Giantess Stories: Wishes by Eddie    The small bottle washed up along shore with no fanfare

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by Eddie

The small bottle washed up along shore with no fanfare, somewhat hidden in the

sand. Only its upper, thin portion re mained exposed. It was there for only a

few short hours be fore David Green discovered it almost accidentilly, stepping

on it while walking along the beach. He had been in a daze, thinking about his

now ex-girlfriend Karen Watters. She had broken up with him just days ago, not

understanding her boy friend's oppsession with girls growing taller and

muscular. At first she thought it was strange, but she conceded that it was a

slight turn-on. However, when the only time that they could have sex was when

they fantisized about her growing, she knew it was time to move on. Besides, she

said, it was impossible for it to happen.

If she only new what was about to become possible.....

David reached down for the strange-shaped bottle that he had just twisted his

ankle on. He cursed at it, not realizing that it would soon make his most

outrageous fantasy come true.

He looked at the bottle, wondering about its origens, dreaming that it was a

Magic Lamp. He rubbed it, expecting nothing to happen; suddenly a puff of smoke

came up out of the openning, and a fine mist seeped out of the bottle....

"Holy shit....this can't be happening..." he freaked out, dropping the bottle

onto the sand. The mist continued coming out, slowly forming into a figure.

David rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was really dreaming about this fantastic

occurance. When he opened his eyes, a real-life Genie floated right above his


The Genie looked down at David smiling, "Since you freed me from lamp, I can

grant you three wishes of any kind. What will your first wish be, my master."

David couldn't believe his luck, wanting to get his first wish taken care of, he

did not hesitate, "I want the power to be able to make any woman grow taller,

and more muscular, just by looking at her."

The Genie looked at David with a funny look on his face then granted him his

wish, "as you command, my master."

David didn't feel any different, then again, he wasn't the one that was going to

change. He was anxious to see if he could really do this. Being at the beach, he

didn't want to try it out in public. He was lucky enough that no one had seen

him with the Genie.

"Genie, I'm not going to need you for some time, so please go back inside your


He didn't know how the Genie would take it, but he didn't seem to mind.

His mind raced on who he could try out this new power on. Who was deserving, he

thought, and then it came to him. Mrs. Johnson, his eleventh grade english

teacher had to leave school because her husband's beatings were becoming to

flagrant to hide. She was too scared to have him arrested, but she was too

embarressed to continue teaching. So she quit, left her husband, and rented an

apartment 1 block from the beach. That was over three years ago, so David

wondered if she was still there, or if her husband had forced her to move back


He walked up to the front door, noticing that the lawn was recently mowed. He

rang the bell hoping that she would answer. Sure enough, she did! She looked the

same, only slightly older. She was short, about 5'1", and only weighed about 100

pounds. David remembered how he used to fantasize during her class, that she

would somehow grow into a muscular amazon, ripping out of her clothes right in

the middle of class. He got hard thinking that he would be able to create that

scenario right now.

She looked at him for a second, and then grinned as she recognized her former

student, "David, what brings you to my neck of the woods."

He gulped hard, not sure on how he would propose this. "W-well Mrs. Johnson, I-I

wanted to see how you were doing,"

"I'm fine, David just fine, I appreciate your concern though", he always was one

of her favorite students, she thought to herself.

"That's good, well, I'm here to propose something to you, something that I think

you'll agree to. Something that I hope you'll agree to."

She looked up at him for a second, wondering what he had in mind, "well David,

are you going to tell me what it is or are you going to keep an old woman


"Mrs. Johnson, I hardly think that 45 is old, but anyway, here goes. I've been

blessed with the power to increase the height and strength in women, and knowing

your former problems, I was wondering if you would like me to help you out. I

mean, I didn't know if you still had those problems, but just anyway, to be on

the safe side..."

At first she thought that he was plain crazy, but then again, David always did

have an active imagination. Thinking back to the time she found a picture under

his chair of a woman growing out of her clothes. Well, what did she have to

lose, she might as well just humor him, "alright David, I'm game. Just don't

make me tooo big, okay?"

He started shaking a little bit, not knowing if this was possible. He took a few

deep breathes and started concentrating, "alright, here goes!"

He thought about her slowly growing taller and more muscular...looking at her he

saw her slowly getting bigger, her muscles started stretching the fabric of her


They both gasped, not believing that this was happening. She had soon grown to

his height of 5'9", and her muscles were growing rapidly. She felt her dress

creeping up her ass, as her thighs sprouted newly-formed muscle all over them.

