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You have to watch out for them. They can be a handful seperately.

Unfortunately youhave all four of them scheduled for your last period class."

Principal Simposon had said.

Edward Long had laughed at that notion. "Hey I taught in Detroit. Real Ganags.

Real Violence. I think I can handle a group of four wanna-be pseudo gang of

little teases." Long remarked. "Just don't make them angery and don't

underestimate them." Simpson said. Of course Ed Long went on to do just that.

Pathetic, he had thought of the principal and the rest of his fellow teachers.

Everyone was so afraid of offending everyone here in the heart of suburbia.

These girls may have had the male student population wrapped around their

fingers but it didn't mean jack squat to Ed Long. The Shorties was not a gang in

the traditional sense. More like a clique. A group of four popular girls that

had one thing in common. They were all petite and all of them were, even at a

young age, knockouts. Early in High school they had banded together and formed

their own little social circle. Some of the boys had made the dig they they were

The Shorties. The girls in question adopted the former insult and mad it their

club name. For three years they seemed to have the run of the school. Able to do

whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Ed would shake his head in dismay

whenever he saw a teacher cave in to whatever demands they had at the time. Now,

by some strange scheduling snaffu, all four of them, Amy, Denise, Tammy and

Carrie were scheduled or Mr. Long's english class. A required course to gradute

and go on to college.

Ed Long smiled to himself. These little teases reign was about to come to and

end. Ed Long was an oppossing figure anyway. Standing at 6'1" Ed can be quite

intimdating. He used to play football in college but went into teaching. Ed used

his size well to project his authority. Now it would be put to the test for the

first time since coming to Ceaser Rodney High School

For the next half-year Ed made Amy's, Denise's, Tammy's and Carrie's experience

in his class anything but pleasurable. He went out of his way to make sure they

knew that it was he in charge and not them. Mr. Long made the Shorties remove

their "club" jackets before they came into HIS class. Other students in the

class would remark to themselves that Mr. Long was actually being a bully

towards them. Nothing the girls did was above the harshest critique. Mr. Long

would often call upon them in class lectures and, if the answer was not perfect,

would belittle and insult them in front of the class. Many times Tammy and

Carrie would be on the verge of tears. Amy became sullen and Denise started to

dread coming to the class everyday.

Mr. Long even went so far as to stand over one or two of them during tests.

Standing just behind them letting his huge shadow stretch across their desk. His

arms folded and his tall body seeming larger than his 6'1" frame actually was.

The Principal came to see Ed one day after the last class.

"You are riding these girls way to hard. You probably need to back off a bit."

Simpson advised.

"Back off?" Ed snorted. "If someone else in this pansey little white-bread

suburban nightmare of a school had stood up to them like they should have a long

time ago then Maybe my methods would not be necessary. Just stay out of my way

and out of my classroom and let me do my job." Ed glared at the smaller pricipal

and stared him down.

"Alright." Pricipal Simpson said throwing up his hands. "I tried my best. You

don't understand. But I'm afraid you will soon." Simpson walked out the door. Ed

just stared. What a pansey he thought. Everyone's so afraid of offending

someone. No wonder things are as screwed up as they are.

Denise came into the classroom at that moment. "Mr. Long, can I talk to you for

a second please. "

Ed huffed. "What is it Denise?"

Denise was 5'2" and seemed that that was as tall as she would ever get.

Descibing her to his friends Ed had said "She looks like the missing Olsen

sister only shorter."

"I was wondering about the midterm. I know I did badly but, last week I wasn't

here because my Grandmother passed away and Mom and me had to fly to Nevada and

take care of eveerything for her. I forgot my books and didn't have anytime to


"So?" Ed said Denise put her head down not making eye contact with her bigger

teacher. "I was wondering if there was some extra credit stuff I could do to

pull my GPA to 3.7. I have to have that to go to the college I want into."

"There are no such things as extra credit or second chances in my class Denise

you know that. You will just have to make perfect scores the rest of the way. If

you spend more time worrying about passing and crack a book every now and then

instead of how cool and pretty you look while failing life. You will make it."

Ed said rasising his voice a bit.

"But Mister Long...," Denise said tears welling in her eyes.

"Sorry you will have to excuse me Denise. The last bell has rang and we both

have to leave. Have a good mid term break and I will see you in a week." Ed

threw on his coat and walked out.

Denise stood in the classroom alone for a minute feeling her life was shattered.

I should have let Amy take care of this when she wanted too she thought. That

this beligerant bully has her future in his hands is no longer tolerable. Slowly

she ran her fingers over Mister Long's desk. Until her fingertips picked up a

few stands of his jet black hair. With a smile on her face Denise pulled her

cellphone and dialed Amy.

