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Whetting Appetites at DinnerbyRalph SmithRebecca and her daughters weren't able to make it to her sister

Barbara's house until just before 7 PM. Although they were a little

bit late, Barbara too seemed in a rush when she came downstairs to

greet them, her usual smile even broader tonight because of their

plans. The twins gave their aunt hugs then Rebecca sneaked upstairs

using the pretense of needing to use the bathroom 'for a while'.

As was often the case when the entire family came to visit, the

oldest daughter Natalie separated herself from her younger twins,

staying just close enough to hear and to offer her 'valued' input or

opinion on whatever topic was being discussed. Natalie, being able

to drive, had also spent more time recently at her Aunt Barbara's

than her sisters, and she resented having her sisters there today.

This ever-present behavior amused Barbara but it continually bothered

Rebecca. Natalie was standoffish, she always had been, especially at

home. Barbara, who didn't have the 'luxury' of living with Natalie,

was continually assuring her paternal twin Rebecca that Natalie would

turn out all right. She wasn't a loner, but just wanted, maybe

needed time to process things on he own. Barbara saw Natalie's

suggestions and decisions not so much as difficult or hostile, but

just different enough to express her individuality. Only very

recently had Natalie begun to show some civility towards her sisters

and her mother, bringing welcome relief to Rebecca.

Natalie was 5' 9" tall and had the classic fairy tale head of

straight black hair, though it was only shoulder length. Her narrow

face and almond colored skin added to the stereotype, but that's

where the similarities stopped. She definitely was pretty,

definitely without a hooked nose, blackened teeth and knurly fingers.

She was a typical 17-year-old that worried about 17-year-old issues.

As Barbara had expected, she hadn't been downstairs with the girls

for more than three minutes before Telara, the more assertive of the

twins asked her where Mike was.

Mike was Barbara's new man-toy; a date she'd picked up some months

ago at a bar. He'd thought he'd made the pickup, but he couldn't

have been more mistaken. Ever since then she had been 'inviting' him

back regularly for more entertainment and fun. The very kind of

entertainment that was planned for tonight. And for the first time,

tonight the twins were going to get to play with a tiny man.

Something they'd been asking for endlessly since their older sister

had gained that right nearly a year ago. This acceleration of

privileges for her younger sisters was partly to blame for Natalie's

attitude these prior couple of days.

For some several visits Barbara had 'summoned' Mike back to her

house, her invites in a form that no man could ignore. After the

first time when he had no clue what was happening, whenever his balls

felt strangely, excessively cold, he knew Barbara wanted him to come

by later that afternoon.

On his last visit Barbara admitted that she was interested in getting

to know Mike better. In the coldest sense, she wanted to try him out

in new roles and situations, and see how he handled himself. They

could, she suggested, possibly, eventually, develop their

relationship and broaden it from their current status of Giantess and

her toy. If she found Mike still interesting, fun, responsive but

not difficult, she implied she'd be willing to try a relationship

with him, complete with normal interactions and sexual parity.

Mike had to admit he was impressed with the logic, if not the

calculating method Barbara had laid out. It made sense, however

manipulative it was. Manipulative she was. Basically, as he

understood it, she'd 'grant' him more liberty to cooperate, to

suggest, to interact, and unfortunately, to respond to difficult

situations she liked to put him into. If his attitude was 'okay' and

pleasing, she'd continue the relationship.

What impressed Mike the most though was Barbara's sincere and

convincing promise that if at some time he did want out, permanently,

she could and would permit it. She gave him that right to decide if

he wanted to back away forever, and to permanently forget he ever

knew her. She'd said that once they started, he wouldn't be allowed

to decide right away, as the newness would be especially challenging

at first, and deciding too soon wouldn't be fair to himself or to

Barbara. But after some unknown period of trial, if he still

insisted he wanted not to be involved, he could ask and she assured

him that she'd let him go.

And Barbara had definitely made a first step in reciprocation. On

his last visit she'd let him play with her tits for a while. While

he was still shrunk of course, but that was a definite change in that

he was allowed to explore her for his own fun and amusement. And it

turned out that afterwards she even helped him cum using some

magically enhanced fingering of his tiny cock, while he sat and

played with her perfect tits.

But Barbara hadn't misrepresented the new challenges he now faced.

Besides being the new sex 'toy' for Barbara, her sister, and her

three nieces tonight, which he was convinced that half way through

the night he'd be dead from if not for Barbara and Rebecca's magic,

Barbara had been right that the head fuck was going to be a real

challenge as their friendship grew. For even though he'd be getting

to know Barbara better, he'd still primarily be her little dildo and

fuck toy first. And maybe always, he didn't know. But she'd

promised that reciprocity and more fun awaited him if they both were

still interested in each other after some period of growing


Barbara had encouraged him to just be himself, she'd be the judge of

him, weigh how he reacted to her sense of humor, and how she'd play

with him. If his personality and intelligence still impressed her,

she'd like to keep him around.

