Giantess Stories: Would you want it

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Would you want it?

Chapter 1.

Algebra. Truly the devils work. Andy sat and listened to his teacher go on and

on about this, but it went in one ear and out the other. When would he ever need

to use this in real life? Probably never. And so his mind began to wander, as it

always did, to his deepest thoughts. His deepest fetish. His deepest fantasy.

But one question he could never answer, would he really like this fantasy, this

obsession, to really happen?

Suddenly a vibration rippled through Andy's leg, then again, then again. Very

subtlety he retrieved his mobile phone from his pocket to read the message,

being very careful to keep it concealed from Miss Richardson. If she caught him

messing about with it she would go ballistic. The message was from his best

friend and his next door neighbor Jim. It read simply:

“Sleepover this weekend?”

A smile formed over Andy's lips. Sure, he had slept over at his friend's house

before and sure, he would this weekend too, but it always seemed a pointless

exercise to Andy. Living right next door to each other kind of defeated the

purpose of a sleepover for him. But, deep down, that wasn't a problem. He would

get to see Jim's sister and mother. Again his mind wandered to that obsession

yet again.

The bell rang, class ended, and Andy left the school with Jim. Andy's mother was

waiting for them outside to take them home, as usual. Like clockwork.

“I'll be sleeping at Jims this Saturday mom.” Stated Andy.

“That's fine,” she replied. “Have you cleared it with Jane?”

Jim interjected. “Yeah, my mom says it's ok.”

“Okay then, but Andy, leave Jim's sisters alone. No teasing them!” said Claire,

Andy's mother, in a half serious tone.

“Hey, they tease me as much as I tease them!” Andy said defensively.

“Yes, but they're older than you and could probably kick your butt!” came the

simple reply. Jim giggled.

“I don't know what you're laughing at; they could kick your butt too!”

And so they drove home like every other day, totally unaware of how things were

about to unfold. About to change. Forever.

Andy and Jim had a lot in common. They both lived with single parents, and they

both had sisters. Jim had three and Andy had two. They were both the youngest

siblings in their respective families, they were the same age and neither of

them had known their fathers. Andy's had died in an accident just before he was

born and Jims had run off with another woman when he was very young.

Saturday came relatively quickly, and at six o clock Andy headed off round to

Jims. He knocked at the door and waited for a couple of seconds before it

opened. It was Jim's mother, Linda. Andy's heart skipped a beat.

To be honest, Linda was not the most stunning woman in the world, but she was

still very cute. She had a very woman-next-door look about her, just as her

daughters did. A down to earth look. Like women that you meet in real life, not

see on the T.V. But to Andy, that made her all the more attractive. She was a

mature woman, of 45, and her age was starting to show slightly, but she carried

herself well and always kept in shape.

“Hi Andy, Jims upstairs in his room. Go on up.” Linda said in her ever pleasant


“Okay, thanks for letting me stay over tonight.” Andy said sheepishly. Linda


“It's okay, you just be good.” She joked. Andy returned the smile. “I will.”

He headed upstairs towards his friends room, on the way he passed Jessica's

room. The door was open slightly and he couldn't help but peak in as he past.

Jessica was Jim's sister, the second youngest of the family (after Jim) at 17

years old. She was cute, like her mother but she seemed to have a bit of a mean

streak that Andy had seen from time to time. She wasn't evil, at least she

didn't seem it, but every now and then her character showed a mean, even cruel

side. Andy could never figure this out. It almost seemed like a repressed

emotion in her.

As he passed Jessica's room and peered in, he saw her doing something strange.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed with a weird look on her face. A look

Andy had seen before. She was smiling but had a very focused yet vindictive look

in her eye. She was looking down at her sock clad foot and, as strange as it was

to Andy, it looked as though Jessica had something small trapped under there as

she was grinding and twisting her foot, as though torturing a bug, but not

putting enough pressure on to totally squash it. Just trap it. This triggered

something inside Andy as his thoughts began to drift back to that fantasy of

his, but he managed to shrug it off and head on to Jim's room.

“Hi Jim.” Exclaimed Andy.

“Hey, what's up?” came the reply.

“Nothing much. Where should I dump my things?” Jim pointed to the corner of the

room, which is where Andy threw his bag.

“Is Jess okay? She was acting a little weird when I walked past.” Andy inquired.

“Yeah, she's been acting funny lately. She hardly ever comes out of her room.

Andrea and Kelly are the same. I think they're up to something.” He responded.

“Any idea what?”

“None. I don't really care. As long as nothing happens to me why should it be my


It seems that in every story told, someone always says something so ironically

stupid that you just want to scream. I think Jim has taken care of that.

Chapter 2.

A short while after arriving at Jim's house, Andy and his friend headed

downstairs to the dinner table to eat, where Linda had prepared lasagna for

everyone, Andy's favorite. Everyone gathered round the table and began to eat as

normal and the general conversation was as typically mundane as it would be with

any other family. As the conversation moved on Andy couldn't help but notice the

behavior of Jim's sisters, Andrea, Kelly and Jessica. Every once in a while Jim

saw them smiling at each other, a kind of knowing smile, as if they were all in

on a joke. It went on for some time until Jessica began giggling out loud.

“What's so funny Jess?” Inquired Linda. Jessica was obviously trying her best to

suppress her laughter. This caused her two sisters to begin laughing as well.

Andy read the expression on Linda's pretty face, showing an extremely puzzled


“Come on, what gives? What's the big joke?” a perplexed Linda asked again.

“It's nothing mom. I was just thinking of something that happened yesterday.”

Jessica finally answered.

“Well, do share it with everyone else. It must be a good story.” Her mother


“It's nothing. It's not really very funny anyway.” Replied Jessica, obviously


Linda flashed her daughter a suspicious look before continuing with her meal.

