Giantess Stories: Winter Wonderland  Scott Grildrig  06

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Winter Wonderland

Scott Grildrig

06-Jun-1997 Disclaimer: This story is rated NP-17; or TV-M (yeah, right); or N-nudity

A-adult situations; or YMIC - Your Mother Is Calling, so get off the damn sexual

web pages and go eat dinner; or any of a host of things that should make it

clear that this story is meant for the eyes of adults only, and anyone underage

caught reading this thing is going to have their ears yanked off (sorry, gotta

take a breath *gasp*) as I personally drag them down to see their parents (and

maybe steal all their copies of Victoria's Secret, time allowing)…





Gary smiled at the foreboding sign as he trudged through the deep snow, this one

was a bit more original; the last one had said "Trespassers will be eaten". His

pack shifted, and he struggled with it. The darn thing refused to sit properly

since his belt broke yesterday, even the bit of rope he was using didn't seem to

help. The skis bumped his head, and he paused to slip off the pack and readjust

things. All in it wasn't a bad trip, despite the usual nickel and dime

annoyances. He'd taken his jeep through the managed part of the state park,

bouncing down roads normally reserved for logging trucks. That brought him close

enough to the Heathwright mountain range that he stood a chance of hitting the

slopes before the end of the week. Two days of circuitous hiking were behind

him, he could almost taste his goal.

Gary was a raving fanatic when it came to skiing, something he cheerfully

admitted. He'd toured every mountain, every hill, every slope of any consequence

in the world, and all in the hope of finding the perfect run. When he was a

youth it was enough if the place had good conditions, a nice site and quality

snow; but as he got older he found his enjoyment compromised by the crowds, not

that they were especially annoying, but they distracted him from experiencing

downhill to the fullest. Around that time he began seeking more out of the way

places, sites that were either unknown, or too remote to be of interest to the

casual skier. For a few years he kept company with small groups that shared his

interest, four or five people at most, hiking through the untouched countryside,

looking for opportunities to unpack their equipment and challenge the hills. Yet

after a while this also proved unfulfilling, not that he desired solitude, but

because even these people couldn't match his tireless quest for more and better

places to ski. He still joined them from time to time, they were fun companions,

but his lonely excursions came more and more frequently, and his chosen sites

became more and more ambitious.

In fact, it was because of one of his friends that he found himself trudging

through countryside that was probably as far from civilization as you could get

and still be on the planet. The land was stunningly beautiful, with vast

meadows, meandering streams, and dark brooding forests, all glowing with the

purity of new fallen snow. Lisa, the one who told him about this place, had also

been very serious in her warnings to him. "It's big country, Gary," she said.

"But it's also private property. I don't know anything about who owns it. But I

do know that folks in the area steer clear of it. So, please, be careful." Gary

had chuckled at the time. Both of them knew the forbidden pleasures of sneaking

a downhill thrill on the land of some trigger-happy nut. But now that was behind

him. It's one thing to make jokes in the safety of a warm cabin, or laugh

nervously with a friend as you slip past the warning notices. It's rather

another thing to be advancing into unknown territory, alone, with no hope of

rescue. Still, this was part of the rush, delving into areas that no one had

ever seen before, seeking that ever elusive hill.

Gary paused and took a sip from his water bottle, then consulted an old survey

map of the region, made around the time the park was established, when the

government was debating buying up more of the area. His sights were on one

promising looking rise: the southernmost mountain in a the range, most likely an

extinct volcano, standing aloof amid a smattering of tall hills. It had an

irregular looking peak, and long gently sloping sides. He pulled out a pair of

binoculars and took a good look at his target, grinning to himself. From here it

looked magnificent, the most promising find in years. He put the binoculars away

and took out a camera, making a record of his progress to show to his friends

when he returned to the real world. Then, feeling refreshed, he pulled his pack

on and resumed his lonely trek, pushing through the snow, working his way up and

down each long hill.

By mid afternoon he'd achieved the base of the old mountain, and was working his

way up the northern slope. It was a dream come true, the dark conifers standing

back from a glorious run that lifted unbroken nearly to the summit. Gary was

beside himself with anticipation as he climbed higher and higher along the right

edge of the open area. The trees on the far side were about four or five hundred

feet away; with the height of the slope and the incomparable width, he was damn

sure he could spend an hour or more coming back downhill. Not that he had any

intention of going that slow, some of the sections were arrow straight, gorgeous

drops with the whole horizon for a backdrop. Gary sped through two rolls of film

before he was halfway up the slope. By then the sun was already well on its way

down, and he stowed his camera away and settled into hiking. There was no way he

was going to wait another night, this slope was his, and he was going to have

it, or die trying.