It was so cold and calculating, but Mike could see why she'd want to

do it that way. If she wanted to partner with a non-magical man that

knew she was a witch, then not only would normal relationship

challenges have to be worked out, but the additional ones owing to

the disparity of the couple's power and authority. So he was now

living with knowing he was being evaluated and tested, by a woman

that not only could fuck with him, but could read his thoughts, both

intentionally expressed and not. But worse, she could also somehow

sense his emotions. There was no hiding from Barbara what was in,

on, or growing in his mind. She would always know the truth, the

ugly resentments, but she'd also know the pain and hurt that was part

of being involved with her. Mike's biggest wonder, the ultimate

deciding factor, was just how much pain she liked her 'special

friend' to live with.

Mike now found himself continually questioning his own reactions to

nearly everything to do with Barbara. But that wasn't all, not just

with her. It seemed he was now examining all of his own opinions,

attitudes, and especially his assertiveness and his occasional

cockiness. It was what Barbara was looking at, reading in his own

mind, and he found himself thinking about his own character more than

he had since he was 13. This evening, just before Barbara's family

had arrived, he'd asked Barbara if in fact his self-introspection was

what she'd wanted. She at first had put him off, asking him to

clarify. But it turned out he was right. She was looking at those

fundamentals of his personality, and at his ability to do a

self-assessment. She seemed honestly pleased that he was doing so

and had moved in to hug him and hold him tightly. But just then the

doorbell and knocking had interrupted them, and in seconds Mike was

shrinking down to his current height of 5 inches.

"Well, he's close." Barbara replied to Telara. "Not

far away at all."

Telara's eyebrows came down in a frown while her lips pressed

together. Her twin Katherine's face lit up and her eyes glanced in

the direction of Barbara's skirt covered crotch.

"Is he inside you now?" Telara asked assertively. Barbara

couldn't tell if she welcomed that idea or if she seemed bothered by


"No, he's rather close to my heart though, in a matter of


At that Barbara unbuttoned her blouse half way and exposed her sheer

bra covering her left breast. There all could easily see a 5 inch

tall figure, fully clothed, pressed face up and apparently sitting

above her areola.

"I put him in here when we heard the bell ring, and no, I

haven't inserted him yet today. See how this sheer bra allows you to

see him and he can see out? I like that, and I think most men I put

there like it too, but for their own reasons."

Mike was straddling her nipple and leaning to his left so his head

had more room under the cup and wasn't smashed under the thicker

elastic along the cup's edge. Despite what Barbara had said, it

wasn't especially comfortable where he was, especially being face up.

He had to keep his arms up, using his forearms to keep the netting

off his face. It was snug and to him it was like a fine screen that

'liked' to grab hairs and clothing. He'd prefer to be face down

under a sheer bra. But she was right, he could see through it, and

now with girls looking at him, he didn't especially want to have his

back to them. The one thing good about sheer bras was that he didn't

overheat like he had in Barbara's other bras.

"Is he teasing your nipple?" Asked Katherine.

"Does it look like he is?" Came Natalie's biting words

from behind her.

Katherine ignored her older sister and asked if she could touch him.

"Of course. I know your mother's told you a lot about handling

them, but you really do have to be more gentle with them than you

think you'd have to be, especially when they're this small."

Mike lowered his arms, realizing he looked like a boxer hiding behind

them. But he had to raise them so he could see without the material

pressing into his eyelashes and eyelids. Using one arm over his

forehead he watched Katherine's hand approach.

Both twins watched closely as Katherine first nudged Mike on the hip

and watched for a reaction. On getting none she pushed and pulled

while pressing his hips inwards. He knew she wanted some kind of

reaction, but he didn't know what she wanted. He moved under the

pressure and had to adjust his forearm to grip the upper edge of the

bra cup.

"Oh, you don't have to be that gentle…", came Natalie's

scolding words.

Mike watched the sister he knew too well approach and quickly lift

her hand up to cup her aunt's breast and cover his lower body.

Suddenly she was shaking him, jiggling her aunt's tit vigorously

while Mike struggled to protect his face from the friction.

As quickly as she'd started, Natalie had let go and taken a half step

back to be even with Katherine and her sister who was to Barbara's


"Come here you." Barbara said challengingly.

Then suddenly the blouse dropped down and covered Mike while he felt

her move. The next thing he knew it got darker and then felt

squished. Really squished. Not bone breaking, that was hard to do

when on a tit, but he definitely couldn't have moved if he had to.

Then he heard smacking, kissing smacking noises. Three kisses.

"You can't wait until we start playing, I know. But bare with

your mother and I, we'll get past the preliminaries as quick as we


"I know." Replied Natalie, still very close. "It's

just that I don't know why I have to be here. There's nothing new

for me tonight, just frustration at waiting for them to learn what I

already know, and then to wait for my turn with him."

"It won't be that bad." Barbara said reassuringly.

Then Mike felt fingers pinching Barbara's nipple, and pinching his

legs in order to do it. Through the blouse and bra Natalie was

playing with her aunt's tit.

This wasn't new. Natalie had been over and had toyed with Mike and

her aunt a few times. And they weren't shy about stimulating each

other directly, or using him as the dildo or grind-on toy between

them. The only thing Mike hadn't found out regarding Natalie, was

whether she'd been sexually active with her aunt before she'd started

fucking with little men.

Right now though Mike was tolerating the pinching, he was sure it was

because it was a tit that Natalie was really paying attention to.