Her calves had become heart-shaped beauties that looked to be close to 17

inches. She tensed her powerful new legs, marvelling at their awesome size. She

began flexing her arms, ripping her shirt to shreds in the process. Her

shoulders and back had grown too big to believe. Her breasts tore through the

front of her helpless shirt, exposing them for David's delight, leaving her

completely topless. She continued growing until she was looking down on David,

reaching 7 feet in height. She fondled her new breasts, moaning with pleasure.

Their sheer size turned her on immensely, so this is what its like to be big and

powerful. What a feeling!

David opened his eyes to see before him the fruits of his labor. He had turned

his eleventh grade english teacher into the muscular amazon of his dreams. His

dick sprang to attention. He couldn't believe that little Mrs. Johnson had

actually become the women of his dreams, and this was all his doing.

"Oh my God, it works, it really works. I can do this to anyone that I want to.


Elaine Johnson flexed her newly formed muscles, admiring their awesome size. She

squeezed her thighs and made the muscles in them spring to life. She couldn't

get over their sheer size, and how defined they were. She definitely had

thunder-thighs, but not an ounce of them were fat. She turned her attention to

he person who was responsible for this miracle, "David, come here. I want to

show you how much I appreciate what you've done for me."

She flexed her arm, a huge 24" peaked bicep, where minutes before there was only

a weak, unshapely 10" arm. David looked up at it in awe, he had actually created

this, he thought proudly. He walked up to Mrs. Johnson, his face not even high

enough to come up to her breasts.

"David, feel this arm. I know you love this more than your letting on. I saw a

picture that you accidentily left behind in class once"...his mind started

racing..."that's right, I'm your ultimate fantasy. Right now, you can do

anything you want to me, and I'll do anything you want me to, to you! "

David began feeling her rock-hard body, amazed that the woman before him was not

long ago only 5'1", and weighed only 100 pounds. Now she stood over 8' feet

tall, and had to weigh over 450 pounds, and it was all powerful, shapely muscle!

His hands reached around to her huge, canon-ball shaped glutes. Sliding his

hands down the back of her thighs, feeling her unreal hamstrings. He began

kissing her inner thighs, feeling her dangerous quads at the same time.

She was enjoying this immensely, feeling powerful, sexy, and desireable for the

first time in her life. The thought of tracking down her ex-husband and getting

revenge really turned her on. She would'nt need a gun, she now had two of her

own! What a switch, this time, SHE would be the one doing the tracking down.

Right now, however, it was time to repay David for making all of this possible.

"David, I want you inside me right now. Here, let me get you nice and wet."

She knelt down, her head now even with his. Looking in his eyes for a moment,

she saw that he was in total ectasy. This made her feel incredible, to have this

affect on someone. Grabbing him by his waist, she ripped his pants clean off,

giggling a little at how easy it was. Lifting him up, his dick now even with her

mouth, she engulfes it with her large, moist lips.

David's dick feels tiny in her mouth, but she says nothing, not wanting to ruin

this for him. Grabbing him by his ass, she began pushing him into her mouth.

Sliding him, back and forth until his dick exploded with a tremendous amount of

cum shooting into her large mouth.

Putting David back in the ground, she licked the remaining cum from her lips.

"Well David, do you think you can cum that much two times in a row?"

Looking up in awe at the amazon in front of him, he could only shake his head.

The only reminder of the woman that Elaine used to be were the glasses that

rested on the front of her nose. It only added to the effect, as far as he was


"You're damn right I can cum again, I've been waiting all my life for this to


Smiling down at the young boy in front of her, that was exactly what she wanted

to hear. She laid down on her back, spreading open her tremendous thighs,

inviting David to join her. He quickly sunk his dick into her huge pussy, and

started ramming away. There was no need to be gentle, she could handle anything

that he was able to offer.

He reached for her monumental breasts, squeezing them with all his might. She

was enjoying this immensely, moaning throughout the entire time. He felt around

the entire out line of her breasts, amazed at their sheer enormity. Sliding his

hands down her iron-plated stomach, and then he felt her tree-trunk thighs, all

the while ramming away in delight.