After another hour, dying was starting to sound pretty good. Gary panted as he

dragged himself further and further towards the summit, his breath curling and

fading in the late afternoon light. His eyes were on a level spot another two

hundred feet further up the side of the mountain. It was his 'goal', and all his

energies were focused on obtaining it. It took more than half an hour, but he

finally threw himself to the ground, panting deeply, his eyes following the

endless drop sloping down to the horizon. Moving his arms he wriggled out of his

pack, pushing it to the side. Then he forced himself to prepare a very small

meal, trying to hurry enough to beat the fall of night, without wearing himself

out more in the process. Fortunately he was well prepared, and within minutes

his belly was warm and his body was relaxing. He gave himself another five

minutes to admire the vista, then he set about preparing his gear for the

downhill run. Soon he had his skis and poles ready, his goggles out, his boots

modified and his heavy gloves exchanged for lighter ones. He didn't need to look

to see that the sun was standing on the horizon to know that it was preparing to

leap into another starry night. Still, he could count on a long period of

twilight, enough for him to make a good run of it. Gary took a few deep breaths,

gathering his strength in the thin air. Then the ground rumbled. He held his

breath for a moment, listening to the sound of distant thunder. Then he turned

and looked up at the summit. His experienced eye assured him that the slope was

gentle, that the chance of an avalanche was unlikely. Nonetheless, he knew the

sound of crashing snow, and it filled him with caution. He looked unhappily back

down the slope, second-guessing himself, seeking the confidence he needed to get

up and go. It was obvious that the avalanche had been on the far side of the

mountain, the southern side. The echoes faded and silence returned, and Gary did

some warm up exercises, getting limber, renewing his excitement at shooting down

the side of the mountain. Then he climbed up onto his skis, took a deep breath

and pushed off.

It was everything he dreamed it would be. The ground fell away from him in a

seemingly never-ending river of snow that swished and hissed as he accelerated

through it, his speed increasing, his slightest movements sending him curving in

graceful arcs that took him from one end of the clear slope to the other.

Twilight spread over the world, lifting Gary into a surreal landscape, blazing

down a glowing corridor of bright snow. His mind relaxed into a pleasurable

sense of otherness, of riding the hill, his knees automatically absorbing every

imperfection in the ground, his body following a sinuous path through the snow,

a cloud of glittering crystals in his wake.

Then all hell broke loose. The ground leapt beneath him, and a grinding,

crashing noise sounded from behind, first distant, now louder, a long ruinous

roll of thunder. Gary's heart surged into his throat, but a small experienced

corner of his mind was enough to send him hurtling towards the trees, hoping

against hope that he might cut a fast enough line to escape the worst of the

avalanche. He was already turning towards the right when the disaster struck,

three hundred feet separated him from the dubious safety of the forest. He grit

his teeth and hunched forward, streamlining himself, grabbing every ounce of

speed he could muster, while a noise like the end of the world crescendoed over

him. There was no hope, no chance of his escaping. The trees were moving too

damn slowly. He'd be buried under feet of tightly packed snow. It was hopeless.

A vast wall of darkness surged over him, and Gary reflexively turned downhill,

sending himself into a wildly tumbling flurry of body and limbs. A violent gust

of wind swept past him, the sky was obliterated, and a heavy sheet of snow

slammed into him, instantly stopping him. Gary's mind was shrieking as he clawed

through the darkness, thrusting it aside, his mind too far gone to care if he

was digging up or down. With a gasp of soul shattering relief he burst through a

soft patch of snow, looked downhill and froze…

It wasn't an avalanche, was his first thought.

It was…it was…her…

Gary stared slack jawed at the woman as she deftly turned and brought herself to

a stop. Though she was far downhill from him, her head was only a little lower

than the place where he now lay. She was so damn big! The dark forest looked

like a field of green flowers next to her, the tallest trees rising no higher

than her hips. She dominated the surrounding landscape, filled the sky. Gary's

eyes flicked to the side and he blanched as he saw the phenomenal width of her

track, a small whimper rising in his throat. If he'd been another twenty feet

closer to the forest when she passed…it didn't bear thinking. He shrank down

into the snow, not daring to move as the giantess lifted her poles and stabbed

them into the earth. The snow shivered around him, and he glanced down

wide-eyed, praying that the hillock he was on was stable. He soon stopped

thinking about the snow, however. The giantess had stopped for a reason, she

reached up and removed her goggles, shaking her head, brushing her bangs out of

her way. She looked down, her bright eyes sweeping over the ground beneath her.