Natalie said, "I'd rather just come back when they're done with

kindergarten, and have left."

"Uhoooo…" Mike heard one of the twins remark in a tone of

mock awe.

"What we should do I guess," began Barbara as she opened

her blouse again causing Natalie to let go, "is get Mike out of

here so Kath and Tel can get some handling practice while your

mother's busy plugging my toilet."

At that Barbara deftly pulled her bra cup out using the fingers of

her left hand and lifted Mike out with her right. For the next

several minutes Barbara, letting Natalie assist, shared, showed, and

let the twins practice handling Mike. How to hold, pick up, set

down, how fast to accelerate with him when his head wasn't supported,

and much more. Barbara was thorough and Mike, though worried about

injury and dreading the evening, did appreciate the lessons and

messages being delivered. That tiny men are fragile, and to not hurt

them. And, to be able to keep playing with them, without

interruptions, they had to be careful.

Mike also knew the other reason for Barbara's thoroughness. And he

wondered if the girls, especially Natalie, might pick up on the

secret by reading is thoughts.

On her sister's vanity Rebecca carefully set down a pillbox and slid

back the lid. Then using levitation to avoid pinching and crushing

them, she removed onto the counter each of four 3/4" tall men

from the tissue-lined box. Then after enlarging each of the still

sleeping figures to 5", she began to rouse them, controlling

their bodies' adrenaline rush that inevitably accompanied every man's

panicked reaction to this situation.

Soon all four were lying on their backs like in a drugged stupor,

even though their eyes were wide open and tracking the nearly 14 foot

tall face grinning down at them. Finally by secret suggestion

Rebecca 'encouraged' each of them to sit up and shortly afterwards

she increased their alertness nearly back to normal.

Leaning forward on her hands along the edge of the counter, but

otherwise keeping her distance, she began speaking to them softly.

"Good afternoon gentlemen, or it's evening now I guess. It's

still Thursday, coming up on 7 PM. You haven't been asleep that


She let that sink in that said, "I know you're feeling confused

right now, even scared, but if you listen I'll explain everything you

need to know. You're in a house in Seattle. You haven't been

abducted by aliens and you're not dreaming. You are not looking at a

giant." She paused briefly then added calmly, "You four

have been shrunken by me, because I'm a witch."

None of them moved an inch, or any fraction of an inch. Only their

eyes moved for some time as they took in this news. Rebecca allowed

them a full minute to let new news soak in, then she 'encouraged'

them to get up. First one then another of them stood and slowly,

cautiously began to move about. Soon all but the student were

standing and cautiously studying their environment. The college boy

initially just stared at Rebecca in silence.

Rebecca allowed them some time to investigate the vanity, assuring

them again that the world hasn't changed, just them. Slowly they

began to get more mobile, and the UPS deliveryman still in his

uniform carefully approached the edge of the counter. Rebecca let

him, knowing he wasn't about to jump.

Once all four were up and had discovered that they were in fact on a

huge counter-like surface, Rebecca casually remarked that they're all

in a 'convenient' size for the moment. None of the men responded to

her. Two looked at her with blank stares then continued their silent

examination of the huge room they found themselves in. The attorney

however stared at Rebecca, considering asking a question.

"It's not a dream. Each of you are five inches tall, and you

are on a bathroom vanity."

Sensing their rising fear, Rebecca used comforting words to assure

them that this is a temporary situation, but that cooperation is


"No permanent harm will be done to any of you. Tomorrow

afternoon you'll all be restored to your original sizes and mostly in

the same condition you're in now. Except that you won't of course,

remember anything about your abduction, and what will happen to you


Suddenly Doug, the sports trainer made a break for it and ran towards

the corner where the towels hung down below the counter top. Seizing

the opportunity, Tony the University of Puget Sound student ran

towards the other corner where the cord to Barbara's hair dryer hung

down. Seeing that Tony would reach his corner first, Barbara simply

leaned over and picked him up in mid stride then tilted the other way

to block Doug's path. He slid to a stop before hitting her hand but

then immediately he got up and started running back around the back

side of the sink. She let him come around then snatched him before

he was about to double back to try to hide behind the faucet.

Holding each of them in her fists, her palms down so they faced

upwards over her knuckles, she said with an amused tone of voice,

"I was wondering when you'd try that."

Then walking her fingers against her little toys, adjusting her grip

on them to set them down, she added, "I'm glad you have the

initiative to try to escape and assert yourselves. It's what we


Setting Tony down on his feet she opened her hand and retracted it,

confident that he wasn't about to try again, at least right away.

But Doug was still fighting her. She said, "This one might not

know when to quit. Do you realize how insignificant your struggling


Rebecca gently squeezed Doug in her fist, intentionally holding him

in view of the other three men. Doug immediately stopped beating and

clawing on her fingers and began to try to pry her index finger up.

Even if he had the leverage on the tip of her finger it would have

been useless. Barbara of course knew this but let him try. She held

him just firm enough to get his attention. But when he tried to bite

her she had to put a stop to his silliness.

In a slow, 'you know better' kind of tone, she said, "No


Then squeezing him just a little, Doug finally got the message.

