Giantess Stories: Wishes INTRO   Me and my girlfreind have always shared my fetish

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Wishes INTRO

Me and my girlfreind have always shared my fetish. We have explored it and

roleplayed it to no end. my name is Rob and she is kasandra.

we talked alot about it, like what would happen if i really shrank down to the

size of an ant or smaller. she insisted that she would take care of me, keeping


safe. But i insisted that i would not want to live like that, and if it ever

happened i would want her to put me out of my misery. she said she wouldnt be

able to do it.

so i suggested that she just put me on her bedroom floor and forget about me.

she was always a head taller then me, im about 5'6 and she is about 5'11 with

blue eyes, blonde hair, and a slender build. we are both 18 years old and have

just graduated from high school. her parents have gone away for the summer and

left us the house

to ourselves.

Chapter 1

Its about 10am, the alarm is going off and kasandra shuts it off and gets out of

bed, letting me sleep in a bit. i get up twenty minutes later and

head for the shower. I feel a bit strange and disorented, but i can't seem to

put my finger on whats wrong. i finish my shower and head back into the bedroom.

The feeling only gets stronger as i lay my outfit onto the bed. I slip a pair of

boxers on, ok no problem, i stand up and they sag a bit. stange to say the


must be losing a little weight i think. i put on the rest of my cloths and they

feel slightly heavier then what im used to and dont seem to fit right. my socks


up a little too much and my shoes seem to be 1 size too small. i call for

kasandra and she comes running in. It hits me when i see her. She has always

been a bit

taller then i am, but i knew she wasnt 6 feet tall, and thats how tall she

looked at that moment. her tshirt hangs loosely off of her just covering her

panties. i look her up

and down, she has always had big hands and big feet. which i loved about her.

Whats wrong Rob? she looks at my jeans, the legs are bunched up around the


you know that look went out a few years ago? she says with a smile. Something is

wrong Kas, i look at her with a worried look on my face. at this point the


subsides. My cloths aren't fitting right, i pull my pants away from my waste.

you're just losing some weight sweety. come down stairs i made some pancakes.

i follow her out of the room, it's diffucult walking as my shoes slip on and off

the heels of my feet. i say stop, look. pointing down at my feet, as i slip my

foot in and out

of my shoe effortlessly. she looks at me strangly. Those shoes where tight on

you weren't they? she asks. yes i say, a bit nervous now. i slip them off and

carry them down the steps with me. and we sit down at the table. We eat the

pancakes and the feeling comes over me again. this time i see the lip of the

table raising and everything expanding. my cloths feel like they weigh a ton,

and my socks hang off my feet. I watch Kasandra look at me with amazement as she

seems to grow to about ten feet tall. she is tremendous to me. I can't even

reach the floor with my feet. and the chair feels big under me. i jump off of

the chair and my paints slip off of me. my shirt is hanging down to my kneecaps.

she comes over to me and bends down, whats going on!? i ask her. she looms over

me and picks me up and brings me to the couch. I kick and and struggle as she

sets me down. Stop that she says sternly. Kas whats going on?! It's a suprise

she says with a big grin on her face. the feeling gets stronger and i feel like

im raising in the air as the ground seems to get farther away and the couch

seems to shoot in the air. Everything goes black.

I come to with no sense of how long i have been out for. i am completly naked.

and im sitting up on the couch. i realize my situation has only worsened

as i look at my legs then at my feet. they dont even come to the edge of the

couch! everything is tremoundous. the remote control for the TV is next to me,

i pick it up and i can't wrap my hand around it. i stand up and the end table is

eye level with me. i scream for Kas and i hear her loud foot falls come. i gasp

as i look at her, she was big before. but now i felt really tiny. i come up to

her kneecap. she comes closer but dosent say anything. she stands in front of me

as i look up, eyes wide.

i look down at the ground. her feet could easily cover me from crouch to face.