Gary swore to himself, it was obvious that she had spotted him, but then lost

sight of him. Now her roving eyes slowly rose higher and higher, following her

track, looking for the tiny man. Gary stifled another whimper, a chill knot

tightening in his gut as this colossus of a woman searched the ground for him.

That chill turned to ice as her eyes locked with his, then swept further up the

slope, missing him. He glanced at the forest, not daring to move his head.

Eighty feet separated him from the protective cover of the trees; but as long as

the giantess was searching, he was pinned. His eye flicked back to the female

towering before him, there was a small frown on her pretty face. She turned her

head, looking down the slope, and for a moment he was sure she was going to

leave. Then she bent down to unclasp her boots from her skis.

A clear image of the giantess walking up the mountain appeared in Gary's mind.

From a higher vantage, even in the half-light she'd most likely spot him; and if

she didn't, and she happened to step in the wrong place… Gary was out of the

drift and pelting across the slope before he quite knew what he was doing; his

legs kicking up the snow, his arms pumping as he raced for the trees. He didn't

dare look at the giantess. He felt that if she noticed him, if he saw her eyes

following him, he'd probably faint. The first pines flashed past him with a

blur, and Gary wrapped his arm around a sturdy truck, spinning himself about,

dropping down into the snow. He watched from the security of the forest as the

giantess moved her skis to the side so they wouldn't drift down the slope. Then

she began to climb, moving slowly, her footfalls shaking the earth, causing

clumps and dustings of snow to fall from the trees. Gary hugged the trunk with

his arms, his cheek pressed hard against the rough bark, all his senses focused

on the gigantic woman as she came closer and closer. She paused from time to

time, reaching down, moving the snow with her fingers. Sometimes her bangs

cascaded down, and she would pause to brush then aside, her eyes never leaving

the ground. Gary slipped back behind the tree, keeping it between him and the

giantess as she reached the spot where he had fallen. He couldn't see her so

well now. The view through the sparse scattering of tree trucks showed only her

pink ski boots. The rest of her body was obscured by the evergreen canopy

overhead. It was enough. Gary watched in mounting concern as her elegant fingers

stirred through the snow drift he had clawed out of. He heard her chuckle, the

first sound he had heard her make, and he blanched as her saw her lift one of

his skis between her thumb and finger; the tiny thing looking more like a

toothpick. Her fingers reappeared, this time lightly touching the snow between

him and the spot where she had found the ski. It took him a moment to realize

that she had discovered the tracks he had made in his mad rush to escape into

the woods. Suddenly the trees didn't seem so secure, and Gary let go of the tree

trunk and began the back away slowly, crawling at first, then lifting into a

bent over run. Behind him he heard the sound of the giantess' feet sinking into

the snow, he felt the ground shiver as she stepped. He careened off a tree,

slammed through a stand of underbrush, his fear getting the best of him as he

struggled to distance himself from the giantess. Then, suddenly a voice boomed

out over the forest, and Gary screamed and fell.

"I know you're in there, little man." Gary huddled within himself, hardly

breathing while the giantess spoke to him. "You're on private property," she

continued. "You can't possibly have missed the signs. Now I want you out here,

and I want you out here now!" Her final word echoed and reverberated off the

side of the mountain, and Gary began crawling again. An eerie silence settled

over the forest, and he could well imagine the giantess looking down, waiting

for him to come out. Fat chance. He began running again, darting among the trees

like a flitting shadow. He heard her growl to herself. "Okay, little one, have

it your way." The ground began trembling, it leaped beneath him, hurling him to

the ground, and a stiff wind coursed through the trees, swirling the snow. The

ground heaved again, and he clutched at it, his heart racing. He lay there for a

moment longer, trying to guess what the giantess was doing. She wasn't following

him, there was no way she could enter the forest without raising the most

incredible din. Gary caught his breath, then surged to his feet, resuming his

flight, his breathing ragged, his legs pumping as he flew through the trees. The

ground began to slope down, and his speed increased, his reflexes taking over as

he leapt over fallen trees and small bits of undergrowth. In the gathering

darkness he didn't realize that he was coming to the end of the forest, until he

burst out into a wide clearing and ran straight into the smiling face of the


Enough was enough. Gary's eyes rolled up and he collapsed into a heap…

* * * * *

She lay prone in the wide, snow covered meadow, looking down at the tiny man

crumpled in a heap before her, and she chuckled quietly to herself. She had half

a mind to rouse him here and send him on his way, she really wasn't very pleased

with uninvited guests, but it had also been a while since she'd seen anyone new

in the area, and she wanted to learn his business on her land. She reached out

and slipped her fingers under the little body, scooping up the snow with him

atop it. She studyed him for a moment, brushing aside his thick black hair with

her fingernail. He was surprisingly cute, with a handsome face and a lean body.

