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All started in March 27th and they sealed with a kiss the beginning

of a nice relation that would be a nice experience for one of them

and a nightmare for the other one.

Ben, an english and portuguese teacher knew her in a class he

assisted as a teacher, and he fell in a love with her in a rush, and

a holy friday they got acquainted, promising themselves be happy as

long as they can.

But the first couple of day Mercedes, didn't go out with him, and

he was a little sad, ‘cause he couldn't get why didn't get together,.

Monday he went to her home to ask her why she didn't want to see

him, and she said was thinking about all what happened but she wasn't

sure about go on with this relationship. The time went by and in a

cold July night, Ben invited her to go out but she said that she

had a meeting with her girlfriends. Ben , not quite sure, followed

her bus (# 71), and he bitterly saw, how was her “meeting”, he saw

her with a very tall guy getting in a motel named l'amour, in

“almagro” a neighborhood of buenos aires. With a bit remorse in his

heart he took a taxi back to his home very upset and angry. He

wanted to kill her but then realized that she was right, she needed

a real man not a man who tired her telling stories about he was tiny

and he was lying in her big toe, and masturbating just thinking

about her as giantess or even a godess, subjugat!

ing and dominating him beneath her lovely toes, besides he had a bvs

, and didn't work it as she intended, but he was shy and hid it, not

telling her about his “problem”, and after all she was pretty right

she couldn't love a man that didn't work . then she moved away to her

house in Bs.. As. Suburbs in” sol y verde”, where she owned a

cottage very nice and comfortable . 8 months later that she threw

him out from there, she came back again to her house in villa urquiza

right in bs. As. City. She threw out him ‘cause she got tired of his

silly fantasies, besides he didn't work out his troubles with sex,

and first of all she was really in love with that tall guy. then ,

february 20th, the phone rang, it was mercedes inviting him to her

home in order to celebrate his birthday feb 21st. He was intrigued,

but he accepted . the party was very nice , and when the time time to

blow the candles he asked three wishes, but mercedes told him: “just

ask two wishes the first one was !

granted.”.laughing. Ben blew them and... nothing happened. When the

The first night of her new puny life, got to an end .Mercedes , was

watching him, happy with her new size, and said him: “come here puppy

crawl to my foot”, “of course not I won't”, he shyly replied ,”Last

warning shrimp crawl to my foot and accept your new place in your

worthless life”!, Ben refused hard, and she just picked him with one

hand and lifted him to her pretty face, and said: ”If you refuse it

you know what I'd do with you then...”, “k”, said Ben, “Put me down I

do what you want”, “Wrong, shrimp you'll always what I order you,

it's understood?”, putting him down and beneath her beautiful and

huge bare sole. “You're hurting me please stop!”, “Will you obey

me?” “I will, you are my owner I belong you”. “Well. What's now?”,

Ben crawled to her foot and began worshipping it, caressing, kissing

it. “Well, Lick my sole!” ”please don't ask me this”! ”Why not?

You've got obey me or else!”.” I won't do that”.” Ok, you earned

this punishment I wasn't”. She put him carryi!

ng like a pet by the bedroom ‘til the kitchen in a birdcage, to his

size a little more bigger than him. “I hope you like your new and

permanent home”, telling him with an evil grin on her sweet and nice

face, and locking him with a wire hardly tied on the bars. It was

impossible run away from this “home” ,for him. The morning after she

was entering to the kitchen , singing a song and smiling, with such

smile making more neat and sexy. “Hi, my little man How was your

night?”, she said laughing. “How you think?”, said Ben sadly, “Alone”

and scared”” Why? my little man”, you don't be scared, with me nobody

will hurt you or maybe squash you”, with a boomer laughter, ”Squash

me”?, “Don't worry tiny I was joking about, but wouldn't be nice my

giant foot over your puny body?”, hovering over him after she put him

in the kitchen's floor.” Ok let me see think...””you think what”?,

said Ben stubbornly,” you shrank 2 inches, nice¡ ”answered, Mercedes

with a giggle. “don't go away let!

