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Rez Dog


Author's note: This apartment complex actually

exists in a medium sized city in the Midwest. I had a view of the pool from my

3rd floor apartment.

This had been one of the hottest summers I could remember. I had been doing my

own “surveillance” on her for some time, ever since I first saw her at the

apartment complex swimming pool. She'd been sunning herself like so many others

on that hot summer day. I hadn't paid too much attention until she got up to

leave. Her figure was eye-catching; nicely tanned, two-piece suit with high cut

bottoms, long legs, and from what I could tell, nice feet. Her face was probably

quite nice looking, but I couldn't tell for sure because of the sunglasses and

the long brown hair that the warm wind was whipping around her face. I watched

as she gathered her things, put them in her bag, picked up her towel and started

to walk out of the pool area.

God, I had to be with this woman! The shrinking formula that I'd been working on

was in its final stages, or at least I thought so. I began to wonder which way

would be better: 1) to shrink and, the next time she was tanning herself at the

pool, sneak up to her and climb into her bag. That way, she would unknowingly

take me into her apartment herself. Or, 2) I could find out which building and

apartment she was living in, shrink and hide outside the apartment while she was

at work and wait for her to come home, making a run inside when she opened the


After thinking it over, idea number 1 seemed a bit risky, what with all the

people around the pool. I decided on idea number 2…

I've never been much for crafts or models, but my plan called for some

inventiveness. One of the things I feared the most about being small was

encountering animals… house pets. The thought of a cat was one of the worst, and

I had known so many single women that had damn cats! Through a friend at the

university I worked at, I had obtained a small amount of a very strong sedative.

Then, out of balsa wood, I constructed a working model of a crossbow and arrows

laced with the tranquilizer. I had clothing ready – just your basic toga-type

garment with a drawstring waist. I thought about going naked, but wondered how

the cold air-conditioning in the apartment would affect me. I also had a small

pouch with a strap I could sling over my shoulder. This carried a small cutting

tool I had fashioned out of part of an exacto knife with some silicone on one

edge to protect me from getting cut. I also had some thick string with a

filed-down (for my own safety) triple prong fishhook; my own grappling device.

Little would I have known that my old fishing hobby would be contributing to

this! I put some other odds and ends in the pouch, that I thought might come in


I figured the best place to shrink myself would be behind her building. There

was a long, high wooden fence that ran along that side of the complex,

separating it from the neighborhood homes. No one ever went back there, and that

would be important since I expected to either get dizzy or temporarily go

unconscious during the shrinking process. Being found unconscious – and shrunken

- by some groundskeeper or maintenance guy was the last thing I wanted.

To expedite things, I stripped down, putting my clothes in camouflage hunting

bag and threw it in the weeds, so as not to rouse suspicion. Looking around one

more time, “It's now or never,” I thought, and I downed the capsules. I hadn't

eaten before on purpose, so the material would go into my bloodstream as soon as

possible. It didn't take long before I began to feel lightheaded and then felt

myself starting to black out…

I'm not sure how long I was out, but the sun was still out and the warm wind was

blowing through the blades of grass in front of me. I felt blood running out of

my nose and realized that I must have hit the ground pretty hard when I fainted.

Then I noticed that the grass was the height of elephant grass… My god, I

thought, it worked! I was the size of a doll! In the lab in my apartment I had

tried to calculate out what size I would be reduced to based on the data I'd

collected. If I was right, then I was somewhere around 8 inches tall!

For a second, I thought about taking the time to adjust and adapt to my new size

and surroundings. Then I thought, “Hell that's going to eventually happen

anyway, regardless of how long I stand here! I might as well get going!” Before

I shrank, I had placed my watch on the ground so I could still see the face.

Looking at the time, I realized she was going to be coming home pretty soon! I

had also laid out my toga, satchel and other equipment. I donned the toga and it

fit perfectly… well, as good as togas fit, anyway. I gathered up my other stuff

and got my bearings again. Down along this side of the building, then left along

the other side. Thank god she lived on the ground floor with an outside door!