"Hello." Amy said.

"Are the others there?" Denise asked.


"Then I'm coming over tonight. It's time we cut Mister Long down to size."

Denise put on her Shortie jacket and carefully placed the hairs in the upper

pocket. She walked of the school without a care in the world.

Denise arrived at Amy's home later that evening. "Told you didn't I?" Amy said

with a sly grin. At 4'9", Amy was the shortest of the Shorties. But she was also

the most developed and made an imposing figure herself. Amy was goth before it

became cool to look that way. Of course when so many others began to adopt the

look Amy abandoned it. Amy liked to set trends not be part of one. Amy hated to

look like others.

"You were right, we should have done this long time ago." Denise admitted.

Denise went into a bathroom and discarded her clothing. She put on the black

gown. The gown the girls wore when performing spells. Amy's mother had left the

home so privacy was assured. Amy's mother was a practicing soceress herself and

so indulged her daughter whenever Amy wanted to take up the family craft.

Denise and Amy walked to the basement. Tammy and Carrie were there already.

Carrie 5' was already marking the floor with chalk to form a spell circle. The

black robe really brought out her red hair. Everything about Carrie was red. Red

hair, red lipstick. Even her complxion was red and usually wore red heels and


Tammy 5'3"was more demure and the least aggesive of the group. She was shy and

docile. Her hair was long, unfashioned and brown which flowed nearly to her but.

In heels she physically towered over her group of friends but was the most

likely to keep her opinions to herself and follow the lead of others. But

discovering the groups magical powers was starting to bring Tammy out of her


"Did you bring a familer?" Carrie asked Denise.

"Of course." Denise answered and carefully removed the hairs from Ed that she

had collected. Amy took the hairs and adheared them to the small wax doll she

had spent the day carving. The girls took there places around the circle and

placed the doll in the center surrounded by candles.

"What shall we make of him?" Amy asked.

"Make him into a frog." Carrie suggested.

"A little bunny." Tammy said giggling.

"No." Amy said. "No, he's got to be aware of what has happened to him and why."

Denise has a sly grin on her face. "Denise, you have a contribution to this


"It's just." Denise snickered. "He's always looking down on us. What a lark it

would be if we made him have to.., look up to us." The Shorties laughed and held

hands. Amy began to incantaton and the room brimmed with power.

The next morning Ed Long awoke and promptly fell out of the bed. He landed with

a thud upon the carpet. Damn, he thought didn't think I was that clumbsy. He had

a disturbing dream. Ed could not remember the details but only the hollowing,

crackling laughter of women. Ed stood up and looked around. He could not just

roll back into bed. The bed was now bigger than he was.Ed blinked and rubbed his

eyes. The side of the bed was still staring him in the face. Ed extended his

arms and got the edge of the bed and pulled himself up. Ed walked along the bed

which to him know looked like a gym floor. His boxers spread out on the bed from

where he must have shrunk right out of them. He laughed. and reasoned he must

still be dreaming.

"I must be less than two feet tall. He said and laughed again at the sound of

his munchikn voice. This dream was so realistic. He jumped down and began

exploring his small apartment which now looked like a palace. "Amazing."

The phone rang. So loud. Ed ran. He had too to cover the distance, to the

nightstand. He could not reach it. Ed grabbed the cord in both hands and pulled

the phone, receiver and all off the night stand.

He walked over to the receiver bent down and said. "Hello."

"You don't sound like yourself." The girl's voice sounded familar. "We are on

our way over there now." Ed heard other girls in background giggling. "The door

had better be open for us." The dial tone clicked. Ed hoped this dream would end


It still has to be only a dream, Ed Long thought as he walked around. There

was no way he have been shrunk from six foot to less than two. Not by them. Not

by some by some too-cute-for-their-own-good girls. Ed really wanted to wake up

but seemed unable to do so. Then came the knock on the door.

Ed froze. He stared up at the now massive door to his apartment. He took a step

and froze again. He could hear whispering on the other side. The knock returned.

Ed heard the Amy's voice clearly.

"Open up Mr. Long. Company is here." Amy said alomst mockingly. Ed's eyes

widened as he saw the door knob attempt to turn. The dead bolt was holding the

door in place. Amy sounded frustrated now. "Mr. Long. We know you are in there.

Open the door, don't be stupid."

Opening the door would be stupider, Ed thought. "Go away." He said in a whisper

to himself.

Another knock and another voice Ed recognized. It was Denise. "Mister Long. You

had better open this door. Otherwise, we are just going to walk away and you

will be stuck like that forever. Understand?"

Ed was sweating. He realized the implications of Denise's words. Ed walked to

the door and immeadiatly was faced with another problem.

