Giantess Stories: Wish Upon A Star by Littlelee      Introduction

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Wish Upon A Star

by Littlelee


We all have something inside of us that we do not want to share with the world.

Everyone has that something, and it can vary from personal feelings to physical

objects, dreams to hates, knowledge to fears. And one of the biggest….Fantasies.

Jay had a fantasy that he wanted no one to know of, but as is life, sometimes

that which you want to hide most, can really come up and bite you in the ass!

Jay was 15, and on first glance, normal in everyway. On closer inspection

however, one would find that his life had been far from normal. For instance, up

until the age of 4, Jay had lived in an orphanage until he was adopted by the

McMillan family. Also, he was extremely conscious of himself and became very

embarrassed very easily. There was also his unhealthy obsession with oranges

and, of course, there was that damn fantasy of his.

Allow me to explain. Firstly, his past. As I've stated, Jay was an orphan for

the first 4 years of his life until his adoption. He knows little of his past

other than the fact he was left on an orphanage doorstep by a mother he never

knew. He was raised there until just after his 4th birthday when he was adopted

by a family of 3 women, a mother and her 2 daughters.

Next, the fact that this boy was very self conscious and timid. As long as Jay

could remember, he had always been uncomfortable around other people, always

preferring to keep himself to himself and be alone. He was a fairly short, thin

person, not very physically developed, and because of this he tended to go

unnoticed in a crowd of people, which he preferred. He was a bumbling mess when

talking to women, especially ones he was attracted to, but his biggest hate is

when people made fun of or embarrassed him. Jay just couldn't deal with this and

would blush, quiver, sweat a little, and sometimes be close to tears. It was the

one thing he hated more than anything else. His biggest fear.

One thing that Jay could always find comfort in, however, was oranges. As stupid

as it sounds it's true. He was addicted to them. He loved the taste and they

always seem to make him feel better, regardless of what had just happened.

Then, of course, is his fantasy. The thing that would soon make his life hell.

The thing I will not outline now, but will become apparent as the story

develops. Our introduction has ended, and our story picks up on a hot summer


Chapter 1

"Jay honey, it's time to get up, you'll be late!"

Jay's vision focused and the sound of his alarm became apparent to him. He

rubbed his eyes, banged the top of his alarm, and rolled over.

Minutes past.

"Jay, I said get up, don't make me say it again!" It was the voice his mother,

well, step-mother to be exact.

Jay groaned, practically crawled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom to

clean himself. He hated mornings, there never seemed to be enough time to just

lie in bed and sleep. And the thought of another day at school didn't do him any

favours. Once he was washed and ready for school he ran downstairs to the

breakfast table, where he saw his mother and two older step-sisters already

eating their breakfast.

His mother, Jane was 38 and very successful lawyer. She was about 5 foot 8 with

long brown hair and was by all standards, a very attractive woman. She had a

shapely figure and a very pretty face, with seductive brown eyes. Then there

were his 2 sisters, Katie who was 21 and Rachel who was 17. Like there mother,

both were very attractive with cute faces and very nice bodies. Katie, a

brunette, worked with her mother as a trainee at the lawyers firm as she wanted

to follow in her mother's footsteps. She was very intellectual and committed,

just like her mother. Rach, a blond, went to the same school as Jay and was a

very popular person, pretty much the opposite of him. She was a little taller

than Jay and tanned, as she spent a lot of time at the beach.

"Late up again shrimp?" Rach teased.

Jay made no response; he just sat down and began eating his cereal. The

conversation at the table was the usual, Rach would tell about what her and her

friends had been up to, Katie and her mother would discuss work and Jay would

just sit quietly while he finished his breakfast. It was the same every morning.

As was his trip to school. Rach walked straight to the back of the school bus to

be greeted by what seemed to Jay like an army of friends. Jay would sit right at

the front next to his only real friend, Doug.

Doug is, I guess, what you would call a typical nerd. Thin, thick glasses, hair

styled with a side parting, intellectual and absolutely loved Star Trek. It

always cracked Jay up when he thought just how much of a stereotypical nerd Doug

was. But he was a good person, and a good friend. Jay took out an orange from

his lunch box and began eating it.

"You and your oranges," commented Doug, "if you keep eating them the way you do,

you'll turn into an orange."

"You sound just like my mother." Jay retorted.

"Hey, Jay, you wanna come over tonight? I saw heard on the web that there will

be a shooting star passing over the area tonight; we could see it pretty good

from my house. Gives me a chance to test my new telescope." Typical Doug. Jay

liked his friend, obviously, but he never really cared much for science, or

space, or any of that kind of stuff. Whenever Doug talked about it, Jay would

usually switch off. He didn't really feel like a night of sci-fi talk, so he

made his excuses.

"I'd love to Doug, but I can't. I'm going to dinner with my mom and sisters.

Sorry." Lies, all of it, complete crap, but Doug would never know.

"OK, but it's your loss. Still, I wouldn't mind going to dinner with your mom or

your sisters, if you know what I mean." Doug chuckled after his remark.

"Cut it out Doug, that's my family you're talking about."

"Sorry Jay, but you have to admit they're hot." Jay laughed, they were hot.

Sometimes he had to kick himself to remind him that they were family, albeit a

step family. And they all had a stunning pair off….

Jay's thoughts were interrupted by the bus stopping. Another day at school.

The first part of the day passed without any incident to speak of. Jay went to

class, did his work and ate his lunch, just like a normal day. So far, so good.

However after lunch he had English class and his teacher was Miss Ryan. Jay

entered the class and sat at his desk, the class was filled with the sound of

idle chatter from other students. However, all fell silent when she entered.

"Right class, open your books to where we left off and we'll begin." Miss Ryan

commanded. The class did as they were told. They always did. Miss Ryan was very

strict, and demanded obedience. The surprising thing was, she was very young,

about 28 Jay had guessed and she was also extremely pretty. She was tall and

slim with long, light brown curly hair. She had a shapely figure, nice legs, and

then there were her feet. Today they were encased in sandals and her nails were

painted dark red. Jay always thought she had nice feet. Long, not too thin, and

nice toes. He gazed at them. When he looked up however, he saw she was looking

right at him. Dammit, she had caught him. She simply shook her head and

continued with the lesson. Jay felt embarrassed, what would she think of him

now? Would she think of him as some sort of weird? He decided to just put it out

of his mind and concentrate on his work, as best he could anyway.