Sure, there were stairs along the outside front of the building had she lived on

another floor, but I'm no spring chicken anymore and even though I'm in

reasonable shape, such a climb might have done me in.

I arrived in the front of the building and climbed up on the concrete slab that

ran along the entrances of the apartments. From my perspective, this walkway

stretched off into the distance like some runway at a small airport. It was

later in the afternoon and the sun was at a different angle, which was good…

because I had neglected to think about footwear. If it had been midday, my feet

would have cooked on this surface. Thankfully, the walk to the woman's apartment

wasn't too far, even at my size. She had placed a good-sized plant to the side

of her apartment door, and it was in one of those large, heavy, terra-cotta urns

one sees in garden stores. I'd checked this out earlier and knew I could hide

there safely until she arrived.

There were parking spaces in front of the building. It wasn't long before a car

pulled in, its engine making such a loud noise, that I had to cover my ears from

the sound. It was her car. Finally it was shut off and a moment later a door the

size of an aircraft hanger opened. I saw one, then two massive sandaled feet

land on the ground. She was still rummaging around gathering some things to

carry inside. As she prepared to shut the door I got my first look at her from

my new size. What I saw was incredible. She must have been somewhere between 50

and 60 feet tall! My shock was interrupted by her shutting the car door with a

deafening bang. Then she started walking toward her apartment… and me. I'd never

seen anything living that big before. As she approached, I crouched even deeper

behind the urn to avoid being seen. She stood in front of the door and fumbled

with her keys. I stared in awe at her massive sandaled feet and realized I might

be actually touching them later. I was a bit frightened, but I'd be lying if I

didn't say I felt a stirring in my groin. Then I heard the sound of the lock

turning and the rushing, sucking sound of the door being opened as it pulled

away from the weather seal. I waited for her to start moving and as soon as she

did I ran as fast as I could as soon as the feet were a negotiable distance from

me. I had to time this right! As I crossed the threshold, I felt a surge of cold

air from the ac and I broke to the right, plastering myself against the

baseboard and wall. The giantess turned to lock the door – luckily not looking

down – then turned again and began walking toward a dining table to set her

things down on. While she was walking in that direction, I quickly scanned my

surroundings for cover. I saw a wing chair in the living room where I was, and

ran like hell for it. Reaching it, I hid behind one of the back legs, gasping

for breath and feeling my heart beat like crazy…

As my breathing slowly returned to normal, I

cautiously looked around the leg of the chair I was hiding behind. This was the

first chance I'd had to take in my surroundings. I couldn't believe the size of

the furniture! While I'd been recovering, the giantess had started putting her

things away. Finished, this fifty or sixty foot woman turned around, facing the

living room and slowly looked around. I plastered myself like a postage stamp

against the back of the chair leg hoping to God she wouldn't see me. Then, with

incredible strides, she walked over to the couch and flopped down onto it. I

couldn't imagine how much she must have weighed. She lifted her bare feet out of

her sandals as she brought her legs up under her on the couch. I looked at one

of those sandals – even at a distance, to me it was the size of a car. She

shifted her position to be more comfortable, bringing her legs out and then

crossing them. This was the first time I had a chance to notice what this giant

woman was wearing. She had on a striped top of some sort, and some khaki walking

shorts. I didn't know what she did for work, but normally I saw her come and go

in business attire. But today was a Friday, and very possibly her employer had a

casual dress policy. The shorts showed off her long tanned legs, which looked

even smoother than I had imagined, if that was possible. Shifting her position,

she now slowly placed one giant foot on the floor. I was so nervous I was almost

shaking, but getting more aroused at the same time. I had to somehow get over to

the couch to take in this incredible sight. She picked up a remote and turned

her TV on low. Shortly afterwards, she picked up her phone from an end table the

size of a two-story building. She appeared to be very tired and began talking to

someone. It was the usual girl stuff; she was exhausted, it was Friday night and