Panic, all over his face.

Rebecca waited a little after he'd become docile before letting up on

the pressure. Meanwhile she made sure each of the men saw her

smiling back with a patient, omnipotent air of confidence. Finally

she set Doug down. His fellow prisoners at first watched Doug for

signs of life, before inching towards him cautiously. Not one of

them had spoken one word to each other yet, Rebecca observed. When

Doug discovered he wasn't broken, he slowly began pulling himself

back together and eventually got up.

After some period of silence Clay, the attorney asked, "What are

your plans for us?"

"What are you going to do, make us fight house cats for your

amusement?" Asked Richard.

Rebecca laughed. "No, you're not going to be required to act

like macho gladiators. Nothing that dramatic or dangerous. You're

our entertainment for the night, that's all."

'For who?' 'For what?' Two of them ask.

"For myself and my family. There are five of us women and

there's one more small man downstairs already. But before we get

into that, I want to clarify something.

"I understand that you all are quite frightened, who wouldn't

be, finding yourselves one fourteenth you're normal size. But all of

you will survive. Tomorrow each of you will find you've miraculously

survived some made-up tragedy but have no memory at all of what

really happened to you here. You'll have no recollection whatsoever.

"But how beat up you are, not from your fake misadventure but

from what does happens to you here, depends on your behavior with us.

If you misbehave you'll find yourself with some significant bumps

and bruises. If you cooperate the way we'd like, you could come out

of this with improved long-term health, beside the necessary

superficial injuries to fit with your mock accident.

"Did everybody follow that?"

The sports trainer hadn't and Rebecca told them again, phrasing it in

another way. When she was done Doug asked how they could be in

'better' health. Clay the attorney asked how she expected to do any

of this, adding that he was still not convinced that this isn't some

trip he's on, or some suggestions he's getting under drugs.

Stumped for a minute, trying to decide just which way of many to

convince him, Clay asked if there was a copy of the Wall Street

Journal around. "For today." His voice clearly conveying

his doubt.

"Yes, my sister reads it. Let me grab it." Rebecca lied,

and darted out of the room before any of them had even begun to think

about another escape attempt.

Just out of view she translocated the day's paper into her hands and

returned saying that Barbara's was on her bed. Clay was suitably

impressed but didn't show it. Next he had her open it to page three

and hold it up for his inspection. She obliged quite willingly,

grinning to herself behind the paper. She could sense that the three

others were hoping that this attorney could confirm one way or

another something definite about their situation, just by seeing this

paper. 'So hopeful…' she thought.

Clay realized his mistake and practically commanded Rebecca hold up

page five instead. She did so, letting some annoyance show on her

face, while inside she was thinking that men like Clay made such good

rub-against toys. 'They warrant it so much…'

"Okay. That is today's paper. But it just proves that that's

the paper from the day I was abducted by you."

"My, aren't we getting cocky and impatient." Rebecca said,

her voice conveying the message that she really was getting


Suddenly the paper vanished from view without a sound. The four

small men found themselves looking at Rebecca standing with her arms

crossed, staring back at them with a less than amused expression.

"That proved nothing you silly man. Not only can it be an old

paper, but also it could be a duplicate of the real thing. You could

be normal size and I really could be some giant alien who came down

and abducted you. You'll just have to take my word, not that it

really matters."

"Prove you're really a witch to us." Demanded Doug. It

wasn't until after he'd got his demand out that he had the brains to

realize that he maybe shouldn't have phrased it that way. He had

moral support though, with Clay seconding his request.

"How would you like me to prove it? More parlor tricks, like

that paper disappearing? That wasn't good enough?"

In truth, Rebecca didn't mind a little showing off like this,

especially since they wouldn't remember a thing. Their surprise was

always fun to see. While still fun, this was old fun. And more

importantly, she had some things to do before she could bring them


When Tony suggested flying around Rebecca complained that she didn't

have her broom. Then she gave him a wink that for some reason

conveyed both that it was a joke, and that she appreciated his

suggestion as funny. When Richard finally spoke up he asked if she

could disappear like that paper did.

"Oh, you'd like that huh? No cauldron. Sorry. I could cook

something up…" She said thoughtfully.

Within five seconds each of the men suddenly felt like the

temperature had instantaneously jumped to 100°. All of them started

breathing harder, trying to blow off body excess heat. Rebecca

waited a few more seconds for each of them to stew with their body

core temperatures up almost four degrees.

"Hmmm. What can I cook up?" She repeated. "Any

suggestions Hansel?"

At first none of the men had a clue as to what she meant, each was

too distracted and beginning to suspect there might be some truth to

this. Then Richard, the only one with children, found the

significance of that name in an old fairy tale. Suddenly, more

moaning in terror than using words, he uttered a loud panicked

"Noooo…" He started backing away in sheer terror as the

idea gripped him.

"Now now brown man, there's no Gretel here, so no cooking I

guess. How about refrigeration though. You all do look like you're

rather warm…"

Instantly each felt a cold that was way more than a chill. They all

found themselves instantaneously shivering and turtling their heads

into their shoulders to conserve heat.

