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Will's secret passion

by Osoloco

Will was nerd, but more than that, he was known as "Jessica's friend". Yes, as

odd as it

may sound, he was a good friend of one of the hottest girls in highschool. She

was a stunning

5'9" tall brunette. She had a terrific ass, every male of the school was

hypnotized by her

butt, which she thought it was fat. Her face was very sweet inocent face, she

was 18 but the

make up she used to wear made her look like she was in her middle 20's. She was

a nice girl,

unlike the other popular girls. But she had an explosive temperament. Will, on

the other hand

wasn't a very good looking boy, but he had a bright brain. Will and Jessica were

very close

friends because since they were 5 years old they have been neighboring. Their

moms were

very close friends also. Will and Jessica were a common subject of conversation

at school.

Were they a couple or just good friends? How could a hot, pretty, sweet ass girl

hang out

with a boy like Will? The fact is that Jessica saw Will as a good friend and he

knew it,

although he was in love with her, mmm, not, he was in lust with her. He had a

thing with

butts, specially Jessica's sweet, cheeky ass. His wet dreams involved somehow

Jessica's ass.

He dreamed getting sat on by Jessica. Dude, it was hard for him when Jessica

wore tight jeans!!.

It was a weekend like other's until saturday night. Will spent the day like

other saturday:

surfing on the net, making experiments in his little laboratory. He was a smart

ass, but a

dreamer, he wanted to create a potion or something to make him taller and better


He was an alchemist in scence. He wasn´t afraid of drinking those potions he

made, "I couldn't

get worse looking" he thought. He drank a different sustance every saturday and

nothing happened.

And this saturday wasn't an exception, apparently. Tired of going nowhere with

chemestry, he

threw him self on the bed and turned on the TV. It was around 8:00 P.M. when

someone knocked

the door of Will's room.

-"It's me, Jessica".

He quickly got up off the bed and opened the door.

-"Hi Will, what's up?"

-"I'm just watching TV Jess, How was your day?"

-"Same stuff, me and the girls went to the mall, by the way, an asshole kept

following us

all afternoon, apparently, he was in love with my ass"

-"Well, it's perfectly normal" said Will.

Jessica laughed loudly.

-"Stop it, Will, you know what I think of my ass"

-"Jess, your ass is not fat, it's just.. meaty "

Suddenly, Will felt something wasn't going well with his body, his vision

started to fail,

he felt dizzy and went completly blank. He woke up with the sound of Jessica's

sweet voice:

-"Will.... Will, wake up, Will!!"

His brain started to work again. But there was something different, and he

realized soon. He saw

Jessica's face, and it was huuuge. Then, a cold feeling stroke him, he was

terrified. It was like

a dream, well, it was more like a nightmare. He sat up in the bed and said:

-"Jess, what's happening with me?"

-"I don't know Will, you suddenly passed out and started shrinking. I thought

you were going

to disappear, but you stopped shrinking and got this tall"

-"But...but,I must be 2 inches tall"

-"I would say 1 and a half" said Jess.

-"Oh no.. the potion made me this"

Will cried, he thought that drinking potion couldn't make him worse, but he

couldn't be more

wrong. The idea of being one and a half inch tall for the rest of his life was

horrible. How

could he survive in giant world.

Jessica interrupted his thoughts:

-"What potion Will?, what are you talking about?"

Will decided to tell her everything. She was his best friend. Maybe she could

protect him from

other people.

-"Every saturday, I spend some time experimenting with my chemistry lab, well,

my goal was to

find some kind of chemical potion so I could be bigger, stronger and better

looking. Nothing

had happened until now."

-"Are you crazy? How could you do this to yourself?" said the girl.

-"You know Jess, not overybody was blessed with a good looking face and a hot

body, I mean

look at me and look at you"

-"Yea, I'm much bigger than you are now" said Jessica with a sarcastic tone.

-"You know what I mean, Jess"

Suddenly, someone knocked the door. I was Will's mother.

-"It's everything ok here? I heard a discussion" said Will's mother.

-"Quickly Jessica, hide me somewhere, I don't want my mom to see me like this"

said Will.