Andy, who was sat next to Jessica, very subtlety looked down at her feet, as he

always did when he got the chance. He saw that she was still wearing her white

socks and that every now an then she would suddenly twitch her toes on her left

foot, as if flinching. He also saw that she was resting her left foot on its

side, exposing the sole to Andy's field of vision and it was upon closer

inspection he noticed that there was a small lump in her sock, almost directly

under her toes. This on its own wouldn't really be cause for suspicion, however,

what alerted Andy to it was the fact that every now and then it would move. It

was when this thing moved that Jessica's toes would twitch, like an instinctive

reflex, and every time it did it brought a smile to Jessica's face. Andy focused

his vision on the sole of her foot to try and make out what this object was. One

thing he concluded was that it seemed to be alive, so he deduced that it most be

a bug of some sort. But why would Jessica keep a bug in her sock? Andy had seen

her torture bugs before, but never to this extreme. Also, if this was what Jim's

sisters found so amusing, why would Andrea and Kelly care about a trapped bug.

It didn't add up. Andy's mind soon switched from this trail of thought however,

and he began to imagine what it would be like to be that bug trapped in her

sock, pressed against her giant foot, powerless against it, being forced to

smell the aroma.

It was then Andy realized that he was staring at Jessica's foot for a little too

long, so he averted eyes from her feet and then suddenly locked onto her face!

His heart almost leapt into his mouth, she was looking directly at him! She had

a devious smile on her face and Andy felt himself become flustered and

embarrassed. He could feel his face turn crimson. Jessica looked down at her

foot and back up to Andy. Her grin widened.

All that Andy could think to do was to turn away and continue with his meal,

hoping nobody else noticed his staring. Quickly glancing around the table he

realized that everyone was locked in conversation and didn't take note of his

actions, however he could still feel Jessica looking at him with that devious

smile. Needless to say, the rest of the meal was very uncomfortable for him.

After everyone finished up, Jim suggested to Andy that they go up to his room to

watch some DVD's, which Andy readily agreed to do. He followed his friend up

stairs making sure not to look at Jessica as he did.

“What do you want to watch? Kung-Pow?” asked Jim once they were in his room.

“Yeah, Kung Pow! I've seen that about 15 times already and it keeps getting

funnier.” Andy answered. Jim then set everything up and started the film. About

fifteen minutes into the movie Andy heard Jim's sisters coming up the stairs and

going onto, from the sound of things, Jessica's room. On their way in Andy

strained to hear what they were whispering about. He heard who he thought was

Andrea, the oldest, speaking first.

“You look like you're limping.” Then came the reply, “If I put my full weight

down I'll squish him.” This was followed by some giggling before the girls went

into the room and could no longer be heard. This set Andy's mind racing again.

Why did they find this bug so exciting? Why did they refer to the thing as a

‘he' and not an ‘it?' Eventually curiosity got the better of Andy and he decided

to investigate.

“I'm just gonna use the toilet.” He said to Jim.

“Okay, just remember to put the seat down when you're done. It really bugs my

mom when I forget to do that.” Jim replied.

Andy left the room as quietly as he could and headed to the toilet at the end of

the hallway. However the toilet was not his real target. Two doors before was

the room of Jessica, and much to Andy's delight, he saw that her door was open a

little. As stealthily as he could he made his way towards the ajar door and,

once there, he peered in.

Inside he saw the three girls, Andrea and Kelly were stood up and Jessica was

sat on her bed, as Andy had seen her do earlier. They were all staring at

Jessica's left foot. She had something trapped between her big and second toe.

It couldn't be what Andy thought it was however. The girls were laughing at it

and ridiculing it, calling it a “bug.” It wasn't a bug though, but surely it

couldn't be what he thought it was. It couldn't be.

Andy slowly came to terms with the fact that the form squirming between

Jessica's grinding toes was actually a tiny, naked, human being!


Chapter 3.

Andy quickly headed to the bathroom and as silently as possible, locked the door

behind him. He couldn't believe what he had seen, it just wasn't possible.

Sitting on the toilet Andy tried to calm his mind, trying hard to think of a

sane, logical explanation. None came. The simple fact was that he had seen a

tiny person. A tiny person that was being teased and tormented at the feet of

Jessica. One thing he couldn't figure out was whether or not the girls had found

the tiny person in this state, or if they were the ones who actually reduced

this poor individual in size. It was bad enough to think that if they found

someone in this predicament that they should choose to act this way instead of

offering help, but to think that they were responsible for it, that didn't bear

thinking about. Andy tried hard to remember exactly what he saw, or, more

importantly, who he saw. His view of the scene was not the best and on top of

that, the little captive was so small that Andy could tell if he knew this

person or not. Infact the only thing he was partially sure of was that the tiny

individual was male, judging from his hair and lack of breasts. Beyond that,

Andy knew nothing. Then suddenly, his mind began to wonder what it would be like

to be that person. It was something he had thought about often, it excited him,

yet, now that he had seen it, it terrified him also. Andy shook his head, this

was insane, he couldn't get aroused by this, the guy was suffering. Andy decided

that he had to help!

After finally composing himself and finishing his business on the toilet, Andy

took a breath and headed back to Jims room. On his way he saw Andrea suddenly

poke her head out of Jessica's room, looking straight at him. Andrea was Jim's

oldest sister and while Andy found all of Jims sisters attractive, Andrea was

his favorite.

“Where have you just been?” she asked sternly.

“To the toilet.” Andy responded, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

“Why?” he added.

“No reason. You haven't been peeking into Jessica's room have you?” came another

stern question.

“No way. Why would I want to do that?” he lied. Andrea looked Andy dead in his

eyes, trying to figure out if he was telling the truth. She then shrugged.

“Never mind, we thought we heard somebody outside.” She said before disappearing

back into the room, closing the door behind her. Andy breathed a sigh of relief,

surprised, and a little impressed at how believable he sounded.

“What did Andrea want?” Jim asked as Andy returned to the room, closing the door

behind him. Andy ignored the question.

“Jim, I saw something weird going on in Jessica's room.” He said.

“Weird? What do you mean? What is she up to now?” Jim asked. Andy paused,

contemplating on his decision to tell Jim what he saw. It sounded crazy, even to

Andy and there was probably no way Jim would believe him, but if this tiny

person was to get any form of rescue, Andy needed help.