After waiting long enough for them to really feel the cold, she found

that none of them were alert enough to witness that all four were

suffering the same bizarre temperature swings. So she suggested,

unknowingly to them, that each look around and witness that all were

in fact experiencing the same freaky situation.

"How about a fire to warm you with?" Rebecca asked some

thirty seconds after their chill had started.

Doug was the first to try to move towards the magically roaring

yellow flame that rested in Rebecca's hand. It had logs and coals

too, and looked so needed, so welcome, that all four were soon

struggling to shuffle and waddle their crouched freezing bodies

towards the heat that was warming their faces.

Suddenly, just as Doug had drawn so close to the quite real flames

that Rebecca wondered about his judgment, she returned all their body

temperatures to normal. Instantly Doug jumped backwards, followed by

a backing up and stumbling of the other three.

"How…?" The student half asked.

"Think it's fake?" Rebecca asked, moving it closer to

them. All four backed away again, the flames, more than 4' high to

them were just too hot.

"Here, take this and see if it really is hot." She

suggested, taking her sister's toothbrush and placing it in front of

them. Instead of waiting she reached with her left hand and lifted

some of the miniature logs away and dropped them in into the sink.

The fire shrank to under three feet.

As Rebecca had guessed, Richard and Doug hefted the toothbrush and

extended the handle end into the flames. Within seconds it began

blistering and smoking. In another ten seconds it was really smoking

and starting to bubble and sputter.

"Hmmm." Rebecca said in mock concern at the smoke. Then

where she was looking an utterly black round circle appeared in mid

hair, just above and next to her head, which seemed to somehow suck

in all the smoke. The hole was so black that as soon as the smoke

entered the circle no light reflected back. The room too sounded

quieter, but that was a separate spell on Rebecca's part.

For final proof she shrunk Clay down to 2/3rds of already small size,

and enlarged Richard. Expectedly, all four men began to shy away

from one another.

"I still think this could be some drug manipulated mind

fuck." Squeaked Clay belligerently.

"You do huh?" Rebecca said honestly amused, convinced now

that this guy was going to get a real workout from her daughters.

Slowly Clay began returning to normal size, but he was the only one

that knew immediately that his clothes had not begun enlarging along

with his body. Within ten seconds he started panicking and

frantically trying to take off his shoes and belt at the same time.

Rebecca returned everything in the bathroom to normal in an instant

and lowered herself to her elbows to watch Clay's struggle. She let

his shirt rip across his expanding chest and let him experience some

real pain before she halted his torture. "Mmm mmm mmm. What a

painful dream." Rebecca teased, her chin resting on her hands.

After a pause to let it sink in, in a flash she mended his shirt on

his back and adjusted the rest of Clay's clothes to fit him. After

waiting for that to register, she finished returning both now silent

men to their prior five-inch size, satisfied that the attorney was

finally convinced.

"Why us?" Asked Doug after an uncomfortable period of

silence. Rebecca had remained close with her face still towering

above them.

"Well…" she began, standing up and grinning down at them.

"Partially because I found all of you handsome. And each of you

has an outgoing personality, all different, but all of you are

extroverts. But also because you all showed signs of dealing well

when under stress, and finally because none of you have a history of

being abusive."

She knew that that comment would get at least one of them to follow

up on that being some kind of criteria. The UPS man hesitantly asked

how not being violent could be relevant. His voice carrying the

unspoken truth that at this size difference, that was a ridiculous


"Because I'm protecting you. You see I wouldn't want my

daughters to find out something like that about you. Once they did,

it might have turned out bad for your health.

"I suppose I didn't answer your question though…" Rebecca

led them on, knowing she had just enough time for a little more of

this then she had to being preparing them.

"But what's that a criteria for?", asked Tony.

Rebecca cocked an eye at him, amused at his round about way of asking

what was in store for him. "To provide entertainment for us, as

I said."

"What kind of entertainment?" asked Doug and Richard


"Entertainment for five women." She answered with an

upbeat tone, but stopped short of explaining.

"Five large women?" Asked Clay hesitantly.

"No, five normal sized women. My sister is a little taller but

thinner than I am though. Also my three daughters. It's you

remember, who are the special size."

"And we're not circus animals for you…" Asked Doug.

"How are we supposed to entertain you?" asked Richard


"Not circus animals. Nothing that detached. Think hands on, up

close and personal." Rebecca answered with a smile.

"No… No… You're not..." said Richard hesitantly.

Tony and Clay looked at one another. Doug didn't get it though.

"Are you just going to prod us, terrify us... with tricks?

Your magic?"

"Are all of you magical?" asked Tony.

"Yes, we're all witches. And no, we're not setting out to

terrify you. Not much at least."

All four were silent.

"I'm sorry, I didn't ask, I'm not used to four at once. What

are your names, I didn't get all of yours earlier."

"You've done this before?" asked Clay unbelievably.

"Yes. Now who's who, then I'll answer a couple more questions

before I prepare you."

"Prepare us? How?" asked Richard, now audibly scared and

trying to examine Rebecca's entire body and the dress she wore.

Rebecca got their names and shared hers, reminding them that they'll

remember none of this tomorrow. 'Sometime tomorrow', she added with

a little grimace.

