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Writer's Block

by DreamTales

So, you think it's easy to write giantess / shrinking fantasies? You think they

just come tumbling out with no effort whatsoever? Think just anybody can put one

of these together? Hah! Think again!

Of course, it's tempting to be a size related fantasy writer. Sure, the

lifestyle is great: the money; the babes; the fame. And thanks to my

multi-million dollar licensing fees from my web site, I'm living in a beautiful

new mansion in a fancy neighborhood! But it's not all parties and glamour -

consider for a moment the suffering a sensitive soul undergoes during the

creative process! After all, if it was that easy there would be LOTS of people

writing giantess and shrinking stories!

Take just the other day for example: There I was, sitting at my computer,

staring at the screen, stuck on some growth / shrinking scenario, the little

cursor blinking back at me, counting off the seconds, minutes, hours…

"Ding dong!"

Hmmf! I hate it when I'm interrupted - and right when I was on the verge of a

new story idea! If whoever this is makes me forget my train of thought I'll…

"Yes? Can I help you?"

The young woman had a bright, kind of loopy grin, her blonde hair in a big

frizzy do, good looking in sort of a goofy way. She was wearing a frumpy white

lab coat, ill fitting, that bunched about her hourglass figure, the top few

buttons undone to reveal a healthy peek of her abundant cleavage. Her tight

white skirt was more than a bit short, too, showing a nice glimpse of upper

thigh, and accentuating the incredible length of her long, well toned legs. I'd

tell you the color of her eyes but her glasses were about the thickest I've ever

seen. She must have been blind as a bat without them!

"Oh! Oh, hi! Ummm… are you DreamTales?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know, DreamTales, the writer guy. Izzat you?"

"Er, who are you?"

"Oh, golly! Great! I KNEW it was you! Hi!! I'm Dweezilbub from IRC. Y'know, the

chat rooms? Remember, we did that role play last week where you shrunk me to

doll size an' took off all my clothing? An then you pulled apart my legs, an'…"

"Now wait a minute. I met you on the Internet? On IRC? But how did you find me?"

"Oh that? Oh, it was easy! I work in Advanced Research at the Jet Propulsion Lab

at UCLA! I just did a reverse feed search on your IRC linkage, then extrapolated

the findings, cross checking with our holographic geographic and population

databases, then optimized the results. It led me right here!" She grinned

happily, some of the bright red lipstick on her full lips smudged across her

otherwise perfect white teeth. "Of course, the new Mercedes 450 SEL in the

driveway with the 'DREAMTALES' plates was kinda a giveaway, too!"

Hmmm… that was my present to myself to celebrate the six-figure advance I got

for my latest short story. I knew I should've parked it in the garage!

"Well. This is all very interesting, Miss… Dweezilbub, but…"

"Oh, you can call me Leena! Dweezilbub's just my IRC handle!"

"OK, Leena. I'm sure you're a very nice girl and all, but I'm afraid you've

interrupted me in the middle of my writing. You may not know this, but I have a

strict policy of meeting fans only through my literary representative." I gave

her his card. "Now, you can just call the number here and the automatic voice

operator will direct you to the proper place. If I remember correctly, you dial

'8' for groupies offering unconditional sex, and '9' for fans who want to bear

my children…"

"Oh no! Wait!! Hey, I came all the way up here to show you something! It's

really cool!! I've been workin' on it at the lab!! I figured you could try it

out on me." She took a step closer, her goofy grin broadening a bit. "It's a

shrinker machine! It'll reduce me to the size of a miniature naked doll! For

real!! An' then I can be your tiny helpless sexual slave! You can play with me

or do whatever you want!"

Jeez, what a thick broad! Did I have to spell it out for her?

"Leena, please! I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a new story

idea and you are breaking my train of thought! You must understand that I can't

just keep interrupting my writing for any person that happens by! Now, if you'll

excuse me, I have work to do!"

"Wait!! Lookit!! This is not just any old shrink ray! Really!! I even designed

it so that the clothing doesn't shrink - just the person! So you can see me

shrink right out of my clothes!" There was a large bag sitting next to her, and

she turned and bent over to rummage through it, her lab skirt hiking up,

revealing a peek of her curvaceous bottom. Her lace undies were light pink, a

bit frayed.