"The lock is too high for me to reach now." He said in his shrunken voice.

"What? Amy asked.

Ed shouted. "The lock. I am too small to reach the door lock. I can't unlock the

door." The giggling on the other side of the door that erupted made Ed shiver.

There were others in addtion to Amy and Denise out there. It had to be Tammy and

Carrie. All the Shorties together standing right outside his apartment.

"Just get the key and slide it under the door Mister Long." Denise suggested. Ed

walked back into the bedroom. Luckily, His pants dangeled from the bedpost. The

keys were inside. He pulled until the pants came crashed to the floor. He went

through the pockets and found his keys. The key ring was so heavy now. Ed walked

back and put the key ring in the mail slot. "It's the one with the back trim on

it." He said, hoping his cooperation would be noted.

Ed stepped back as he saw the deadbolt turn and the door swung wide open. Amy

stepped in first. Ed's neck arched back and his mouth opened in disbelief. This

4'9" girl now towered over him. Amy's eyes widened in delight. A smile, bigger

than Ed had ever seen, crossed her lips. Amy swept in and bent down. The girl

wrapped her hands around Ed's tiny waist and she lifted him up as effortlessly

as a new born babe.

"Oh my gosh, you are totally adorable like this." Amy said and laughed. Ed could

see the other girls come in behind Amy. Each of them seeing him in this shrunken

sate and laughing in amusement. Amy walked into the living room, spinning the

tiny man in her hands around and around. Ed's stomach lurched as he felt like he

was on an amusement park ride.

"Let me go!" Ed shouted.

"Listen to that tiny, little baby voice." Tammy said and laughed. Ed saw Carrie

was operating a camcorder. As small as it was the camera was almost as big as Ed

now was himself. Amy held Ed close to her and looked at him.

"What was that? What would you like me to do?" Amy asked mockingly.

Ed tried to muster any authority he might still have. "I said let me go damnit!"

Amy smiled and laughed. "Okay." She then threw Ed to Denise who caught him.

Denise spun him around to see the look on his tiny face. Denise then passed the

tiny man to Tammy who caught him. Tammy laughed and threw him back to Amy. Ed

was nausious, not only from the motion of flying across the room but at how

helpless he had become to these giant girls.

"This is a great visual." Carrie said as she recorded everything on video. "Just

wish we had some Harlem Globetrotter music."

"Please." Ed shouted." Please put me down!" Tammy gently put her shrunken

teacher on the ground. This got a round of "ahs" from the other girls.

The Shorties wached in facisnation as their tiny teacher slowly made his way to

all fours. Ed Ignored their comments about how "cute" he loooked and perfectl

the spell they cast had worked. Carrie knelt down beside the shrunken teacher

and put the camcorder in his face.

"Mr. Long, I am making a documentary entitled The Naked, Shrunken Teacher. Any

comments on what has happened. Or any words of wisdom for the viewers?" Carrie


Ed spoke the truth. "I think I'm going to be sick." He replied.

Carrie sat back down on the couch. "Words for a generation." She laughed. Ed

finally stood up. He looked up the the young girls. All of them watching

intently, as if expecting something. Ed suprised them all by doing something he

hoped they hadn't expected.

Ed ran.

Denise and Amy popped off the couch immediatly. Denise almost effortlessly got

in front of Ed and cut him off from the hall. "Where do yo think you are going

to go Mr. Long?" She asked. Ed backup and made an attemt to run to the kitchen.

His tiny steps taking him pass Amy who stood there and let him pass. Then the

young girl simply knelt down and grabbed his ankle.

Ed fell. Amy got on her knees and pulled Ed back towards her. Amy spun the man

on his back and straddled him. Amy gently pinned her struggling teacher to the


"Don't hurt him." Tammy cautioned.

"Don't worry." Amy said. He's okay. Aren't you Mister Long." Amy leaned down. Ed

could feel her breath on his face. "I was hoping this wouldn't be necessary.

Well actually I was hoping that's why I bought it. Denise?"

Denise went in the book bag the girls had brought in with them. Ed's eyes

widneed in horror as he saw the brown haired beauty pull out a collar and leash.

"No!" He said and struggle fruitlessly with the giant Amy.

"I'm sorry Mister Long." Denise said rather unconvincingly. "But you made it

necessary. Beside where did you think you were going to run to. Heck, you can't

even get your front door open now."

Ed tried to move his head around but after a few seconds Denise sucessfully

looped and tightened the collar around his neck. Amy stood up. Denise handed the

leash to her. Amy gently tugged on it. Ed sprang to his feet again and tried to

run. Amy held her ground. Ed pulled on the leash. Carrie was delighted at the

imagery. Watching this outmatched tug of war was hilarious to her.