her toes are as long as fingers and as thick as my legs. I look back up to see

her beaming face over her goddess like breasts. she reaches for me with two

hands and picks me up effortlessly and carries me upstairs to the bedroom,

flings me on the bed.

and gets on all fours over me. KAS please i need help now! i try to sit up put

she puts a huge hand on my chest. pushing me down. it easily covers my whole


with just the palm. KAS please i beg her. hitting at her hand for all im worth.

she grabs both my wrists and holds them together with one hand. she bends her

head down

and her huge tounge licks around my entire body. i struggle but its useless she

holds my wrists with no effort what so ever. i scream for help. SHUT your mouth

Rob, or

ill smother you to death with this pillow. you better please me or i'll make you

smaller. remember what we talked about, she adds as she straddles me between

her tree trunk legs. i squirm between them as her weight crushes me some. About

if your dreams did come true? well there coming true baby! and i plan to follow

your wishes to the t. she smiles evily as she starts to ride me. i spend the

rest of my enengy struggling with the giant. but its usuless. she gets off on

me, and then tosses me to the floor in front of her feet. the feeling hits me

again in the pit of my stomach, and i watch the foot in front of my face expand,

laying there too scared to move. i look up and see her face getting higher and

higher. i gather my courage and stand up. reaching up to about her shin. she

puts one couch sized foot to either side of me. and wiggles her big toes. you

like feet rob? she giggles. RUB THEM INSECT. and you better please me or ill

squash you. she lifts a foot above my head, and it blocks out all light. LAY

DOWN BUG. i lay down and stare at the wrinkles of the sole of her foot as the

come down filling my world. i instinctly hold my hands up. and they make contact

with a sole twice as big and wide as i am. my arms bend easy under her weight

and i put them at my sides. but her foot hovers inches from my body and stops. I

SAID RUB THEM LIL BUGGY. she giggles. without hesistation she says, FINE, YOU


now at this point, you figure i'd be in ecstacy. but that isnt the case. this is

a very scarry experince let me tell you. her foot comes down on top of my body,

with my head sticking out between her big and 2nd toe. i look up through the

cracks of her toes. and whimper. squirming for all im worth under her foot. she

seems to stretch up forever.

at least 200 feet in the air. her foot completly surrounds me. it smells

slightly sweet. but im not paying much attention. what i am paying attention to

is her standing up!

to my suprise she moves her foot off of me before her weight shifts, and i lay

there painting.. you wanted this rob. i gotta go out and get some things. by the

time i come back you'll be nothing but an insect that i can;t see on my hardwood

floor. hope i dont accidently squash you! she winks and gets dressed, before she

leaves the room she drops her foot in front of me one more time. wiggling her

toes she says, i'll make you a deal bugboy. if you can get my attention. i'll

let you live. mabey. with that she walks out of the room.

I lay panting for a good ten minutes. the unimstakable feeling fills my body. as

i watch everything drawf me more and more. i watch the wheel of the office chair

in front on her computer desk go from eye level to three times my height. but it

dosent stop anytime soon. I get smaller and smaller. the panals of hardwood grow

under my tiny body. it'd be a trek to get from one crack to another. i stand up

hoping that everything only looks so huge because im laying down. but i notice

little difference.

the feeling only intensefies before it stops. the first thing i look at is the

wheel which is the closest thing to me. it jets into the sky at least 50 feet.

seeming to curve.

the feeling stops and i stand there, dumbfounded, not sure if i will live to see

another day. then BOOM, silence for a half a second followed by another BOOM.