she didn't have a date, men are scum, etc. Suddenly, she closed her eyes and

rolled her head back as she continued to talk. I saw my chance and bolted toward

the couch, but trying to stay out of her field of view. Reaching the couch, I

stood against the side, then slowly looked around the corner to see the giant

bare foot on the floor. I studied this gigantic foot; the roundness of its ankle

and heel, the arch, and the huge toes, which she began absent-mindedly to slowly

move and wiggle as she talked. But I became aware, despite all its beauty, that

this foot could also squash me to death – if, for whatever reason, she should

step on me. The thought sent chills down my back, but at the same time made me


I don't know what makes women talk so long on the phone, but this call went on

forever! My view of the giant foot was gone, as she'd decided to lie on her side

on the couch. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard her say, that she was

going to go to bed early tonight. To me, that meant that I would hopefully get a

chance to see her undress earlier than I'd anticipated. I didn't know it, but

there would be more than that waiting for me as my adventure progressed…

While she was still occupied on the phone, I silently jogged over to the hallway

and looked for the door to her bedroom. Getting here ahead of her would give me

the advantage of finding a good hiding and observation spot. I decided to hide

under a chest of drawers, which provided me with a pretty good field of view.

Eventually, her talking stopped and all I heard was the TV. From the living

room, I heard her yawn and the TV was turned off. I began to feel slow, thudding

vibrations coming through the floor and knew she was approaching. As she got

closer to the bedroom, I thought I could feel things actually shake a bit. She

flipped a switch just inside the door, and the room was bathed in light. Now I

saw the surroundings of this woman's most private room. How many times had she

made love here? Or brought herself off? The gigantic bed was one of those

wrought iron ones, which would be perfect for what I had in mind. There was

ample space under the bed, in the event I needed an emergency hiding place. The

giantess stopped almost in the middle of the bedroom and faced toward a vanity

with a mirror, looking at herself. I guess women do that a lot, from what my

female friends told me. Then, she grasped the fabric of her top and began to

lift it over herself. She pulled it over her head and let it drop to the floor.

To me, the mass of the top looked like a circus tent falling to the ground. Her

bra was your basic white, and stood out in contrast to her tanned skin. She

looked like she didn't have an ounce of fat on her. She then slowly undid the

belt on her walking shorts, unbuttoned the waist, and pulled the zipper down.

Letting go, the shorts simply dropped down her legs to the floor. One by one,

she pulled each bare foot out of this discarded clothing item. Following her

legs back up with my eyes, I saw she was wearing some French cut panties, or

whatever they're called when the front and back are connected only by what seems

like a string of fabric. This was so incredible I almost forgot to breathe.

Still standing in front of the mirror, she slowly reached behind her and undid

the clasp on her bra, removing it and letting it also fall to the floor. At my

normal size, her now-exposed breasts would have stopped traffic, but at my

shrunken size they were unbelievable! Suddenly her hands were on each side of

her rack, and pushing them together. She looked in the mirror and then down at

herself, admiring her own cleavage. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be

like to be between them at my reduced size, or even to “tit f**k” her at normal

size. Not long after this undressing ritual, she strode into the bathroom to

continue getting ready for bed…

Eventually, she reappeared, turned on a table lamp, then walked over and

switched off the ceiling light. She propped up a couple of pillows and got onto

the bed. After settling in, she reached over to the nightstand and lifted up a

copy of something – Cosmopolitan or some women's magazine. “Oh great,” I

thought, “now she's going to read.” But I watched her face as she began to have

trouble keeping her eyes open. Finally, after nearly falling asleep as she read,

the magazine was replaced on the nightstand and the lamp turned off. There was

enough light coming in from the window, and after my eyes adjusted, I could

still see within the room.

After what seemed like an eternity, her breathing deepened and slowed. But I

still wanted her to enter deep REM sleep before I tried anything. The last thing

I needed was for her to wake up and find an 8 inch man standing on her stomach.