She grinned to herself , then she carefully stood to her full height, the ground

gouged deeply next to her where she had landed when she leapt over the forest.

She considered jumping over it again to retrieve her skiing equipment, but

decided against it. Such motion would likely alarm her tiny prize, if he was

conscious enough to even notice it, but more important, she'd stir up the ground

just as bad on the other side, and that was her favorite slope. No matter, no

one was likely to make off with her stuff, she'd return in the morning to

collect it. Cupping her hands together she climbed up the mountain with long,

confident strides, passing the summit, and stepping down the far side, causing

another minor avalanche of snow which curled and coursed around her ankles. In

hardly anytime at all she saw the welcome sight of her cabin, a little plume of

smoke curling up from the chimney. Much as she loved the crisp night air, she

was glad to be home…

* * * * *

Gary felt warm. He reached out, felt something soft give under his hand, and his

eyes snapped open. He was in a room, if such a meager word could suffice, there

were airplane hangers with lower ceilings than this place. He turned his head

slowly. The far-off ceiling was a marvel of crossed timbers resting upon mighty

walls looming in the distance. A fireplace of frightening proportions crackled

with a bonfire that matched its vast scale. He glanced down, he was on a pillow,

a big one, which was resting against the arm of a colossal couch. Gary had a

very clear insight to what a house must look like to a doll or a small pet, and

he sank down into the pillow, feeling very exposed and very vulnerable. He

didn't remember getting here, just some vague impressions of floating in the

air. The vision of the giantess smiling down at him was the last clear

recollection he had, and he berated himself for not staying put in the forest.

Gary squirmed, he couldn't stand laying here, wondering what was going to happen

next. He tried to call out, to challenge the room, to speak to the giantess, if

she was within earshot, but the words froze in his mouth, he couldn't bring

himself to remind her of his presence. Instead he shifted on the pillow,

slipping down along its length, dropping onto the couch. It was a long drop to

the floor, but he could make it. He'd worry about escaping from this enormous

dwelling later. First he wanted to crawl back into the shadows, and hide himself

from the eyes of the room.

"I wouldn't jump if I were you," said the giantess.

Gary yelped and tried to burrow under the pillow. Her voice had come from behind

the couch. She had been there all along. His eyes were huge as he felt the couch

tremble as she rose from her chair. The pillow shifted and he tried to clutch at

it, but it lifted into the sky, revealing him to her.

"The puppies are in the house," she explained. "And though they are shut up in

the back room, it's probably not best to tempt fate. You'd make a quick snack

for one of them." She casually tossed the colossal pillow onto the other end of

the couch, then sat down next to Gary, curling her bare feet beneath her, the

cushions sinking down around her. Gary scuttled up into the corner where the

armrest met the back, his legs moving as his tried to get away. The giantess

watched him, a slight smile on her face. "You're not going anywhere," she told

him. "So how about putting away the frightened animal routine and acting

normal." Gary's heart thumped wildly in his chest, but her words reached him.

With a visible effort he stilled himself, closed his eyes and took deep breaths.

Then he opened them, and looked up at her.

She was very beautiful. Her silky auburn hair framed her delicate face, she was

always brushing her bangs out of her eyes. Her lips smiled easily, whether with

an amused quirk or a grin verging on a chuckle. She wore a simple outfit: a soft

white sweater and dark pleated pants, her fingernails weren't very long, but

were painted a deep shade of burgundy. She was in every way a pleasant, lovely

woman, and if he could get over the fact that she topped one hundred feet in

height, Gary was pretty sure he'd like getting to know her, however, he couldn't

get over the fact that she loomed over him like the female version of a mobile

skyscraper. Whenever her body shifted, the couch moved under him and started his

heart pounding again. Lovely as she was, she was terribly intimidating, and Gary

fought against an almost primal urge to try and hide from her. It was impossible

that anyone could be this big. She seemed aware of his dilemma, and he could

tell she was wavering between amusement, sympathy and a growing impatience. He

forced himself to sit down, to look up at her. He willed his body to relax,

though he shivered from time to time. Composición de los yogures desnatados “linnea V” de la marca Hacendado de Mercadona

"eck…" Gary swallowed, and tried to regain control of his voice. The giantess

smiled and reached over him. Gary shrank down as she picked a mug off a table

behind the couch, she moved it to her left hand. Then she reached out again, her

eyes narrowing as she picked up something much smaller.