"Mister Long, stop it." Amy said. Ed continued to pull at the leash. Amy seemed

to lose patience and began to reel the shrunken man in. "I said stop it!" Ed

redoubled his effort.

"You are being a bad little man." Tammy commented.

"Amy reeled him in more and picked him up until they were face to face. "Do you

know what happens to bad little men?" She asked. In defience Ed spit at her. Amy

became angery. and sat Ed across her knee.

"They get spanked." Denise said.

Amy bagan spanking Ed. Her slaps on his naked behind hurt Ed worse than any

punch he had ever taken. Ed cried out in pain.

"Say you are sorry." Amy demanded and smacked his butt again.

"No!" Ed shouted. Amy responded by smacking him even harder and more rapid. The

pain was intense, Ed could sense how red hs butt was going to get. It became too

much for the little man.

"I'm sorry!" Ed shouted. Amy continued to smack him though.

"Say you will be good." Amy demanded.

"I'll be good." Ed said immediatly.

"Say, 'I will be a good little man' for us." Amy said, Ed hesitated which

brought on a rash of more slaps.

"I will be a good, little man for you." Ed said and then added. "Please."

"That's better." Denise said and amy stopped the spanking.

Amy put him down on the floor. Ed rubbed his spanked bottom. "You see, it's easy

to be a bully when you are bigger and strogger than the one you pick on." Denise


"Kind of fun too." Amy said with a grin.

"Oh Amy, you are sooo bad. Be nice." Tammy said.

How did this happen?" Ed asked really to no one but Denise answered.

"Oh we know a few spells. " Denise explained. "Amy here is the one who brought

us together and showed us the way. We can all make a little bit of magic."

"But together.., " Carrie continued. "We can make a lot of magic."

"But Amy is really the key." Denise said. "She is from a long line of witches

and sorcesses. She brought the Shorties togther, and showed us what we were

capable of."

"You see. All our lives we have been picked on because of our size. But that

ended when we came togther and formed the Shorties. " Tammy said. "Now no one

picks on us."

"Until you came along." Amy said practically beeming at their accomplishment.

"So we decided to give you a taste of what it is like to be the smallest and the

weakest. So here you are, a tiny, shrunken man at our feet."

"Speaking of." Denise said taking the leash from Amy and gently pulling it.

"Mister Long would you be a pet and take off my shoes for me?"

"And me." Tammy said and raised her feet up.

"Me too." Carrie said. Ed walked over to Denise and bagn removing her shoes.

"Mister Long?" Amy said. "You know.., that name really doesn't fit anymore. You

are cetainly not long at all anymore. Any ideas girls?" She asked.

Ed walked over to Tammy and removed her sandals. Tammy wiggled her painted

toenails at Ed's face. He looked up at her. Tammy winked at him. Ed felt even

smaller as he walked over to Carrie and began taking off the redhead's high


"Maybe shorty." Denise suggested.

"No. That's our name. I'm not sharing it with him. He would have to be a hot

chick like us to cary that name." Amy laughed. "Let's just call him Ed. You

wouldn't mind that would you Ed? Being as how friendly we are all becoming."

Ed pulled off Carrie's last high heel. "No that's fine Amy. Whatever you want."

He said totally defeated.

"Oh no Ed." Amy said and snapped her fingers and pointed down to her combat

style boots. Ed walked over to her and bagan unlacing the boots. "That's Miss

Amy to you. And that is Miss Denise." She said pointing at Denise. "Miss

Carrie." Amy indicated Carrie. "And Miss Tammy." Amy concluded.

"Make that Princess Tammy." Tammy said. The girls giggled at the joke. Ed wanted

to run away again. The Shorties had now reduced him in more ways than one. Ed

struggled with the boots. He had been shrunk to nearly the same size as he

boots. They finally popped off and Ed fell on his behind as the last boot

slipped off. Amy was grinning at him. She brought her feet up and removed her

socks. "You know Ed I could really go for a foot massage from my shrunken little

man. Could you do that for me Ed?"

"Yes." Ed said and then added. "Miss Amy." The girls exploded with laughter. Ed

walked over and took the enormous foot in his tiny hands and began rubbing Amy's

feet as best he could. Amy smiled. She knew her feet were sweaty and stinky. She

wore those particular boots just for that purpose. It was a test for Ed to see

if he would complain or if he had learned his new station in their realtionship.

Ed noticed the smell and the sweat. But did not utter one word of complaint.

"If you do a good job with her, maybe we will allow you the priviledge of

massaging all our feet." Denise stated. "Would you like that Ed?"

"Yes Miss Denise." Ed replied.