Then the sounds of a door slowly opening. KAS? i cover my ears as the voice rips

through my head. I look over at the door and gasp. staring straight i see a

sandel as high as a truck. resting on top

of it are toes the size of cars. craining my head upwards i cant really make out

the female. her features are way too far away. she curves into the sky. easily

the biggest thing i have ever seen in my life. the voice sounds like kasandra's

cousin melany though. i run towards the giant. hoping that she'll see me and

help me. i don't make it 2 inches. she walks over to the chair, and rolls it

out. i scream and try to get out of the way of the wheel as it threatens to

flatten me. i see the chair give a bit under he weight as she sits in it. i

scream out her name many times. but she dosent even look down. i look at her

sandel encased feet. thinking mabey if i could make her feel my presence then

she would look down. but how to even get on top of her sandel!? she slips her

sandles off and they hit the floor with a large thud. and then she lays her

gaint feet flat on the floor. wiggling her toes. god they are so huge. she can

crush me and not even know it, but i have to get her attention and fast! i

carefully make my way to the front of her toes. they wiggle wrecklessly in the

air, raising 20 feet and then coming down. her pinky toe stands about ten feet

taller then me and about as wide as a small car. finally her toes relax, and i

make my way over to her big toe. punch its smooth surface and look up. I can

hear the computer warming up, but she dosen't even flinch. then i hear WHAM as

her hand slams against the desk above. GOD DAMN ANTS. I reaccess my situation.

it being summer time and all its not that uncommon for an ant or two to sneak

into the house. and judging by the size of the toes looming above me, i doubted

that i was any bigger then an ant. Mel looked alot like her cousin, i even had

the hots for her before i started dating Kasandra. I knew my little thing would

turn her on, i have watched her torture bugs before. but now i could be that bug

and there was no time for fantasizing, i had to get out of here! under the bed i

think, under the bed. i take off running away from the giant foot. but it dosent

get far away fast. the floor stretches before me miles and miles. The foot

slides sideways towards me, i scream and try to get out of the way but i cannot

move fast enough.

her big toe comes down on my leg. I hear it snap and the pain jets through my

body. I yell out to her in vain as i try to budge the giant toe off of my broken

leg but it dosent budge. Then i hear more footsteps, and the door open again.

It's Kas. she comes in the room and slips off her platforms saying hi to her

cousin, and goes into the bathroom. i struggle against the giant toe as the pain

only intensifies. a thirty foot by fifty foot wide toe fills my vision,

everything slowly fades to black.


Chapter 2

I wake up but dont open my eyes. there is a cool breeze washing over my body. I

feel the hard cool wood under my back. i can't feel my leg, but i know

im still alive as a struggle for my breath. Hey man wake up says a distant

voice, i feel something shaking my body. my eyes snap open and i see Kas's

neighbor Tom standing over me. i notice its about late in the afternoon as the

sun streams in. Tom is no more then 16 and has been living next door to Kasandra

for ten years. i think it is all a dream until i look at my surroundings. we are

under the computer desk. the chair looming miles in the distance. the desk

stretching to the sky. Tom what happened? I stammer. Kasandra has gone crazy

man. she shrunk me and my freinds and tortured us. then dropped us in different

places in the room and left.

i watched her tape john to a key on the keyboard. she broke Jim's legs and just

dropped him to the floor. he is over there somewhere, i dont know if he is

alive, Tom voice starts to take on a hysterical note as he points in the

direction towards the looming bed across the plane of hardwood. she had a bunch

of people in her purse man, she has gone out of her mind. she'll kill us all!

Calm down man, relax. i say, sucking in air as i try to sit up. we have to get

out of here, i add. i know what she has in mind, and yes. we will die if we

panic. Then the door creaks open. it's defeaning. CLUNK, CLUNK. Kasandra

monolith feet come into view, strapped into tremoundous platforms.

I focus in on something crawling away from her left foot. IT'S JIM, Tom yells.

Then in a quick movement Kasandra slips her left foot out of her platform, and

then her right. barely missing poor Jim with her monsterous toes. We have to go

get him rob! she'll squash him! Tom takes off leaving me under the desk. trying

to focus on the figure.

with a few more thuds Kasandra sits on the bed. HMM BUGS ALL OVER. MABEY ITS

TIME I CLEANED THIS ROOM UP A BIT. I watch the blood shift in her feet amazed

that i can see that from here, as she stands up and goes over to the closet. I

can see Tom has stopped in his tracks as he heard what she said, i beckon him

over as he turns around and runs towards me. I hear some large banging noises

and then a deafining constant roar. my heart sinks as i realize what it is, and

that she is vacuming. i cover my ears as the vacum scrapes against the floor.