"I'm going to set this down next to you, so don't be alarmed." Despite her

warning, Gary had his hands clenched into fists as her fingers set down next to

him, dropping a tiny ceramic mug. He waited till her hand moved away, then he

unbent his stiff limbs and reached out for the mug, pulling it back, clutching

it to his chest. The giantess tipped her head to the side and pressed her much

larger mug up against the edge of the couch. "You'll have to serve yourself, I'm

afraid. Please, be careful, it's hot, and I don't want to have to fish you out

of my drink." With that warning very much in mind Gary crawled to the edge of

the couch. The giantess' mug was filled with a rich cocoa, a bit of melted

marshmallow floating on the top. He reached down, the steam from the warm liquid

beading on him as he scooped up some of the cocoa into his mug. He waited for

the dripping to stop, then cradling it close as he crawled back to his corner.

She toasted him with a grin and took a sip. Gary looked down into his cup,

sighed and took a drink, the warm chocolate was good, and he felt his throat

loosen up. Everything was so surreal. He had so many questions. He looked up at

her, she was watching him over the rim of her mug.

"Who are you?" he asked.

She raised her eyebrows. "Fair question. I'm SnoQueen."


"No. Sno. S-n-o," and she grinned down at him.

"No, I meant is that your…er…right, Sno. Sure. Got it. I'm Gary."

Sno held out a finger to Gary, he stared at the huge thing, clutching his mug of

cocoa to his chest. "Pleased to meet you, Gary," she said. Gary reached out and

grasped her enormous fingernail, his arm bouncing as she gently shook it. He

pulled his hand back and huddled in on himself. Sno took another sip from her

mug and set it back down. "Okay, my turn to ask a question. Are you from a

development contractor?" Gary shook his head. "Good, how about the government?"

Gary frowned and shook his head again. "Okay, little one, then tell me, why were

you on my mountain?"

"Because of the skiing," said Gary.

Sno stared at him, then giggled softly. "You came just so you could use my

mountain for your personal ski slope? Are you a nut?" Gary shrugged and became

interested in his cocoa again. "That's the cutest thing I've heard in a while.

Do you do this often, or have I been singled out for this…honor?"

Gary looked back up at the giantess. "I've been slope hunting for years now.

Yours was the best that I've seen in a very long time." He had so many more

questions, but his nervousness was rising again. He finished his cocoa and put

it down. "Thank you very much for your kindness and hospitality, I apologize for

disturbing you. It won't happen again. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to be on

my way. I have to…" his voice trailed off as he realized the giantess was

licking her lips as she grinned down at him.

"Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've had a little man?" she asked

him. Gary paled a little; the way Sno said 'had' sounded so hungry.

"Thanks for the cocoa," he muttered as he slipped along the armrest to the edge

of the couch; puppies be damned. Sno offered no help as he slowly eased himself

over, clutching desperately at the fabric, lowering himself more and more. The

final drop was almost fifteen feet, and Gary took a deep breath and let go,

rolling as he hit the floor. He looked up. Sno was sipping from her cocoa again.

She set the mug aside and glanced down at him as he looked around at the room,

looking for a way out. Standing on his toes he glimpsed a promising doorway on

the other side of the room, and he began walking in that direction. He took no

more than a dozen steps when Sno's colossal left foot stepped down in front of

him, blocking his path. He stared at her ankle for a long moment, his heart

racing, then he looked up at her.

"Are you determined to keep going, little man?" she asked him. Gary tightened

his jaw and nodded, determined to be firm despite Sno's daunting presence. "Well

then, may I escort you?" Gary hesitated, then nodded again, and shivered as she

stood up. Her gigantic body soaring far above him, reminding him more than ever

of just how small he was. Her bare feet were long than he was tall. She looked

down at him. "I think you should go ahead of me, little man. I don't want to

accidentally step on you," and she giggled, sending a thrill of terror down

Gary's spine.

He moved quickly, despite his attempts to relax, yet it still wasn't fast enough

for the giantess, and she followed very slowly behind him; every step causing

the floor to tremble, and Gary's teeth to chatter. He felt a mixture of relief

and confusion as he passed through the doorway. Her pink ski boots by the wall

had led him to believe that it was an alcove that led outside. His perspective

was all screwed up as he looked around, stopping in the middle of the softly lit

room. Then suddenly he knew where he was. It was the bedroom. He started to

turn, and heard a 'click' as the giantess shut the door behind her…

* * * * *

Sno looked down at the tiny man standing in the middle of her bedroom floor. He

looked so utterly lost; confused by the size of everything around him. She

closed the door most of the way behind her, and waited for him to realize where

he was, then bumped the door shut with her hip. He spun and watched as she made

a show of turning the key in the door, the huge tumblers crashing as the bolt

slammed home. She removed the key, and dangled it between her fingers with a

perfectly mischievous grin, then dropped it. His little body jumped when it

clattered to the floor, and he stared at it. She knew there was no way for him

to move it, much less lift it. And though he had been nicely trapped when she

shut the door, the added detail of locking it was just too delicious to pass up.

