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Young Girls


Beth was what most boys that knew her

would call a “trophy girlfriend”, a girl that if you were going out with her

you're friends would get jealous. She wasn't very tall, perhaps only about 5” 2

or 3, but was slim, had long blonde hair and for her age, gorgeous sized

breasts. She was in her teens and loved experimenting, with herself, with others

and with all the things in life. Whilst learning about drugs, she met someone

who introduced her to something beyond drugs, and had recently been given a very

special type of pill to use whenever she wished. It was a warm weekday afternoon

that she had invited her ex, Mark round. They had been good friends since their

break up, and he often went round to see her. Today seemed like any other day

he'd go round and see her.


Beth let Mark in and gave him a smile.

“You want a drink?” she asked almost instantly.

“Yes please.” Asked Mark, and followed

her toward the kitchen. Mark wondered how today would turn out, sometimes Beth

gets very horny and he usually gains from it, but most of the time they watch

TV, sit around and chat and do barely nothing. He drank his drink and Beth took

him straight up to her bedroom, where he sat on the bed whilst she put some

music on. Beth was chatting away to him about how school was going, problems

with her friends and all the gossip. Mark listened but read one of Beth's girlie

magazines at the same time. His attention drifted slowly and soon got bored of

her constant chatter. He sat up and rifled about on Beth's bedside table to see

what he could find.

“Oh I'm bored” said Beth, a moment

later, sitting on the bed herself.

“What are these?” asked Mark holding up

a small bottle with pills in it. Beth had forgotten about them, and wasn't sure

at first.

“Oh... Those are some... Vitamin

tablets” she quickly thought and said.

“Can I have one?” asked Mark, who had

never tried one. Beth thought hard for a moment, and then smiled at him.

“Sure” she said, watching him open her

little bottle of pills. He took one out and swallowed it. “Nice?” Beth asked.

“Didn't taste of anything.” Said Mark.

He felt a gurgling in his stomach. His whole body tingled, his body jolted. Beth

watched in excitement, Mark laughing not knowing what had just happened. He

jolted again, harder this time, Mark was now confused. Suddenly his body felt

like it was shrivelling up for a brief second, a blue electrical flash surged

round his body and his clothes, Beth fell back in amazement as he disappeared.


Mark had no idea of what had just

happened. He was on something soft, huge and white. It almost felt like snow.

What the hell had happened? He wondered. Why was he now in some mountains? He

stood up quickly, panicked and looked around. The mountains above him moved,

Mark gasped not knowing what was happening. Looking up he saw a huge head coming

into view. It was gigantic, he'd never seen anything so huge. It made him feel

like a bug. Wondering where Beth was, his eyes grew wide in astonishment as he

realised the giant was Beth. Beth looked down at her tiny ex, he was no more

than an inch tall to her. Mark yelled up at her, “Beth, you've grown fucking

huge!!”. Beth smiled at him, only just hearing what he said.

“No, you've shrunk!” she said, getting

down closer to him. Mark looked around a bit more. Yes, he must be, he could see

her bedside table looming slightly above the covers a few hundred metres away,

and posters miles away on the other side of the room.

“This is pretty neat Beth, but I wanna be normal size again now.” He said up to


“Yeah, this is pretty cool!” said Beth,

moving her hand down to him. Her huge hand pushed into the covers next to Mark,

he wobbled as the floor beneath him moved, but quickly climbed into her hand.

“Wait here a moment” said Beth, putting

him carefully into a small jar she had on one of her shelves. Mark yelled not

knowing what she was doing, and slid to the bottom of the jar, and watched Beth

leave her room.


Minutes later, Beth had returned. “I

just went to use the phone” said Beth, coming back over to the jar, and looking

in it at her small friend. “I want to try something!” said Beth. Mark didn't

answer, but looked through the jar at her, and watched as her huge head moved

upwards, and he followed it and looked at her out of the top of the jar. Her

huge hand grasped the jar and Mark tipped over, as she moved it again. Beth lay

down on her bed, and tipped the her tiny ex-boyfriend onto her stomach. Mark

stood up and started walking toward her face. Beth giggled in excitement. She

was wearing a crop top and jeans, her top complementing her cleavage admirably.