Tom gets to me, and i scream over the noise. TOM WE HAVE TO HIDE! just as i say

this the vacum comes into the view slowly making its way under the desk. the

bottom peice stretches at least a football feild in each direction. and its at

least forty feet high. i start crawling into the corner. as the vacum wooshes

far off to the side of us. tom helps me up and we run into the corner and watch

with wide eyes as the vacum comes straight at us, filling our world with an ear

popping roar. it hits the side of the desk and the wall, leaving us trapped in a

small traingle. we start slipping towards the vacum. i hold onto the edge of the

desk, but Tom isnt so lucky. he gets sucked towards the monster, screaming as he

tries to hold the floor with his hands, he slides faster and faster, and then

upwards into the mouth of the beast. i hold on for dear life as the noise

lessens and the suctions dissapears. then i hear click-click. i watch the pole

lower to the floor in one huge hand, and then it gets dark as kasandra appears

under the desk, holding the pole part of the vacum! she is at least five

hundered feet tall even on all fours. the nozel shoots to one corner then she

drags it along the wall. i watch in terror as it comes straight for me, and

crawl out between the wall and the desk just as it bangs into my corner. i look

around for a place to hide, in my panic alls i see is everything tower over me.

then i see against the wall a basket with laundry. a sock has fallen on the

floor. she wont vacum near the sock i think. so i crawl over as she vacums on

the other side of the desk. that bitch is being thorough i curse. i get to the

sock and crawl inside the lip, peering out as i hear her footfalls and see ber

giant toes land right in front of the sock. with a thud her foot dissapears and

is replaced by her kneecap, i hear the vacum scrap against the wall. and the the

kneecap dissapears. i can see through the fabric of the sock, as i look up i see

a giant hand come down, and grab the sock. i try to grab the meterial under me

and hold on for dear life but i cant hold on as my world tips, i tumble down

into the toe section of the sock as its liften in the air. i look up and i can

see Kasandra's house size face as she bends down, and picks up another sock. her

face dissapears as she ties the socks toether and im flying through the air. and Asesores Fiscales

land on what looks like the bed. Oh my god i think, she is going to wear these!

i have to get out! panicking i start to breath heavy. frantically looking for a

way out, but its hopeless. i can see four or five other tiny people on the bed,

all laying down not moving. i don't know if they are dead or just knocked out


fianlly the roar of the vacum abrubtly winds down. HMM MEL WILL BE HERE SOON, I

GOTTA CHANGE. I look up at Kasandra as she slips off her tshirt, her mountonous

breats bounce as she takes off her pants, and slips into a nother pair. I bounce

as the bed shifts and she sits down. she is wearing sweat pants and another

tshirt. must not be going anywhere i think. my thoughts break as her huge hand

fill the sky and im floating again. she unties the socks and the air rushing in

makes my ears pop. i see her slip one foot into the other sock slowly, wiggling

her toes. i look up at her, praying for my life. her face covers all i can see

outside the sock. her features curve,

its funny that people dont look the same when your an insect. all there features

are too large to comprehend. i watch her face get further away as she lowers the

sock. everything seems to happen in slow motion. first her toes come into view

blocking out most of the light. then they grow larger as the come towards me,

like some animal closing in for the kill. i see my chance not to be squashed

there and then. u use my arms to climb up the side a bit. her toes reach

hovering right above her big tie. i see it coming up at me. it knocks me off and

i try to grab a hold of the smooth toe nail as my world lowers. i slide into the

corner of where the toe and toenail meets.