All went surprisingly well until the end of the lesson. As all of the students

were leaving Miss Ryan called Jay to her desk. She waited until all of the other

students had gone before continuing.

"Jay, I think you had better keep your mind on the important things in my class,

such as getting good results." Jay felt himself go red and became very nervous.

"I saw you looking at my feet today, and its not the first time I've noticed you

do that," oh no. Jay felt himself starting to sweat. He didn't know what to do

with himself. Miss Ryan continued, "I doubt there is anywhere for that sort of

behavior, especially at school. Now I never expect to catch you doing that

again, so tomorrow you will come to class, get on with your work, and leave that

sick little perversion of yours at home. Do I make myself clear?" She asked


Jay couldn't speak. He was trembling a little, and new he wouldn't be able to

get his words out if he tried to speak. He just nodded.

"Good, now get to your next class, and remember what I said."

Jay did, without hesitation. Once out of the classroom, he began to pant a

little. During the lecture he'd just received, he felt like his throat was

closing and found breathing difficult. He always felt bad when he was being

embarrassed, but never like this. On the other hand, he had never been

embarrassed like this before. It was awful. A part of his fantasy had been

noticed by someone, someone whom he liked, and they had made a fool of him. Jay

felt awful. He pulled out an orange.

The rest of the day went slowly for Jay; he kept reliving what happened with

Miss Ryan in his head and was glad when he finally got home. Katie and his mom

were still at work, the only other person that was in the house was Rach. She

was in her room listening to music. Jay went to his room and logged on to the

net. Today had been awful and he needed some relief. He checked the message

boards he always visited, Pete's, GTS & feet and a few others. He saw one of the

main topics was a user had been stirring up trouble. 'Typical Yellowstone'

thought Jay. There were a few new stories, which he read, including a conclusion

to one of his favorites. 'Damn, that Mrs. Carson turned out to be a bitch!' He

then set one of his downloaded clips away. 'Tammie is as hot as hell. I sure

hope the film is as good as these clips when it's released. Shame Rebecca isn't

involved anymore'.

"What the hell is that?"

Jay spun around to see Rach stood right behind him, looking at his screen with a

look of disbelief.

"N-nothing." Jay mumbled and went to switch off the monitor. However Rach

grabbed his arm and overpowered him to the floor.

"No way, I wanna see what you've been looking at." Teased Rach. Every time Jay

tried to stop her she just pushed him away. It was no use. His sister watched

the clip of a giant woman stomping on a tiny man, and then looked at the

pictures he had on the screen of tiny men at womens feet. She burst out

laughing. "You get off on this stuff? Urgh, Jay, your sick." She said as she

laughed. Jay felt the same feeling of embarrassment coming over him that he felt

earlier in the day. He heard the sound of the front door open. His mother was

home. "Mom, come and look at this quick!" yelled Rach. Jay lunged forward but

his sister just pushed him back again. Katie and his mother entered the room.

"What is it?" his mother asked.

"Look at the stuff Jay has been looking at." Rach giggled.

His family gathered round the computer and Rachel began showing them everything

she could find. Little men getting stepped on, worshiping giant female feet and

other such things. Katie giggled out loud. "This is sick".

His mother switched off the computer and told Katie and Rach to leave.

"But mom," complained Rach.

"No buts Rachel, this is Jays room and you have no right invading his privacy.

Lets go downstairs. Now!" Jay was surprised. Someone had stuck up for him for a

change, but as his mother left the room, she glanced a very disapproving look at

him. For the second time today, Jay felt about an inch tall.

He stayed in his room all that night, lying on his bed thinking about the day

gone by. Not his normal kind of day, but he wished it had been. He thought of

how it felt when he had his fantasy made fun of and when he had been teased

about it. To Jay it was the worst feeling in the world. He wished that if anyone

ever embarrassed him again, he could just disappear, and with that he bit into

his orange.

Little did Jay know that just as that happened, a single shooting star passed

over his house. Fate can be a bitch!

Chapter 2.

The next morning, Jay awoke to the sound of his alarm and his mother's voice

calling him again. He remembered the day before and just wanted to stay in bed

al day. He dragged himself out of bed and went about his usual routine of

preparing for school. Once finished, he tentatively headed downstairs and joined

his family at the table to eat his breakfast. No one spoke, yet his sisters

seemed to have a smirk on their faces. Jay knew that they were thinking of what

they saw on his computer yesterday. He did his best to act dumb, despite the

fact he knew he was blushing. Hardly a word was spoken at all, just an

unpleasant silence that lasted until he left for school.

On the bus Doug was going on and on about the "awesome" star he saw last night,

but Jay was in a world of his own, dreading the thought of Miss Ryan's lesson

today. The only good thing is that it was his last period. Again, the day passed

without incident, until the end of his English class. Remembering his teacher's

words, he hardly looked at her feet all lesson; however he did manage to notice

that today she was wearing black pumps and navy nylons. Was she trying to hide

her feet from him? The end of class came and he was heading for the door.

"Jay can I see you for a moment?" Miss Ryan asked. He suddenly felt uneasy

again. He never stared at her feet, he made sure of it, what could she want.

Again she waited until they were alone before proceeding. "You seemed to have

learned your lesson today Jay. That's good. I expect this to continue" Jay felt

himself blush, but this could have been a lot worse, he thought. "Now carry on

about your day and remember to leave your dirty little thoughts at home" she

grinned as he said this and went back to her marking.

Jay felt awful, like the day before, yet somehow….different. He left the room

and shut the door behind him. Suddenly he began to feel dizzy and his vision

blurred. Jay closed his eyes and hoped it would pass. He felt all of his

orientation vanish and he fell. After a couple of seconds, he started feeling

better, he slowly opened his eyes. Darkness. All around him. No, wait, there was

a light to his left. Like a tunnel. What was going on? He didn't know what to do

and he ran towards the light. He felt something all around him, something like

fabric. He also realized he was barefoot. No, more than that, naked. He couldn't

figure it out. Until that is, he exited the tunnel. Then it hit him, it hit him

like a hammer. A bloody big hammer.

He had shrunk! The tunnel was the sleeve of his shirt. He stared at the now

massive hallway he was in. Everything was huge. He had read about people

shrinking all the time, but now that it happened the just couldn't believe it,

it was so unreal. Yet so real. So incredible. Yet so scary! Jay looked around.