me see how's your whopping size I'll take the measure tape. Don't t

”Shall I shrink more yet?”. “Be quiet and don't try to argue with me

it could very frightening to you” ,understand? ”Mercedes said with a

dark gaze at him. ”But where you going?”, “I'm going to work”! She

said softly stroking his chest with her big toe, making him fell

backwards .”Oops, sorry I didn't you were so fragile”!, with a

laughter. ”Now would you make a chore for me, tiny?”, sweetly she

said, “I've got one you'll like it. Take my sandals and clean them,

they're scuffed .”The “scuff” she was talking about was on the back

of the heel all the way near the sole. He couldn't reach without

climbing it. So he climbed through the toes and up the sole every so

often he needed to reach over his head to the thick straps for

support, actually he was six inches tall. He reached the top and

leaned his torso over the edge to clean the small spot of dirt that

Mercedes was speaking of. Once he was done he went over the entire

shoe with the soft rag, shining and polishing the paten!

t leather. When he finished he simply turned over onto his ass and

slid down the sole as if it were a slide!. By the time he was

finished with the other shoe, Mercedes was ready.

He backed away from her as she approached. He felt more than heard

her heavy bare footsteps vibrate the floor below him. Now more than

ever he was aware of the danger of being small .”What a wonderful job

you did!” She smiled as she slipped her feet daintly into the

towering heels. It almost seemed that she was growing right in front

of his eyes. ”You know you did such a great job on my shoes, would a

nice tiny man and buff my toes?” She said extending one long foot

towards him. He stepped up to her toes They were almost his chest

high on the three inch platforms, ‘cause he was 3” now!, which made

it very easy to polish her toenails. “A girl could get used to this!

She said laughing from above .When he finished she put one foot on

either side of him. ”How do you like the view?”, she asked.

”Wonderful “, he stammered. ”I'm glad to hear such nice words from

you tiny”, she said reaching down and picking him up and lifting him

to her face between her index and thumb. ”Now it'!

s showtime” slipping him into her bosom, This not a fantasy now it's

just like a dream” a tiny dream” smiling down to him peering out his

position in her glorious cleavage. “Let´s go I want to show you to my

girlfriends, from work, my boss, Mrs. Perez, gave me this day off,

‘cause she wanted to meet you”. She said laughing. When she got into

the garden of her house, they were there, Mrs, Perez, a blonde tall

mid-age woman and her daughters Emily and Jennifer, two teenagers,

blonde too as their mother. And finally was Dr. Armstrong, Michelle,

a very tall lady 42 years old, 6.2” and her assistant Ms. Elsa.

”Ladies”, Mercedes started

“I'd like to thank you all for coming tonight. We all know this

little meeting together is for Ben.”! Taking him out from her

cleavage put him in the palm of her hand . telling him that introduce

himself to her friends. He tried to be more polite and with a squeaky

voice began to say hi, to them. They all laughed, watching such

little man in the palm of her ex-girlfriend. .”Will you hand me your

tiny friend,? I'd like to know him a little, more further on.” Said

Mrs. Perez, with a boomed laughter. “Of course Mrs. Perez, no

problem”, replied Mercedes smiling down to him. ”Well, hello there,

little man! , you've got the right size to bring you at work in the

shirt pocket aren't you?” telling to Mercedes, smiling sweetly down

to him. “Oh my how much does he weight?”, ”Nothing” all they said and

a giant laughter boomed along the garden. “Listen, Mercedes, I have a

little ask to you, will you accept?” ”Of course, Mrs. Perez”, “Forget

Mrs. Perez, you may call me Kate, ok?”, ”ok, !

Kate” caressing Ben with her index finger in his torso, winking a eye

to Kate .”Ok, hand him to my daughters” ,said Kate, “but you must be

careful, he's so fragile!” ,”Don't worry they will”. Smiling down to

Ben. “You'll get some fun you see”, handing to Emily the older of

both “children” ”Thanks mom, we'll take care of him, don't worry”,

watching him in the grass of garden, ”be gentle with them tiny”,

patting his head with her big toe. Then Emily carried him over to her

bag and inside. He couldn't believe that she was letting him go this

easy! She does know what the girls were going to do him.