"Okay. By prepare you I intend to tell you how we expect you to

behave, to convince you that you want to listen," she emphasized

that word with some magic that made them step back from an unknown

fear, "and finally to prepare your bodies just in case some

severe trauma occurs. That way I can restore you to your present

state. Bring you back, essentially to how you are now."

"Bring us back?" asked Tony & Doug. "Trauma?"

Asked Clay.

"We'll be playing rough with you four. Five actually, including

the other man downstairs. But you have two very..."

"Another man downstairs?" Asked Doug.

"Don't interrupt me." Commands Rebecca, and Doug soon

discovered that he's lost his voice.

"A fifth man is already downstairs. Now, you have two things in

your favor that will get you through this."

She interrupts herself and snaps her fingers, commanding Doug to pay

attention. Barbara took the time to point out to the other three

Doug's entranced state, 'fixated o my every word', she shared.

"You have your small size, which means you have very little

mass, and hence very little impact when striking something. Go

ahead, all of you, fall down.

Rebecca flicked the back of her hand at them and suddenly the four

fell backwards in a trip. Each of them landed hard, but they soon

realized that they weren't hurt at all. At the same time Doug found

himself animated and able to speak once again.

"That fraction of your mass will help you when you collide with

something, but obviously it won't help if something heavy or strong

imparts itself on you. In other words, you can be squished like a

bug by something heavy, and at your size that could even be a book,

or especially a foot or hand."

At that Rebecca smacked the counter hard with her palm. They all

jumped back, scared.

"But the other thing you have that saves the day, and your

lives, is me." Rebecca grinned and nodded in a deprecating bow.

"You see, I not only made you small and will restore you, but

I'm a healer. I'll fix whatever damage you do to yourselves, and

what may be done to you by my family. You'll be, or can be, as good

as you are now, or even better, tomorrow, when we're done with you.

Or as I warned you, you might be mended but feel a little beat up if

your behavior warrants it."

"What will warrant being beat up?" Asked Clay.

"Good question. That's what I wanted to talk about next."

The way she looked at him before she replied scared Clay into

thinking he'd interrupted her again.

"You might feel beat up because you won't be mended as

completely or as well as someone who cooperates in the way we want

you to. But again, no permanent physical or mental harm, I can

assure you of that."

"No mental harm? That's BS. I'm sure I'm in shock already, and

I might still be hallucinating. And it sounds like I'm going to be

bludgeoned by the end of the night." Said Clay.

"No mental harm Clay, because you won't remember a thing.

Completely erased, I can assure you. And a little fear and respect

tonight will count as good behavior, so remember that. Fear is good,

so you're on the right track."

"Now, what we want is independent thinking and assertiveness,

and some, well, a little trouble from you. But we don't want

outright disobedience."

"That's impossible. You're asking us to do opposite

things!" Claimed Doug.

"Yes and no Doug. When we ask you to come towards us, you can

run the other way. Or you can comply as commanded. If you run we'll

have to stop you, and that chase or enchanted immobility, or grab,

will be fun. But if that kind of thing goes on too long, or once we

insist, I can tell you that it won't still be fun. We want you to be

entertaining in your evasion of, and aversion to us, but not

annoying. We want you to struggle, but not hurt yourselves in the

process of us getting what we want from you."

"And what is it that you want? You've still haven't told us

explicitly. But I think we all get the idea." Asked Tony.

"That's nice Tony. You're the first one to refer to your group

as 'us'. It shows the shock is wearing off. And you four may have

guessed what'd planned for you. You four and the man downstairs are

our toys tonight. We'll be using you as our living dildos and

grind-on toys. We'll insert you and squeeze you, and rub you on

ourselves. And you'll be common property, as in the five of you will

be exchanged freely by the five of us."

They were silent, and Rebecca loved their shock and silence, but

eventually she continued.

"You'll be this size at first, or once we start playing. I'll

bring you downstairs shrunken quite small again as you were before,

that way I can surprise my daughters. But after our initial round

with you five, you'll be resized to whatever your mistress wants. My

sister and I will do the resizing; my girls aren't quite ready for

that yet. But they do have their own tricks, so don't assume they're

harmless. I doubt you would assume that anyway, since we're all

giants relative to you four. Five.

"Any questions before I continue?"

All were silent and she was about to ask specifically if they

understood their roles as resistive but not difficult, frightened,

but not terrified, when Doug asked, "You're not serious, are

you? Dildos?"

Rebecca nodded and smiled at him. "Nice lively and active ones,

squirming a lot, we hope."

She paused again and on no questions or complaints she continued.

"Your roles are to do the natural thing, to run, try to escape,

to beat on your giantess to try free yourself. Those are nice, very

desirable activities. Don't try to bite though, I assure you we have

ways to undo any harm you might do to us, and we can and will convey

it right back to you, and more painfully. So act like grown ups, and

don't bite.

"We'd also like it if you voiced your attitudes towards us, at

least some, when we're playing, but not when we're speaking to you

like I am now. Go ahead and swear at us, call us names. Be natural.

I'm sure once the playing starts you four will come up with some

really creative labels for us. And some might be correct. So go

ahead. Now you don't have to swear at us, but if it comes naturally,

let it flow.