“Okay, I know this sounds crazy,” he began, “but you have to believe me, I'm not

making this up.”

“Believe what?” Jim responded.

“When I was going to the toilet, I saw something in your sister's room. It was…”

Andy paused. “It was a tiny man.”

Jim began to laugh. “Good one. Maybe the fairies forgot to take him with them.”

“Jim I'm telling you the truth, Jessica had him trapped between her toes!” Andy


“That's gross. Are you sure it wasn't a bug? Jessica's always torturing them.”

Jim replied.

“I'm telling you it was a person. He couldn't have been more than a few inches

tall!” Andy said. Jim's face made it clear that he didn't believe the story.

“You don't believe me?” Andy went on. “Fine, I didn't think you would, so I'll

prove it. Is there any way that we can see into Jessica's room?”

“Why don't we peak in like you supposedly did?” Jim quipped.

“We can't, Andrea shut the door.” He responded.

“That's convenient.” Jim again mocked.

“Jim! Come on, I'm telling you the truth. I'm going to prove it. Is there any

way to see in?” Andy's face was dead serious and Jim noticed this.

“Okay, calm down. There is a way. Follow me.”

Andy had followed Jim out of his window to the roof where they were heading to

Jessica's window. “Is there any other way?” Andy asked, “You know how much I

hate heights!”

Jim carried on. “Nope, this is the only way. If you want we can turn back, just

admit that this is all a joke.”

Andy took a breath. “No, let's keep going.”

The air was cold and the surface of the tiled roof was slightly slippery causing

Andy to concentrate very hard on not falling. Soon enough, however, they reached

Jessica's window and as luck would have it, the curtains were open. Both Andy

and Jim, being careful not to be seen, peered in through the glass. Jim's face

turned white.

“Told you!” Andy whispered.

“How….but….I mean…” came Jim's incoherent response.

“I don't know but we have to help. Look at what they are doing to him.”

Inside the room, the two boys could see Andrea holding the shrunken person over

her open mouth. She had one of his legs pinched between her thumb and forefinger

and she was letting him dangle over her head, slowly lowering him down. They

watched as he squirmed furiously, causing all the sisters to begin laughing, as

he got closer and closer to his dreaded destination. Just before he entered the

giant cavern Andrea would pull him back and repeat the process again until,

after the third time, she continued his descent and laid him to rest on her

tongue before letting go. Andy saw the man disappear as she closed her mouth

with a smile on her face. Kelly and Jessica were in hysterics. After a while

Andrea spat the man out into her palm, where the girls began to mock him and

Andy watched as his tiny, saliva covered body began to shake in absolute fear.

Jim grabbed Andy's arm and whispered, “Let's go.” They headed off back to Jim's

room where there was a moment's pause. “Do you believe me now?” Andy asked. Jim

nodded. “Okay, so what are we gonna do?” Andy asked. Jim paused in thought for a

moment before replying, “Okay, follow me.”

“Follow you where?”

“To Jessica's room. We're going to see what there up to.” Jim said firmly.

“Are you crazy? What if they do something to us like they did to him?” Andy

replied nervously.

“Don't be stupid!” came the swift reply. “Do you really think my sisters can

shrink people? They probably found him like this and besides, if they could

shrink people, they wouldn't shrink me, I'm their brother.” He stated before

heading out the door. A very nervous Andy followed behind him.

“I really don't think this is a good idea Jim!”

Andy protested.

“Will you please just relax!? You said yourself we needed to help this guy so

that's what we're gonna do.” Jim replied.

“Yeah but this isn't exactly what I had in mind.” Andy continued.

“Andy, clam down.” Jim said sternly before taking a deep breath, obviously

nervous himself, before adding, “We're going in.”

Jim grabbed the door handle and swung the door open, negating the need for

knocking and walked straight in the room with, carrying himself with a great

sense of purpose. Andy sheepishly followed behind him unable to hide his obvious

unease of this whole situation. As the two burst into the room, Jim's three

sisters screamed in justifiable surprise.

“Jim! What the hell are you doing bursting in here like that? You know you have

to knock!” screamed Jessica. Jim did not answer; instead his eyes scanned the

bedroom in search of their tiny prisoner, but to no avail.

“Okay where is he?” Jim demanded. With this said Andy noticed the look from

Jim's sister's change from a look of anger to a look of what he could only

describe as worry.

“Where is who?” Andrea asked in a nervous tone.

“Don't play dumb Andrea! Andy and I saw what you were doing to that little man!”

Jim retorted.

“What do you mean? What little man?” Kelly lied.

“Just drop the act. Now! We saw that little man and we saw what you were doing,

now tell us where he is.”

“And why should we do that?” Asked Andrea.

“Because we have to help him. God knows how he got into that state but you

shouldn't be teasing him like that, you should be helping him. Besides, if you

don't I'll tell mom!” Jim said, feeling as though he was getting the upper hand.

The girls remained silent for a moment.

“We don't know what you're talking about Jim!” Andrea finally said in a stern

manner. She then crossed her arms in a show of defiance, making it obvious that

the sisters were not about to give in. This took Jim by surprise.

“Fine, then I'm telling mom.” He said. Andrea smiled.

“Go ahead, do you honestly think she would believe a story like that.” She said,

her smile growing more and more confident. The pendulum had swung.

After a brief pause Jim added his final piece to the brief argument. “Okay, if

that's how it's going to be, I'll prove to mom what you're doing. One way or

another I'll prove it. Then she'll have to believe me.” With this said Andrea's

confident smile faltered a little before Jim stormed out of the room, followed

of course by Andy, as they headed back to Jims room and slammed the door shut.

Once back into Jim's room, Andy began to feel a little safer. “That didn't go

too well. Should we tell your mom?” He asked Jim. He sighed.

“No, not yet. Andrea was right, she'd never believe us. Why would she.” He

answered. Andy nodded in agreement remembering how hard it was to convince Jim

of this bizarre situation.