What was he going to do? The hall was empty, but if someone came along they

could step on him. He spun round. He saw the door to Miss Ryan's room. She was

in there. Could she help him? Jay felt uneasy, but he had little choice. He

looked at the bottom of the door; he could crawl under it easily. Jay estimated

from this he must be about an inch tall, and there are a lot of dangers to

something only an inch tall. That decided it for him; he ran to the door and

crawled under.

Once he was at the other side he looked up. The classroom was immense, and at

her desk, Jay saw the colossus figure of Miss Ryan. It was a sight that put the

fear of God into him. She was so big. He was in awe and just gazed at her for a

few moments. After snapping out of what seemed like a trance he set off running

to her desk, but even at full speed it took a long while to get there, when he

did, he was exhausted.

After a minutes recovery he walked under her desk and saw one of the most awe

inspiring yet frightening sights ever. Miss. Ryan's giant feet. They were huge;

Jay wouldn't even reach the tip of her shoe. And they were right in front of

him, so beautiful, but potentially deadly.

'Snap out of it Jay' he thought to himself, 'you have to get her attention!' But

how? He couldn't climb the desk, it was much too high. He had to make her look

down here, and he could think of only one way. He ran to her shoe, and, not

without a big struggle, climbed on top of it. Again the sight from the top of

her shoe overwhelmed him, but he had to press on. He ran until he reached the

top of her nylon covered foot, took a deep breath and jumped on. The surface was

different than that of the shoe, softer. Jay could begin to notice the smell

coming from them, a hint of shoe leather and foot sweat. It aroused him a great

deal, but he had to continue. He jumped up and down on her foot, hoping she

would feel him and look down. But nothing. Suddenly he heard a loud noise come

from the left of her shoe. Startled he turned to see what had happened and was a

giant pen rolling to a stop against her shoe. Miss Ryan had dropped her pen. Jay

was thrown of balance as her huge foot moved and her chair slid back. He fell

face down on her foot and again noticed the intoxicating smell. It drove him


"What the…" a thunderous voice came from above. Jay rolled onto his back to see

her giant face seemingly miles in the air looking right at him. Jay was

petrified and couldn't move. "What are you?" Miss Ryan asked.

With that she lowered her enormous hand down towards jay and gripped him tightly

between her massive thumb and forefinger. She then lifted him up and brought him

to her face. Jay noticed her expression change from curiosity to that of


"Mr. McMillan. What the hell do you think you are doing?" Jay tried to explain

but she just cut him off. "You certainly are a sick little man. I knew you liked

my feet, but doing this to your self just to get close to them is too much. And

I see you were enjoying yourself!" she said looking at Jays firmly erect

manhood. He again tried to explain but again she interrupted. "I don't know how

you did this to yourself but I don't intend to let you change back to normal. I

will personally take you home to your mother like this and explain what you've

done. You disgust me." Jay was overwhelmed, both by what she said and the

massive, yet beautiful face before him. "I intend to finish my marking and then

deliver you home, so until then I need to put you somewhere where I know you

cannot get away" she said with an almost evil grin.

She began to lower him to the floor and the dropped him, letting him freefall

down. But he didn't land on the floor, he landed somewhere else. He knew

immediately where. The smell, the damp surface, the walls on every side of him.

He was in her pump. "When my mother caught my sister smoking, she made her smoke

two whole packets straight off, and she never did it again. Sometimes too much

of a good thing is the best way too discourage from it, lets see if that's true

shall we?" she said with a giggle.

Jay watched the monstrous sights as her gigantic foot lowered itself down into

the shoe. He got up and ran deeper in the pump in a vain attempt to evade the

giant foot that was in pursuit of him. He stopped at the end and everything went

completely dark as her foot entered and his light was cut off. He couldn't see,

but he felt something knock him to his back and something of giant proportions

completely smother and press down on him. The smell was strong now and Jay

didn't know how much he could take. He's always liked the smell of women's feet

but this was a bit too much. He didn't know which part of her foot had him

trapped, but he knew one thing, he sure as hell couldn't move.

Miss Ryan however, knew exactly where he was. He was directly under her big toe.

She felt him struggle a few times, but she just put more and more pressure on

him until he lay still. She giggled to herself, this felt quite good. After

about fifteen minutes she removed a disheveled Jay from her pump and held him

between her fingers. He was indeed tiny, so fragile. And he was wet, with her

foot sweat. Miss Ryan new her feet we not particularly sweaty, but at his size

it must have been awful. He was panting heavily.

"Jay, I am taking you to your mother now and I intend to tell her everything

you've done."

With that Miss Ryan dropped jay into her purse and went on her way. Inside her

giant purse Jay just sat and sobbed. What would become of him?

Chapter 3.

Rachel heard the doorbell ring and bounced down stairs to see who was there.

"Miss Ryan?! Erm, can I help you?" Rach was surprised to see a teacher from her

school stood at her doorway.

"Is your mother home?" asked the teacher.

"No, she wont be back for an hour or so." Replied Rach.

"Oh, well, may I come in?"

"Erm, sure. I guess." Rachel lead Miss Ryan too the living room where they both

sat down. "Did I do something wrong?" asked Rach.

Miss Ryan smiled. "No, absolutely nothing. It's not you I'm here about. It's

your brother, Jay."

"Shrimp?! What did he do?"

Again Miss Ryan smiled and emptied the tiny captive from her purse onto the

table before her. Rach looked at what had just fallen from her purse, and when

she realized what, or better yet, who it was, a look of amazement crossed her


"Jay, what the hell happened to you? How did you get so small?" she asked.

Jay didn't have time to answer as Miss Ryan once again cut him off. "I found him

this way on my foot after class today. It seems your brother has an unusual

fetish and will do anything to satisfy it."

Rach looked back at Jay. "You did this to yourself?"

Miss Ryan continued. "It would seem so." Miss Ryan told Rach of what had

happened, emphasizing the fact that Jay did this on purpose to pleasure himself,

which we all know is not true. "Now, I am in a bit of a hurry, but would you

make sure your mother sees him like this. I think his behavior is totally

unacceptable and that he should be punished accordingly. I do not expect

anything like this to happen again. Can I trust you to deliver the message for

me Miss McMillan?" she asked.

"O…Oh absolutely Miss Ryan. I'll make sure she gets the message."

"Good, then I'll be on my way." The towering figure of his teacher looked

directly at Jay. "I hope you learn your lesson from this."

Rachel then showed Miss Ryan out. After that she again entered the room with a

big smile on her face, and she was looking directly at Jay. She sat down in

front of him and leaned forward. "How did you do this to yourself?" she asked.