His fate was thrown up in his face. He was just a toy, loved, cared

for, but at last just a toy to be played with. !Emily carried him

into the bathroom and placed him on the sink as she changed her

cloths for a bikini suit. She pulled on a tight green bikini that

pushed her montainous together. When she was done she stuffed him

between them. She ran ‘til the pool and began to swim with him in!,

the swimming was so rough that Ben slipped through her bosom. And he

floated in the pool with no idea where he was, when Emily noticed

this, she called out to her sister out “Ben is missing”! I lost him!,

oh my” .Meanwhile, Mercedes, Dr. Armstrong and Elsa were sitting in

the garden, talking about Ben's situation. Mercedes said to Michelle:

“Michelle how much smaller is he going to get”? “Not much,” Michelle

said,” another three inches as most,” “But he's three inches now!

He's going to get... “Less that one inch”, said Michelle laughing.

“How can it be?”, you let me experiment with!

an ACF, that we both, with my assistant Elsa and you'll see”.

“ACF?”, “Yes Mercedes ,Anti crush Formula, we are developing it yet

but it could be interesting , experiment it with him with your

consent of course”, “Let me think about yes?, “K think about it”,

said Michelle in a very pretty professional tone.

“But first I must to share him, with Kate, she's my boss, and I'm

needing a promotion in my job and he would be profitable”!,” to your

expectations! “, said Michelle, laughing. Meanwhile, Ben, was pushed

‘til the “shore” of the pool, he could reach, the pool's floor, and

saw the four ladies, talking and laughing, but they weren't able to

see him. Everything, to him was extremely huge, and with three inches

tall he realized that any step of this colossal women could send him

to a better life. So, he ran until Mercedes, and waving his arms

began to call her out, but it was useless, she couldn't hear his puny

and squeaky voice, then when he reached his goal stayed beside her

Mercedes gigantic 4 inches platform sandal, when he saw her, so

unapproachable, so big that he realized go on with this giant woman

could it be impossible. Despite his size ., he could get Dr.

Armstrong attention, ‘cause she was wearing open toe sandals he hit

her big toe and she saw him, picked him up wi!

th her forefinger and thumb, lifting him to her face level,

surprised, said him: “Ben, nice to see you how you've been?”

laughing. ”How's the view from down there”? and put him in her

gigantic palm, smiling to Mercedes and Elsa, said them, “Mercedes,

did you think about our experiment?”, “Yes I thought about it and yes

you can borrow him but be careful he's so fragile. ”Don't worry I'll

take care of him come to pick him in two days, it's a deal? .”Yes we

have a deal”. Then looking at Ben said: “Dr. Armstrong will bring you

to her lab and take some proofs about your health, ‘cause due your

tiny size she asked me if you may come back to your normal size, “,

Dr. Armstrong didn't know about her powder, which shrunk him, but she

will experiment further on with such tiny phenomena, in the ACF

formula. “Well, bring him tomorrow to my lab.”, my nurse will take

him and take care of him”

”.Tomorrow night'? Yes, tomorrow night 8 pm.

Finally when the night got, Mercedes arrived to the lab , 8 pm just

in time, sharp as ever, took off Ben from her purse and put him in

awaiting palm of Elsa, Dr. Armstrong assistant, “Hello Mr. Ben, Dr.

Armstrong and me will take care of you!”, looking down at him, with

an evil grin in her face. “After tomorrow I'll pick him” right?”,

“OK Mercedes, see you Wednesday” “Behave tiny” and kissing him with

her luscious lips, said goodbye to Elsa and let regards to Dr.


The Lab was extremely large, with many devices on a gigantic

counter. Suddenly a voice boomed from far away. “Put the little man

in a vial, Elsa”. But Elsa didn't. Took him with her hand blocking

his whole view and he felt dizzy and suddenly, she shove him into her

vagina a huge, wet and dark cave, that was trapping him, he felt how

her gigantic fingers shove him as a dildo, a living dildo! A three

inches dildo, he was drowning in her harsh and intoxicating juices,

but a few moments later, he heard something squish around and poking

the bottom of his feet . He thought that just could be one her long

fingernails as she probed around for him. He felt again, and this

time, the tip of her finger hit him and actually pushed him deeper

inside her! He felt her racing heart actually speed up as He heard

the squishing sound her finger made while it searched feverously for

him, He tried moving towards her finger but her walls were too

slippery! No matter how hard he kicked and squir!

med and even struggled He couldn't gain an inch, It was getting too

hot for him and he knew the air would run out soon,! He felt Elsa

moving and then she went horizontal. Suddenly, there was a light as

two large steel beams gently grasped him by the ankle and dragged him


Dr. Armstrong breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him laying there

in her rubber gloved huge palm choking on Elsa's cum.