Mark reached her left breast, and started to climb up the soft, white floor.

Beth smiled as she felt him climbing her top over her huge breast. “It's like a

mountain isn't it.” She said, giggling. She didn't hear Mark's reply, but he

soon climbed over the top. Beth looked down at him and suddenly the sight of a

tiny man standing on her breast made her moan a little with lust and excitement.

Mark tripped over as a huge part of the ground below him moved and started to

raise a little. He tumbled off the ground and looked at it confused, it took him

a moment to realise he had been tripped up by one of Beth's nipples under her

top. Beth watched him walk to the end of her top where it was cropped. This

meant Mark had to make a small jump down onto her skin, but he slipped and fell

down the top, and onto her flesh. Beth giggled. His shoes felt cold against her

skin, and she loved it.

“Get me back to normal Beth!” Beth

looked at him as she un-did the straps on her top. “Beth!?”

“Not yet Mark, I want to have fun

first.” Said Beth, smiling as she leant up a little, and watched Mark tumble

back a little way. She picked him up and put him on the bed beside her as she

took off her top. Mark tried to hide but Beth found him and picked him up, and

dropped him on her right breast.


Mark didn't want to play now, he was too

scared of her. She was huge and could kill him within a second. He ran across

her breast and around her nipple and down the other side of her gigantic breast.

Beth squealed with delight and twitched her body, Mark stumbling by the huge

tremor beneath him. Beth's arms moved down the bed and as she reached for the

button on her jeans, her arms pushed her breasts inwards, toward Mark. Mark lay

down in terror in the valley between her huge, gorgeous young breasts as they

moved inward toward him and at frightening speed. They pushed together, Mark in

a small crack just below the two big bags of flesh, his body being crushed as

Beth undid her button and pulled down her fly. Her breasts moved out again and

Mark got up. Beth's pussy was already wet as she slid her hand inside her jeans,

under her panties and over her pubic hair, down to her pussy. She wobbled her

body again, on purpose this time, watching her breasts wobble above the small,

fallen boy again. “You're so cute when you're tiny” said Beth, happily, her

fingers working at her pussy.

“And I'm fucking scared when you're

huge!” yelled Mark. Beth barely heard him. Beth rolled to the side, dropping

Mark onto her bed covers. She lay back down again and pulled her trousers off,

leaving her naked apart from her panties. She rolled over and kneeled on her

hands and knees and looked down at Mark, who was looking straight up at her.


Giggling, Beth lowered her left breast

onto Mark, who tried to run but was pushed down into the bed covers by a huge

erect nipple. Beth moved her body around so her breast rubbed against the tiny

body. She felt him squirm and it tickled her little sensitive nipple. Mark

flailed about under the nipple, which was at least as long as his arm span. Beth

pushed down harder and he screamed as he felt the fleshy mass push him into the

bed covers. It hurt a little, but his back and body was cushioned by the soft

covers underneath him. Beth lifted her breast and smiled down at Mark. She

licked the fingers she'd been playing with herself with, and taking them from

her mouth, she ran her fingers over her right little erect nipple, making it

sticky and wet with saliva and pussy juices. She ran the excess juices around

her areola . Without hesitating, she lowered her gorgeous slim body and pushed

her right nipple directly into her small ex's face. Mark squirmed under her

again, and Beth groaned with pleasure, his squirming stopped. She lifted up and

sat up on her bed, she chuckled loudly as she saw Mark stuck to her breast in

her saliva and juices. It sent a tingle of lust down her body and the juices

inside her pussy welled up even more. There was a sharp knock on her door, and

Beth looked up suddenly. Before she got a chance to move her friend Charlotte

had entered, and was startled to see her naked.