Yet again Jay began to tell his story, but it was of little use, at this height

his giant sister couldn't hear him. She roughly grabbed him with the tips of her

thumb and forefinger and brought him to her hear. "Please," she said with a

giggle, "continue."

Jay composed himself; here he was stuck in the grasp of his giant sister,

staring directly at her huge ear. Ever since this had happened he had been

scared, and now was no different. He continued his story, shouting as loud as he

could, telling his sister everything. Once finished she turned her head, looking

directly at the impossibly small human being, trapped between her fingers.

She smiled. "You expect me to believe that you shrunk for no reason, after what

I saw on your computer yesterday. C'mon, what do you take me for, an idiot? What

did you really do?" Rach asked.

"I'm telling you the truth, you have to help me, get me to a hospital or

something, please." Pleaded her tiny brother.

"I don't believe you, and if your not gonna tell me what happened, we'll just

see what mom says when she gets home." The giant giggled. She then removed her

sneaker that she had been wearing all day at school from her sock clad foot.

Rach then lowered Jay just above the opening and let her brother dangle. "You

can stay in here till mom gets home. I'm sure you'll enjoy it." She laughed at

her remarks before releasing her vise like grip on her tiny sibling.

Again Jay found himself freefalling, but this time he landed in a much worse

place than Miss Ryan's pump, he was inside his sister's foul sneaker. She

obviously had gym class today and the smell was simply overpowering to Jay. No

matter where he moved all he could smell was his sisters sweaty feet, so much so

it made him light headed. He looked up, out from his prison, and saw his

gigantic sister staring back at him. He heard her laugh again, and then she

disappeared from his view. Jay heard the thuds that her giant feet made as she

left the room. She was telling the truth, she was actually going to leave him

here in this hell hole until his mother arrived. Could things get any worse?

Well, yeah, maybe worst of all, he still had that damn erection, a part of him

was actually enjoying this. Jay was trapped all alone in his prison for almost

an hour, he tried to escape numerous times, but he couldn't get out, not until

someone wanted him out. Then he heard the front door open. His mother was home.

As soon as she entered, Rachel came running down the stairs.

"Mom, you'll never believe what happened." Said Rach before leaping into a

detailed account of what had happened to poor Jay. However, what she told her

mother was from the point of view from Miss Ryan and herself, making Jay out to

be some kind of little (literally) pervert. She never once said mentioned

anything of what Jay had told her.

"What, that's just silly Rach." Replied Jane.

"Its true mom, honest."

"OK, if that's true, where is your brother now?"

"He's in my sneaker."

Everything fell silent. Jay looked up and suddenly saw the faces of his giant

mother and oldest sister. When they noticed something moving at the heel of

Rachel's shoe they bent down for a closer look.

"My God. It's true!" Gasped Jane.

Katie suddenly reeled back holding her nose. "Rach, your sneakers stink, how

could you keep him in there?" asked Katie.

"Well, he likes that stuff." giggled the youngest sister. Katie giggled in


"Katie, Rachel go upstairs now." Demanded there mother sternly. Her children new

not to disobey her with that kind of tone and did as they were told without


"Good luck shrimp." Shouted Rach as she left.

Jane looked at Jay with a look of disgust and began to reach for him. Before he

knew it Jay was trapped between his step mom's giant fingers and was being

lifted effortlessly into the air. She brought him to her face.

"I am really disappointed in you Jay." Her voice was defining. "I can't even

begin to understand how you did this, but even worse, why did you do it. Just to

feed your little fetish. You could have been hurt." She was angry, real angry.

"Mom, you have to believe me," said Jay, "I didn't do this to myself, I don't

know what happened." Yet again Jay recounted the day's events, this time to his

giant step mom. Once finished Jane looked long and hard at her tiny step son.

Chapter 4.

"Am I supposed to believe that Jay?" Jane asked. "I saw what was on the screen

of your computer just like your sisters did. It was just this kind of thing, and

now it's actually happened I'm supposed to believe that this is some kind of

magical coincidence." She squeezed Jay a little tighter in her grip, making him

wince in pain. She then continued. "So tell me, how did you do this, and how did

you intend to return yourself to normal?"

"Mom, I didn't do this, it just happened. I don't know how I'm going to change

back..." Jay stopped. How was he going to change back? Could he ever? The full

realization of the situation only now became apparent to him. He was stuck like

this, probably forever, small and scared. He broke down and began to cry.

"CUT IT OUT JAY!" yelled his mother. The thundering sound caused Jay to block

his ears and through his tear filled eyes he looked to his mother's angry face.

"I'm not falling for that trick. If you won't tell me how you did this then I'm

not going to make life easy for you. I know what your plan is. Now that you've

been caught your trying to lie your way out of this so that you wont be

punished, meaning you will get away with it. But that's not going to happen. I

saw the way you were in your sister's shoe, you didn't seem happy. Did the

reality not live up to the fantasy? Well, until you tell me what's going on, you

can spend some time with my feet." She snarled.

"NOOOOOOO!" screamed Jay.

"Oh yes, and they've been in my nylons and pumps all day. You know how bad they

get when I've had a long day. I'm sure they'll be nice and sweaty, won't you

like that honey" Jane giggled.

"NO! You can't do this, I won't let you!" snapped Jay, still in tears.

Jane laughed. "And how are you going to stop me? Last chance Jay, tell me what


"But I've already told you, I don't know." Sobbed the tiny boy.

"Fine, have it your way. Enjoy yourself." Said the seemingly cruel giantess.

With that she walked to the couch, sat down, removed her shoe and dropped her

son inside. She examined him closer as he lay there crying and screaming. Jane

smirked then slipped her hot and sweaty foot into the shoe and as she did she

felt the tiny form of her step son being pushed deeper and deeper in by her

toes. Once her shoe was completely on, she positioned him underneath her toes

and began to play with him. She knew that it must be awful for Jay in there and

was confident that he would tell her what she wanted to her upon his release.

For Jay, this was unbearable. All he could smell was the foul stench of the

giant, white nylon covered feet that held him prisoner. He was also drenched in

sweat. Some his own, but most was from his mother. He felt himself being pulled,

smothered, squeezed, squashed and flattened. It was indeed hell.