“Is he okay?” He heard Elsa ask.

“I'm fine!” he said, better he yelled at the doctor who was again on

the other side of the magnifying glass. “You should be more careful

with him!, you could drown him.! Why did you do this thing?” ,asked

the Dr., worried and angry with her assistant.

“I'm sorry Dr. I didn't want to do this thing to him, but he turns me

on!”, “you better think with your brain, not with your pussy you

clumsy oaf! I could fire you!”. After a long discussion with Dr.

Armstrong, Elsa kissed him and placed him in Dr. Armstrong's waiting

palm. “See you tomorrow” she said as the doctor locked the door

behind her.

He asked Michelle to put him on the floor as she did paperwork in her


“I've been held so much, I never got a chance to stretch my legs

anymore!” he yelled as she gently held her hand down.

“Now, don't get underfoot. I don't want to step on you!” she smiled

down to him. “Here. My shoes will be the boundary”. She said slipping

her pumps off and placing them about a foot away from her chair. “You

stay on that side and I'll stay on this side. This way there won't be

any accidents”, with a laughter she said, poking her little torso

with her big toe.

He watched as she slid her chair back under her desk and continued

working. He stood for a moment next to the black sling back pumps

with heels higher than him, and this reminded when he cleaned

Mercedes' shoes. With piece of tissue he found under her desk he

went to work buffing the black patent leather. It took him about 20

minutes to do one shoe but he couldn't readily reach the strap. So he

climbed into the shoe and made his way up the slope of the sole until

he was sitting on the edge of her heel.!

“You're doing a great job!”, Michelle suddenly said from far above


He was startled, he lost his grip and slid down the length of her

sole and into the dark toe of her shoe.

“Oh my” She yelled and picked up the pump. She brought the pump

around and looked into the toe at him.

“Are you alright in there?! She asked-. “I'm fine!” he said poking

his head out.

Suddenly the expression of Michelle's face changed. She went from a

caring doctor to a xurious, sexual women. She smiled.

“Is there room, enough in there, for me?”. “What?”, he intrigued


“I think it was a good idea to be with you. Remember?, I always had a

crush on you! Reaching her index finger across the toe of her shoe

with Ben in. “Do you think if it would hurt you...” what” “If I put

my shoe on with you in it.”

“But if I start pounding your toes take it off ok”? he said.

She nodded excitedly. ”Sure, I would never want to hurt you!” she

smiled. “Little man!. But.. you see let me experiment with you, it's

an ACF formula” “An ACF what'”? “It's a formula that we were

developing with Elsa, we actually experimented in mice, but you would

be the first human being”. “Michelle is this dangerous? “,” of course

not! You'll see it's a harmless experiment, Meanwhile you come with

me to my counter that I have to give you the treatment”. “Have I a

little chance?”, “I doubt it”, said Michelle with a gentle smile a

sexy smile

“Now let me see a thing”, “What”. Michelle brought the shoe down and

slipped her nylonned foot inside. .Her big toe pressed against his

torso but didn't hurt him

“If you're okay, tap twice!”, she said.

He banged on her second toenail with his tiny fist.

“This is weird”! she exclaimed as she walked around her office. The

pounding was loud but it didn't hurt him “I think it's time to pack

it in!” she said, grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

He spent the next half hour in her shoe as she drove to he expensive

condo on the river. When she pulled the shoe off she placed it down

on her bed,. He crawled out of the huge shoe. . and when he was out

saw a dazzling river sunset through the window wall of her bedroom.

Michelle was slipping off her other pump as she too admired the view.

“God, I love it here”, she said softly.

He saw the outline of her feminine form through the thin fabric of

her blouse, her skirt little to the imagination.