"We are going to have so much fun together." Amy said.

The Shorties were beginning to make themselves at home. In my home Ed thought.

Ed had finished Amy and moved onto Carrie.

"Got anything to eat or drink in here Ed?" Denise asked.

"Yes Miss Denise." Ed replied, "Please feel free to help yourself." The shrunken

teacher said as he knelt down before Carrie and began to massage her feet. Tammy

had stood up and was experimenting with the TV and stereo. She finally found a

show she liked. One of the many teen dance shows that seemed to play endlessly

on MTV. Tammy stretched out in fron of the TV. She gently nudged Ed with her


"Very good Tiny Ed." Carrie complimented.

"You may now do mine Ed." Tammy said and nudged him again.

Ed turned to the girl's feet stretched out to him. "Yes Princess Tammy." Ed said

and began rubbing her feet in his hands. Ed looked at Tammy who was looking at

him very intently. She smiled and winked at him again. It made Ed feel


"Wow Ed. You are quite a boozer." Denise said with both hands carrying beers and

wine coolers. Amy laughed. "There's not a whole lot anything else in there but


"Nothing wrong with that." Amy said and gladly took a wine cooler. Denise passed

out the rest of the drinks to her girlfiends.

"I love that song." Denise said seeing what was on TV. She gently took Ed's

leesh and tugged on it. "You wanna dance little man."

"No thanks Miss Denise." Ed answered and immediatly regretted ssaying no to his

giant captors.

"Aw come on." Denise said moclingly and bent down to stare at his tiny face. "It

will be fun."

"Maybe he doesn't like fun." Carrie stated.

"Maybe he just needs to loosen up." Tammy said and winked at Amy. Suddenly Ed

was pulled to the ground on his back again. Amy had once again sat on top of

him, pinning him. With a smile on her face and little effort, the young witch

girl held her shrunken teacher's arms down. Denise pinched Ed's nose with one

hand and hel an open beer in the other. Ed's mouth opened and Denise poured beer

into it.

Ed felt as if he was drowning in beer. As soon as Denise would pour some Tammy

would shut his mouth with her hand, forcing Ed to swallow it. Carrie was in the

corner yelling "Chug! Chug!" The Shorties continued this process for only three

beers. But to Ed, in his shrunken state, It was like drinking a whole case in

under five mintues.

It was getting worse by the second. Ed felt the effects of the drink almost

instantly. Ed willed himself to try and keep it together. Getting drunk with

these girls overpowering him like this was not anyway out of the situation.

Amy stood up over him. "There now, that should reduce your inhibtions a bit."

Denise smiled. "After all we have reduced everything else about you." The girls

giggled. Denise bent down and pulled the staggering Ed up again. "You want to

dance now sweetie pie?"

Ed learned his lesson. "Yes Miss Denise." He replied. The two moved to the

center of the living room and began to dance. Ed watched the giant girl and

attempted to copy whatever dance move she was doing.

Tammy joined in with the dance with Denise and the shrunken Ed The two girls

moved closer, sandwiching Ed between their legs. Ed looked up at the girls.

While Denise wore slacks, Tammy was in a short mini skirt. Ed also saw she was

wearing bright red panties.

"Hey look!" Carrie exclaimed. "Part of him is growing!" Carrie pointed at Ed's

groin. Ed was having an errection. The girls laughed

"Still way too small now." Amy scoffed. Ed's whole body turned red from

embarassment. Tammy knelt down and gently slipped her arms under his and brought

him up until he was face to face witht he brown haired beauty.

"You are so cute." Tammy whispered and pressed her lips to Ed's. The girls

howled with delight but silenced as the kiss lasted longer than anyone

anticipated. Ed's feet dangeled in the air as Tammy continued to kiss him. His

head was really swimming now. Tammy had never told the other gilrs in the

Shorties, but she had a slight crush on the tall handsome teacher. She would

dream of being held in his powerful arms and kissing him so tenderly.

Unfortunately Ed being such a jerk towards Tammy and the others killed that

fantasy for her. But now, having cut him down to doll size Tammy's amourous

feeling were returning. Tammy stopped the kiss. "Are you a good little man for

us now Ed?" She asked playfully.

"Yes Princess Tammy." Ed responded the lower half of his face covered with

Tammy's glossy lipstick. Tammy held the little man close to her breats and

danced slowly. Denise changed the station until a slow song was found.

"You know I was thinking." Amy said with a mischeivious grin on her face. "We

are having such a good time. Why don't we throw a little party here?" The girls

agreed ethusiastically. Ed was agreeable but was careful.