Finally he was cumming again, simultaneously with her own orgasm. They both

shivered in ectasy, enjoying their lovemaking thouroughly. They continued lying

there for quite a while, David snuggling up against her gigantic body. As he

snuggled up against her huge tits, his thoughts turned to his ex-girlfriend. He

would eventually pay her a visit, but not befor he made a few pitstops along the

way! Allowing himself to fantasize about other girls that he would "Gigantisize",

his first stop would be Karen's nerdy, but cute friend Amy. After a few of her

friends had been transformed, Karen would be begging for him to change her as


Part 2

David shook his head, he still couldn't believe that his wildest fantasy had

come true. Just over an hour ago he had transformed his old teacher into a 7

foot tall muscular amazon, and had wild sex with her to top it off! He wondered

if there was a limit to how large and muscular he was able to make women, and

decided that in the near future he would push that limit, perferrably with


He slid his hand down, over his gym bag, making sure that he had not forgotten

to put the lamp inside of it. This was his ticket to many wild times, and he did

not want to misplace it. As he walked over to his car, he thought about his next

target. Who would it be? Karen's friend Amy was one person that immediately came

to mind, but first it was time to eat. The couple of hours with Mrs. Johnson had

been incredible, but it had left him tired and hungry. He drove to the nearest

fast-food resteraunt. As he walked in, he noticed two girls behind the counter.

Both looked to be about 16 or 17 years old. One girl was a little short, had

blond curly hair, and was very cute. The other one was somewhat tall, had auburn

straight hair, and was very beautiful. They both looked a little silly in their

uniforms, and David wondered what they would look like without them. As he was

about to order, the shorter of the two girls put her hands to her mouth and

started screaming. David spun around to see 3 masked gunmen waving guns at him.

One of them, a huge, incredibly muscular white guy reared back the end of his

automatic weapon and slammed it into the side of David's head.

It felt as if he had been hit by a vicious Mike Tyson hook to the head. David

crumpled to the floor in a heap. A mix of yelling and screaming kept him from

pasing out entirely. Looking up from the floor, he tried to focus in on exactly

what was happening. The 3 guys were now behind the counter. One was taking out

the cash, the other was aiming his gun at the crowd, and the other was holding

the two girls by the back of their necks. Squinting his eyes, he concentrated on

the two girls.

"Come-on grow god-damn you, GROW!"

At first nothing happened, so David thought that perhaps he'd have to think

about them not only growing to 7 feet, but even larger, much larger, in order

for them to defend themselves. The guy holding the girls was the same one that

hit David in the head with the gun. He was by far the biggest of the three,

standing over 6'6" tall, and looked to weigh close to three-hundred pounds. The

girls would have to grow mighty big in order to dwarf him! He was getting a bit

antsy as well

"Come-on assholes, let's finish up before the police get here!"

He squeezed the back of the necks of the two girls, "But if we have to, we'll

take these two little bitches as hostages!"

This only made the girls scream again, feeling their situation was hopeless.

These maniacs would either kill them here, or would take them hostage and rape

them before killing them. Even if they didn't have guns, these guys would be

able to kill them with their bare hands, especially the huge one holding them.

Helplessness washed over them, realizing their time was running out. Suddenly,

from out of nowhere, they both felt their bodies begin to tingle. The short

blond, whose name was Amber, looked over at the other girl, Ginger, to see if

she also felt the strange sensation. What she saw shocked the hell out of her,

Ginger was growing! She wasn't just getting taller but her muscles were growing

as well!

She also noticed that Ginger had a huge grin on her face obviously she was

enjoying it. A feeling of immense power washed over Amber as she tightened her

muscles. She flexed her arm, in the process she tore her sleeve apart. It was

unbelieveable how big and muscular she was becoming! She felt the stiching of

her pant's coming apart, no longer was it able to contain her mammoth-sized

thighs. Her body was growing right through her uniform. At first she felt self-

conscious about this, but as she realized just how good she looked, she didn't

care. The huge guy holding her didn't look so big anymore. In fact she was as

tall as him now and Ginger was even taller. In just about 5 minutes, their

situation didn't appear quite as bleak! She couldn't wait to fight back on equal


The guy had stopped holding their neck's and just stood there looking at the two

new female titans, wondering if what he saw was real! The other 2 gunmen had

stopped what they were doing as well, transfixed on their "growing" problem. The

shortest of the three, aparently he was the leader, yelled out to the big guy

that had been holding the girls.

"Don't just stand there Steve, fuck them up before they get too big! Hurry you

idiot, their growing right now!"

The girls had continued growing, they were both easily over 10 feet tall,

dwarfing Steve entirely. They were both completely naked having long-ago

outgrown their clothing. Amber looked down at Steve, flashing an evil grin.

"Soooo little guy, do you still think that you can take us hostage? Maybe it

will be the other way around!"

Reaching down she wrapped her long, thick fingers around the base of his head

like she was palming a basketball. Slowly, ever so slowly, she lifted him up

like a ragdoll.