She looked down at him with hunger in her eyes, and he backed away a step. Sno

folded her arms and leaned back against the door, savoring the situation.

"My seclusion is by choice," she said. "I like it here. My neighbors are

courteous and remarkably protective. You could only have reached me through the

park. Still, I do get visitors from time to time, though most of them are rather

unsavory." She grinned at some private joke. "It's been a while since I've

brought anyone here, but you are just too cute to pass up. And when you decided

to come in here…" Her voice trailed off, and she reached over to the wall and

flipped the switch, and darkness took the room…

* * * * *

The giantess giggled in the darkness, and Gary trembled. Part of him wanted to

flee, to run screaming from the powerful presence of this woman. A quieter part

urged him to stay put, lest she accidentally stumble over him in the night. And

a still quieter voice from deep within laughed at him, made a mockery of his

terror. The giantess was awesome and intimidating, but she was also beautiful

and very playful. Gary writhed between conflicting feelings of fear and

curiosity and the first intimations of excitement.

"I said that I meant to have you, little man," the giantess' voice filled the

air around him. Gary shivered, and listened. "But I've decided to give you a

sporting chance." He heard a loud scraping noise, and the illuminated dial of a

clock appeared floating high over head. "I'm sure you can see this. I'll give

you five minutes, till 11:08. If you can hide from me until then, I'll submit

myself to you. But if I catch you before then, you're mine – all of you." Gary

heard her licking her lips. He started to back away, then froze as the floor

shifted under him, and he heard a rustling noise. There was a rush of air as

something flew over him towards the bed, and the giantess growled softly.

"There, now I'm ready for you, little man. Ready or not, here I come." Gary

stifled a yelp and scurried in the direction of the bed, hoping to find it in

the darkness and hide under it. But at that moment the floor bounced under him,

and a breeze swirled around him followed by a ponderous THUMP and a soft giggle.

Gary spun around, the lesson in the forest not lost on him, and he scurried back

towards the door as something huge swept out of the night just behind him. The

giantess snapped her fingers, and the floor sagged and lifted as she crawled

closer and closer.

Gary's heart was beating wildly, he was afraid she could hear it fluttering in

his chest as he gritted his teeth and tried to remember the layout of the room.

He shook his head, it was no good, she had him trapped in the corner. He had to

get past her, had to make a break for the bed. He glanced up, the clock read

11:04, four more minutes. He gathered his courage, turned and listened. He heard

the sound of her breathing, heard the scraping of her hands and knees across the

smooth wooden floor. Hunching down he gritted his teeth and started to move,

then stopped. Biting his lip he reached down and removed his boots. Then,

quietly as possible, he dashed straight ahead, towards the giantess. He winced,

half expecting to run into her. Instead he felt a rush of warm air, a sense of

something huge flashing passed him, and he was clear. He slowed down, not

wanting to betray himself by gasping for air. The blood rushed in his ears as he

fumbled blindly in the direction of the bed. The clock read 11:05. He crept

along while the giantess continued to move away from him, and by a slight change

in the sound around him realized that he had made it. He was under the bed. He

moved towards the far side and listened.

The giantess chuckled with amusement. "I've found your boots, little man. You

thought you could pull a fast one on me?" her voice rose into the sky. "Now I

wonder where you could be hiding." Gary listened intently. He wanted to see the

time, wanted to watch the clock, but he refused to move closer to the giant

woman, he curled in on himself. Then screamed as the bed above him bounced

wildly, the colossal springs groaning and crackling, the massive legs grinding a

few inches as the giantess bounced on it. "I heard that!" she laughed. Gary

skittered first left, then right. His instincts screamed at him to get out from

under the bed, but his mind held him in check; the bed would hold, he just

needed to last another minute or two. The enormous mattress creaked ominously as

the giantess moved around on top of it, pulling the sheets. He heard her

fingernails click against the floor and realized that she was reaching for him.