"Miss Amy." He said. "Please. I don't want anyone else to see me like this." The

prospect of half the student body seeing the teacher reduced to the size of less

than a toddler terrified him. Not just by the public humiliation of it all, but

it would be just like some of those muscle heads on the football team to play a

game of dwarf- toss with him. "Please don't so this to me please Miss Amy." He

knelt before the girl and kissed her feet.

Amy was in heaven and in total control. "Don't worry Tiny Ed. You are going to

remain our little secret. I promise."

Teenagers do not really plan parties. Most of them just happen. Someone or a

small group finds a place to hang out and communicates with all the others. Amy

only called a few friends and they called others. Soon a small army was camped

out in Ed's living room. The Shorties discussed if they should really expose

what they had done to take care of the big bully in their lives. Ideas such as

dressing Ed up as a leprechaun or Tatoo from Fantasy Island so he could serve

drinks, were tossed about. Finally after Ed pleaded some more, the girls decided

to make good on Amy's promise. Ed would remain a secret. He would hide and stay

under the bed. The girls said they would keep the party from straying there. Ed

thought he would believe it only after seeing it.

The time did give Ed a chance to sober up a little bit. He would hear the

constant knocking of more guests coming in. He could hear the TV and stereo

blaring out the latest in pop music. Those kids invading his home. Violating his

personal space. But, Ed realized he was helpless to do anything about it. He had

been reduced to a no more than a timid housepet. Ed wondered how long The

Shorties were going to keep him shrunk. He woundered if the spell they had cast

would wear off on its own and if so when. Or, if Ed would have to plead with

them. Convince the girls to change him back. Ed also thought about the kiss Tmmy

had laid on him. She wasn't just being cutsey, Ed thought, it was way too

passionate. Ed decided that Tammy would be the key for him to get out of this.

Ed was formulating the plan for his salvation when the door opened. Ed could see

two pairs of feet walk in the door. One was in her trademark army boots. It was


"Come on. What are you afraid of?" Ed heard Amy ask her companion.

"I don't know babe." Ed could not place the male voice answering. "It doesn't

seem right somehow. I mean it's Mister Long's bedroom. What if he finds out?"

The voice asked.

"Don't worry." Amy said and closed and locked the door." I woun't tell him if

you won't. " Amy giggled. Ed could see from his postion under the bed that Amy

was removing her boots. Then he saw her t-shirt fall to the ground.

"But he could find out." The boy said as Ed heard zippers unzipping.

"So what?" Amy said. "What can he do to us?" Amy's panties dropped down around

her ankles. She bent down and looked straight at Ed. "Not a damn thing." She

said and smiled. Amy then tossed her panties at Ed's face.

"Good point." Ed heard the boy say and felt the bed lurched as he jumped on it.

Ed couldn't beieve it. Amy was going to screw some guy in his bed while he is

underneath. The girl really knows how to stick it to you. Ed thought. He felt

sorry for the guy. He was being used. Every moan or sound of pleasure Amy would

do would be not for the boy's benieft but because Amy wanted to turn the screws

a little bit more.

Suddenly there was a pounding on thefront door. Ed heard the voice even over the

stereo. "This is the police open up!"

Damnit" Amy said and rolled out of the bed. The couple began hurriedly putting

their clothes on and hustled outside. The shrunken Ed watched from his hiding

place as pants went on and the couple dashed out the door. Amy left the bedroom

door open so Ed was able to see the scene. Two police officers were addressing

the teens.

"Who lives here?" One officer asked.

"Mister Ed Long sir. A teacher of ours" Denise answered and stepped forward.

"Where is he?" The other officer asked.

"Oh.., uh he went out of town and asked me to housesit for him." Denise


"A little noisy for house sitting isn't it?" The first officer said. "The other

tennats are complaining about the noise."

"Mister Long said I could have some friends over. Sorry, guess we got a little


Ed watched the scene. He thought of the possibilities. Less than twenty feet lay

freedom. All the tiny man would have to do is crawl out of his hiding spot, walk

out the bedroom door, navaigate his way through the sea of tall legs and present

himself to the police officers. That's were the escape plan broke down. And tell

them what, Ed wondered. Who would believe it. Ed asked himself. He also admitted

his fear.Ed was afraid of what might happen if he tried and afraid of what might

happen if he did not. The fear froze him. So Ed, laid there. Unable to move.

"That's fine little lady." The sceond officer said somewhat condencedingly. "But

if we have to come back here, someone will be going to jail. Understand?"

"Yes sir. " Denise said. The police left. Ed felt relieved the decision no

longer had to be fretted over. The party broke up immediatly following the

departure of the lawmen. Until it was just Ed and The Shorties.

"You can come out now Mister Long." Carrie said. Ed noted she called him Mister

Long and took it as a good sign. Ed crawled out from under the bed. Amy

immediatly picked him up and sat him on the bed.