“Ben, I was thinking...” she said pulling off her blouse revealing a

very seductive push up bra and a very tight tummy. She pulled off her

tight high nylons and lay on the bed. “We could have some dinner and

then go for a stroll on the riverside!” She smiled down to him.

Will I be strolling?” he said stunning. Michelle smiled slyly and

said: “Well, I do have a new pair of sandals I want to break in”. she

pouted. They ate chines food and he was eating rice the size of small

bananas and pulling small pieces of pork off of a chunk the size of a

car. ”Do you want help with that?” Michelle asked shoving half a car

into her mouth. ”I got it “ he said chewing the thankfully tender

meat. He went over to the small cup of duck sauce and dipped his

piece of pork into it. Michelle had the same idea and using her

chopsticks dropped her piece into it. Duck sauce splashed up and

covered him from top to toe!. She laughed ,”Sorry”, she said and

picked him up. She wiped some of the sauce off with a napkin while

she licked her fingers of her other hand clean. He watched the look

on her facecould almost envision the light bulb going on as she

removed him from the napkin and brought him to her lips. Starting at

his feet, she licked the sweet sauce from his body!

. When she reached his hard cock, she giggled and looked down her

long nose at him. She kissed his head and torso all at once before

she pushed him between her lips. She sucked him clean and then dunked

his legs back into the container of sauce . She again licked them

clean paying particular attention to his tiny dick. Michelle's tongue

was incredibly dexterous and she tantalized his cock's tip with it.

He came instantly. She didn't even notice , she just kept dipping him

over and over ‘til there wasn't any sauce left. After dinner she

rinsed him off in the bathroom sink and placed him on the floor at

the foot of her bed. “Don't move!”, she said backing away. She

changed her skirt to a pair of white shorts and covered her bra with

a short button down shirt. She then went to her closet. She bent over

revealing a nice amount of cheek and retrieved a shoe box. She came

over to the bed and sat down. He admired her feet, with her cute

toes and nice pedicure, She pulled a pair of!

shoes out of the box and placed them on the floor to his left. They

“You're too cute!” said Michelle slipping in her foot. The fabric

that covered him and her toes, was a loose, fibrous mesh that allowed

a lot of flexibility and breathing room.

“Are you okay in there?” she asked wrapping the strings around her

gorgeous legs. He hit her big toe twice with his fist. “Good Let's

go! ”Michelle walked along the boardwalk while the sun sank, enjoying

the river breeze. He was surprised, was enjoying too! The fabric was

pretty comfy, he could breathe and Michelle's toes even being

enormous because his size, were very accommodating! He quickly became

hard and stuck his prick between her third and fourth toe.

“Ben, are you okay”? she asked and he punched her big toe twice.

“Are you doing what I think you're doing?” she said crouching down,

again he banged her toe twice. “Oh my …” he heard say and then a

small moan escaped from her lips. With hurried steps Michelle made

her way down to the sand and under the boardwalk. “Please! Do it

more!” she groaned throatily.

He slid his cock between the smooth skin of her toes and she moaned.

“I can feel… your… “ she breathed as he pumped away. She was really

getting into it! She was really mean wiggling her toes and moaning

like crazy!. He couldn't believe it!, he kissed her big toe and ran

his puny hands down the length of it. “Your weenie on my toes..!”

Please! don't stop!” she yelled and he humped faster and faster.

“Love them”, make love to my toes!” he managed a peek through a hole

in the fabric and saw her with her hands down her pants .Her dark

hair hung gin sweaty clumps around her face. She had broken three

buttons off of her blouse showing a large breast free, the clasp of

her bra, broken! ”God damn!” she was having a good time! He thought

himself , seeing her like only made me pump faster! ”G-G-Gosh !My

God!”, she yelled her hands working straight on her gigantic clit.

Her toes clenched a final time and she reached her orgasm!. Watching

her from his position in her shoe was like p!

eeking in at her through her bedroom window. Her sweaty, beautiful

face. He large naked breast! Her long fingers down the front of her

shorts! That was enough for him. He quickly cum between her toes.!