"And please don't get carried away and get stupid. Don't do

something if you've explicitly been commanded otherwise. If you do,

you can expect some form of retribution, or at least harsher play.

If you're lucky you'll get away with only a scolding and a squeeze.

"So, be natural, be frightened, because we'll be using you in

ways that'll be physically trying, and a bit painful. We want you to

be scared of us, because you should be. If you pay attention you'll

be able to figure out when cooperation means being compliant, and

when it means been active, or in flight.

"However in the event you do get seriously harmed, as in a

sprain a popped joint, or a broken bone, bring it to my attention.

Or to my sister's. My girls have been and will be reminded to listen

to you for that. We, the older witches, can heal your injuries. But

by the same token, any claims of fake injuries will not be tolerated.

You'll be punished for that too."

"How will you know if it's fake?" Asked Doug. Richard

backhanded Doug's arm for such a risky question, but Doug didn't seem

to notice.

"I can tell. I did a quick exam when I captured each of you,

and I'll do a thorough one now, encapsulating your health status to

make a junction for a temporal fallback, in case you need it."

"A what?" Asked Tony.

"I'm going to examine each of you thoroughly soon, and use your

health now as a point I can return you to in the event of any major

trauma. Like the tear or sprain like I mentioned, but worse."

"That's impossible." Said Clay, but almost immediately he

rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath.

"You can really do that?" Asked Doug amazed.

"Yes, my art has been perfected by my sister practitioners for

thousands of years. We have ways to prevent injury by backing away

from it, if you're prepared. And I'll do that for you four, since as

I said, I plan to return you tomorrow in good health."

"But maybe injured, if we don't obey." Siad Doug.

Rebecca nodded. "Some, not seriously though. It depends on

you. And in case you're wondering, when I capture your health now,

it has nothing to do with returning you to your full size later on.

That's a separate spell."

"Why don't you get dates, like normal women?" Asked Doug.

Tony looked at Doug like he was stupid and asking to be snuffed.

"That's easy, yet men always ask that. For the same reason so

many men want one-night stands. No commitment. Nobody's harmed, and

because you feel good inside."

"How old are your daughters?" Asked Clay after that sunk


"My oldest is Natalie, she's 17. Katherine and Telara are both

about to turn 15 tomorrow."

'What? You're asking us to rape your children? On top of that,

that's adultery."

Rebecca laughed hard but guardedly quiet. I'm not asking you to rape

them. I think you have it reversed Clay. And it's not adultery, at

least not voluntary on your part. So don't worry yourself on that

count. You certainly don't have to worry about breaking their

hymens; they were part of a ceremony we had at their births. But you

probably don't need, nor want to hear about that. Trust me that you

won't be charged with any crimes against young women. Possibly you'd

want to charge them, but then you won't remember a thing


"You really are serious. The five of you are going to use us as

phalluses." Stated Richard.

Nodding and smiling, Rebecca admitted, "That's the idea."

"You said you weren't used to doing this to four at once.

You've done this before?' Asked Tony.

She nodded again. "Usually only two at a time. Three rarely,

but after tonight, I expect my three will want to do this more often.

Usually, most every time, I've done this just with my sister.

Together we shrink you, she prepares you her way, and I do the

just-in-case preparation. Like I'm about to do with you now."

'What if we cooperate? Will you still hurt us? Squeeze us?' Askd

Tony. All the men seemed to welcome his question.

"We won't necessarily go out of our way to hurt you boys, but I

wouldn't be truthful if I said you wouldn't get hurt. You're pretty

fragile at your small size. And just gripping you in order to force

you where you might not want to go, or might not fit into too easily,

it will be hard on you. And I think you can guess into where I'm

referring to by now. You will be squeezed more firmly than you'll

like. At least your predecessors found the experience not all that


"And for the first time now we have two young women who might

not know how delicate you are, and who might get carried away in

their bliss. We'll see. Also my youngest daughters' vaginas are

virginal to animated little men, so they might have a tough time

stuffing you inside. My sister and I are old hands at this, but we

know how to grind and squeeze, so don't expect us to be easy and


Rebecca smiled broadly and waved her eyebrows at all four of them.

"So the short answer Tony, is yes. You'll be squeezed. In our

hands, in our hands on the way inside us, and most enjoyably, once

inside our hot wet pussies."

"You're a monster. All of you." Clay accused boldly.

"Not a monster Clay. We just enjoy life. And little living men

struggling inside our vaginas is great entertainment for


She smiled and purred her pleasure at the thought.

"Now, I'll also be augmenting your ability to get along without

air for a longer period than a human normally can survive. The

reason for that should be obvious. But it won't be a nice fully

oxygenated level of comfort for you once you're short of air. I'll

prolong you ability to live, once you're uncomfortably hypoxic. That

way you'll struggle naturally, and we all want little squirming

struggling men, I can assure you. As long as you struggle, you'll

stay at that level. If you stop, then your direness will only get


"You want to struggle by the way, because that's how we'll judge

how short of air you are. Too passive and we'll assume all is


Rebecca sensed, and all four men showed significant unease at this

announcement of their fate.