Jane on the other hand was enjoying this, much to her surprise. It made her feel

good, powerful. She liked the feeling of knowing there was a tiny man totally at Juegos de Naves Espaciales

her mercy, suffering because of her. She took pleasure in squeezing her son

in-between her mammoth toes, feeling his tiny body between them. She then

proceeded to position him under her sole and pressed down hard not allowing him

to move. The only thing he could do was to lie in pain and inhale. This lasted

for over half an hour. Jane then removed her foot and waited for her son to come

into view, which didn't happen. She felt uneasy for a second and dumped the

contents of the shoe into her palm. Jay was just barely conscious and just lay

there panting heavily. He was also soaked to the bone and smelled of Jane's

feet. She laughed out loud.

"I'm sure that was as bad as I was hoping it would be for you. Looking at you,

it was probably worse." She laughed again. "Now, are we going to be honest or do

we want more?" she asked.

Jay didn't have the energy to move, let alone talk. He used all of his might to

yell, "I'm telling you the truth. Please mom, please…" he couldn't shout

anymore. His energy was spent.

"Still haven't learned our lesson then have we?" Jane growled. "OK then, I have

all night to teach it to you."

With that, the phone rang. Jane tutted in annoyance and dropped Jay back into

her smelly pump, answering the phone in her stockinged feet. He was still

motionless, the smell was not as bad as when her foot had been in, but it was

still awful. Jay couldn't hear his mother on the phone, he didn't really listen.

He just couldn't believe that his step mom was treating him this way; she had

put him through hell and shown no remorse. How could she? Jane returned and

peered in to Jay's prison.

"I have to go out now and I don't know how long I'll be." She said. Jay sighed

with relief, no more torture, for a while at least. She continued. "So your

sisters will look after you for a bit. Won't that be fun?" She giggled.

His heart sank. Mom was bad enough, but his two sisters now. They always teased

him, and now, at this size. To say they weren't going to be nice to him was the

understatement of the centaury. Jane picked up the shoe containing her stepson

and hid it behind her back. She then proceeded upstairs to Rachel's room where

she found both of her daughters sat talking.

"What's up mom?" asked the youngest.

"I have to go out now; I may be a couple of hours. I need you two to look after


"Really?" Rach asked, a little surprised, yet there was no masking the

excitement in her voice.

"Yes, now I don't want you to be easy on him. Try to find out how he did this to

himself as I've had no luck. Obviously, be careful, I don't want him hurt, but,"

she giggled "well, use your imagination."

"Where is he?" Katie asked. Jane removed the shoe from behind her back and held

it in front of the two sisters. They peered in and saw their shrunken step

brother lying inside. All three women began laughing.

"Rachel," Jane began "Hold out your hands." And she did. Jane then dumped Jay

out from her shoe into his giant sisters awaiting hands. She slipped her shoe

back on. "I have to go now. Be good Jay." She cooed before leaving the room.

Katie looked hungrily at her tiny brother. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

Chapter 5.

Jay looked at the two towering figures before him, his stomach was in knots. He

couldn't believe what his mother had just said; she practically gave Katie and

Rach instructions to torment him.

His two sisters on the other hand were becoming increasingly excited. They were

in awe at how tiny and fragile their younger step-brother appeared as he lay in

Rachel's palm. Both of there minds were thinking of ways to make Jays next few

hours, shall we say, less than pleasant. Rachel's eyes widened as an idea popped

into her head.

"Okay shrimp, you heard what mom said. If you're not going to tell us then we

can do what we want with you." She giggled. "And at your size you look awful

yummy." As she said that a grin formed from her enormous mouth.

Katie burst out laughing as she realized what her sister was planning. Jay

realized too.

"Please Rach, I've been telling you the truth." He chirped.

"Wrong answer." Replied his sister. With that she pinched his tiny body between

her thumb and forefinger and lifted him above her mouth, opening it as far as

she could. Jay looked down at the truly horrifying sight below him. Her mouth

was like a huge bottomless pit, he could see her huge and deadly white teeth and

the giant pink muscle that was her tongue. The sight made Jay scream for his

life, which, of course, only added to the delight of the giant women in control

of him. Slowly Rach began lowering him in, she could only imagine how terrifying

the sight must be for him and wanted to make it last. She could feel his

impossibly fragile body squirm with all it's might between her mighty fingers.

The futile gesture made the situation feel even better for her.

The reality for Jay was far worse than Rach could imagine. The horrifying sight

as he slowly made his way to her giant mouth, knowing he would end up inside it

and there was nothing he could do about it. It's like nothing you could ever

know. Eventually he past into her mouth, and could instantly feel the humidity

around him, then, with no warning, Rach released her iron grip on him and he

fell onto her tongue. Jay would feel the slimy surface beneath him that seemed

to move with a life of its own. Rach then snapped her mouth shut cutting off his

light. This was bad.

For his step sister however, this was great. She could feel Jay move around

inside her mouth and decided to have some fun with him, pressing her tongue

against the roof of her mouth, squashing him between them.

Jay couldn't see but knew what was happening. Unable to move all he could feel

was the tongue he lay face down on, he seemed to be embedded in its squashy

form. He couldn't help but to occasionally swallow some of the never ending flow

of saliva that engulfed him. It was unbearable. Rach them moved him around

inside her mouth with her tongue, pressing him against the inside of her cheek,

gripping him between her teeth before finally sucking on him for a while. It was

then that she got a proper taste of Jay, and he tasted of something awful. Rach

realized what it was, feet. Ew! She spat him out into her hand.

"What's wrong?" giggled Katie. "Did he taste bad?"

"Yeah," Rach replied. "He tastes like feet." They both laughed and looked at

Jay. He was soaked.

Katie reached for her step brother and snatched him up in her giant hand. She

could feel him squirm a little inside her fist. It tickled.

"Having fun bro?" she asked mockingly. "Well, it's gonna get better because I've

thought of a little game we can play. I bet that sounds fun." Jay squirmed

around in her fist again causing Katie to giggle. "Here's what's going to

happen. We are going to put you in different pairs of our shoes, and you have

thirty seconds to run to the bottom and retrieve something that we have put

there. If you complete the task on time, you move on to the next girls shoes of

choice. If you lose, the person's shoes you are in gets to wear them with you

inside until mom gets home. And while you're in there you have to massage and

kiss our feet. What do you think Rach?"

"Sound great." She replied with a huge grin. Jay's hart sank. He as already

exhausted and he knew he wouldn't be able to do this for too long.

"What does he have to retrieve from each shoe? It has to be something small

enough for him to carry." Katie said.