“Hi Charlotte...” said Beth suddenly.

“Err, hi Beth...” said Charlotte, sounding very unsure. Before she could ask why

her friend was naked, she spotted something on Beth's right breast, stuck to her

nipple. “What's that?” she asked Beth.

“What's what??” asked Beth.

“That... On your... erm, on your

nipple.” Said Charlotte, a slightly shorter, a little plumper but cute girl.

“It's Mark.” Said Beth.


“My ex. Remember? He's shrunk...” said

Beth excitedly. Charlotte came over immediately and looked at the small figure

on Beth's breast. Beth got more turned on. Her friend was staring at her breast,

and her tiny captive. “I'm having some fun with him...” said Beth, as she saw

her friend's mouth move toward her tender breast. She groaned as she felt her

friends tongue lick the small boy stuck to her and press against her nipple.

“Sorry Beth, I wanted to taste him.”

Said Charlotte.

“Trust me, that's fine” said Beth, her

panties now moist with her flowing pussy juices. Charlotte peeled him off and

held him upside down by his legs. Mark coughed and spluttered as he gained some

air and spat the saliva from Beth's breast out of his mouth. Beth slid off her

wet panties and Charlotte dropped Mark down into them. He landed with a bang,

but was unhurt. He looked up at the two girls as they started to kiss, his

clothes soaking wet with saliva, and now getting even wetter as he lay looking

up on Beth's wet panties. They smelt sweet and felt warm to Mark. The two girls

were now kneeling on the bed, Beth's pussy high up in the air above Mark's

right, and the fully clothed Charlotte to his left. He watched as Beth's left

hand moved high into the air and pushed against one of Charlotte's large

breasts, shielded by her clothes. Charlotte loved it, and she eagerly pulled her

top off. She threw it to the floor, as Beth pulled at her bra. Mark saw it pull

away from Charlotte's body, but before he got a glimpse of her breasts, the bra

sailed down toward him. Mark ducked as the bra crashed just above him, pushing

him a little way into the wet panties. He coughed and climbed out, onto the bra.

Looking up, he saw that Charlotte had also taken off her trousers, she sat there

in just her underwear. They were wet. Mark could make out a subtle wet patch

around the area of Charlotte's pussy. Charlotte sat down, and pulled her panties

off and threw them to the floor. Mark tumbled about on the bra as Beth sat down

too, and spread her legs.


“Where is he?” asked Charlotte. Beth

looked around the bra.

“Here he is...” she giggled, picking him


“Put him inside you!” said Charlotte,

excitedly. Beth grinned and put Mark on the end of her finger. With her free

hand, Beth opened her pussy and dropped Mark onto it. She looked down at him and

watched him squirming on her pussy, before she opened it a little further.

Charlotte giggled happily as she saw his tiny body sink into her open pussy. She

let go of her pussy and the walls of her cunt wrapped tightly around Mark. He

screamed as he fell inside the dark cave of his ex-girlfriend.


Mark heard loud giggling from outside

her pussy, and a gurgling noise inside. It was dark, the air was moist and it

smelt awful. He could feel the insides of her slippery wet hole moving all

around him. He struggled to free himself, the air was too thick for him to

breath comfortably, and his clothes were getting drenched in smelly, sticky

pussy juice. Beth groaned in delight as the little boy pushed around inside her

tight wet pussy. She began furiously rubbing her clit with excitement, Charlotte

growing more horny, and playing with her pussy in front of Beth. Mark found the

opening of her vagina, and with all his strength he pulled himself out. His body

was only half emerged as he saw the giant fingers of Beth's friends reaching

down for him, pulling him from Beth's sloppy hole. Beth groaned loudly in

delight as she felt his little body squeezing out of her pussy. The air rushed

against his face as he flew high above the covers in her fingers, Beth's juices

sticking to his soaking wet clothes, and onto Charlotte's left breast. He slid

down it and grabbed onto her nipple. Charlotte let out a scream of delight, as

Beth pushed her finger inside her friend, and the little tiny man tugged at her

nipple. As Charlotte moved her body with her body's tingling, Beth's movement

and Mark's tugging, he found he could no longer grip her hard nipple and fell.