and hold on for deal life. the toe im on raises tens of feet in the air and

drops again a few times. i watch the fabric of the top of the sock come close to

smothering me. and i close my eyes. then i hear the doorbell. i hold on for dear

life as my world turns into a rollercoaster. up, down, up, down. then it stops

for a moment. i hear the front door open. i look up though the fabric to see her

other foot coming down on me.i burrow myself deep into the corner. as it makes

contact, just missing me, she must feel me, she knows one of her little bugs is

in her sock, im done for. my heart starts to beat fast and i get sick thinking

of my fate. HOW MUCH i hear her boom, 15.75 i hear a reply. O HIYA MEL she booms

again. HEYA, i see Mel walk in with the bags and my world is a roller coaster


world stops going crazy and i can see that im under that table. HOW MANY DID YOU


BEDROOM, DON'T KNOW HOW MANY NOW I VACUMED, both of the giggle at that. I




MIGHT HAVE ONE IN MY SOCK! kasandra exclaims happily. my world tilts again as

the foot leaves the sock. and the air rushes in. the sock tiltes upside down and

i see the table top rushing up to meet me. i hit it and bouce a few times, sure

a few of my ribs are broken. YES LOOK AT HIM. kasandra says. AWW HE'S SO CUTE

KAS, WHICH ONE IS IT? asked Mel. WHO KNOWS WHO CARES. they both laugh again as i

struggle to turn over onto my back. both of there faces are over me. examing me.

Mel's pinky comes down and hoves over me easily five times my witdth. SHOULD I



GETTING VERY FAR. replies Kasandra. she was right the table stretched out

forever on all sides. and the floor must be a few thousand feet below. I'D RUN


Mel. both of them are no longer even looking at me. i see a Kasandra reach into

the bag and bring out a pint of soup, it lowers and hits the table. inches away

from me, i can feel the heat coming from the plastic container, it stretches up

for a hundred feet. KAS I CANT EVEN SEE HIM NO MORE. Mel says. SEE? YOU TAKE


HIM THO, HE WAS IN YOUR SOCK, GROSS! mel says. they both laugh as i see a

plastic spoon coming down right on top of me! im too hurt to fails to

make contact, the lip of it hovers ten feet above me. the base of it missing me

by a few feet. I lay there and think of a way out of this mess.


Chapter 3

I lay panting, holding my ribs, as a shadow comes over me and the spoon. I see

Kasandra's tree sized fingers wrap around the spoon, and lift it high into the


Then descening, dipping into the vat of wontons. I watch this entranced. then

movement catches my eye near the washington monument sized salt shaker. i can

see its another victim, but i can't make out who it is. he is watching me,

peridocally glancing up at the gaints looming over us. eating enough food to

feed manhatten for a month.

which reminds me of my own hunger. my stomach growls. he carefully starts moving

towards me across the plane of the tabletop. Unable to stand, i start crawling

over to him. im amazed that i can start to feel my leg again, althought its in

pain. the bone dosen't feel broken anymore. as if it were some strange side

effect from the shrinking.

still i don't chance standing on it. JEN IS COMING OVER IN A LITTLE WHILE,

kasandra booms. we lay flat on the table. shaken. SHE DOSEN'T KNOW, WE CAN USE

THESE TWO HERE TO HAVE SOME FUN, she adds. my heart sinks, they where watching

us the whole time. we stood out easily against the white tablecloth.

AWW LOOK KAS THEIR TRYING TO GET AWAY, mel giggles. before i know whats going on

a giant thumb is to the left of me, and a giant index finger to the right.

closing in slowly. they pinch together and im trapped. i squirm for all im worth

beating on the pad of Mel's thumb, as im lifted hundreds of feet into the air. i

stop and stare wide eyed at mel's face, it covers the whole of what i can see

trapped between two fingertips. and that isnt much, alls you see is flesh under

you and on top of you.




menacing tone. I fly through the air in between her fingers. I see a finished

container of soup far below me, but unfortuantly for me at my size, what little

broth remains, i can infact drown in. Its like a lake. i estimate it at twenty

or so feet. The fingertips dissapear and im free falling, screaming at the top

of my lungs. SPLASH. i hold my breathe as i go under. my body stinging from the

impact. i resurface just in time to hear Kasandra happily exclaim, YOUR SO CRUEL

MEL. Mel replies, AREN'T I. i see the cover coming down, i beg her not to do it.