“So what are we gonna do?” Andy asked.

“I dunno yet. We'll come up with a plan.” Jim replied. However, little did he

know that only a few rooms down the hall another plan was being formulated.

“Are you crazy, we can't do that!” Protested Kelly.

“Come on Kelly, think about it. It's the only way. Do you know how much trouble

we'll be in when mom finds out what we've been doing to this little shit.”

Jessica said while pointing down to the floor between her bare feet where the

shrunken man lay, fearing for his life. “Well it'll be even more trouble when

she finds out that we were the ones who shrunk him!” Jessica continued.

“I know that, but Jim's our brother. It's just wrong. Plus Andy only lives next

door; if they go missing it's not exactly going to go unnoticed.” Kelly


“True, but then again, no one is going to be looking for them at an inch high.

If we hide them well enough for a while then we'll be in the clear.” Jessica

argued. Kelly was shocked at how Jessica was acting. “But he's our brother.” She


“I know that, it's not as if I want to hurt him. He'll still be around; he'll

just be more of a pet than a brother. It's not as if you two ever really got on

anyway.” Jessica said. And there was a certain amount of truth to that last

statement, in fact more than a certain amount, a lot. Kelly and Jim were always

fighting and he drove her nut's most of the time. Kelly let out a slight smile.

“Okay, as long as we don't hurt him.” She finally agreed. Jessica giggled at

this and turned to Andrea. “What do you think?” she asked. Andrea smiled, “I

think we should wait until they're asleep before we do it.” She said in an

almost evil manner. The three girls then began giggling to themselves whilst

looking down at the tiny man on the floor.

“Until then,” Andrea began, “We have some time to kill.” With that se slipped

her bare foot out of her sandal and moved it towards the tiny man who was

beginning to get to his feet. As he looked up he saw the incredibly terrifying

sight of Andrea's colossal foot moving towards him. Her giant toes were

wriggling in anticipation as they moved closer to him, and as they did, the

little man noticed the smell coming from them. He was unable to move, his body

locked in fear as the toes grabbed him very roughly and began to squeeze the air

out of him over and over again. He began to cry. The three girls began giggling

at the sight of this tiny man squirming for his life between the cruel, sweaty

toes of Andrea. The girls didn't realize this at this time, but the power they

had over this tiny man had begun to change them and warp there minds. It wasn't

the type of power one human should be aloud to have over another, but they had

it. They had it and they loved it.

Later that night Andy and Jim slipped into sweet slumber, unaware of the path

that lay ahead of them. Jim's bedroom door slowly creaked open and his sisters

entered the room.

Chapter 5.

Slowly but surely Andy's eye's opened and began to focus as he awoke. Memories

of yesterdays events came flooding back as he remembered about the shrunken man

that Jim's sisters had captured. The shrunken man he had to help. His eyes

focused fully and Andy began to look around, expecting to see Jim's room as he

did last night, but he didn't. That wasn't where he was anymore. A deep feeling

of dread washed over Andy as he realized where he was, and more importantly,

what had happened.

Looking to his side he saw his best friend lying down, still asleep, oblivious

to what had transpired and completely without care. Andy almost felt bad about

having to wake him, part of him wanted badly to still be asleep and ignorant to

what had happened.

“Jim, Jim wake up. Wake up now!” Andy screamed as he shook Jim repeatedly.

Startled, Jim sat up quickly, still half asleep.

“Wha… what's going on?” he asked, confused.

“Jim you're sisters have shrunk us!” Andy yelled with terror very apparent in

his quivering voice. Jim heard what was said, but it didn't really register

straight away.

“What do you mean?” He asked, rubbing his eyes trying to pull himself round.

“You're sisters have shrunk us! Look around!” Andy exclaimed. Jim finished

rubbing his eyes and looked out ahead of him. His face turned white.

The view before Jim was unbelievable. The surroundings were familiar, yet so

very surreal. It was Jessica's room but it was as if it had been magnified many,

many times over. It hadn't, Jim knew this instantly, it was the same as it

always was, the only thing that had changed was the height of Jim and his

friend. They were tiny. Jim also realized that they were inside of a clear glass

jar and, looking up, he could see the metal lid miles above, complete with rays

of light protruding through the crude makeshift holes that had been punched into

the top, allowing a constant flow of air to reach the two tiny boys. After a

moments pause Jim let out a scream from the very depths of his stomach.

“Jim calm down!” Andy yelled. “This won't help us. We need to think of a way out

of this.” After this was said Jim stopped screaming and looked Andy directly in

the eye.

“How the hell do you suppose we get out of this?” He asked sarcastically. “Were

trapped in a goddamn giant jar! There's no way out of this.” His voice was

becoming louder the more he spoke until he was finally yelling. Andy was about

to yell back when they both stopped talking. A huge vibration could be felt.

Then another which was accompanied by a loud thud. The two friends immediately

knew what this was. Footsteps.

From their position in the jar, which was on the floor, they looked towards the

door and waited in fearful anticipation as the footsteps became louder which

meant one thing; they were getting closer. It wasn't long before they saw the

impossibly huge form of Andrea enter the room. She had an evil smile on her face

and was looking directly at the jar and its contents. Andy was finding

difficulty in accepting what his eyes were showing him Andrea was titanic; it

was so hard to believe. After all the times that Andy had fantasized about

situations like this and now it was happening. It wasn't what he had expected;

the feeling of terror from within was overwhelming and almost made him faint.

Andrea slowly walked over to the jar and put her hands on her hips, grinning

down menacingly to the two shrunken people below.

“Well, I see you're finally awake.” She giggled. Her voice was like thunder.

“You've been asleep for ages, just like the other guy was when we shrunk him.