Michelle, after a few minutes, removed him from her shoe and brought

to her breasts. “That was the most incredible experience of my life!”

she exclaimed,. Michelle looked around it was dark. “I'll put you

anywhere you wish to be! You really deserve it, my tiny experiment,

lover!” she smiled softly. “I've always been a breast man” he said

clutching her finger as she rubbed his belly. She dropped him onto

her nipple, pulled up her bra and covered herself the best she could

as she returned to her condo. (She didn't need covered a lot cause to

hi tiny size. With just her thumb and the palm of her hand). When

they got back she placed him on her bed. She removed her shoes and

shorts, threw out her shirt and sat on the bed in her bra and

panties. Just the phone rang. Michelle leaned over and picked up the

cordless. “hello?”, she paused, “Oh hi Sharon”! a colleague from

University, when she was a little younger. Michelle brought her knees

up to her gorgeous chest. “You see Sharon I'!

m home on a saturday night by my own choice.”!

“I'm conducting an … experiment.!”. she smiled and bid him to her

with one slender finger. He climbed on her big toe and straddled like

a rider would straddle a horse!. Much to his surprise, she wiggled

her toes and he bounced up and down!. So he grabbed onto the edge of

her toenail and rode her toe like a bucking bronco.! “Don't worry

Sharon, it's a fun experiment. No I'm not doing any dangerous

chemicals!”, she laughed, “Ohh I can put anything over on you!”, Yes

Sharon I have company! ”,Michelle stopped wiggling her toes. “His

name is Ben”, she said. “Yes he has a good job! He's an english and

Portuguese teacher. She said extending her legs. He rode her toe all

the way down. Her feet were now perpendicular to the bed and he

dangled from her toe. “Well, Sharon if you must know, he's a little

on the short side” she watching him, at her toes, slyly smiled .He

managed to climb up and wedge himself between her big and second toe.

Michelle closed her eyes, she was enjoying it!!

“Yes I do wear heels when I'm around him!”, she laughed. “He's not

embarrassed at all! In fact I'd say he rather likes being shorter

than me”! she smiled. “ No, for once I don't mind being taller. “It's

kind of… exotic! I feel like a supermodel It's a very powerful

feeling!” he began to rub himself between her toes. Michelle bit her

lower lip. Sharon I gotta go. He's coming back, again” I'll see you

tomorrow for dinner k”? “No he's not coming tomorrow with me he's a

little shy, laughing. You probably wouldn't notice his little

presence”! ”I'm joking”, laughing louder. ”Love you, kisses to your

boyfriend.” “bye”…she said and hung up the phone.

“You sure do know how to please a woman, her nipples were hard. That

night he made love to Michelle's feet, six times each time was

different. The first two, you're knowing about. Next she put a pair

of open toed pumps and he made love to her while lying on top of

them! Then she caught him by surprise and stepped on him, nothing

happened thanks to the ACF. She trapped him in the space the ball of

her foot and her toes and he screwed her that way. Michelle came as

he painted her toe nails. She said it was the visual that did it for

her. Finally, around four o clock in the morning she accidentally

dropped him in a slipper from which he couldn't escape! . She

relished watching him as he clamored up the sole, only to slide down

because of its severe angle. Then she pretended didn't see him and

slipped the shoes on. Michelle came for the last time that night when

he tried to struggle against her mighty and giant toes. –She

collapsed on her bed and left him in her shoe to sleep.

Michelle woke him up when she slid her foot into the shoe.

“Good morning little man” She said and he groggily tapped her toe

twice, “Pleasing giant women is hard work and definitely gets harder

as you get smaller!”. Michelle Am I still shrinking?” “Yes tiny man

take a look at my pinky, you barely are a little small than it!”. She

sai smiling with a wicked grin. “You'll get smaller and smaller ¡til

you reach the size of a flea”! “Oh my how could it be?” asked Ben

scared and with a squeaky voice. “What?” tiny, speak a little more

louder”!, I can't hear you” !Do you like down there?”, How do I

look?” a little bigger for you?”, you're actually the size of

flea!”, don't worry to yell me up”!, it's impossible to me hear you”

you're less than 1/16 inch.” Don't be scared I'll let you play in my

big toe nail, ‘til Mercedes get to you, then you'll be normal again

your whopping three inches!”, with that the doorbell rang, it was

Mercedes, looking for Ben.