He hit her leg. It hurt this time, because of the distance. He sat up dazed and

with an aching back. He didn't get long to recover, Charlotte had picked him up

and pushed him into her pussy. Mark found this one even worse. It was much

tighter, much less space and it smelt bad. He coughed and spluttered, but was

able to poke his head out of the end of her pussy. Every time he kicked his

legs, Charlotte groaned a little. He screamed as he saw Beth moving her pussy

over to Charlotte's, both girls pubic hair touching each others. Their pussies

pushed into one-another's, and both girls started moving violently, rubbing each

others clits with their own.


Mark had got his head back inside

Charlotte quickly, so as not to get it ripped off by Beth's giant pussy. He felt

the walls around him loosening up, the wet fleshy ground he lay on was getting

wetter, and his body was sliding deeper inside the young girl. It was almost

like a water slide, but a hundred times stickier, darker and scarier. The pussy

opened up and Mark looked up as he coughed and spluttered, to see huge fingers

feel around for him and pull him out gently. He gasped for air again. Beth

lifted him up to her face and licked him.

“Your juices taste so sweet!” said Beth,

lustfully. Charlotte grinned as she played with Beth's breasts. Beth chuckled

and dropped Mark onto the covers.


Mark awoke to find Beth alone, naked,

but on her own. He stood up slowly, still feeling dazed. His clothes were a

little dryer. He looked up at Beth, who was sitting on the bed, her huge sexy

ass not too far from him. It was the size of a very large building. The bedroom

door creaked open and Mark saw Beth smiling wildly, he turned expecting to see

Charlotte but did not. It was Beth's boyfriend, naked. He had obviously been out

cold on her bed for a little while. Beth tensed her body as she squealed happily

at the sight of her naked boyfriend. He was looking at her sexy body and was

turned on himself. Mark ran for his life as the boyfriend climbed onto the bed.


Beth and her boyfriend were both

kneeling up, facing each other. Mark had nowhere to run, he was in the middle of

them, their huge legs forming a wall all the way around him. Looking up in one

direction, he could not see Beth's face, just her huge breasts, with erect

nipples, and to the other side, all he could see was a gigantic cock stretching

out across the sky towards Beth's body. As they kissed, Mark looked up in awe as

Beth's hand wrapped tightly around her boyfriends cock, and started to jack it

off slowly. Mark walked over toward Beth's huge trimmed vagina, to get away from

her boyfriends cock. He wondered if Beth had told her boyfriend about him. He

even wondered if Beth remembered.


“Where d'you want it?” Beth's boyfriend

said to her, amidst his groaning as his gorgeous girlfriend tossed him off.

“Here.” Said Beth. Mark looked up and

noticed the giant cock starting to bend downwards, Beth's hand still working at

it hard. It was pointed directly at Mark. “All over my pussy” said Beth, moving

her crotch forwards slightly. It pushed Mark and he felt his body stick to the

wetness of her pussy. His clothes were getting soaked again. He screamed as he

tried to free himself. He did, and began to run. As he took his first step away,

Beth's boyfriends cock exploded. A huge wad of cum flew like a missile into the

tiny guy and splashed against Beth's pussy. Beth groaned and looked down as more

of her boyfriend's cum shot from the pulsating cock she was holding and onto her

pussy. It felt lovely and warm and sticky. Mark coughed as cum covered his face.

He flailed his arms around in the salty, sticky goo and wiped as much cum from

his face as he could, enough to breathe from. He looked up to see Beth letting

go of her boyfriends dick, which was now going limp, cum still dangling off the

head of his cock. He felt movement as his body raised. He was stuck to the cum

that was spread across her pussylips. The cum he was stuck to moved, and he

found himself looking up at Beth's boyfriend. She had laid down. He saw him move

over her, and moments later the giant cock loomed high above Mark's head again.