"I know." Declared Rach before getting up and running to her desk. She came back

with a small object. "We can use this." It was a tiny piece of blue-tac, to Jay,

about the size of a football.

"Perfect." Said Katie and opened her hand to show Jay what it was. "I'll go

first." She picked up the blue-tac and dropped it into the shoes she had been

wearing for work that day, a pair of heelless black clogs. She then tipped up

the shoe so the small object fell to the toe end. "I hope you're ready little

bro." Teased Katie and dropped Jay onto the heel and then grabbed a stop watch.

"Ready, set, GO"

Jay wasted know time and ran as fast as he could to the end of the shoe. As he

got deeper in he noticed the humidity and the smell of sweaty feet all around

him. He also realized that he couldn't see very well as the shoes were closed

toe shoes, so he would have to feel around for the blue-tac. He was able to tell

when he reached the end of the shoe as he crashed into the leather in front of

him before landing flat on his back. He then jumped up and began feeling around

the damp floor with his hands.

"15 second little guy." Shouted Katie. Jay was panicking until his had brushed

against something. It was what he was looking for, success! Picking up the

surprisingly light blue-tac, Jay sprinted to the heel section of the giant

smelly shoe and made it to the end. He dropped the blue-tac and fell to the

floor, gasping for breath.

"Damn, he made it with 5 seconds to spare." Said Katie, a little annoyed.

"My turn." Rach piped and her sister handed her the stop watch before retrieving

he blue-tac. Rach picked the sneakers that had imprisoned Jay earlier that day.

She repeated Katie's process of depositing the object at the end of the shoe and

dumping Jay at the heel. Jay noticed that the foul smell had eased, but only a

little, and the light was worse than Katie's shoe. However, there was one

advantage; Rachel's feet were a few sizes smaller than her sisters, so he did

not have to run as far.

Again, Jay heard the commands given like those at the start of a race, and on

the word 'GO', he was off. And again, the deeper into the shoe he got, the worse

the smell got. As he gasped for breath he was treated to a powerful and

disgusting odor, again and again. Once he reached the bottom and crashed into to

toe section he franticly began his search.

"13 seconds." Came the almost God like call. This time however, the search was a

longer one. Once Jay did find the blue-tac and began running back, he was

rapidly running out of time. Rach held her breath as her eyes gazed at the

watch, then to the shoe, and back again. She was certain he wasn't going to make

it and that she would win. However, as the watch hit the 28 second mark, Jays

tiny form came tumbling into view. He had made it.

Rach let out a groan. "Lucky little twerp."

As Jay laid face up, gasping for air, the immense grinning face of his oldest

step sister came into view. "No rest for the wicked." she teased and dumped the

contents of Rachel' sneaker into her hand. This time Katie picked her old,

black, ankle high boots and again repeated the process of positioning the blue-tac,

as well as Jay into the boot. Yet again she set her tiny brother off on his

task, but this time Jay was exhausted. Between the running and the days other

events, he couldn't go on. Four times Jay collapsed before he even made it to

the toe section, and his search for that damn blue-tac was his longest yet.

Katie looked at the watch in a similar manner to her sister and began to count

out loud.

"25, 26, 27, 28, 29….30!" she squealed with excitement. "I win, I win, I get to

wear Jay!"

"Oh man." Groaned Rach.

Katie the, not waiting for her brother to finish tipped him out of the boot and

let him fall, yet again into her palm. "Well Jay, looks like I won, so you know

the deal now! Oh, and I have another little surprise for you." With that she

removed her purple nylons and deposited Jay inside them. They didn't smell good.

Once Jay settled at the toe section, Katie spoke. "This way you can be closer to

my big old feet. Ha-ha" She then slipped her foot back in. This was yet another

nightmarish sight for little Jay.

The sight of his step-sisters giant toes with their red, painted nails coming

towards him was unimaginable. Jay couldn't comprehend how big they were. Jay

always thought Katie had gorgeous feet, but at this size they were just plain

scary. Before long her nylons were completely on and she positioned Jay under

her smelly, giant toes and giggled. Jay's light disappeared as she slipped her

foot into her boots and zipped them up. He heard Katie's voice from outside his


"Have fun in there bro, and don't forget, I want you rubbing and licking my

tired big feet." She said and squeezed him hard between her toes. Jay then heard

her laugh, almost evilly. He did as ordered as best he could in his exhausted


The time he spent in his sisters boot was like a living hell, the heat built up

quickly, causing her colossus feet to sweat profusely and this, in turn, caused

Jay to be covered in her awful, foul smelling foot sweat. Some, he couldn't help

but swallow. It was disgusting. He was in a very confined space and couldn't

move much and the heat and smell was so bad that he kept drifting in and out of

consciousness. His only relief came when his giant captor would remove her feet

from her boots every once in a while to allow him some air. But this didn't last

long and he was soon plunged into the hellish prison again, only to be teased

and tortured by the giant toes that squeezed and rubbed his tiny body, on

occasion, nearly bringing him to climax. It was as if Katie could feel his

erection, which hadn't left him all day, and was purposefully playing with it,

grabbing it between her mighty toes and rubbing it over and over, letting go

just before Jay exploded. Maybe she was doing this on purpose, but Jay sure as

hell wished she'd stop.

Chapter 6.

Jay suffered about two hours of humiliation at Katie's feet before Jane, his

step-mom finally returned home.

"Where is he?" Jane asked the two girls who were now sat in the living room

watching TV. Rach was lying on the floor and Katie was sat on the sofa with her

feet propped up on a small table.

"He's in here." Katie replied and shook her boot clad foot around. The rapid

movements made Jay feel nauseous.

"Did he tell you how he got like this?" questioned Jane.

"Nope." Said Katie. "He just kept saying what he told you before, that he

doesn't know how it happened."

"Damn it. Okay, let him out, I wanna talk with him."

As instructed, Katie unzipped her boot and slipped it off. Jane peered inside,

but couldn't see her step-son. "Come out Jay!" she yelled.

"No mom," Katie interrupted. "He's in here." and pointed to the sole of her


Jane looked closer, and to her surprise, saw her shrunken step-son inside

Katie's nylons, squashed beneath her toes. She laughed. "Well, I sure hope you

had fun. I see you've decided not to talk; I'm really disappointed in you Jay.

If you'd just tell us then we can help you get back to normal. Won't that be

nice? Katie, get him out of there will you."