Must be a side effect of the shrinking.” Jim began to scream up to his giant

sibling, cursing her and demanding to be changed back. Andrea saw this and


“Sorry Jim, I can't hear you from down there. Now listen up,” she said, her tone

becoming serious, “it's you're fault this happened, if you hadn't interfered

then it wouldn't have come to this, but you had to stick you're nose in didn't

you? Now that you're this size you two are gonna be our pets from now on.” Upon

hearing this Andy began to shake but Andrea continued. “We promise not to do any

serious damage to you as long as you do as you're told. If you don't then you're

in serious trouble. Remember who has the power here.” She threatened. With that

she foot, encased in her white sweat socks and placed it heavily onto the jar,

covering the air holes. Soon the jar began to fill up with the awful smell of

Andrea's feet causing Andy and Jim to gag. They began yelling for all they were

worth. Andrea broke into a fit of laughter.

“I hope you're not implying that my feet smell.” She said teasingly and giggled.

An idea popped into her head which caused her to grin evilly. “Let's see just

how smelly my feet are.” She removed her foot from the top of the jar and pulled

off her sock. She then bent down, unscrewed the lid that was high above Andy and

Jim, and removed it.

“Enjoy.” She giggled and pushed her sock into the jar on top of her captives.

Andy was totally overwhelmed by the smell that assaulted him and he was also

unprepared for how heavy the sock was at his size. Its weight forced him down

onto his back and he found moving difficult. Jim was screaming bloody murder and

crawling blindly for all he was worth in a vain attempt to escape the smell. He

managed to climb towards the top of the sock but unwittingly began to enter the

confines of it and just when he realized where he was, the sock was suddenly

lifted suddenly and swiftly into the air causing him to freefall into the toe

section. Andy opened his eyes when he felt the weight of the sock leave him and

he saw Andrea remove it from the jar, however when he looked around Jim was

nowhere to be seen.

“Well Jim, it seems you don't mind the smell. Infact I think you like it,

crawling into my sock like that.” She teased. Jim could be seen from the depths

of the sock screaming and thrashing around. Andrea laughed again. “What's that?

You want me to put the sock on? Well, if you say so.”

After hearing this Jim stopped screaming and looked at the giantess above him.

She couldn't be serious.

Andy watched as the giant girl began inserting her giant foot into the sock,

smiling cruelly as she did, until it was completely on her foot. He couldn't

believe it, Jim was in their. For Andrea, however, the feeling was

indescribable. She felt her tiny slave thrashing around beneath her toes,

fighting for all he was worth. It was amazing, the feeling of total power and

control was like a drug to her, she got an unbelievable high from it. She flexed

her toes, squashing Jim between them and then pressed her foot to the floor,

pressing her toes into him. Jim was in hell. Andy thanked God that wasn't him in


Well, part of him did at least.

Hi, all. Heres the latest installment. Hope you

like it. I've got lots of ideas to incorporate, including crushing, as the girls

become more evil witht he power. Any other ideas or comments are more than


Chapter 6.

Andy watched in horror from the confines of his glass prison as the giantess

before him tortured poor Jim in her sock. She would casually walk around,

trapping Jim under her toes so he would not get crushed, laughing and taunting

Jim as she did. This went on for a while before Andrea finally spoke.

“If you thought it was fun in my sock, you should really love this.” Said Andrea

and she then walked out of the room leaving Andy all alone. He remained silent,

trying his best to listen to what Andrea was doing but he couldn't make it out.

Before long Andrea re-entered the room, this time wearing her old running shoes.

Andy hoped she had let Jim go before putting them on, but deep down he knew

better. Andrea had a huge smile on her face.

“Well, how is it in there little guy?” she teased. “You always complained that

these shoes stunk. Well, how do they smell now?” Andrea then broke into a fit of

laughter before turning her attention to Andy.

“I'm gonna get myself something to eat and ease little Jim here into being an

insole. Now you stay put because when I come back it's you're turn.” A maniacal

grin formed across her lips before she left the room and Andy was left alone

again to contemplate what would happen. After thinking about what had happened

to Jim and knowing it would soon happen to him Andy began to panic, yet, at the

same time, become excited. In effect he was living out his fantasy. He hated

himself for feeling this way but he couldn't help it.

Suddenly Andy felt the pounding of footsteps coming his way. Was it Andrea? If

so that was a really quick snack. Andy watched the door from inside the jar, in

real terms it was only about a quarter of a meter away. The door then flung

open, hitting the side of the jar and sending it to its side, spilling Andy

outside to the thick carpet in the process. After a brief moment of

disorientation Andy composed himself and, realizing he was unharmed, looked to

see who had entered the room. It was Linda, Jim's mother. He watched her

movements in awe, unable to move as she hung Jessica's clean clothes in her

wardrobe before stomping out of the room. It all happened so fast Andy couldn't

really take it in. One thing was certain however, he was free and this was his

chance to escape.

Without thinking Andy ran as fast as he could out of the room, which seemed to

take forever, and to the hallway outside. He knew he needed help, and he knew he

would not get it from Jim's sisters. His only hope was Linda. He had to get her

to notice him. Keeping close to the walls, incase someone came walking down the

hallway and stepped on him, Andy headed for the stairs as fast as he could. Upon

reaching the top of the stairs, he looked down when suddenly the front door

opened and in walked Jim's sister, Kelly and Jessica, along with someone else.

After thinking hard, Andy recognized her from school. Sarah Johnson was her name

if he remembered correctly. But something was wrong. As far as Andy knew, Jim's

sisters hated Sarah, they were always teasing and bullying her. This didn't add


“Andrea, we're home.” Shouted Jessica. Upon hearing this Andrea walked to the

front door to greet them, smiling as she did. A look of shock fell over her


“Sarah? What the hell are you doing here?” Andrea asked rudely.

“I'm not totally sure. Kelly and Jessica said they wanted to show me something.”

Sarah said. She was always a very shy nervous girl, thought Andy, and didn't

deserve to be picked on the way she was.

“Yeah, we wanted to show Sarah what our secret is.” Jessica grinned. Andrea was

puzzled by this but Jessica gave her a quick wink. Andrea and Andy realized at

the same time what Jessica was planning. This was not good.

“Where's mom?” asked Kelly.

“Out back.”

