Giantess Stories: Without warning Part one

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Without warning

Part one

Ed and Ted were sitting on their lawn chairs drinking beer. It was a typical

lazy Sunday afternoon. Ed then said;

“I've spend too much time, on those GTS boards.”

Ted with eyes closed and not really listing asked,” why'd that Ed?”

“I see a beautiful mega giantess, off in the distance.”

“I don't know, what you see in mega giantess. “

“Will you just look.”

“All right, all right.” Ted opened his eyes, then blinked, he could not believe

what he was seeing. Off in the distance a gigantic girl was moving back and

forth as if she was in a daze or very confused. Then she vanished in a flash of


“What was that about?” Ted asked.

A few days later…

It was a beautiful day in the city, the sky was clear and blue, the birds

were singing, kids playing. A summer day like any other. Suddenly, a flash

appeared. To be replaced by a five mile tall giantess. At first people thought

they were daydreaming, for she looked like an ordinary teenager, with brunette

hair. She was even dressed like a teenager. When people felt the earth shake and

buildings crumble, they realized it was no dream.

Valerie for her part, thought she was dreaming. For the fifth night in a row,

she found herself on a tiny world, with tiny cites. On some nights she meet

other giantess some smaller than her, others much larger than her. but for the

most part she ran into tiny people. She inspected the city, crushing a few city

blocks out of existence while doing so. A shinny skyscraper caught her eye. She

carefully picked up.

“This would make a cute paperweight.” Valerie said to no one to particular.

Think I'll visit Florida. An moment later Valerie found herself, in Florida.

“This is one aspect of the dreams I like.” Valerie though to herself, as she

headed for the local theme parks.

Mayor Clincher could not believe his eyes. His beloved city hall/office

complex, got carried off, like it was a toy. Vanishing with the giantess in a

flash of light.

Meanwhile, Valerie was having a ball in Florida. She was busy picking up and

pocking, the various attractions. Then she heard her mother calling. Before she

know it was happening she found herself home, in bed.

“Valerie it time to get ready for school.” Her mother cried through the bedroom


“OK mom.” Valerie answered, as she started to get up. Then she noticed her gown

pockets where full of tiny buildings.

“This can't be, it was a dream.” Valerie told herself.

“VALERIE get a move on.” Her mother cried.

“I'll figure this out latter.” Valerie told herself as she rushed to get ready

for another day at blank high school.

As much as she tried to focus on school and her life( or lack of it) she kept

thinking about her dreams. Do I secretly want to be a giantess? She asked

herself. Then laughed, “who ever heard of a five and half foot giantess. Only to

tiny people would I be a giantess.”

That night she inspected the buildings she pocked the night before. Other

than their tiny size, they looked normal. Occasionally, she noticed tiny mite

size dots along the buildings, but had no idea what they were. She didn't

realize they were people who were unfortunate enough to be in or around the

buildings, when she picked them up

“There got to be a reasonable explanation for this.” Valerie told herself

over and over again. She was still saying it, when she vanished from her bed.

“Not again.” Valerie cried, as she found herself on yet another(to her) tiny


“You better take a look at this Stacey “ the witch guards told their boss

Stacey, supreme ruler of Stacey's world.

She looked through the spy lens.

“I thought April and friends were big, but she dwarfs them.”

“Can we match her five mile height?' the witch police asked.

“You probably can't, but I can. I'm taking care of this GTS-goddess personally.

Assemble 100 giantess cops as backup.”

“But Stacey.”

“Just do it” Stacey shouted as she rushed to meet Valerie.

Valerie was about to teleport elsewhere. When a young woman appeared before

here. She had red hair, a hint of freckles,. Her clothes consisted of a red and

gold uniform, with unfamiliar insignia. What caught Valerie's attention was her

height, for she was on eye level with her.

“Who are you?” Valerie asked.

“Stacey, and your trespassing on my world. I therefor sentence you to life in


“Wait a moment.” Valerie cried, but Stacey made a hand gesture. Suddenly, walls

of stone and steel, rose up out of the ground and covered Valerie. Within

moments she was in a jail cell.

“This is turning into a nightmare.” Valerie cried. In description, she wished

herself home. To her relief, she found herself out of the cage, but she wasn't

home. The terrain was the same, but the buildings were all wrong. Then she felt

chains around her legs.

“Try teleporting your way out of this one.” Stacey challenged Valerie.

“All right.” Valerie replied as she vanished leaving the chains behind.

“This isn't going to be as easy as I thought.” Stacey told herself, as she

disappeared after Valerie.