She pulled a strange looking ray gun out of her bag, handing it over to me. It

was pretty light, with big red letters on the side spelling "Shrink Ray."

"Here! Isn't it cool looking? I've been workin' on this thing for months! Go

ahead! Try it on me!!" She was smiling brightly, hands behind her back, hopping

on her tiptoes with anticipation. "C'mon! Just point it at me and pull that

little trigger!"

Well, why not? She was obviously a nut case. I figured maybe if I humored her a

little, I might get rid of her. Then at least I could get back to work! I

pointed, squeezed the trigger, and…

"Ouch! Jeezus Christ! That fucking thing shocked me!!"

"Oh! Golly, I'm sorry! There must be a short or somethin'. It was working just

fine yesterday! Here, lemme take a look…" She grabbed the ray gun and fumbled

with it, then looked at me, her eyebrows furrowed with concern above those thick


"Hey, you all right there?"

"I think so. That was some shock!! I'm still kind of tingling all over from that

damn thing! What happened?"

"Gosh, I dunno! It musta been the capacitor regenerator module. Maybe it got

screwed up 'cause of the rain last night…" She stopped and started looking at me

oddly. "Hey, that's funny. Look at you! I thought you were taller than me!"

It sure was odd - Leena was now about the same height I was, but just minutes

ago I was sure she was about six inches shorter than me! And, come to think of

it, my clothes were feeling kind of loose!

"LEENA! What the hell did you DO to me??"

"Oh, jeez! Wow, I really blew it THIS time, Mister DreamTales! I think the ray

gun's condenser field was reversed by the short. It musta, umm… kinda backfired

on you!!"

By now I was shrinking rapidly, my head about shoulder height to Leena and eye

level with her deep cleavage! She leaned over and fumbled with her ray gun,

giving me a great view of her abundant chest, apologizing profusely as she

worked. "Oh, jeez! Don't you worry Mister DreamTales! I'll get this thing fixed

in a jiffy! Now you just hold on a sec while I reverse the settings…"

By now I was tingling like crazy, and my head was about waist high to Leena! My

pants had already fallen off, pooling around my ankles, and I was holding my

Tshirt up to cover me! Even as she messed with the controls on the shrink ray, I

could see her growing taller and taller as I dwindled before her!

"Hey!! You'd better hurry up and fix this, Leena! Or else…"

My voice trailed off as I realized - it didn't even sound like my own voice! It

was so high pitched, like a little kid's! Even as I spoke, my shrinking

continued apace, until I was eye level with her shapely knees, my shirt now

spread around me like a huge tarp!

"There! Got it! Now, you just stand right there Mister DreamTales, and don't you

worry about anything! I'll just zap you right back to your normal size! Here


I looked up to see Leena, her huge face towering over me, looking down though

those thick glasses and pointing the shrink ray at me. As I waited for her to

squeeze the trigger, a thought suddenly struck me. "Hey, Leena! Shouldn't you

fix that thing first before you…"

"Yowww!" screamed Leena, dropping the shrink ray and hopping around, holding her

wrist and grimacing in pain. "Darn! You're right Mister DreamTales, that thing

really DOES pack a wallop!" She sucked her fingers, getting her red lipstick all

over them, then bent over to give me a myopic inspection through her big thick

glasses. "Well, you feel anything yet?"

"Hmmm… actually, no. I…" But I stopped as I felt something bounce off the top of

my head. As I looked up at Leena towering over me, I suddenly noticed that

little white circles were dropping all around me! What the heck?

"Oh, jeez! Look at that! All the buttons are popping off my lab uniform! Gosh, I

guess that means I need a new one, huh?"

"No! Leena, you ditz! Your ray gun must have backfired again! I think when you

switched it to grow me back, it…"

"GOLLY! Mister DreamTales! What's happenin'? Help!! My uniform's rippin' right

offa me!!"

I looked up in amazement as Leena began busting right out of her white lab

uniform! As she looked down in open mouthed shock, her entire front ripped open,

revealing her well endowed chest and flat stomach. She started squealing and

hopping around, kicking off her shoes as her feet threatened to break right

through them! As she jumped about, I had to keep craning my head ever skywards -

she was growing taller by the second!