but it snaps over me, sealing me in. i try to keep afloat. and i manage it.

shrugging off the pain in my leg as it lessens. i feel lucky for that at least.

if it was still broken i would have sunk to the bottom and stayed there. then i

see her house sized hand wrap around the container. and suddely my prison lifts

into the air. a large wave comes towards me and slams into me, knocking me into

the side. i resurface again, only to see another wave slam into me. this goes on

for a few more seconds as im carried somewhere. i try and make my way over to a

peice of pork still floating in the soup. i grab hold and hang on for dear life

as the container is set down near the sink. i watch mel walk away back into the

dining room. i float there looking at my prison. no escape. the ceiling is on

tight, thats considering it would be a hundred feet climb on slippery plastic

that just shoots straight up into the sky. i bite into the pork, alievating my

hunger some. god knows the next time i would get to eat. if there was a next

time. i turn my thoughts to the other guy on the table? did they do something

worse to him? is he dead? my thoughts break as Kasandra and Mel walk into the

kitchen, followed by Jen. I always had the hots for Jen. she was asain and

short. about 5'3. with streaming black hair, nice sized tits. a cute face. and

really cute petite feet. though i doubted her feet would seem so petite now. the

girls sit at the table and chat for a while. Finally Jen gets up and says she is

going to go grab the movie and she'll be back in fifteen minutes. Kasandra says

she is going to make some dip, and askes jen to grab some chips. I watch

Kasandra and Jen walk out of the kitchen, after a few seconds only Kasandra

comes back, holding her container of soup. She comes towards me and her huge

hand wraps around my container. and i struggle to stay on my peice of pork as a

few waves wash over me, im set on the table and the cover comes off with a loud

scraping sound. WOW LOOK MEL THEY BOTH LIVED. giggles kasandra. YA PERSISTANT

LIL BUGGERS AREN'T THEY KAS? replies Mel. The giantess's loom over us, like

skyscrapers. GET ME A SPOON MEL. ON IT, mel replies. Mel dissapears from view

and comes back with a spoon. Mel hands Kas the spoon and it decends into my

container. it comes down and scoops under me, lifting me in the air. THIS ONE IS



TASTY. The spoon shoots up to Kasandra's giant lips. they part and her tounge

comes out licking her lips. i scream and beg, but they can't hear me, or don't

care. probally both. she opens her mouth wide, and the stench of chinese food

waffs over me. i scream and close my eyes. but when i open them i see im being

pinched in between two fingertips again. Mel's face comes back into veiw. i

squirm insticitvly. DON'T SQUIRM! says mel.


she adds. NOW I'LL MAKE YOU A DEAL. WE ARE GONNA WATCH A MOVIE, she countinutes.




MORE HOURS, WATCH THIS, mel giggles. My world turns and i see Kasandra open up a

can of dip and pour it into a bowl. I watch her grab the other victim out of the

container of soup, and slowly lower him into the dip. i watch him slowly

sinking, struggling to keep afloat, as Kasandra picks up the dip and walks away

into the living room. The world rushes by at dizzying speeds as Mel walks into

the living room. i see the couch come into view. and the coffee table. i

remember just twentry four hours ago sitting on that couch watching tv. now the

couch was large beyond comprehension. i wimper as i see the jungle of carpet

fibers rising up to meet me. just about twenty feet above the ground Mel lets me

go, and i land hard on the floor. I look up and i see a pink wall that stretches

up for thirty feet, and its length is emerisable.

it takes me a few seconds to relize that its only the side of mel's foot. it

dissapears, and the carpet fibers that were under it's weight spring back up.