He heard kissing noises, the cum in his ears muffling a lot.


Mark panicked as he saw Beth's

boyfriends cock getting harder above him. He started yelling for Beth but

neither Beth or her boyfriend heard him. Mark yelped as the cock lowered, the

tip of it resting in Beth's pubic mound. It moved back, and then forward,

towards Mark. Mark screamed as the tip of the cock pushed into his body, but

stopped. It lingered for a moment.


Beth grinned up at her boyfriend as she

rubbed her breasts. Taking her right hand, she moved it down to feel his hard

prick, and without care, she pulled at his cock so it pushed deep inside her.

Mark yelled. A massive slurping sound filled the air as the cum covered cock

entered Beth's soaking wet pussy. He was being pushed back deeper and deeper. He

stopped, as the cock moved away from him and back towards where it had come

from. Mark slipped about in the dark cavern, he could not stand up. The head of

Beth's boyfriends cock was at least twice the size of him, and it had opened

Beth's pussy up further, so Mark had more room to slip about. Beth thrust her

body and giggled in lust and delight as her pussy engulfed her boyfriends cock

deeper. She could no longer feel Mark inside her, she had bigger things to enjoy

now. Mark slid along the bottom of her pussy as the huge dick pushed him. Her

boyfriend thrust harder and faster, pushing him deeper every time. Mark screamed

inside her pussy, but his screams went unheard outside.


Beth groaned loudly as she was fucked by

her boyfriend. Mark was losing breath and air. He felt the pussy change it's

movements, now it was pulsing, like a heartbeat, and he could tell that her

orgasm was coming. He tried to swim through her juices back to the entrance of

her pussy, but the cock pushed him back. Beth's orgasm hit. Her boyfriends cock

was still inside of her, Mark near the tip of it. Her boyfriend groaned as he

felt his young teenage girlfriend's pussy grip tightly to his cock. Mark would

have been crushed, if it wasn't for the cock keeping the walls of Beth's pussy

away from him. The giant cock moved back a little, and it jerked, Beth's

boyfriend reaching his orgasm. Mark was oblivious as he was shot to the very

back of Beth's sticky dark pussy by her boyfriend's cum.


Beth grinned at her boyfriend and pulled

his cock out of her as she sat up. Her boyfriend was grinning in delight. Beth

looked down to see a pool of their juices flow out of her pussy, a small figure

falling with them. She giggled. Her boyfriend didn't notice and he kissed her

again. Mark coughed and coughed, getting as much air as he could. His body felt

battered from his torture inside Beth. Her hand was touching his spent cock

again, her boyfriend couldn't resist her touch and was already getting hard

again. The cute blonde babe grinned and scooped up what she could of the little

pool of juices that sat under her pussy on the bed covers, purposefully scooping

up Mark at the same time. She smeared the pool of juice that was in her fingers

over the head of her boyfriend's cock. Slowly, she went down and started to lick

the shaft. Mark groaned in pain as he felt the cock jerking about as his ex

licked her boyfriends cock. He pulled himself up, his clothes soaked and heavy,

and looked up to see her lips come down and engulf the giant penis. When it came

up, Mark jumped for it, fell, hit her boyfriend's ball sack, and then fell down

onto the covers. Beth took as much as she could into his mouth this time. Mark

looked up from where he lay and made out the pool of juice he had been lying in

moments ago disappear as Beth lapped it up. He was terrified, and fainted.


He awoke again to see Beth coming back

in her room. Not again he thought. She had just seen her boyfriend off, Mark had

been out for a good half an hour. Beth felt a little sad that her boyfriend had

to go, but as she sat on the bed, she saw her little toy lying there. She showed

no emotion, and didn't speak. She simply picked him up and stuffed him inside

her pussy and got dressed. Beth felt his struggles decrease after several

minutes, her pussy was staying firmly shut.



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