Jessica reacted very fast and sat at the edge of the bed. Will was stone frozen,

from his

perspective, he thought she was going to sit on him. But she didn't, she sat on

the bed

in such way that Will remained between her muscular thighs. The long skirt she

was wearing

covered Will's body. She was very careful, she kept her legs apart so the only

thing that

was over his friend was the soft and thin fabric of her skirt.

Will mother's opened the door.

-"Is everything ok, dear? "

-"Oh yes Mrs. McLaren, Will is taking a shower" Jessica said pointing to the

bathroom at

Will's room"

-"Could you tell him that his Dad and I are leaving, honey ? His father's boss

is having

a birthday party"

-"Oh yes Mrs. McLaren, have fun!!".

-"Thank you dear, see ya !! "

As Will's mother closed the door, Jessica stood up and checked if Will was

allright. The

boy was fine, but his excitement showed under his pants.

-"Boy, I almost sat on you and you're excited!!"

-"You have no idea!!" said the boy with voice of arousement.

Playing with his mind, Jessica turned aroud and started to sit on Will. He just


laid down on the bed and enjoyed the view. He felt the world comming on to him.

Her ass and

his body made contact, and just when he expected to feel the pressure, she

stopped her descent,

and stood up. Will was very disappointed.

-"Why didn't you sit on me?" said Will. He was clearly upset.

-"Are you insane Will? I would have killed you"

-"No you wouldn't !!"

-"Man, you're nuts, I mean, I'm like a thousand times heavier than you"

-"But the mattress would cushion the weight, Jess"

-"No it wouldn't, it would do it more comfortable for me. For you my weight

would be


-"You're not that heavy"

-"Don't you realize? Even if you were at your regular size, I would be very

heavy for

you. Now you're at most 2 inches tall, I must weight tons and tons for you"

-"I could handle that"

-"No you couldn't. I mean, I know my ass is attractive to you boys, but dying

squashed underneath it, it's just ridiculous"

-"Jess, I'd rather die under you're ass than living like this. I got no hope at

this size.

Besides, I've always dreamed of being sat on by your beautiful,fleshy ass"

-"There's no way I'm gonna sit on you. Don't you understand, I weight like a 747

plane for

you're tiny body"

Desperate for not being able to convince her. He started to insult Jessica. He

wanted to get

away with his.

-"So you don't have the guts to do it. You're a fucking chicken. Come on fat

ass, come on.

You can't handle a tiny boy like me. Come on, bring your farty big ass to me".

-"Don't call me fat ass" said Jessica very angry.

She was pissed off. She hated to be called 'fat ass', she really hated. The rage


possession of his mind and approached to the bed where the tiny Will was

standing, and


-"Shut up you little sun of a bitch. Do you want me to sit on you? huu? Is that

what you

want? Do you want me to burst you out with my fleshy butt? Well, be careful on

what you

wish you just may get it."

With that, Jessica turned around and just sat slowly on tiny Will. He received


enormous bum laying down on the mattress. At the begining, the pressure wasn't

big, but

Jessica didn't have any considaration of his tiny friend underneath her and sat


on him. He felt all her weight, and he couldn't move, but he was still alive.

She felt tiny Will trying to move under the inmense pressure and started to

bounce up and

down. It was pretty clear she was very pissed off 'cause of his words. She went


crazy and wanted his friend dead. Meanwhile, Will was suffering a lot under her.

Her bounces

were killing him. He felt like he was going to burst in any second. Suddenly,

she just stopped

bouncing and sitting fullweight on him with his face directly on her ass she


-"Do you like my farty big ass, Will ?"

He felt a hot steam hitting his face. The odour grew stronger. Will remained

alive. It was

when Will thought she would stop that Jessica said:

-"Bye bye Will"

After that, Jessica took a high bounce and landed her butt on his little figure

and he

exploded. Then, something unexpected happened: she had an orgasm. She actually

came. She

Discovered a new cruel side of her sexuality. She stood up and saw a red stain

and a

deformed mass, what was left of poor Will.

She proceded to look for Will's notes about the potion he made. She found what

she wanted.

She cleaned the mess as good as she could. She took care of all evidence of the

event and

went home.


Giantess Stories: Will

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