So, I decided to occupy my waiting time by checking out the bedroom. The chest

of drawers I'd been hiding under probably had an underwear drawer. I would've

given my right nut to get into it to touch, feel and smell her most intimate

garments, but at my shrunken size it was highly unlikely I could open it on my

own. Finally, I determined that it must be time. I went to my bag and took out

the fishing/grappling hook and – what was to me – rope. I walked back over to

the foot of the bed and gauged my distances. For one ridiculous second, I felt

like I was reenacting a scene out of the old Land of the Giants TV show, as I

swung the hook back and forth. The first try didn't go nearly high enough.

Gathering everything back up, I tried again. The third time the hook at least

hit the metal of the bed frame before falling to the ground. On my next try I

gave it everything I had, and it went over the top. I pulled back on the

string/rope, and the hook caught. I pulled as hard as I could, putting my whole

body weight on it. To my relief, it held. I was about to do one of the riskiest

things I'd ever done in my life and I could sense my breathing getting a little


Chapter 3

I had to tell myself to calm down. I told myself, “This is going to be

incredible.” I grabbed onto the rope, and slowly began to climb. About halfway

up, my muscles were straining and I was beginning to experience pain. The climb

seemed to take forever. Finally, just before my muscles gave out, I struggled to

the top and found a perch on one of the lateral iron bars that ran just under

the top of the mattress. Somewhat recovered, I hoisted myself up and onto the

surface of the comforter. I couldn't believe where I was; I was a shrunken man

on top of a giant woman's bed.

She had fallen asleep on top of the comforter. Her gigantic, bare feet were the

first thing I encountered. Because she was on her back, one was in a vertical,

upright position, while the other was kind of tilted at an angle. I reached into

my satchel and pulled out a small piece of tissue. Now remember, at my age I

sometimes need a little assistance. Sometime back, I had discovered Viagra. But

the people at Pfizer couldn't have imagined it being used in this way in their

wildest dreams! Inside that tissue, I had placed some of the drug, which I had

ground up into powder before I shrank myself. Putting some in my mouth – it was

terribly bitter taking it this way – I washed it down with some water I had put

in a small container. It would kick-in in soon. I made my way around her right

foot and walked along her leg until I reached her hips and those panties that

didn't leave much to the imagination. Reaching into the satchel again, I pulled

out my cutting tool and started sawing through the cord of fabric that held the

front and back together. It took a while, but I finally cut through. I could

feel the heat radiating off her body as I reached forward to actually touch the

skin of a giant for the first time.

Even at my size, her skin felt like silk. But that might have been because I was

touching her in her hip area. The legs might be a different story. I rubbed my

hands on her skin in exploration and curiosity – then I lifted the cut fabric

“string” that held the front and back of her panties together and pulled it up

and away from her. I laid the front back down as I exposed the downy, dark brown

hairs of her pubic area. I confirmed my own guess, that she kept her bikini line

in good form. The gold mine that lay under this big piece of fabric could wait.

At this moment my mind was obsessing with only one thing: her feet. I walked

nervously back along her leg, my feet sinking into the unbalanced softness of

the comforter, my hand occasionally touching her skin to keep my balance. That's

when I noticed the slightest of any stubble on her legs. And that was nothing to

complain about, considering this woman was at least twelve times my size! As I

approached her ankle, I paused and looked intensely at her huge toes. The nails

were painted red. If I were my normal size I would've delighted in slowly

sucking each one of these toes, one by one. I started to feel the effects of the

Viagra I'd taken earlier. All it takes is any kind of sexual arousal to kick in,

and if this wasn't arousal, then I don't know what was! I got rid of the toga

and the satchel, throwing them over the end of the bed, where I'd climbed up.

Naked, and with a rapidly hardening errection, I stood in front of her sole and

beheld the sight. Could there have been a more perfect female foot? Not in this

moment there wasn't! It was as big as I was, actually a bit taller. I spread out

my arms and embraced it, pulling myself into it and against its surface. I

buried my face into it, feeling the body heat and inhaling a very slight scent,

which was not at all offensive. Uncontrollably, I felt myself licking and

kissing everywhere my head found itself; wrinkles, the underside of her toes.