This pattern of being captured then escape, went on all night long. With

witch police joining in. They even managed to hang on to her, during some her

teleports, but they were smaller than her, so she managed to fight them off. By

dawn, both parties needed a rest, and both were glad when Valerie teleported

back to her bedroom and her normal size.

To be continued

Part 2

Valerie dream life was starting to get to her. Her encounter with the witches

had really spooked her. But it was the multiverse news that was really worrying

her. Reports were coming in of a giantess five miles tall, appearing from world

to world. A giantess that looked an awful lot like her. Worried that she was the

giantess the media was calling without warning. She decided to conduct an

experiment. She would deliberately take a piece of her dream back with her. Then

take it to Annie McAllen, a scientist friend of hers. To determine what the heck

is going on.

Andrew Mack was out on the porch enjoying the beautiful evening. He was glad

he moved to pleasant acres., with it's trees, mini parks and tiny homes. He

waved to his kids who were leaving for a night in town, with suddenly a flash

appeared off to the west. Then the stars , when out in a large human shaped

section of sky. Then he realized he was looking at a woman, of which the likes

he had never seen before.

“What is it?' asked his daughter.

“I think it a giantess, but A better question is what's she doing?' Andrew


Valerie armed with garden tools and a clear, wide box. Got to work. She had

spotted Pleasant acres, and felt it looked too cute to pass up. So she began to

cut into the ground, around the subdivision trying to get it out of the ground


“Should we try to escape?” Andrew's son asked. He was upset that his night on

the town, been canceled, because of a damn mega giantess.

“Where to?” Andrew replied. “I'm not sure we could get away in time.”

How right he was, for at that moment, Valerie tried lifting the whole

subdivision into the box. But found it a bit awkward. So she split Pleasant

Acres in two, and placed the two halves in the box. Of the thousand or so people

in Pleasant acres, ten got wiped out by Valerie's hand tools. The survivors got

dizzy, when Valerie lifted two miles in the air. Then they vanished with her in

a flash of light.

Valerie woke up with the box, in her hands. She gazed down at the 50 cm by 50

cm box. Inside she could see trees, a couple of parks, a small lake, faint lines

that resembled streets and bumps that looked like homes. There were also patches

of dots, that seemed alive. She didn't yet realize these were people and their

vehicles going every which way, looking for a way to escape. They(the people in

the box) realized they had been taken someplace else. For the sky had been

replaced by walls, they knew they were in a room of some sort.

Valerie then realized her garden tools were missing.

“Don't tell me, I left them in the dream.” She cried out. She then decided to

focus on the box. After phoning Annie, an after school meeting in Annie's lab

was arranged. When she got there. Annie got out the magnifying glass and

microscope, she quickly realized she had a miniature town before her, complete

with citizens.

“Hey Valerie, do you realize there are tiny people, in here? This is a amazing

scientific discovery.” Annie then noticed, Valerie was in the next room. She

appeared to be stunned by the tv.

“Welcome to multiverse News break. In tonight's news, Without Warning strikes

again, and leaves her calling card.”

Pictures of a huge garden tools, along side a hole in the ground, appear on the


“Your looking at what used to be Pleasant Acres. Approximately a thousand people

are believed missing. Their fate is unknown at this hour. In other news…”

Valerie had heard enough. She had recognized those garden tools, they were the

one she used last night.

“I'm in big trouble Annie. That's a real town I brought back with me.”

“I know, it amazing, how something so small can exist.”

“You don't understand. It was a normal size town, until I removed it, and

brought it back with me.”

“So, your saying, you turn into a giantess at night, and you shrank the town,

when you returned to your normal size.”

“Basically yes. I got to try to return Pleasant acres, back where it belongs.”

“But this is an unparalleled opportunity for scientific study.”

Valerie sighed; “Look Annie, you can study me later, if you must, but I got to

return these people back where they belong.

Despite Annie's protests, she took the box home with her. Annie then followed

Valerie home, and the pestered her, to let her stay the night.

That night as Annie watched, Valerie box in hand, vanished in a flash of

light. Annie then checked the bed, for any traces of the teleporation process.

To her surprise she found some tiny people on the bed.

“How did you get out of the box?” she asked.

Meanwhile Valerie struggled to find the exact spot, where she was the night

before, to had no luck. After trying for several hours, she gave up. She

carefully took the town, and told the inhabitants.

“I'm sorry, I can't take you where, you were before. But at least your at your

proper size. Please expect my apologies.”

The inhabitants of Pleasant acres couldn't make out her words. All they knew,

was they were out of the box, and they probably never see the dozen people that

managed to get out of the box, back in Valerie's room.