"H-help!! G-gosh!! Mister DreamTales!!"

By now Lena was so big I was starting to worry that she might step on me by

mistake! I dropped my shirt and ran, stark naked, to the doorway, cowering just

inside! There I looked up as her uniform, now in shreds, tore asunder with one

final loud rip, drifting down to the ground and revealing her exquisite bod clad

only in her pink undergarments! And even these were now strained to the limit,

her panties stretched as thin as a G-string! I watched as her lace bra

tightened, pinching her gigantic boobs, then suddenly snapped with a loud pop,

whipping off as her huge nipples sprang into view!

Leena screamed and covered her breasts, turning away from me in modesty (and

giving a full frontal nude view to the entire neighborhood). As she stood with

her back to me, I looked up in awe as her beautiful rear, squeezed tight by her

lace panties, burst forth, ripping her panties to shreds and finally revealing

Leena in her full nude magnificence, now the size of a 12 foot statue!

"Mister DreamTales! Help!! I-I'm all naked!"

I shouted up at the now towering nude giantess to get inside - I couldn't very

well have a 12 foot tall nude woman out on my front lawn! I mean, what would the

neighborhood association say? Just last month they made me get rid of my pink

flamingoes, and now this!

Leena turned and squinted down at me. "Mister DreamTales? Izzat you? W-where are

you? I c-can't see a thing!"

"Leena, you dropped your glasses! Look, they're right behind you! Just take one

step and…"


"Oh DARN!! Now I broke my glasses! Gosh, and as if everything else wasn't bad

enough!" Leena's voice was breaking and I was afraid she'd burst into tears! I

yelled at her to follow me, and she ducked down to squeeze through my front door

and into my entrance hallway. She had to crawl on all fours, her huge lovely

breasts hanging down as she lumbered inside. I ran over to close the door behind

her, using all my might in my little nude body to push the huge front door shut,

then looking up breathlessly to see a spectacular view of her lovely upended

rear towering over me!

Leena pushed herself to her feet, whimpering as she kept bumping into the

furniture, accidentally putting a foot wrong and reducing one of my chairs to

match sticks! Worried the half blind giantess might step on me as well, I had to

keep yelling up at her to tell her where I was! She slowly straightened to her

towering height - a full 12 feet tall! - her magnificent nude body looming like

a mountain over my tiny form, dwarfing the house! Luckily, I have a double

height ceiling in my entrance hallway - but her frizzy blonde hair got stuck in

the crystal chandelier, setting off another series of wails, whimpers, and

stuttering apologies!

"Oh gosh! (sob) Jeez! I'm just makin' a TERRIBLE mess! Mister DreamTales! You

gotta help me get back to normal size!"

"Yeah, not to mention me, too!" I squeaked, flattening against the wall to avoid

her huge foot, and eyeing the chandelier to make sure it wouldn't get knocked

loose. I pointed to the doorway. "Look, Leena! You dropped the shrink ray over

there by the door! It's right behind you! Why don't you try to fix it and…"


"Oh JEEZ! (sob) I just can't do ANYTHING right today!!"

At that, Leena loudly burst into tears, her huge mouth opening in a deafening,

heart-rending wail! She buried her face in her hands, her huge body shaking all

over, and turned to collapse on the stairway, her gigantic butt landing about 8

steps up, her long legs stretched out endlessly. As she sat, tears began pouring

down her face, her mascara running in black streams down to her chin and

dripping in dark splotches across her huge lovely breasts!


Oh Christ! This was really all I needed! I mean, talk about disruptions! What

with all the noise and ruckus, I'd never get back to work! And even worse, with

all the excitement, I'd completely forgotten my story idea!

I tried to yell up at Leena and somehow console her, but her booming wails

completely drowned out my faint miniature voice. Now buck naked and just over

one foot tall, I had to climb up each stair one by one until I reached the level

of her lap, where I again tried shouting at the top of my lungs. But my cries

went unheeded - she was utterly disconsolate, lost in pure misery, her gigantic

nude body heaving and shaking with heartbreaking gasps and sobs!

