Giantess Stories: Your Last Pancake day by Rally Championbr  As the morning sun rises their is the sound of an alarm clock ringing

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Your Last Pancake day


Rally Championbr

As the morning sun rises their is the sound of an alarm clock ringing.

You realise it is time to get up as you have to go to work.

Your name is Matthew. You live in Berwickshire you live with your wife Pam and

you have 2 children a daughter called Samantha and a son called Liam.

While you are getting dressed into your work clothes your wife wakes up

Samantha. You make your way downstairs and pour a coffee for yourself and Pam

and sit down at the breakfast table.

There is a plate of pancakes on the table drenched in maple syrup. You are about

to take one when Samatha comes in to the kitchen.

"Hey Dad, don't touch those! They're what I'm taking to school today." said


"Morning Sam. I'm sorry I didn't realise they were yours!" you reply

Your wife Pam joins you at the table and puts down her coffee.

"Are you having some breakfast Sam?" asks your wife

"Yes I have already had some." replies Sam

You and your wife both take a sip of your coffees. As you both put your cups

down you begin to shrink rapidly.

"Hey what's going on, I'm shrinking." you exclaim

You and your wife continue shrinking until you are about 3cm tall. Samantha now

towers high above you. She looks down and searches for you.

You have to think fast. Looking down you see the floor from your perch on the

kitchen chair. The chair is now huge and you and your wife are tiny specks in

the middle of it. Suddenly 5 huge fingers grip you round the waist. Your stomach

lurches as you are lifted higher and higher until you find yourself looking

straight into a giant girls face. Your daughter's face is enormous. Her lips

begin to move and she starts talking. You cover your ears as her voice is so

loud it makes you nearly deaf.

"I always wanted to play with my parents. Now I can. I am going to have some fun

with you later." said Samantha with a grin.

She put you into the pocket of her shirt and then picked up your wife and put

her in to the pocket aswell. Samantha walked upstairs and plucked you both from

her pocket.

You saw that you were in her bedroom. She took a small jar and took off the lid.

She gently placed you inside and spoke.

"I'll leave you here until I get back from school. Then I am going to play with

you for a while." said Sam

"Don't leave us here!" cries Pam as the lid closes. It is now pitch black inside

the pot.

You try frantically to open the pot but the lid is closed tight and there is now

way out.

6 hours later

You awake to hear laughter. You recognise the laughter to be your daughters. She

has brought some friends over by the sound of 3 other girls voices. You pray

that she won't open the pot you are in and show her friends.

To your relief the voices die away as your daughter and her friends go

downstairs. You sigh with relief. Then when you are about to go back to sleep

the pot is jerked upwards. You are nearly sick as it is carried by someone. You

have no idea who.

When you have regained your vision after being jolted about. You adjust your

eyes to the intense light above. By the ceiling coulour you know you are in the


You hear a girls voice.

"Hurry up with the pancakes Liam, we're starving. Use that little jar labelled 'SRYUP'

and put the contents on the pancakes, but hurry up with it."

Liam takes hold of the little jar. You feel it being lifted up and then you see

a huge pancake below you. You try to hold on and prevent yourself falling onto

the pancake. Your wife falls straight into the middle of the pancake and you

soon fall out onto another.

Liam carries the plate of pancakes over to the coffee table and put it down. One

of your daughters friends who's name is Jenny picks up a pancake she licks her

lips and opens her mouth. Pam screams as she realises she is about to be eaten

alive. She scrambles back as the girl takes a huge bite out of the pancake. The

girl chews and swallows, then begins to fold the pancake with Pam inside. She

puts the whole folded pancake into her mouth and chews grinding Pam's body to

pieces between her huge molars. Jenny swallows unarware she has just eaten a

live human with her pancake. You are now crying as you watched your wife being

eaten alive by your daughters friend. You run across the pancake and reach the

edge of the plate. As you get there a sharp object pierces your legs. You look

up to see your daughter. She is going to eat you. You struggle but the fork is

stuck fast. You scream as your daughter moves you closer to her mouth. She opens

it and you see a two rows of sharp white teeth. You scream again. "Sam, please

don't eat me I am you father. How could you eat your own father?"

Your screams go unheard and Samantha puts you between her lips and closes her

mouth, now with you inside. She begins to chew you and your body is sliced in

half as her teeth begin to grind you into tiny pieces.

Sam swallows your remains and licks her lips.

"Those pancakes were delicious. Now I have something I want to show you." said


Sam took her two friends upstairs and into her room. She went to her desk for

the little pot but it was no longer there.

"Where's the pot. I left it right here." Sam asked herself

Liam was passing her bedroom door.

"Liam, have you seen a little pot that had 'SYRUP' on the side? I left it here

and now it has gone.

"Yes it's down in the kitchen. You told me to bring it down for the pancakes."

"Yes, but I told you to bring the jar of Syrup not the pot of syrup. Oh you

stupid boy." said Sam crossly.

"Why what was in it?" asked Liam

"Our parents, they shrunk this morning after drinking cups of coffee. What did

you do with the small pot?" asked Sam

"I tipped the contents onto the pancakes." said Liam

Samantha began to cry. She weeped and held her head in her hands

"What have I done that is wrong?" asked Liam

"When you tipped the contents of that small pot onto the pancakes our tiny

parents would have fallen out and then myself and my friends ate the pancakes

and if you follow that then we have eaten our parents aswell. Now do you see

what you have done!" said Samantha

"Well what can we do about it now. We can't bring them back!" said Liam


Giantess Stories: Your Last Pancake day by Rally Championbr  As the morning sun rises their is the sound of an alarm clock ringing

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