He stayed put, counting the seconds when the bed shifted and something heavy

struck the floor. He edged away from it, back towards the door, realizing that

she could probably reached him with her arm or a leg now that she was off the

bed. He darted out, yearning to see the time, and figuring that she wouldn't

expect him to make for the door again, but he hadn't gone a dozen steps before

he ran into something huge and soft. "Hello there," giggled the giantess. Gary

yelped and fell, scuttling back towards the bed, but running into her arm. He

tried to climb over her wrist, but she tipped him back into her makeshift trap

and slowly closed her arms around him. He looked up, the clock read 11:07. He

made one last bid for freedom, springing forward, but Sno was ready for him, and

he landed in her open hand. She slowly brought towards her, and her lips

caressed his body as the clock flipped to 11:08. "Gotcha," she gloated.

* * * * *

Sno reveled in her tiny catch. Hunting and capturing the little man had aroused

her more than she expected it to; maybe because he had proven so bold in eluding

her. She kissed him softly, nuzzling him with her lips. It had been fun playing

the hunter, stalking him, she could feel his tiny heart racing against her

thumb; but now she wanted more from him, and she made it perfectly clear with

her lips and tongue exactly what she desired of her little prey…

* * * * *

Gary was in turmoil, his senses reeling from the explosion of terror that filled

him when the giantess caught him in her great hand. Then she kissed him, and his

reality became just two things: the darkness and her. Her soft lips brushed over

his whole body, her tongue touched his feet, his hands, and his face. Her sweet

breath washed over him, hot and humid. He squirmed within her fingers, but he

couldn't tell if he was trying to escape, or trying to encompass the sudden rush

of passion coursing through his body. He yelped as he felt himself rising into

the air, but the passage was swift as Sno climbed back up onto her bed, her

hands before her, cupped around her little man. Gary heard the whispering of her

hair as it cascaded around him, as she bent her head down, her mouth covering

him yet again. He felt something hard, yet smooth glide over him. There was an

audible 'click' and his shirt tightened, lifting at the center. The giantess

growled softly and she bit through the material, exposing his chest to the

gentle explorations of her tongue. Her mouth pinned his tiny body against the

palm of her hand as she kissed and tasted him. And Gary responded, his tiny

hands stroking and petting her lips, his body undulating with mounting

excitement. When her mouth moved lower he raised his hips, again her teeth

'clicked', shearing through his belt and jeans, sending a shivering thrill of

wonder through him at how powerful and yet how gentle she was. She striped him

naked with her teeth and lips, then she gloated some more over his tiny body,

growling softly in her throat as her tongue bathed him with long lascivious

strokes. Gary tensed in pleasure as her huge tongue rasped up his legs, over his

hardness, up his belly and his chest, and over his face. She kissed him this

way, again and again, then she pursed her lips and blew softly over him,

giggling as he yelped at the sudden chill. Then she closed her fingers around

him and she rolled over, holding him above her in the darkness.

"I told you that I meant to have you, little man," she whispered. "I hope you're


Gary's eyes widened at her words, the full realization of what he was in for

washing over him, intensifying the feeling of helpless and lust to a fever

pitch. He steeled himself, but Sno was in no hurry to make good on her promise

just yet. She stroked herself with his tiny body, rubbing him along her arms and

belly, as though washing herself. He squirmed and wriggled as her warm flesh

glided past him, and she massaged her breasts with him, swirling him around her

nipples, then gently dragging him over their hardness, sighing with delight as

she felt his tiny cock rub against her. She used him, teased herself with him,

her breath deepening, her body warming. She brought him back to her lips and

kissed him again, then slowly, but incessantly she stroked him down over

herself, past her breasts, past her belly, down into the lush softness of her

pussy hairs, then up along her inner thigh. Gary breathed deeply, the scent of

Sno's passion all around him as she washed her thigh with him, up and down, back

across her pussy hairs and up her other leg. Again she teased herself, but now

she was teasing him as well, toying with his alarm and his excitement as she

returned him to her hairs, combing them with his puny body, savoring the moment

before she lowered him between her spread legs.