“What about Jim and Andy?” Kelly again questioned.

“Andy's upstairs where he was before and Jim…well, he's safe.” Andrea said with

a giggle. “Is he OK?”

“He's fine.” Responded Jessica.

Sara was puzzled to say the least. “Who is ‘he'?” she asked.

“No one important, now let's go upstairs quickly, before mom sees.” Andrea said

and grabbed Sarah by the arm leading her upstairs. Kelly and Jessica followed.

Andy backed into the wall and watched as the giants walked past, each footstep

feeling like an earthquake to him. They all entered Jessica's room.

Chapter 7.

Andy didn't know what to do, he knew that Jim's sisters would do to Sarah what

they had done to him, and he wanted to help her. But how? He was tiny, what

could he possibly do? The only thing he could think of was to get Jim's mothers

help. If he could get Linda's attention then she would put a stop to this and

then maybe something could be done to change everyone back to their normal

height. Maybe.

Andy was almost down the first stair, using the carpets fibers to climb down,

when he heard Jessica shout.

“Where the hell is he?”

“I don't know. He was in that jar.” Responded Andrea.

“Well he isn't now is he?” Jessica yelled.

“Don't get smart with me. He couldn't have got far, we'll find him.”

Andy listened intently as he made his way down the second stair. Sarah began to


“I don't know what's going on here but it's a little weird for me, I'm gonna


Suddenly Jessica shouted, “Grab her.” Andy heard the sound of a struggle and a

muffled scream. The struggling went on for a while, all the time his heart was

racing, until eventually things became silent.

“It worked. She looks so small, smaller than the others even.” Kelly said.

“I know, I think we over did it a bit.” Jessica giggled. Andy was down the

fourth stair and had a long way to go.

“Put her in the jar, we have to find Andy. Search the room first.” Andrea


“Where's Jim?” Asked Kelly. After a moment pause Jessica could be heard


“I can't believe you were keeping him in there. How'd it smell little bro?” She

giggled again.

“Kelly, put him in the jar for me, we have to find Andy. If mom finds him we're

in deep trouble.”

Andy prayed that they would search the room for a long time, descending the

stairs was taking forever at this size. However, luck was on his side, the

sisters were being thorough in their search and by the time they had come to

check the stairs Andy had completed his climb and was heading for the living


Suddenly a giant foot landed inches in front of him causing Andy to fall to his

back. It was Linda.

“Girls I'm going to the store I won't be long.” She shouted. The sister gave an

uninterested response and Andy watched as her giant form left the house. His

heart sank, now he was alone in the house with these giant, sadistic girls. He

had to find a place to hide and he had to be quick about it.

After searching the whole house with no luck the three sisters returned to

Jessica's room.

“What are we going to do?” asked Kelly in a worried tone.

“Don't worry,” Andrea said, “we'll find him. He's too small to get moms

attention; she could have already stepped on him for all we know.”

With this Jessica let out a snort of laughter. Kelly didn't seem to find it


Jessica then looked over to the jar containing Jim and Sarah and noticed Sarah

was coming around. “Kelly, but the other little guy in there too, we should keep

them together, I don't wanna lose any more.” Jessica said.

“Oh God, I forgot about him.” Kelly replied before pulling the tiny man from her

pocket and dumping him roughly in the jar. Sarah was now screaming as she had

now realized what had happened. Jessica smiled at this and lowered her hand into

the jar to retrieve her. Sarah was frozen in fear as the impossibly large hand

came towards her and she was suddenly griped tightly between Jessica's fingers

and lifted from her prison. Jessica brought Sarah to her giant face and spoke.

“How does it feel to be so tiny and powerless?” she teased. “You're so small,

even smaller than the others.” A smile formed across her lips. “Wanna be even


It had been seemed an eternity since Linda had left the house and Andy was still

shaking. Jim's sisters had come close to finding him. Too close. Then he heard

the sound of the front door opening, Linda had returned. After putting away the

things she bought Linda let herself fall onto the couch before kicking off her

pumps, unaware that beneath the couch a tiny boy was watching her. Andy watched

as the giant pumps fell to the floor with a thud and Linda's giant nylon covered

feet rested on the floor next to them. He was overwhelmed by the scent that

assaulted him from Linda's feet, the pungent smell that drove him wild. He loved

it and he hated himself for it.

Sarah regained consciousness for the second time to an even more terrifying

sight. If she was small before then she was miniscule now. She began to scream,

no one could hear.

Jessica looked in awe at the girl that lay in the palm of her hand; she was no

more than a speck.

“God, look how small she is, she's a dot. What are we gonna do with her now?”

Andrea asked. Jessica smiled.

“We're gonna give her a new home.” Jessica said in a downright evil tone. With

that she kicked her sneaker off her socked foot and lowered her palm to her


“This is gonna be where you live from now on. This is you're new life, I hope

you keep my feet happy.”

Andrea and Kelly looked on in amazement as Sarah was dumped into the rank

confines of Jessica's running shoe. The tiny black speck that was Sarah became

lost against the dark insole of the shoe. Jessica then inserted her white sock

covered foot back into the shoe and tied the laces.

“She'll die in there.” Kelly warned.

“Possibly.” Jessica said.

Sarah was pressed tightly against the foul smelling foot of Jessica; the only

thing she could smell was sweaty feet. She didn't know what part of the foot had

her trapped, she was too small to comprehend anything, but it was hell. Jessica

was right; this place was her life now. Sarah sobbed.

Chapter 8.

Andy was shaking due to so many mixed, yet powerful emotions surging through his

body. He was scared, of course he was scared, he was tiny and before him rested

two giant feet that could squash him with absolutely no effort at all. So yeah,

he was scared. Also, due to him being scared he also had a huge amount of

adrenaline to contend with. However the other factor, one which he had being

dealing with ever since he had become this height, and the one which was now

prominent within him due to the sight of Linda's giant feet, was an unmistakable

feeling of excitement., giddiness even. This whole mess had always been

something of a secret fantasy for Andy and he was now living it. Of course, in

his fantasies there was never the possibility of death, and that was now a very

real threat that he had to deal with.