"But I'm a nice witch. If any of you pass out from hypoxia, and

probably most of you will sometime or other, I'm going set up a link

from your minds to mine now, so I can rescue you before any damage is

done. I can do that in an instant, right where you lie at the time,

even inside one of us. Doing that obviously means I won't have to go

through the effort of reversing any serious harm.

"So you see, I am your best friend." She then smiled at

them greedily. "And don't you all think best friends should get

treated nicely? I've given you all hints of what I like, so please


All four men shuffled on their feet some and looked at one another


At that Rebecca began examining each man, taking some five minutes to

familiarize herself with them and then to secure a temporal image

before adjusting their bodies responses to low Oxygen levels.

After she'd finished with Doug and Tony, and was working on Clay

however, Natalie called for her from nearly the top of the stairs.

Rebecca had to leave immediately to intercept her. During the time

she 'handled' her daughter, Doug and Richard made a break for it.

When Rebecca returned she seemed to immediately know what had

happened and seemed a little exasperated.

Picking up the unconscious Richard from the floor in front of the

cupboards and placing him on the counter, she sighed and encouraged

the remaining two over. Seeming not to take any notice in the

absence of Doug.

In the course of the next five minutes she used her magic to show in

a 'window' in the air, exactly what had happened to Richard's knee

and head injury. Clay and Tony were overwhelmed at what Rebecca

could do.

She explained that she was a degreed Naturopathic Doctor, and

practiced it by day. So knowledge of conventional western medicine

was certainly in her forte. Using terms that her audience could

understand, she showed them Richard's injuries, and they were amazed

when they saw the healing that she told them she was performing. In

five minutes she had repaired his cracked patella, crushed disc, and

slightly torn ligaments. Where he'd sprung forward after crunching

his leg, he'd managed to slam the top of his head into the bottom

edge of the counter. Rebecca explained that she'd first stopped the

body's automatic response to flood the area with fluids and white

blood cells, thus stopped the fluid buildup that would have damaged

his brain from increased pressure. Then in front of Clay and Tony

she'd mended Richard's skull fracture, then his brain sac membrane,

and finally the tissue swelling.

All the while she seemed oblivious to Doug's absence. But the moment

she was done repairing her mortal toy she called for the missing one.

Doug seemed to think his whereabouts were unknown however, and

remained quiet.

"I can hear your breathing Doug. I have hearing that would put

an owl to shame. And if I wanted to, but there's no need, I could

even smell what you're smelling. But you know that I wouldn't want

to do that, don't you? So why don't you come on out from behind the

toilet bowl cleaner behind Barbara's toilet, and come join us before

my patience grows thin?"

Tony called for him, but Doug remained concealed. Still seeming to

ignore Doug's stubbornness, or stupidity, she began her exam and

preparation of Clay once again. Breaking her concentration once to

utter a warning to her recalcitrant toy. By the time Clay was

prepared, Doug was standing, practically hugging the door jam,

looking up at the giant body of his captor.

"I'm so glad you exercised better judgment Doug. I don't like

making examples before the playing begins. Craw onto my hand right

now and I'll forget your foolishness."

To Doug's surprise she didn't swat him or crush him after he'd quite

hesitantly complied and climbed 'aboard'.

"I do appreciate cooperation once you're been warned. That's

what I was trying to get across before, so no retribution. Here

you'll see that your friend, or should I say, fellow man-toy, still

lies, resting after I mended his injuries. I'll arouse him now and

let him get clear what happened in his mind."

Immediately Richard seemed to awake as from a sleep, and sit up in a

start. Clay and Tony went to him and explained his situation. After

some retelling he recalled what had happened and he looked up at

Rebecca in fright, fear, that she'd seek some vengeance for his

attempted escape and the subsequent extra effort she'd put into him.

However she seemed somehow preoccupied the entire time, doing

something that the men were afraid to guess.

It turned out that she'd had to force her oldest daughter back

downstairs with strong words and a promise that she'd explain as soon

as she could. During Richard's rousing she was communicating with

Natalie and dodging her daughter's questions.

It turned out that Natalie had just about guessed what her mother was

up to, but wasn't quite sure. Finally they agreed that Natalie would

keep her guesses to herself, and wouldn't ruin a 'potential'

surprise. Natalie also assured her mother that her younger sisters

were still sufficiently engrossed with the little Mike that they

weren't even aware of the passage of time.

Rebecca also privately informed Barbara, though Natalie tried to

'listen' in, what was happening and when she expected to be


In another six minutes Rebecca had prepared a fully repaired Richard

and was explaining what they should expect next. Reluctantly her

four toys one by one on command, walked up to and straddled her mini

pill case and awaited their shrinkage to fit inside. Each one

panicked some as they were reduced, but with further 'encouragement'

each found their place in the tissue padded carrier.

Finally as Tony waited his turn to be shrunk then lay in waiting for

soon his release downstairs with four more eager giantesses that

would play with him, Rebecca spoke to him inside his head.

"You're adjusting well Tony."

His eyes seemed to bulge out of his head. Rebecca smiled back kindly

and nodded.

"Yes, I did say that. You should have expected this by now,

shouldn't you have?"

Again her face expressed mild amusement and patience. Tony's

adrenalin stopped pumping from his gland and stared up at Rebecca in


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