“This is multiverse news break, in today's news, Pleasant Acres showed up

today, four universes where it was originally taken. The inhabitants we

interviewed said they were first taken to a bedroom and then, to a lab, where DVD rutina de entrenamiento de Cindy Crawford

they were examined by a second Giantess. They also report, the first giantess

trying to tell them something, but were unable to make out the words. Out of a

thousand people, 10 are known dead, and a additional dozen are still missing, in

Without Warning's home world.

The people of Pleasant valley are divided over wither or not to abandoned their

homes and return to their home world, or to start anew on this world. This is

Brain Cosby signing off.”

”OOPS. I went to the wrong world.” Valerie said to herself as she turned off the


“Hey Annie, did you see any tiny people, outside the box?”

“No.” Annie lied. She had already pocked the tiny people, she spotted the night


To be continued Comments please


part 3

Ray looked around the glass surface in despair. He and several other people,

had managed to get out of Pleasant Acres, only to get bogged down on the bed

sheets. He still remembered with horror the booming sound his captor made, then

the glass surface came out of nowhere, presently he stared up, at the microscope

above his head.

Annie studied the tiny man, on the microscope side. She had many experiments

planned for him and the other tiny people she had picked up. She picked up an

small sugar ant, and placed it in a small clear box. Then she put Ray in the

same box.

Ray tried to escape the box, for the ant was thrice, his height and many

times his length. But the walls were too high. He then tried dodging the ant,

but the box was a confined space, and after a few moments, the ant had him

cornered. Then Ray was split in two by the ants jaws, and eaten.

After Annie recorded the results, she realized she was getting low on tiny


“If only I knew how Valerie size changes, I could get my own supply of shrunken

material.” Annie cried out.

“I believe I can help you.” A man replied.

Startled Annie turned around, and saw a man standing by the lab door. He was

tall, wearing a brown business suit.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?”

“Names Dean Lodge, I'm with the Doomsday society. Were the ones that made a

giantess out of Valerie. Unfortunately she turning into a big disappointment,

first letting herself get caught, and now she actually trying to work with


“What are you talking about?'

“Oh, I forget you been in the lab for days. Let me explain, a few days ago..”

Another day and night passed. Valerie was trying to avoid crushing things

when she was in her giantess state. But it wasn't easy. While major cities where

easy to avoid. Many small rural communities got crushed, beneath her unaware

feet. She knew she should stay put when she was a mega giantess, but she got too


Meanwhile a short distance away, a team of tracers were keeping an eye on

Valerie's every move. They were determined to track down her home world, and now

they had the means to do it. A radio tag, the size of a small car. Despite

initial skepticism, the tag idea was approved. The tag would give off a signal,

no matter how small it became, this was done, because the scientists realized,

without warning must be shrinking to human size, some of the time.

“Approaching target.” the head commando, told his team. “Wait until were a

kilometer away, then fire the tag.” Closer and closer the helicopter came, then

the signal to fire came.

“Direct hit sir.”

“Excellent, are you receiving the signal?”

“Yes sir.”

“Now we wait for her to go home, and then nab her.”

A few hours later, Valerie returned home to find her parents waiting for her.

“Where have you been?” they asked.

“Um, it's a little hard to explain. You see when I go to bed…” Valerie was then

interrupted by the sound of helicopters and trucks. Valerie and family looked

out the window, dozens of troops, were surrounding the house.

“What in the world, to they want?” Valerie's dad asked.

Then the front down was beat in, troops carrying portable tracers stormed into

the house. Within moments they had a lock of Valerie. Then the head Commando


“Without Warning you are under arrest.”

“This must be a mistake, this is my daughter Valerie. Does she look like a

giantess to you?”

“But mom, I am the giantess they call Without Warning, at least some of the

time.” Her parents were stunned by her words, they have seen news reports about

Without Warning, but never dreamed it could be there daughter. Despite their

protests the troops hauled Valerie away.

Valerie spent all day under lock and key. Under round the clock observation.

They were very surprised when around 11 that night, she vanished before there

very eyes, and appeared as a mega giantess a hundred world away. After a night

of roaming she returned to the cell at dawn. After this pattern repeated itself

for a few days, they realized there was no point keeping Valerie locked up so

they worked out a deal. Valerie would try not to cause damage or lost of life.

She's also to help the people of the worlds she visits. In return, the

authorities, leave her alone when she small, and work with her when she large.

“Can you see why were disappointed with Valerie?” Dean asked Annie.

“Yes. She too wimpy. But you said you could help me.”

“Would you like to be a part time giantess?'

“Would I ever. I got tons of experiment ideas. The multiuniverse would be my

lab, starch that, I could take the multiuniverse to my lab. Have…”

“I get the idea Annie. Let's make a deal.”