Getting the attention of Linda was the only course of action that Andy could

think of, she could help him and, God forbid, even if there was no way to be

changed back then at least she could keep him safe from her evil daughters. He

pondered that thought in his mind, that word: evil. Is that truly what they

were? He had known these girls most of his life. They could be mean, cruel and

sometimes just downright nasty, however most of the time they were nice,

friendly, ordinary girls for their age and never in a million years would Andy

have thought them capable of this. But here he was, tiny and helpless. Andy

tried to comfort himself with the thought that they were just playing and didn't

rally understand how much pain and suffering they were causing their tiny

playthings. Surely they were not evil, surely they couldn't kill anyone.

“You killed her!” Kelly gasped.

“You don't know that, she could be still alive in there.” Retorted Jessica

nonchalantly. Kelly looked to Andrea for support in the matter.

“It's true, she was so small there's a chance she's alive under Jessica's foot

somewhere.” Andrea said. Kelly sighed.

“Even so, how are we ever gonna find her in you're shoe, we could barley see her

in you're hand.” Kelly argued.

“We're not gonna find her Kelly that's just it.” Jessica snapped. “No one will

ever find her. If anyone found out about what we were doing then we would be in

serious trouble, not just with Mom, I'm talking with the police, the courts,

everything. If anyone finds one of these little people we're screwed. Big time.

Did you think we we're just gonna shrink a few people, play with them for a

while and everything will go back to normal?” For the youngest of the sisters

Jessica could be pretty persuasive.

“She's right Kelly,” Andrea chipped in. “Besides, we never liked Sarah anyway.”

She then looked over to Jessica with an evil smile. “How did it feel doing that

to Sarah?”

Jessica couldn't contain herself, “It's the most powerful feeling in the world.

I love it!” she answered.

She didn't know how she was still alive and she wasn't particularly sure she

wanted to be, but here she was. Stuck under a girls giant smelly foot. And to

top it off, it was a girl she hated. To Sarah she could have been anywhere under

Jessica's foot, she couldn't see anything to know, but infact she was under the

arch of her toes being held down by the fabric of the sock. Sarah was so small

that she could actually climb up between the fabric if she wanted too but who in

their right minds would do that?

Andy began to make his way towards the giant feet in front of him, the closer he

got the more he could smell their sweaty leathery scent and it was intoxicating

to him. He approached the heel and took a moment to prepare for what he was

about to do. He then suddenly ran at the heel before leaping forward and

dropkicking the huge form that lay before him. It wasn't the most subtle of

plans to be certain, but it was the most powerful way for Andy to actually

strike the heel, and in order to be found, he needed Linda to look down.

Unfortunately for Andy Linda barely felt his effort and continued to watch the

television, not giving the tap on her heel another seconds notice. Undeterred,

Andy got to his feet and was about to try again when he felt vibrations from the

floor, followed by the continuous thud of footsteps. Looking to the doorway he

saw the giant form of Andrea enter the room.

“What ya watching mom?” she asked.

“Just a wildlife show about ants.” Linda replied. Andy darted back under the

couch moments before Andrea sat next to her mother.

“I hate ants.” Andrea exclaimed. “The only thing they're good for is to be

stepped on.”

Linda smiled. “I won't argue with that.” This wasn't what Andy wanted to hear,

if he was seen by Linda then he had to make sure she knew it was him and not a

bug, otherwise he knew where he'd end up. Under her foot! The only thing he

could do was to wait until Andrea had gone and try again to make contact with

Linda. Looking across to Andrea's feet, he saw that she had changed into

flip-flops and Jim was nowhere in sight. Andy prayed he was okay.

Jim was still trapped in the jar in Jessica's room, however the three sisters

had left to try and find Andy. Jim heard the plan they had come up with which

was for Andrea to distract their mother for as long as possible while the others

searched the house. Jim's only hope right now was for them to fail and for Andy

to make contact with Linda, after what he had seen happen to Sarah, he was

fearing for his life. But something else was scaring him at the moment. Jim was

sharing this huge glass prison with another person, the same person who he had

seen his sisters torture before he was shrunk, the same person he tried to help

and the same person that was now sat over the other side of the jar staring at

Jim as though he wanted to kill him. He was a thin man, who looked to be in his

forties, with long scraggly hair, a bushy beard and dark penetrating eyes that

never looked away from Jim for a second, not even to blink.

“Who…who are you?” Jim stuttered, fear evident in his voice.

After a moment's pause the man finally responded in a deep, distained filled

tone. “Who am I? I ain't tellin' you shit! I wanna know who you are!”

Jim was taken back by this but answered anyway, he didn't need another enemy.

“I'm Jim. Me and my friend Andy found out what my sisters where doing to you and

tried to help, but they did this to us.” He sobbed. The man curled his top lip

and gritted his teeth.

“You're sisters? These giant bitches are you're sisters?” He snarled, getting to

his feet, his fists clenched. Jim began to panic.

“Yeah, but…but I had nothing to do with this. I…I tried to help you.” He


“Well you did a fine job.” The man said sarcastically, advancing on Jim.

“Wha…what the hell is you're problem.” Jim quivered, backing away as the man

slowly and deliberately advanced on Jim.

“My problem? You wanna know what my problem is? MY FUCKING PROBLEM IS THAT I AM


heading towards Jim. “This wasn't supposed to happen to me, I wasn't the one

supposed to get shrunk. I was supposed to get rich and famous. I was not

supposed to be a slave to some deranged little bitches. That's my problem kid,

and it's all you're sisters' fault, if they'd have played ball then I would be

sitting pretty and as rich as hell about now. All I needed was proof that it

worked. I was not supposed to BE THE FUCKING PROOF!” he yelled again.

“Look mister, I don't know what happened but it's not my fault!” Jim yelled in

fear. The man looked crazy and he was still coming. “It's my sisters you should

be mad at!”