"Come on, fuck us up before its too late," she mocked him.

"I'd say for you three, its already too late!"

With that she reared back her fist and uncoiled a stunning punch square to his

face. Blood exploded everywhere as he flew backwards at an unbelieveable speed.

Flying over the counter and landing halfway through the dining-room.

Amber jumped up and down clapping her hands, "Isn't this wonderful Gin', we're

like superheroes or something!"

David looked up at the two amazons that he had just created. These two were even

bigger than Mrs. Johnson. There's no limit to how big I can make any girl grow!

Plus, the girls seem to be enjoying it. Just wait until I tell them that I

caused them to grow like this, they'll want to fuck me right here in the store!

The other two gunmen obviously wanted no part of the two teenage titanesses, and

tried to get away. They lept over the counter but before they could land, a pair

of incredibly strong hands caught them from behind.

"And just where do you think your going," Ginger proposed to her captive?

The once frightening gunman cowered before the giant girl like a scared puppy.

He was still holding his gun in in one hand which Ginger proceeded to grab.

"Little boys musn't play with dangerous toys," Ginger said as she squeezed the

middle portion of the gun, bending it in half. This surprised her as she did

this without even thinking if she could do it or not. The fact that she could,

turned her own tremendously. The guy she was holding just looked up at her in

awe, not believing what he had just seen.

"Well little man, time to say bye-bye....," Ginger cocked back her arms and with

all her formidable might threw the guy right through the front window. Glass

showered everywhere and the last of the three gunmen screamed, knowing a similar

fate was in store for himself.

"Please....please, don't hurt me. I swear I'll do anything you want," he pleaded

for his life. "Just let me down and I'll wait here for the police."

Amber dropped the guy onto his ass. She felt totally in charge. The man cowered

at her feet. He began kissing her enormous calves in absolute subservience.

Although this type of display turned her on, she didn't want this vermin

touching any part of her body.



She raised up her foot and brought it down on his back resulting in a sickening

crunch as she broke his back. The guy shrieked out in pain and terror. As he

lyed on the floor motionless, a sadistic smile formed on Amber's face.

At this time David thought that it might be a good time to intervene before

someone else got hurt. The two girls were even more powerful than he had thought

possible, but he was beginning to think that anything was possible. He walked

over to the two giantesses, his face just reaching their upper thighs, and

introduced himself.

"Hello ladies, my name is Da-",

"What is it," Amber looked down at the small geek coming towards her, "Are you

going to try and kiss my legs too? You should, considering that they could end

your worthless life right now!" She laughed at him, as she had realized what her

new-found power ment to herself and others.

David cringed at the sound of the huge girls laughter. This was definitely not

going as planned. The girls were corrupt with their own power, becoming more

cruel and vicious with each passing second. He decided that he would still tell

the girls that he had caused them to change this way, hoping it would cause them

to see him in a different light.

"Well you see girls, I'm the one that caused you to grow like this. I..."

Before he could finish, Ginger interupted him by pushing him to the ground.

"Oh please you little flea, I'm sure you wish that you could do something like

this, but get real."

Both girls began laughing, humiliating David more and more with each passing

giggle. The feeling he had of wanting to fuck these two young amazons had faded.

Instead, he had a burning desire to fuck these girls in a different way.

However, he would need the help of the Genie. He got up off the floor and snuck

out through the front of the store. Once outsiide he removed the lamp from his

bag. He rubbed its side, summoning forth the Genie from inside.

"Well Master, it seems as if the young ladies were too big for you to play


David, annoyed already that the situation turned out the way it did, wasn't in

the joking mood.

"Fuck you Genie, leave the wisecracks to me. Right now I want to make my second

wish. I wish that I had the power to reduce all women to any size that I want."

The Genie crossed his arms and closed his eyes, "Your wish is my command."

"If you want some advice, I'd suggest making sure that the women you change know

about it beforehand and also know that your the one responsible for changing


David nodded agreeingly, "Your right Genie, and I'm sorry know,

getting mad before. I'm just pissed off at those two ungrateful bitches, but in

a few seconds, their going to regret ever embarressing me!"

David walked confidantly back into the fast-food joint, knowing that he would

get his redemption. The two teenage amazons were flexing their powerful,

muscle-laden physiques for their own pleasure.

"Look at my arm, look at how huge it is," Amber called out to Ginger.

Ginger was flexing her own arm, admiring how large it had become as well.

Suddenly she realized David walking towards her.