Her vulva kissed him with as much passion as her mouth, her soft moist lips

anointing him with her lust. He touched her in wonder, feeling her pussy as she

lolled him up and down over herself. The tension was spiraling higher within

him, he had a very clear idea of what she intended to do with him, and he

squirmed in a sweet agony of lust and terror at the thought of her swallowing

him alive. Sno cooed softly and pressed his thrashing body against her soft

pussy, her hips lifting to grind against him as she slid him further up, pinning

him against her clitoris. Gary turned and twisted against her, only partially

aware of the firm knob of heat pressing into his body, of the way the giantess

shuddered as he struggled against her, his mind filled with the images of what

was to come. Sno didn't give him long to wait, she rubbed herself over him, then

lowered him down again, her fingers closing around his lower legs, holding his

feet together as she slowly pushed him between her lips. He felt the soft

wetness of her inner lips sliding past him, then the firm grip of her vagina as

she inserted him into herself; taking her time, savoring each delicious inch of

his body as she engulfed more and more of him, her pussy sucking at him

hungrily, devouring him to his waist. Gary tried to push back, wanting her to

slow down, but his fluttering legs only made her growl with pleasure as she

thrust him in deeper, pausing to slowly pump him in and out of her pussy, her

hips floating in the air, the fingers of her free hand curling into the sheets

as she fucked herself with Gary's tiny body. Her growls grew louder, and she

plunged him deeper into herself, letting him go, her pussy lips closing wetly

around his neck, her vagina hugging him tightly as he flailed with his arms and

legs, fighting the gentle sucking of her pussy, his mind aglow with passion as

his cock rubbed against the perfect softness of her inner flesh. Her fingers

petted him, then returned to her clitoris, gliding over it, bringing her to the

edge. Gary felt his nuts tensing, felt a surging of fire from deep within his

body, the terror and the lust melting into a burning glow of orgasm. He jerked

and cried out and Sno joined him, her cries of pleasure drowning his out, her

body twisting in the grip of her own climax, her pussy clenching tightly around

her little lover as he came within her. Gary bucked wildly, his cum erupting

from him, mingling within the more copious juices of the giantess. Sparks danced

in the darkness as her orgasm increased her strength, her pussy squeezing him

tightly from all sides, crushing the breath from his lungs. His pleasure surged

higher, then crested, drawing away from him. He gasped as Sno's pussy gave him

one last, powerful squeeze, then she too spent herself, her cries fading as her

hips lowered back to the bed, her fingers returning to caress his tiny head and


For a long moment they just lay there, then Sno gently inserted a finger into

herself, breaking the moist grip of her pussy, slipping Gary out into her hand.

She was purring softly as she brought him to her face. She kissed him gently,

then giggled, "Someone needs a bath." Gary was too blown away to do more than

kiss and nuzzle her finger. Sno reached up to a switch beside the bed and turned

on the lights, then smiled down at Gary and kissed him again, laying him on her

breast. He felt her heart beating beneath him, and for the first time saw her

gorgeous naked body all around him. But far from relaxing him it reminded him of

her power and her passion, and how it had felt to have her around him. The

giantess' eyebrows lifted as she saw the reawakening of his body and she grinned

mischievously. "Well, aren't you the insatiable one." Gary blushed and fidgeted

under her laughing eyes. She traced a finger over his tiny body. "Forget sleep.

You're in luck, little man, I'm insatiable too." And she licked her lips and

began petting him in earnest.

The clock read 04:25, before she was done with him…

* * * * * Gary woke up and groaned. His body felt bruised all over. He sat up,

rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up. Then it hit him. He looked around. His jeep

was there, still parked in the circle at the end of the old logging road. He was

in his sleeping bag, there was a tarp over him, sagging slightly from the weight

of another night of freshly fallen snow. He stopped rubbing as the events of the

previous night returned to him and he spun around, half expected to see a giant

pretty face grinning down at him, but there was only the silence of the land,

slumbering under its white winter blanket. Gary reached out and grabbed his

pack, wincing as he dressed himself within his sleeping bag. Then he crawled out

into the crisp morning air and slowly stretched. In the early light it all

seemed a dream.

He made himself a modest breakfast, taking his time eating it, making an

inventory of his supplies. His ski equipment was missing, and he couldn't find

the shirt and jeans he'd been wearing the other day. It wasn't much to go on,

but it reaffirmed his faith in his sanity, and he gathered up all his stuff and

packed it into the jeep. He fired up the engine and turned it around, looking

one last time at the forest beyond the park. Something caught his eye and he

slammed the jeep to a stop, and stood up. There in the distance, with one foot

resting comfortably on a hill was a woman with auburn hair, a steaming mug in

her hand. Gary stared, his jaw hanging loose as she raised her other hand to her

lips and blew him a kiss. Then she turned and walked away, moving swiftly,

disappearing from view behind a far off mountain. Gary watched for a moment

longer, then dropped back down into his seat. The engine roared as he sent it

careening down the bumpy road. The forest echoed his laughter as he sped away.

The only thought in his mind was how fast he could get a new pair of skis and

get back here again…


Giantess Stories: Winter Wonderland  Scott Grildrig  06

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