“I am mad at them, but at this size I can't do a lot to them can I?” he said

before breaking into an evil grin. “But their brother on the other hand, that's

a different story all together.”

Chapter 9.

Andy was on edge. Linda was so close to him he could literally smell her, or at

least her feet, and yet he could do nothing about it. The one person who could

help him was right there before him and he could do nothing to reach her. He

couldn't risk it. Andrea was sat right across from here mother and if she were

to catch Andy then there would be no help for him. He couldn't risk it, he had

to wait and be patient. ‘Slowly slowly catch you're monkey,' he thought. What a

size this monkey was! King Kong had nothing on her.

Andy did not mind waiting for his opportunity to come however. He was more than

willing to watch the beautiful sight before him, the sight of Linda's gigantic

nylon clad feet moving about, twisting and flexing, playing with the discarded

pumps and rubbing along the carpet. Whilst watching this Andy began to think

about how easily women could manipulate men. Linda wasn't aware of Andy's

presence, and yet she was driving him crazy with the movement of her feet, not

even thinking of what she was doing and not even knowing that Andy was watching

her she had him totally at her mercy. It's a pretty scary thing.

Pain shot through the face of Jim like a fire and he could feel the warm

sensation of blood run from his nose. Then another flash of pain, this time to

his stomach, and then another, this time to the side of the head. Unable to see

because of the tears in his eyes Jim desperately flung his arms around in a vain

attempt to defend himself but it did no good, the punches continued to rain down

on him no matter how much he cried or yelled. They were relentless and

unmerciful. They hurt like hell.

The stranger continued to pound on poor Jim with a sadistic glee. It made him

feel better. The past week had been hell and it should have been the beginning

of a beautiful new life for him. All he had needed was proof that it worked. He

would have had it too, he had managed to corner the youngest one, no one seemed

to be about, and it should have been a formality. He should have gotten his

proof, his specimen. All he needed to do was show it to his superiors and then

destroy the evidence so this didn't go public until the time was right. Riches

were going to be his and fame would soon follow. However that bitches sisters

showed up and ruined everything. He gritted his teeth and continued the beating

as he remembered how they managed to save their sister and actually shrink him.

Everything he had worked for, over in an instant. The life he had, the life he

should have had were now no more than a dream to him. He was stuck with this

existence and it was their fault. He detested and hated them for this, but what

could he do? He couldn't harm them and all his rage had been building within. At

least now he had a release for it. A maniacal grin formed on his lips as he

unleashed yet another punch on the person before him. It made him feel better.

Sarah was unsure if it was Gods work that had kept her alive, or if it was the

devils. She was close to insanity and didn't want to go on, she actually wanted

it to end, but it didn't and she could do nothing to change that. Unbeknownst to

her as she could see nothing, Sarah had been thrown about whilst Jessica walked

and had been thrust through a small hole and into the giant sock. She came to

land on the skin between the Jessica's big and second toe and because of her

minuscule size and the moist surface of the skin, she became stuck, face down,

unable to move a single muscle, languishing in hell. The smell was immeasurable

and the heat was intolerable. However nothing could be done. Sarah thought her

end had finally come when a bead of sweat had rolled down Jessica's foot and

engulfed Sarah's tiny being. Jessica, unable to move, could only gag and swallow

and partially hoped that she would drown, however the bead finally rolled off

her body and continued it's descent leaving Sarah to descend further into

insanity. Why was this to be how her life was to finish? She had always been

good; she had always done the right thing! Where was her God? Surely he would

save her! No miracle came, only another bead of sweat that threatened to end

Sarah, but didn't finish the job.

Andy was nowhere to be found and Kelly was becoming worried. This wasn't good,

no matter what her sisters had said, she knew this could cause trouble. Maybe

they deserved trouble. Kelly was fighting with herself; she had been ever since

this had begun. What they were doing was wrong and she knew that, but as always

her sisters had manipulated her to their way of thinking. It had always been

that way. She wasn't as big or as clever as her siblings, even though she was

older than Jessica, she had always felt like the little runt of the litter.

Apart form Jim that was. Kelly stomped into Jessica's room to check on her

brother, as instructed by Jessica.

“Oh my God, what's going on?” she yelled as she saw her brother on his back

being kicked again and again. When he heard Kelly the man stopped and backed

away. Kelly immediately ran to the jar, removed the lid and peered in. Jim was a

mess, blood coming from is face and his body seemed limp, even as he tried to

get to his feet. Kelly instinctively moved her fingers towards Jim to help him;

however she stopped when she saw Jim back away and begin screaming at her. A

jolt of pain shot through her heart. He thought she was a monster. Instead of

retrieving Jim, she lifted the man out of the jar in her tight grip.

“What the hell were you doing?” Kelly asked through gritted teeth. The man

didn't answer; he just wriggled around in Kelly's grasp. She was furious with

him, she wanted to end him. Just bring her fingers together and he would be no

more. That is all she had to do, but she couldn't. She didn't have it in her to

go that far, even if he deserved it and she knew that, but she also knew that he

couldn't be left in the jar with Jim.

Fear raced through his body as he dangled in mid air, held tightly, too tightly

by this giant teenager. There was a look of pure anger on her pretty face and he

didn't know what she would do, he began to plead with her but doubted that she

would hear. After a while he saw a grin form on her face and suddenly he was

being lowered. Trying his best he looked over the monstrous fingers that held

him to the floor below and saw that she had slipped off one of her clogs. He

began to squirm violently as the descent continued. He had been in these clogs

before, they were awful. What was it with these girls and their feet? He was

finally dumped into the clog and watched the opening for the inevitable, the

giant foot that slowly came into view and made its way towards him, the light

blue nail polish was the last thing he saw before his light was cut off.

Kelly was as careful with the tiny man as she could be whilst she positioned him

beneath her toes. She knew they smelled, she knew he hated it in there and

figure this was fitting punishment for now. Once she was happy with his

positioning she began to walk and continue her search for Andy, always

remembering to scrunch and squish the little man between her sweaty toes as much

as she coul

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