After some negotiations Annie and Dean struck a deal.


Valerie and Annie were a study on contrasts. While Valerie was helping a

world, deal with a devastating flood, by building dikes and drainage ditches.

Annie was taking entire towns to her lab. With weeks she had pieces of more than

20 worlds, and three sentient species in her collection. Her main experiment at

the moment was seeing how people from many different worlds, reacted to each


Attempts were made to stop Annie, but with no luck. For unlike Valerie, Annie

could control where she would emerge when she shrank down. In desperation,

Valerie was asked to try to talk sense to Annie. She reluctantly agreed.

Annie drunk with power, had gotten careless with security. So when Valerie

arrived at her old lab, she was able to find the passageway to her new lab. When

Valerie, entered the lab, she could not believe her eyes. Before her were rows

of tables. Each table had some shrunken material on it. On most of the tables a

smorgasbord effect was created. Valerie couldn't get over the diversity. There

were deserts next to jungles, cities that were made up of sections that looked

like they came from all over the world. While some sections didn't appear human

built at all. Then Valerie spotted Annie. She was conducting some sort of

experiment, on one of sections.

“Annie can we talk?' Valerie asked as she walked towards Annie.

“Make it quick, I'm busy learning the history of the British Union.”

“The what?”

“BU for short, I'm learned a lot of things since I developed the mite

commutation scope.”

“That's fine Annie. But I've been asked to tell you, to please, reframe from

taking bits of other peoples worlds.”

“Reframe!! Never, the universe is my petri dish. You know what your problem is

Valerie? Your a wimp, a gentle giantess.”

“Nobody, likes an evil giantess Annie.”

“I'm not evil, just an indifferent scientist. Besides according to a survey in

GTS-goddess Today. Most board members tolerate evil GTS, gentle giantess,

finished at the bottom of the pack.”

Valerie wondered who the heck the board was, but she let it drop. Instead she

pointed to a nearby square of land, with a small town, and said;

“Have you no conscience? Do these people deserve to be in your lab?”

Annie after taking a look, at the square in question replied;

“The inhabitants of that square are not even human. Their a race that call

themselves Morphers. Besides there nothing you can do for them.”

“I could take with me when I grow.” Valerie replied.

“You could only take a few, besides I would just track them down, and bring them

back. Or just shrink new ones.”

“Annie one way, or another. Your going to be stopped.”

“By who?”

Valerie then threw a punch at Annie.

To be continued

Part 4

Annie was surprised, but she soon fought back with a quick kick to Valerie ribs.

Winded Valerie, managed to throw more punches at Annie, an all out fight was

developing, with Annie's lab as the battleground.

Arnold observed the two fighting giantess, from his point of view, it looked

like two mountains, in motion. Suddenly a hand filled the sky and Arnold saw no


“Hey your wrecking my experiments.” Annie cried out. Valerie starred in horror

at the carnage in her hands. She had just wiped out innocent people. Valerie

decided it was time to leave, but then Annie charged her, and the fight resumed.

After an hour, of slugging it out, the two giantess realized something. They

couldn't hurt each other. The only thing getting wrecked was Annie's lab and her


“Get out and stay out.” Annie cried.

“Gladly, but remember I'll be back.” Valerie replied and then left in a huff.

“I should ask the Doomsday society to pull the plug on Valerie.” Annie said to

herself as she began to clean up the mess.

That night Annie met with Dean, but didn't like what she was hearing.

“You refuse to pull the plug on Valerie!! But she a pest, a potential rival.”

“She is your rival. You two are a good example of the conflict between good and

evil. Making for good entertainment.” “Besides our attempts to pull the plug on

Valerie have failed.” Dean silently added.

“Can't you take her off my back permanently?”

“Sorry, Annie, your on your own. But I think your doing fine. Anyway I got a

meeting to attend, till next time.”

“Wait!” Annie cried, but Dean was already gone.

Meanwhile, Valerie was siting on a mountain, far from her home world, when

she was joined by Michelle. They soon started talking, Valerie told

Michelle(a.k.a. mega) about her troubles with Annie, hoping for advice on what

to do next.

“Well Valerie, there no permanent solution. All you can do is try to limit, the

damage she causes. But do you want to spend all eternity, trying to stop her?'

“What do you mean all eternity?'

“Your both GTS-goddess, your immoral. I'm a GTS-goddess too I should add.”

“I'm no goddess.”

Michelle's response was roaring laugher.

“I fail to see the humor in the situation. But if that's you got to say, I'm


“Then leave. I've already given you my advice.”

Valerie then vanished with a frown on her face.

The end

Giantess Stories: Without warning Part one

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