"I think it's beddy-bye time for you little man. We have a full day planned

tomorrow." Amy said. Ed's heart sunk

The shrunken teacher looked up at The Shorties. Even standing on the bed he was

forced to look up to his petite, girl captors.

"But..," Ed stammered. "But Please Miss Amy. Miss Denise. Miss Carrie. Princess

Tammy. I've.., i've really learned my lesson. You have may your point in spades.

I really am sorry for the mean and terrible things I have done. All the crap I

have put you girls through. You are totally right. I was way out of line. I have

no excuse for it. Just being a bully I guess. I'm sorry." Ed said and hung his


Amy placed her fingers under his chin and lifted it. "Do go on." She said.

Ed saw this as an opportunity. "Like I said I have been a real putz this year. I

have no real excuse. I guess I was so unhappy about my life and so jealous of

you. Envious that your lives are just now getting started. The fun you were

having. I'm sorry. Miss Denise. I will be happy to schedule you a makeup test

like you asked for. The rest of you.., better yet all of you. You don't even

have to worry about tests or grades. You will pass with no problems."

"I don't need that Mister Long. Just fair treatment." Denise said.

"And respect." Amy added.

"Oh I will totally respect you from now on. You have shown me my place. Being so

small. And weak and helpless before you has really opened my eyes. Just now with

the cops I thought aboutrunning away. But was so petrified I could not even

move. I realize that must be what it is to be small. I would never ever want

anyone I know to feel that way. Please Miss Amy. I am sorry." Ed could feel

tears welling in his eyes.

Amy put on her boots and brought one and then the other on the bed to lace them

up. She left the left one up on the bed. "Tell you what tiny one. Why don't you

lick my boot while we discuss your new attitude?"

Ed had no choice. "Yes Miss Amy." Ed knelt down beside the boot and began

licking it. The girls discussed things in whispers. Ed was afraid to listen in

so tried to shurt it out. He felt his arguments were very convincing. Amy pulled

the boot away from the tiny man.

"Okay Ed. While I still have doubts the others have convinced me you are

sincere. So we will do a reversal spell tonight." Amy stated, her arms folded.

"But just so you know Ed darling. I have filmed this whole tiny adventure."

Carrie said. "You should be nice to us or it might turn up on the internet or

home video."

"Oh Carrie, you are such a goof." Denise laughed. "We don't have to threaten

him. Ed knows. We can do this to him again. Anytime we want to."

"So dont provoke us little man. " Amy warned. "Next time we won't be so nice."

Tammy had left the room and now returned with a cup of water and a small pill.

She handed the pill to Ed.

"What's this?" Ed asked.

"Sleeping pill Mister Long. You have to be asleep in order for the spell to

work." Tammy explained. "I cut a regular pill down to a portion that would not

harm you."

Ed swallowed the pill and Tammy helped him drink the water. Tammy then pulled

over the covers as Ed laid back. "There you are." Tammy said. "Nice and snug.

Tommorrow you won't be a gnome no mo'." Tammy said and kissed Ed on the

forehead. The girls walked out of the bedroom. Tammy turned off the light and

closed the door.

They bought it. Ed thought and smiled to himself. He was very pleased with his

performance. Tomorrow he would become the hunter once again. Those sluts were

going to pay. Ed thought. He decided once he was back to normal he would have to

take out the most powerful one first Amy would die first. Ed decided he would

just keep squeezing her throat until her head popped. Or, maybe just snap her

neck right in front of the others. Make them think about what they had done.

Make them feel fear.Then squeeze their lives out of them. Oh yes Ed thought. The

Shorties were going to pay.

It was not to be

Ed awoke the next morning feeling really good. No sign of a hangover and feeling

back to normal. He streatched himself out and resolved to get right to work on

his revenge on The Shorties. Ed reached his arm above his head to pull back the

covers. At that point Ed realized something was wrong.

His arms could not reach the top of the covers. Frantically, Ed began pulling at

the cover with both hands. He pulled them down evidentually reaching the end. Ed

stood up. We was staring directly at his pillow. Ed had been shrunk even more.

He looked down at his feet and up at the huge pillow. The teacher calculated

almost instantly that he was now only about six inches tall. He screamed. "What

the fu..,?"

"Good morning Mister Long." Said a familer voice. Ed whirled around and saw

Tammy sitting at the end of the bed legs crossed and hands in her lap. Ed walked

towards her. The bed now seemed like a football field to him.

"What the hell happened Tammy?" He yelled. "I thought we had settled this last

night. You were suppose to change me back." The shrunken man accused. Tammy


"Oh yeah." She conceded. "We was going to.., but."