"Well, well, well, it looks like the little geek is back to admire us. What are

you going to claim now, huh geek, that you can grow your dick to our size as


Both girls began laughing. David was fighting back his urge to kill.

"No, but that's not a bad suggestion. But for now I'd rather take care of you

two overgrown rags."

Amber took a menacing step towards David, "Why you little creep, how dare you

speak to me like that. I'm going to crush you to a bloody pulp."

David laughed at her, "I don't think so, in fact, when I'm through with you

you're the one that's going to have to worry about being crushed to a bloody


He held his breath, hoping that he did indeed possess the power to shrink these

two overgrown teenage giantesses. As he concentrated, the girls began to shrink.

"H-Hey.....what's happening to us....we're shrinking back to normal!"

David smiled an evil grin, "No, not back to normal, instead I'm going to make

you 3 feet tall!"

The girls began crying, realizing that the guy had been telling them the truth.

He did cause them to grow, and now he was taking their power away and making

them even smaller than before.

After he finished shrinking them David left the tiny girls with a parting

thought, "You know that just because you become bigger and stronger than anyone

else, doesn't mean you can act like a bunch of fucks and treat people like shit.

If you were a little appreciative, I would've let you stay that size, perhaps

even grown you a little bigger, but you blew it BIG-TIME!"


David walked up to Amy's house. Her car was in the drive way, so she had to be

home. As he rang the doorbell, he remembered what the genie told him about

telling the girls beforehand. After a minute or two Amy answered the door. She

had a big smile on her face, a face that would soon be a lot bigger if she

wanted it to be.

"David, what a pleasant surprise, come on in. I'm sorry to hear about you and

Karen. That's why your here, isn't it."

David shifted about uncomfortably, "Y-Yeah, that's right, have you heard from

her lately?"

"Sure, I talk to her everyday. In fact, I just got off the phone with her a

little while ago. She was saying some real strange things about you."

David knew it had to be about the growth thing. He hoped that Amy would have an

open mind about it.

"What strange things?"

Amy felt awkward, she was friends with both David and Karen, and now she was

caught in the middle.

"Well....I don't know how to say this, but she said that you had an obsession

with....this sounds so funny...but you had an obsession with giant women!"

David figured that this would be his one opportunity to get it out in the open.

"Its' true, I don't have an obsession, but I do think that it would be

absolutely wild to have a woman grow into a huge giantess and have incredible

sex with her. Maybe that's wierd, but you know what they say, bigger is better!

What do you think, what if you turned into a giantess, what would you do?"

Amy smiled as kinky thoughts ran through her head, "I could think of plenty of

things that I'd like to do. In fact I could think of a few things that I'd like

to do with you!"

David's dick was growing harder and bigger with each word from her mouth. "You

might think that I'm crazy, but I can turn you into a giantess if you want me

to. And if you don't like it, I can change right back. I promise."

Amy's curiousity was growing, "How do you do it, through virtual reality or


"No, I mean really physically grow you into a giantess, as big as you want to


"David I'm not stupid you know, that can't be done. Not by you or anyone. No

wonder Karen broke up with you, you're delusional."

David was getting pissed off, it wasn't supposed to happen like this.

"Oh I'm crazy is that it?"


"Well, how crazy is this!"

He closed his eyes and thought about Amy growing right through the roof. She

stopped dead in her tracks as her body started tingling all over.

"David.....what's happening to me.....I'm really growing aren't I. You son of a

bitch, you can really do it!"

Her muscles were growing at an astounding rate, fueled by David's desire to

prove himself. Her entire body swelled up with enormous muscles, tearing through

her clothing like tissue paper. First her jeans were torn apart by her massive

thighs and calves. Then her shirt, stretched to its' limit by her incredible

upperbody, shredded into tiny strips of material. She was growing taller as

well...6 feet...7.....8.. 10....12. She burst through the roof, flexing her new

muscles amazed at her uncanny size!


To David it seemed as if his dick got harder and bigger as Amy got bigger and

harder. Amy flexed her bicep, curling it and uncurling it. Each time it doubled

its' previous size. Her body radiated raw power, and she had David to thank for

it. And she would certainly thank him.


David, now only coming up to her knee, smiled deservingly. Finally some

apprecation. It felt good to be appreciated

"Just be gentle with me Amy, you don't realize how strong you've become."

Amy continued flexing her astounding muscles, "No, but I definitely want to find

out....and you're going to help me little man."

Giantess Stories: Wishes by Eddie    The small bottle washed up along shore with no fanfare

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