Taking a bit of a risk, I jumped out onto the huge expanse of her leg, balancing

on her thigh and shouting up. "Leena! Leena, don't cry! It's all right! I'm sure

we'll figure out a way to get out of this! Just try to calm down!"

She looked up from her crying, blinking her eyes (without her glasses they're a

lovely light blue, actually) and looking about her in confusion.

"Mister DreamTales? Is that you? W-where are you? (sniff) I can't see a thing!"

"Over here!" I screamed, waving my tiny arms and hopping about on her leg. "I'm

right under your nose!"

Suddenly her huge hand reached out and encircled my waist, then effortlessly

picked up my tiny naked body, carrying me helplessly to within inches of her

huge face. Her bright blue eyes loomed before me, cross eyed by the effort of

focusing so close on such a small object. Her eyebrows furrowed in bewilderment

for a moment, then her face lit up in a happy grin of recognition. "Mister

DreamTales! Hey, it's you!"

Her booming voice just inches from me almost threatened to burst my eardrums!

"Hey, Leena! Quiet down! Not so loud!" I screamed, "How about holding me further


"Oh, gosh! I'm sorry!" whispered the giant blonde. "I'm so nearsighted the only

way to see something as little as you is to hold you right in front of me! I'll

try to be more careful!" Then she carried me even closer, her giant blue eyes

widening in curiosity. "Wow! Mister DreamTales! You really are tiny!!"

"Ummm, yeah, Leena! I guess that shrink ray of yours worked after all! Except it

sort of backfired…"

Leena's lovely face dropped in a huge pout.

"Yeah! An' here I was all excited about shrinking ME down to tiny size! Guess I

sort of messed THAT one up!"

"Boy, you can say that again!" I yelled, the two of us enjoying a little laugh.

"Well, anyway, Leena - I need to get back to work! In the meantime, let's see

what we can do about getting the two of us fixed up for clothes!"


Well, all that was a few days ago. Right now I'm in my second floor study,

standing on my desktop in front of my giant keyboard, trying to laboriously type

one key at a time. Outside the window, Leena's stretched out in my swimming

pool, her long lovely body clad in a makeshift white bikini made out of tied up

bed sheets. Barely accommodating her 12 foot length, the pool looks like a

bathtub, her long legs sticking out, her toes wiggling in the grass. Taking a

break, I run over to the window sill and shout hello. She looks up and gives me

a giant smile and a big wave.

She gets up, water cascading from her huge body, and comes towards me. I love

watching her walk across the lawn - her bed sheet bikini turns almost

transparent when wet, especially in the bright sunlight. Good thing she still

hasn't fixed her glasses! Hmmm… come to think of it, I haven't heard any

complaints from the neighborhood association yet, either…

Her gigantic face approaches my second story window, about level with her huge

light blue eyes, which are blinking in confusion, scanning the house for signs

of my tiny body. I hop up and down, waving my arms and yelling. She finally

notices me, her smile widening and lovely eyes crossing as her huge face looms

up just inches away.

"Hi Leena! Did you hear from the office? Any progress in fixing the shrink ray?"

"Nope! They say it'll be at least a few more weeks! How's the writing goin'?"

"A bit slow!"

"How's about a break, Mister DreamTales?" Leena's huge face breaks into a giant

grin as she lifts herself up on her tip toes, raising her huge breasts to window

level. Right in front of my eyes, the dark red circles of her lovely nipples are

straining at the wet cloth, each the size of manhole covers. "It'll just take me

a sec to take off this wet bathing suit and get all warm an' dry! Mmmmm… I can

come on inside an' snuggle up with you! Whattya' say?"

"Gee, thanks for the offer, Leena. But I got to finish some work first!" I stop,

looking down at my feet. "Well, actually, I'm stuck - I'm still trying to come

up with a story idea!"

"Gosh, you poor little thing! You're STILL haven't thought of an idea? It's been

almost a week! Jeez, I'm so sorry I interrupted you. I guess I kinda' ruined

everything, huh?"

"Oh, don't worry Leena! It's not your fault! I just need to keep at it. I'm sure

something will come soon." I grin up at her huge blue eyes filling the window

frame. "Hey, you never know - sometimes the best inspirations are right in front

of you!"


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