"But what?!" Ed asked.

"We came back in here. to make sure you had fallen asleep so we could start the

spell. Sure enough you were sleeping." Tammy explained.


Tammy looked into Ed's eyes. "Did anyone ever tell you, you talk in your sleep?"

Ed's eyes widened in horror. "No." He said.

"Oh yes Mister Long. We heard so much. How you was going to 'get them bitches'

and 'snap their necks' and so on. You really scared us. We knew if we restored

you something might happen to one or all of us." Tammy tutted. "I am really

disappointed in you. So we decided to make sure you could never threaten us ever

again." Tammy said and Ed hung hs head down.

"What are you going to do?" Ed asked hesitantly.

"Don't be afraid Mister Long. I fixed it with them. Took some talking, but I

convinced them to allow me to take custody of you. To take you home with me. To

live as my pet from now on." Tammy explained smiling at Ed. Ed, almost

involuntarily, took a step back.

"No." Ed gasped. Tammy crawled towards the tiny man.

"You should be thanking me. The others wanted to do all sorts of nasty things to

you. Denise just wanted to shrink smaller than a flea walk away and let you fend

for yourself. Carrie wanted to feed you to her cat. And Amy, geez, she wanted to

torture you and then either flush you down the toilet or make you pop in the

microwave. I saved you. I told them I would take care of you. " Tammy laid down

on her elbows right in front of Ed face to tiny face.

"But." Ed protested. Tammy put her finger on Ed's lips.

"I know you won't like it. Especially for the first few years. But I will be a

good master for you Mister Long. You will never need anything again. In time you

will grow to accept it and soon enough even allow yourself to be happy. I

guarantee it."

Ed panicked and tried to run. Tammy effortlesly picked up the shrunken man with

one hand. Ed's tiny arms tried to part the girls fingers wrapped around his

body. Tammy brought the tiny man up to her face. "This is really for the best

sweetie." Shs kissed him on his head and placed him gently in her purse. Ed

screamed as the purse closed and darkness enveloped him

No one, outside of The Shorties ever saw Ed Long again. Why he had disappeared

so suddenly?. Those few who knew about The Shorties and what they were capable

of speculated but kept their mouths shut. The majority of people had no clue.

Rumors abounded. The most popular of which was that Ed Long had had a sexual

relationshp with one of his students. 'Probably one of those hot little Shortie

chicks' and was about to be discovered or was being blackmailed. So he packed up

and left before that could happen.

Quickly and quietly life went on. The few friends Ed Long did have filed a

missing persons report. Police launched an investigation but nothing came of it.

"Any guy that big and strong is not going to leave his home against his will

without a struggle. And I don't see any signs of any struggle." The officer

said. The case was filed under "F" for forgotten. If Ed Long wanted to be found

he would evidentually come out of hiding himself. The police concluded.

As for The Shorties themselves. Like all truly good friends, while they would

certainly keep in touch, graduation meant going their seperate ways. Denise

finished high school with honors and had her choice of colleges. She finally

settled on a career in law.

Carrie pursued her dreams of making it in Hollywood as a model/actress.

Evidentually she realized she had a lot more talent, and derived a lot more

satisfaction, working behind the camera. The red head became famous as a

producer/writer/director. Her Shortie girlfriends were as pleased as she was

when Carrie won multiple Oscars.

Amy fulfilled her mothers expectations and Amy's own dreams, by becoming the

leader of a powerful, world-wide coven of witches. Her firey nature cooled with

years and maturity. Her powers also grew and this above all things made her

contented. Amy made plans to induct her three best friends of all time into the

coven the next time they staged a reunion.

Tammy pretty much stayed a home town girl. She graduated from the local college.

Getting a masters in psychology and education simultaniously. Hard work and

having a special 'tutor' help her along the path. Tammy then became a part time

substitute teacher and full time licensed therapist. She also never married or

had a long standing realtionship with anyone.

As for Ed Long, Tammy was correct. He did not like being reduced to a plaything

pet for Tammy. But in a suprising amount of time Ed found himself accepting it,

as Tammy had also predicited. Tammy saw to all his needs. Food, shelter and even

tiny clothing Tammy sewed herself. Tammy also cleverly kept Ed's presence a

secret from everyone, including the girls own parents.

It wasnt the life Ed had ever envisioned for himself but it was not a bad way to

live. He wanted for nothing and Tammy saw to his every need. No more rat race,

no more fighting traffic, no more having to pay bills. Ed reasoned that in a

strange way The Shorties had done him a favor by shrinking him. Ed even allowed

himself to be happy. Especially on nights that Tammy would gently take him out

of his little doll house and play with him. Ed had truly found his place in


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