the carpet comes up to about my face. but i can just barely see over it. a good

ways in the distance (to me) i see two pairs of giant feet. looking up a good

six hundred feet through the glass of the coffee table i can see the bowl of

dip. the TV blares on, and the girls start talking. i feel so helpless. the only

thing i can think of is hitching a ride out on jen. but even that would probally

wind up getting me crushed. The front door opens up. a few seconds go by and i

hear loud footsteps approching me. seconds later Jen walks into the room holding

a blockbuster bag. and she is coming right towards me!. she stops about five

hundred or so yards away and slips out of her sandels. then in one step, i see a

shadow come over me, i look up to see her foot coming down on me, every wrinkle,

and crevice of that foot grows larger and larger. i scream out and close my

eyes.but death dosen't come. i open my eyes to see the underside of Jen's huge

toes in front of me. i look up and realize my predicament, im trapped under her


light streames in from between them, and three giants sitting on the couch loom

beyond them. WHAT DID YOU GET JEN? asked Mel. ANTZ. says Jen. Mel and Kasandra

look at each other knowingly smiling. GREAT ILL POP IT IN, offers Kasandra. The

ground shakes as she goes over to the TV. I again have to figure out a way to

save myself.

Chapter 4 (conclusion)

It's been a good two minutes, and my prison hasn't moved.  to

me there is plenty of room under Jen's toes.  the undersides of her

toes loom what seems like twenty feet in the air, and there is a good

amount of space all around me, it's dark, save for the light

filtering in from between her toes.  looking up i see her face

hundreds of feet in the air.  it looks small from this distance.  her

legs stretch into the sky like trunks of a redwood.  suddenly, her

toes raise impossibly high in the air, followed by her monsterous

foot.  i make a break for it as fast as i can, wading helplessly

through the thick carpet. i see the shadow of her foot all around me,

moving back and forth at a dizzying speed.  i have watched her do

this on occasion.  she had very restless feet, unfortuantly for me.

That bitch Mel knew excatly where to put me.  I wouldn't bet on

myself surviving very long here.  I have just enough time to make it

out from under her toes. as her foot comes crashing down in

 ches behind me, i can feel the heat coming off of her toes.  looking

up at the table, i can see Kas reaching for the bowl of dip that the

other guy was in.  they chatter idly, laughing at parts of the movie,

crunching on chips dripping with dip.    I can only wonder who ate

that poor guy. my thoughts are jarred by a shadow coming over me. i

look up to see the sole of Jen's foot coming down on me.  her toes

wiggling.  i roll into a fetal position as it comes down on top of

me, but strangly it doesen't make contact.  i look up laying under

the strands of carpet. alls i can see is the wrinkles of flesh

resting on top of the fibers.  I've never really had good luck, and

in reality i should of been a stain on that tan foot.  I don't waste

any time, i get on my stomach and start crawling towards the light.

i reach the light just in time. her foot grinds into the carpet. just

missing crushing me out of existance.  i see my salvation. and start

running towards the couch.  i run

  along the side of her foot for what seems to be like hundreds of y

me.  her other foot lands in the distance, and she rises to her full

height. jen noo! i'm not an ant! I scream.  i turn around and run for

my life.  i see a shadow pass over me,

looking up i see the underside of jen's foot coming down, but not on

me.  i watch her walk off towards the kitchen, covering miles with

each step.  i keep running but don't make much progress in the thick

carpet. I have to push the fibers out of the way, and they aren't

light. A shadow covers me again.  i look up and there is Jen, her

feet on either side of me.  a rolled up magazine in her hand.  THATS


and stand up, walking over to me.  they surround me, everywhere i

look to run, there are giant toes.  they stretch into the sky like

some sort of goddesses.  LOOK JEN, IT'S EASY. booms Mel.

Her foot rises just a few inches off the ground. her big toe hovers

above me.  I see her face from under her toes, and can almost make

out a smile.  I take off running,

stumbling over carpet fibers.  A pink wall comes down right in front

of me. i slam into it and fall on my ass, it rises and alls i see

above me is the sole of Mel's foot coming down.  Slowly filling my

world. Then, darknes.  


Giantess Stories: Wishes INTRO   Me and my girlfreind have always shared my fetish

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