"Sure." Came the reply. Katie rolled the nylons down to her ankle and then

slipped her foot out, leaving her tiny brother inside. She then tipped them

upside down and let him fall out to the table in front of her. Jay began

breathing heavily, trying to get as much normal air into his lungs as possible.

His giant mother looked down at him as he lay on his back, barley moving, he was

too tired. "So, can you please tell me what happened now?" Jane asked him in a

strict tone.

Jay took a deep breath and gathered his strength before answering. "I already

told you. I've been telling you the truth all along, I don't know what happened,

why would I lie? I'm not enjoying this; you've all put me through hell. Please,

you have to help me, I don't know what to do…" was all that Jay shouted before

he broke down crying.

The three giants gathered around him and watched. All three felt a jolt of pity

and guilt. Jane had known her step-son a long time, and she knew now he had been

telling the truth all along. She felt bad. They all did.

"Jay honey." His step mother said in a comforting tone. "I believe you."

Jay slowly stopped crying after he heard this and looked at his mother through

his tear filled eyes.

She continued. "I'm sorry for what we've done, I though you did this to yourself

but I see now that you didn't. I promise that we'll find a way through this,

you'll be OK." She smiled.

For the first time all day, Jay felt relief. Thank god, now he would get some


"It's pretty late now, so first thing tomorrow we'll go to the hospital. How

does that sound?" she asked.

"That sounds good. Thanks mom." said Jay.

She gave a reassuring smile. "Well, you look exhausted, how about we get you

washed and put you to bed." Jane said, and without waiting for an answer scooped

him up gently in her hand and carried him upstairs.

Katie and Rach looked at each other.

"Poor little guy. I can't believe we were so mean to him." said Katie.

"Yeah," replied Rach. "But I have to say, I had fun." She smiled.

"I know what you mean. It felt great. It's a shame we can't play with him

anymore." replied Katie.

The two girls looked at each other as a smirk formed on their mouths.

After his bath, Jay's mother made him a bed from an old shoe both filled with

small blankets and placed him inside. It was positioned on top of her


"Okay little guy, I know you've had a long day so get some rest, we'll get this

whole mess straightened out tomorrow. Oh, I brought you a little something in

case you were hungry." Jane said and dropped a piece of orange into the shoe


Jay smiled. "Thanks mom."

"Sweet dreams honey." His mother said before leaving the room and switching off

the light. He wasn't in total darkness however, as Jane had left on a lamp on

the other side of the room.

Jay looked at the piece of orange before him and couldn't believe the fact that

it was bigger than him. However, for the first time today he realized how hungry

he was. Previously Jay had been too scared to think about food, but know he felt

better he realized that he was starving, so he decided to have some of the

orange. Upon reaching it he put his hands on the smooth surface and bit in,

however, at this height it took considerable work before Jay was able to tear

into it and when he did, the sweet smell that came from inside was one of the

few pleasures Jay had endured at this height. He reached into the tear and began

eating some of the pulp. The orange tasted wonderful; somehow better now at his

new size than before. After a few mouthfuls Jay began feeling a little ill, his

stomach hurt and he became dizzy. What was going on?

Downstairs Jane was talking to her daughters. "Tomorrow I'll take him to the

hospital, but I don't know if they can help him. I've never heard of anyone

shrinking before so there is a good chance he'll be stuck like this forever.

Now, if that is so, we have to do all we can to help him, so I expect you two to

be extra nice and help him out whenever you can. Okay!"

"Yes mom." They answered in unison.

"Now," continued Jane, but before she could go any further she was interrupted

by a loud bang from Jane's room upstairs. Without hesitation all three woman ran

upstairs and burst into the room.

"Oh my god, Jay!" exclaimed Rach.

Jay climbed to his feet and steadied himself, slowly regaining his senses. He

looked at his family in front of him and the realization set in. He was back to


Chapter 7.

"Jay, your, your normal." Stuttered Jane. "What happened?" She asked smiling.

Jay couldn't believe it. "I'm normal!" he yelled excitedly. "I…I don't believe


"Jay honey, how did this happen, can you remember anything that you did that

might have done this." Jane asked.

"Erm…the only thing I did was eat some of the orange you left." Jay replied,

almost giggling with excitement.

His sisters were dumbfounded.

"The orange turned you back?" Rach asked a little confused, and secretly, a

little disappointed.

"I don't know, that's the last thing I remember before passing out. I woke up on

the floor. Must have fallen out of the box while I was growing back, when I got

up you guys were here. That's all I remember." He said.

His mother hugged him. "The important thing is that you're back to normal now.

You had us worried." She said. "But I'm still taking you to the doctors; I want

to know what happened and if it will happen again."

Jay nodded in reply. It was about this time that the excitement was calming a

little for Jay, and the realization that he was totally naked was beginning to

set in. He put his hands over his modesty before stuttering, "Erm…I have to put

some clothes on."

His sisters sniggered.

"Oh yeah, go ahead." Said his mother, realizing he was becoming a little


"Why bother shrimp. It's not like you have anything to hide." Teased Rach. Both

of his step sisters started laughing.

"Rach, stop that now!" commanded Jane and both girls fell silent. However, when

Rach had teased Jay, he felt himself becoming more and more embarrassed, like he

did earlier in the day with Miss Ryan, then he felt the dizziness again. Oh no,

Jay knew what was happening.

With frightful speed Jay felt himself plummet downwards and his environment

seemed to grow at rapid pace, the floor, the walls, his family. It took barley

five seconds before Jay was again only an inch tall staring at the three sets on

giant feet before him. His mothers were closest, encased in her black pumps, and

behind those he saw Katie's in their purple nylons and Rachel's sock clad feet.

Not again.

He heard a gasp then a thundering voice. "Jay, are you Okay?" It was his mother.

"Mom, it happened again, help me!" he screamed, but all that could be heard from

him were tiny squeaks.

"Calm down honey." Replied his mother. "I have an idea." With that she set the

piece of orange down in front of him.

Jay knew exactly what she was thinking and didn't wait for an invitation to

began devouring as much as he could. Jane, Katie and Rach looked down in awe at

the dot of a person below them working away at the orange. Within minutes they

saw Jay again return to his normal size.

"Unbelievable!" exclaimed Katie. "It's the orange. How is that possible?"

"How is any of this possible?" retorted her mother.

"Why is this happening to me?" Jay snapped.

"Calm down Jay. At least we know how to get you back, so you won't be stuck that

way forever. I just don't understand how you keep shrinking."