All the while, my errection was rubbing against the skin of her sole. Finally, I

concentrated on only rubbing my body up and down against her foot, which

included my hard on. I couldn't believe I was making love to a giant woman's

foot!! A fifty foot tall woman; a complete stranger, who didn't even know me,

much less that I was secretly in her apartment and was on her bed!! Soon that

familiar feeling of build-up began to manifest itself. I wouldn't be able to

hold back much longer. And then, suddenly that point of no return and the

inevitable – except on a scale I never imagined. I came violently, spraying what

felt like quarts of semen wildly on her foot. The orgasm was so intense, that I

staggered backwards and felt myself blacking out…

Perhaps it was physical exhaustion (shrinking to the size of a doll, risking

getting caught by a giant – normally not everyday occurrences –) taking a drug

meant for a normal-sized person, fear, lust, stress or a combination of all of

the above. Whatever the reason, I'd passed out. I don't know when it was that I

came to, but I could tell the light in the room had changed and in the distance

I could hear the sounds of some birds chirping and the rush of early morning

traffic. “Holy shit! It's morning!” I thought, “She'll wake up any second!” I

staggered to my feet, and realized I was still naked. No matter. I clambered

over and down onto the rods and made my way down the rope. I hit the floor,

grabbed the toga and satchel, turned and ran under the bed for cover. Breathing

like I'd run a marathon, I began to regroup my thoughts. “Wait a minute,” I

thought, “today is Saturday… she doesn't have to work!” My hiding area under the

bed was surprisingly uncluttered; just a few shoe boxes. Suddenly a deafening,

high-pitched screech exploded and pierced my ear drums – it wasn't her alarm

clock, it was her phone! I covered my ears and doubled-over in pain. Thankfully

she picked it up and the horrible sound stopped. Woken out of her sleep, she

answered groggily. “OK, yeah, see you there. Give me just a little bit.” Maybe

she was meeting someone for Saturday morning coffee. She hung up and I heard her

move around in the bed above me. Then slowly one massive foot appeared in front

of me and set itself on the carpet floor. Then the other. I could only see the

rear of the feet, but they were still turning me on. But then she stood up and I

saw a huge piece of colored fabric land on the floor around her feet. It was her

panties, falling off her because I had cut the cord, so to speak. “What the

hell?” she asked herself in surprise. She stepped out of them and I saw a mighty

hand appear, grasp them and lift them up. She was examining them. She dropped

them on the floor and began striding towards the bathroom. I heard a shower

turned on. While she was getting ready, I gathered up my things and hid under

the bed again. There were a pair of her brown, leather sandals sitting on the

floor, so I walked over just stood there, looking at their incredible size. I

could see the imprints of her toes, especially her big toe. I couldn't resist

getting down on my hands and knees to smell the imprints. Then I went out in the

middle of the room, where her discarded panties were laying. I lifted up the

waistband and felt the material, which was a slick, smooth, semi-shiny purple

kind of color. I smelled different parts of the undergarment, which was

intoxicating. My pleasure was cut short when I heard some sounds coming from the

bathroom. I sprinted to my refuge under the piece of furniture just in time not

to be spotted, and saw the towering figure emerge. She began getting dressed and

was turning to leave the room when something caught her attention. “What the…?”

she muttered. Crap! I forgot to take down the climbing rope and hook! Curiously,

with long fingers the circumference of telephone poles, she removed the hook and

held it up, looking at it and the dangling string with confusion. While she was

examining it, I made a stupid mistake. Starting to panic, I took advantage of

her distraction to run out of the bedroom (the chest of drawers was next to the

door), down the short hall into the living room. Suddenly I realized I forgot

the layout of the apartment and I took a wrong turn right into the kitchen. But

it wasn't the kind of kitchen with table and chairs one could hide behind. This

kitchen was a dead end. The giant came into view as she headed for the outside

door. Then she stopped, as if she'd forgotten something. Turning around, she was

facing directly into the kitchen… and me.

To be Continued

Giantess Stories: Willowhaven

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