

of all. The back of Kari's tongue dipped low revealing the dark outline of her

throat. Her uvula hung down from her soft palate and swayed gently between her


Ann froze. She was mesmerized by the gaping chasm that was the girl's throat.

If she were to fall down that dark hole there would be only one place she would

end up--Kari's stomach. Just for an instant she wondered if she would even

survive the trip down the esophagus.

Kari tipped her hand and tossed the orthodontic assistant into her mouth.

Ann was aware of the intense smell of saliva only seconds before she found

herself coated in the liquid. She had landed on the girl's tongue and was now

looking up at her hard palate overhead. Kari's tongue rolled and Ann found

herself tossed dangerously close to huge sharp teeth.

Suddenly without warning Dr. Johnson made came into the examination room.

Kari shut her mouth quickly, she hoped he hadn't seen what she had just tossed

into her mouth.

"Hello Kari. Where's Ann?"

Kari spoke carefully so as not to crush the tiny women between her teeth. "Uhhh

she said she was done with me and she stepped out for a break." She could feel

the tiny woman bounce on her tongue as she spoke.

"Oh, okay." Dr. Johnson sat down on the seat that Ann had used only minutes

before. "Why don't you lie back and I'll take a look here."

It was now or never. If the doctor looked in her mouth now he would find Ann.

Kari had to swallow and had to do it now.

Ann was screaming in the darkness. She had a death grip on the carpet-like

fibers of the girl's tongue and could here Dr. Johnson's voice--but there was no

way for him to know she was here. Saliva was everywhere. It coated her hair and

had seeped into her clothes.

Wait! Something was happening. Kari's tongue was rippling, moving loads of

saliva deeper into her mouth. She was preparing to swallow! Ann held on for her

life, knowing that if she let go she would be swallowed alive. Powerful throat

muscles clenched and with a rush of liquid Kari swallowed.

Ann spit saliva out of her mouth. She was still holding on the tongue! She

had not been swallowed!

Kari thought the deed was done. She could not feel Ann's tiny body on her

tongue. With confidence she leaned back into the chair. Dr. Johnson leaned over

her face.

"Okay open up."

Kari opened wide.

Everything had shifted when Kari laid down in the chair. Ann found herself

looking up through parted lips at a light in the ceiling that was as bright as

the sun. The light illuminated Kari's mouth causing all the shadows to

disappear. The whole interior was now a bright glistening pink. The detail was

so amazing that Ann could see the taste buds all around her. Not wanting to but

not quite able to stop herself, Ann looked below. As she suspected, Kari's

throat was wide open but this time it was not covered by dark shadows. Her uvula

rested neatly against the wall of her throat which was covered with a thick

shiny coat of mucus.

Ann tore her eyes away from Kari's throat and once again looked up towards

the light. To her surprise she saw Dr. Johnson staring down at her. She felt

like she could cry she was so happy. "Oh thank God! Dr. Johnson help me! It's me


Dr. Johnson saw a tiny whit speck on his patients tongue. "Oops, looks like

you've got a piece of food on your tongue, hold on I'll get it."

Ann was almost bursting with joy as Dr. Johnson lowered a dental pick down to

her. The nightmare was almost over. The metal hook reached her position and Ann

reached out to grab it. Just then the worst thing that could happen--did. Kari's

tongue rolled--couldn't she ever keep it still!-- and Ann flailed desperately to

grab the hook of the dental instrument. That one moment of violent movement cost

her--she lost her grip and fell.

Ann screamed as she bounced down the length of Kari's tongue. Past two giant

tonsils she fell until she landed on her back on the wall of Kari's throat. She

lay spread eagle on Kari's throat wall, her body sinking into the warm mucus as

Dr. Johnson removed the hook that was suppose to save her.

"Oh, sorry," Dr. Johnson said. "It fell into your throat. Just swallow it."

Kari just shrugged.

Ann was trapped. The mucus lining of Kari's throat wall held her like glue.

From below came a sudden rush of air--it was a hiccup--but to Ann it felt like

an explosion. Air rushed past her and before she knew it Kari's uvula had

bounced up on top of her. Now she lay, her body almost completely covered by her

heavy wet uvula. There was no hope of being seen by the doctor now. All that was

left was to wait until she was swallowed and sent down the gullet of this young


The examination only took a few minutes and Ann was forced to watch from her

perch behind Kari's uvula. She heard the doctor say that everything looked fine

and that Kari could leave. Kari's lips closed--immersing Ann in darkness once

more. Then gravity shifted as Kari stood up from the chair and made her way to

the exit. Ann took a deep breath as Kari's uvula fell away from her body and

swung limply in front of her. It was a relief to have that weight off of her,

but now she felt herself slipping slightly. The mucus that held her in place was

sure to give out soon and every swallow from the young woman threatened to

dislodge her from her sticky throat wall. There was nothing to do now but wait.

Dr. Johnson led his patient to the reception desk. "Hmmm, I guess Ann isn't

back yet. Do you mind if I just send you a bill?"

"No problem doctor," Kari said.

"Okay then, I'll see you next month and we should be able to get those braces

off soon. Good luck with your classes."

"Thanks, I'll see you later." Kari went out the door and through the full

waiting room. Out in the hall she stopped for a second. Something was bothering

her--there was something irritating her throat. It felt like something was

lodged high up in her throat near her soft palate. The object made her throat

itch. She swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva, but the object stayed put. She

then tried to scrape at it with the back of her tongue--she felt the object

move, but it still wouldn't come loose. At the end of the hall she saw a

drinking fountain. A few gulps of water should do the trick.

When Kari's lips opened Ann found herself looking down at a huge faucet.

Suddenly gallons upon gallons of water gushed up into Kari's mouth. The powerful

flow of liquid ripped Ann from her position and pushed her down. With a powerful

gulp she was swallowed along with a mouthful of cold water. As she traveled down

Kari's esophagus, Ann prayed that she would drown in the icy water or pass out

from lack of oxygen so as to spare her the pain of being digested alive.

Kari licked her lips. Whatever was in her throat was gone. She walked to the

elevator and pressed the down button. For a brief moment she thought of Ann. She

knew what she did was horrible, but she couldn't get caught--there was no way

she was going to go to prison. As she waited for the elevator she fished out the

small bottle of shrink spay from her pocket. This stuff had caused enough

trouble. Kari walked to over to a trash can and threw the bottle inside.

There--now she could never use it again--and maybe that was for the best. A soft

'ding' sound signaled the elevator's arrival. Kari walked inside and pressed

button for the ground floor. All in all she had had a busy day, and it was not

even noon yet.



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