“Hello, Michelle, how did our little patient behave”?, “Very well

indeed”, cupping him in her palm, smiling down and winking an eye to

Mercedes. I'm seeing that he's on his own size,”! a whole three

inches”, laughing. “You can do with him, all want you want, he bore

pretty well the ACF.” “Oh, Michelle, thank you” I'll take care of

him”. She put him in her purse, and brought to her house, there in

Del Viso.

When she got in put Ben on the kitchen table: She said him: “Now,

let's eat”, she went to the counter and grabbed a knife ten times

bigger than him, and began chop a piece of cheese, and gave it to

him: “Oh, I'm sorry, too big for you?”, laughed and she cut it very

near of him, “I could chop you so easy!” laughing. Ben cowered with

his hands avoiding and jumping on the table due the touch of the huge

knife, on the table. Then, she went to the bed and put him on her

chest, doing him, walk around her flat tummy, she covered him with

her hand and fell asleep.. The morning after She woke up and poured

over him, more of this powder and he shrank again.. ”Wake up tiny”

she took him off of her shoe where he slept like a doll. “I guess,

you reached your final size!” she put him on the floor in front of

her feet, leaving for a moment until she get the measure tape, in

order to measure him. “Don't go away”, said laughing, I wouldn't

like to see you crushed under my... big toe, ‘ca!

use let me see... you are 2 inches tall, then I could crush you with

my big toe, you like it?”. Ben, just said in a squeaky voice,” “

please don't step on me.” “Don't worry I won't step on you” “yet”.

Smiling down too down to him. “I want to cum, please.” Said Ben, with

a tiny voice despite he was yelling. “Oh not yet squirt.” “All I have

to do is look at you at this size and I become around aroused,

please” she lifted him to her gigantic mouth and her lips parted

before him quick as a flash worked itself lingering on his erection

and continuing up his chest to his chin. He tried to grab a hold of

it as it receded, but could not grip its slippery surface. “Not now

little lover. Now I want you to please me. That's how a gentleman

behaves. Remember it's ladies first. Start from my toes”. Mercedes

held him aloft, sat up and placed him on her big toe, which now

appeared much larger to him. He figured he was right, he was 1 inch

tall!. As he hung on the slick polished surfac!

e of her toe nail. Mercedes, reclined then raised her knee so that h

He said, I want to fulfill your fantasy, like you fulfilled mine”.

“Well it's…I, I would have like to feel you all the way inside me.

But I don't want to hurt you, so just forget it.” “No, Mercedes, we

can do this. I really want to end this without seeing everything, I

really want to get inside of you. Please”. What I saw of your vagina

was fantastic…, “, he thought for a minute, “Hey, why don't use that

straw.?” “What do you mean?” . She extended the hand that was resting

on the bed, so that it was by his feet and she caressed his leg with

her finger, in affection. “I think I could fit in the straw now and…”

“ Ben, I just don't want to drink you”. “Let me finish, you could put

me in the straw and insert in a certain area. That way, even the ACF,

I wouldn't be crushed going in and if you left the straw in I would

have a source of air.” He could see the excitement building in her

eyes as she pondered this. “I guess you could breathe then. It would

give also a way to get out!

, Are you sure.”? “Please, Mercedes, do this for me! I guess I'd

deserve.” Her excitement got the best of her. As she got quickly up

from the bed, she reached down and wrapped her entire palm around

him. Everything went dark as he was immersed in her tender flesh.

When the palm opened, She was standing grasping the huge straw in her

opposite hand. “Do you still remember when you slept all night long

in my box of panties”?, “How could I forget it?”,” well, that night I

went out with him”. Are you ready to be my tampon”? she said in a low

sultry voice. “Yes my Goddess!” “Okay sperm, here we go!”, she put

the straw to her lips, lowered the opposite end to him in her palm

only at his current size, he would clearly fit into the entrance, and

he wasn't resisting…She sucked in through the straw, and he was

easily inhaled into the tube. He felt the straw moving upwards and

saw Mercedes' large green-honey eye squinting in to take a look at

him, “Are you ok, Ben”?. “I'm fine, let's d!

o this”. She winked at him and the her eye disappeared, As she lower



and specially to SHE, that I loved her so much, but she still now and


Giantess Stories: YOU GOT YOUR WISH

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