Something inside of Jay clicked. "I think I know why. But it can't be."

The three women listened in, totally intrigued. "What, what can't be Jay?" asked


However Jay was in deep thought, remembering back to the night before. The wish.

Could it be? "Yesterday I kinda made a wish that…erm…that if anyone ever

embarrassed me I could just disappear." He said.

"Jay, I really don't think that's the cause of this." Said his mother, a little


"No wait, today, before it happened the first time, Miss Ryan had just

embarrassed me. And just then, Rach did the same thing."

"Oh honey please…" started Jane but her son cut her off.

"Do you have a better idea?" he snapped. There was a moment's pause.

Rach grinned. "Well, why don't we find out if he's right." She said. Again there

was a pause as everyone looked at Rach, obviously not fully understanding her


"What do you mean?" Katie asked.

"Well, Jay thinks that he is gonna shrink every time he gets embarrassed. Why

not see if that's true, we know how to change him back, what harm would it do?

If it works then at least we know what causes it, right?"

"No!" growled Jay. "I'm not gonna let you shrink me again." He looked to his

mother for support but he saw in her face that she was considering the idea.

"Mom no!" he said.

"But your sister does have a point."

"No she doesn't, she just wants to torment me again." He exclaimed.

"Now that won't happen, you can change right back."

Rach took that as a 'yes' to her idea and began to speak before Jay could argue

back. "Stop whining shrimp, at least at that height you can get what you've

always dreamed of. We saw what was on your computer, you love that stuff don't

you. Sicko." Her remarks did what she had intended and within moments they were

staring at a miniature version of Jay again.

"Rach that was out of line." Snapped Jane.

"But mom I was only..."

"I know what you were doing but you could have been a bit nicer about it.

Anyway, I guess we know why Jay is shrinking, and how to change him back. But

I'm still taking you to the hospital tomorrow, I don't want this happening at

all." She said as she looked down at her son, who was already heading for the

orange on the floor. Just as he was about to reach his goal, a giant hand

snatched him up into the air. "What are you doing Katie, put your brother down

this instant and let him grow back." Jane commanded.

"Listen, mom, just hear me out. We should keep him like his." Katie replied.

"Just until he gets to the hospital. Think about it, you can't walk in with a

normal sized boy and say he's shrinking. You'll get laughed at and asked to

leave. If you take him in like this then everyone will know it's serious."

"I didn't think of that. Okay Jay my boy, I guess you'll have to stay tiny a

little while longer." Jane said.

Jay began to struggle and yelled. "No, you can't leave me like this."

His mother grasped him in her giant hand and lifted him from Katie's open palm,

bringing him to her face. "Stop complaining, Katie's right. It'll only be for a

while then we can change you back. Besides, your going to bed no anyway." She

said and put the shoe box back on the nightstand and placed him inside. "Right,"

she continued, "you two, out. Let him sleep." Jane then left the room with her

daughters and switched off the light.

It took Jay a while to calm down and eventually fall asleep. What a day. But it

wasn't over yet.

Later that night Jay was awakened by a bright light. He looked up to try and see

what was going on, as his vision focused, he saw two giant faces staring

hungrily down at him. Rach and Katie. Jay looked around, he was still in the

shoe box, but he sure wasn't in his mother's room.

"Where am I?!" he yelled angrily.

"In my room." Katie said quietly.

"Take me back to mom's room now before you get in trouble!" he demanded. They

just giggled at him.

"Silly Jay. Moms sound asleep, she won't help you. So were gonna play with you."

Laughed Rach as her enormous hand seized Jay's tiny body.

Chapter 8.

Jay struggled as much as he could in the iron grip of his giant sister, Rachel.

However, the more he did, the tighter she squeezed his tiny body, eventually

causing him to give up and remain still.

“What should we do with him first?” asked Rach.

“I have an idea.” replied Katie. “My feet are really tired from working all day,

and it felt really good having you in my shoe earlier. Would you mind giving me

a foot massage Jay?”

“What?! Are you stupid or something? No way!” he snapped.

“I think that's a great idea, Katie.” Rach added. Both the giants laughed and

Katie sat down extending her nylon covered legs and feet. Rach then dropped her

step-brother just in front of her sister's giant feet so he could get to work.

However Jay didn't move, he was in awe from what he could see. Katie's feet

towered above him like houses, the giant heel before him, then her soft, wide

sole, her huge wiggling toes high above him. It was an unbelievable sight to

behold. So scary, yet, to his eternal shame, so incredibly erotic.

“Well, get to work shrimp!” demanded Rach. He looked up at her; she was smiling,

obviously enjoying this.

“No, I won't.!” he yelled. “When mom finds out what you've done you're gonna be

in so much trouble.” They both laughed.

“Jay,” began Katie, “let me let you in on something. Mom will never find out,

because you're not going to tell her. And here's why. Think about this for a

second would you Jay, after you go to the hospital tomorrow and they run all the

tests they can, do you know what they're gonna say? They'll say, ‘I'm sorry, but

there's nothing we can do.' I mean come on, no one has ever shrunk before and

they won't have a clue how to help you. So you'll be stuck with this forever.

Get it? And think about this too, me and Rach now have the power to shrink you

whenever we want and that means we can make you do whatever we want you to do,

you don't have a say. Now, I know what you're thinking, mom will help you. But

mom won't be around all of the time, so if you do tell then, sure, we'll get

punished, but the first chance we get we're going to shrink you down and put you

through some real hell! If you think what we've done to you up until now was

bad, you just try us and we'll show you how nasty we can really be!” Her voice

was serious and her look was nothing short of evil. Jay was in shock at what she

had just told him, he was numb, because he knew that what she said was

absolutely true.

After a long pause, Jay slowly headed for the incomprehensibly colossus foot

before him. He already recognized the familiar, sharp smell of her feet, and

when he reached them, the smell was even worse. He reached out his hands and

pressed them onto her heel. The nylons felt smooth, yet damp. He used all of his

might and began to massage as hard as possible, hoping that it wouldn't need to

last long. The two sisters watched his efforts intently with almost sadistic

smiles on their faces. After about five minutes of this Katie spoke.

“I appreciate the effort shrimp, but you're too small to do a proper job. You

can't even reach past my sole. Katie, would you give him a hand?” she giggled.

“No problem.” Came the younger sister's reply. With that she pinched Jay around

the waist and in one fluid motion lifted him up and thrust his tiny form

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